So, no matter what it is, you just have to go with whatever makes you smile. Whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you feel enthusiastic and connected to something. That’s it. That’s everything right there. Doesn’t matter what you are, just be passionate about it. That’s, you know, that’s really everything. – Portia de Rossi

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, to highlight and thank some of the bloggers who’ve both made me feel welcome on tumblr and to say how much I adore you guys!


I love these guys to death, they’re my all time faves and I’m so happy to have them in my life.

@crimsonvalentines - source of my problems. Nerd. jkiloveu

@doodlejinx - UNPROBLEMATIC FAVE. Jinx is such a sweetie, they helped me feel so welcome when I moved to US servers and are in fact, the reason you all have to put up with me. Has educated me on a lot of stuff I didn’t understand and I’m forever grateful for that! Art senpai.

@blencem - ADORABLE. Kills me on a daily basis with feels. Possibly the cutest person to exist, we’re not really sure but if there is someone cuter we haven’t found them. Other art senpai dem lines tho.

@therainbowcoffee - Dork. The Dorkiest. Mom mode activate. Will team up with Jinx in some queer super fusion that will obliterate anyone who tries to harm their friends. Do not mess with. Is actually a sincinnamon roll.

@5hungie - who gave you the right to be so precious? Huh?? HUH??? Egg is too presh for this world, protect egg 2k15. I am so sorry we dragged you into our pit of sin. No I’m not. Welcome to the party.

@trollmonk - CRAZY. DO NOT TANK WITH. APPROACH WITH CAUTION WHEN IN LFR. You have been warned.

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