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"The priest at my church growing up saved my life. Saved my life." Did you mean Sonny first came out to his priest absolutely terrified thinking that he somehow betrayed God and his family and is an absolutely scared teenage boy who sits in the confession booth and whispers "father forgive me for I have sinned." And opens up about his feelings for a boy in his class and how sorry he is. The priest waits a bit and tells Sonny that God still loves him. Sonny just breaks down

who gave you permission to do this to my fragile heart?

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My heart is completely broken. Seeing him every other day in class makes me wanna cry. Why did he do that with me? I always gave chances. I even gave him to the girl who was claiming him. Chris I don't want this feeling anymore. I am just done with my life. I don't want to be fake happy anymore. :(

He did that because you allowed him too and you continued to be with him instead of letting him go baby girl. You have to let him go and most importantly give up hope of you and him being together. Look at what he’s done to you. Are you really done with life because of a man? Is your life meaningless because a man isn’t there to give it meaning? A pathetic leech of an man at that. He has done this to you and it is a shame. You are a wonderful human being waiting to write her story. He is but a small chapter in your story. This situation will pass however you must leave this chapter behind you. Be grateful for the good memories, but understand you will find someone new baby girl. 

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Because sometimes what you need most is to watch a whole floofy family of French-Canadian skunks, mama and skunklings, bobbling down a lane in Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec. There they encounter a cyclist named Francois Arsenault, who remained very calm and still as they gave him a thorough sniffing, and then continued bobbling on their merry way:

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Marvel preference: Their reaction to you telling them you love them


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It took him a few minutes to stop grinning and blushing so he could reply


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You have no idea who gave him the cigar


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In case you didn’t know why VIPs were so emotional about Tabi singing the song ‘Act Like Nothing Happened’ yesterday…😔
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this post is specially for those who want to know the story behind the song which @choi_seung_hyun_tttop performed it today after so long and made all the VIPs cry 😭 This song is a song which Tabi wrote for his ex girlfriend. This girl is the one who introduced him to YG and gave his demo to GD. But in order to not affect his career, the girl chose to leave Tabi after that. And so Tabi wrote this song for her. Ever since the girl is married, Tabi never sang this song live on stage anymore and until today, he chose to perform it again but with a special way, instead of singing it on the stage, he performed it backstage. So is he really moved on or not, nobody knows. #bigbang #bigbang10 #bigbang2016 #choiseunghyun #kpop #yg #choitop #tabi

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Seidou is really crushing my heart in this chapter…
He went against the organization that gave him power
He killed the only person who treated him like a valuable and strong associate
He did it because he thought that this way he could finally be seen as a hero by the people he thought he had forgotten because ‘ghouls can’t care about people’
He did it because he wanted for Houji to admire him, to look at him with pride
He did it because he wanted for Akira to be on his side, he who’s always denied any attachment and any romantic feelings for her, wanted her recognition.
He did it because he wanted to prove himself he was worth that praise

Gosh, I am crying too, my son
Why can’t you just love yourself

Girl meets the real world (spoilers btw)

Everyone is like so pissed at Riley for what she did to Zay.

First off for anyone who doesn’t know Zay’s grandma is sick and she gave him one of her special cookies (apparently it’s like the last one she’ll ever make) and Riley took a bite out of it and won’t apologize.

She also says something to Auggie apparently he was cleaning up trash in the park and Riley says it doesn’t matter, idk I don’t really understand it.

She apparently takes back a couple bucks that’s she gave from a homeless guy but I don’t know really what goes down with that either tbh.

What I DO KNOW is that Riley is having a hard time battling with good and evil.

And if people would stop hating on Riley for a second and look at the lesson being taught you’d guys would understand that Riley is a teen girl who will make mistakes. No, she isn’t very nice in this episode but that doesn’t make her a bad person.

I’m hoping that people will focus on the episode lesson good vs evil and seeing that Riley making mistakes and learning a lesson is a part of taking on the world

But NOOOOOO instead some people just wanna be whinny bitches and complain about how awful Riley is. 🙄

How do people have such hate to fictional character anyway? Especially this one, Riley’s such a sweet girl (well not in this episode obviously but you get my point.)

Also another spoiler btw Riley ends up apologizing to Zay, I don’t know if she apologizes to Auggie but I bet she will.


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“Hold your head back and pinch the bridge of your nose.” You instructed Rick, wiping the red away from his nose. “I’m gonna ask again, who gave him this bloody nose?” You looked at all the guilty faces in the room.

“Come on y/n these missions are dangerous, I’m surprised we all didn’t get as hurt out boy Flag.” Floyd said, crossing his arms.

“I’m used to broken bones and burns with you guys. This is minor, like one of you did this.” You smiled at the thought. These guys were always getting into petty fights with eachother.

“Ask Harley.” Rick mumbled. All eyes went to Miss. Quinn. She popped her gum, stepping back, raising an eyebrow.

“What? He started it. Said I wasn’t taking it seriously.”

“You weren’t.” Rick argued.

“I was too!”

“Drinking on the job is not taking things seriously.” Harley rolled her eyes.

“Well Mr. Boring I take mixing drinks very seriously so there.” She stuck her tongue out at him behind his back. You couldn’t help but smirk. They love eachother no matter how much they disagree.


“Quit being so smart all the time” - Ben Foster speaks for us all

So, this is the famous *Hickey* picture that Kaistal’s shipers talk about. 

The question is how could you people be sure that Krystal is the one who gave him the Hickey? Because it could be Kyungsoo as well or the bartender of the hotel in which he was staying, or even the whore who crossed his path in the after party.

Why do yall assume things that you don’t know?

And since you’re sure it was Krystal, why don’t you share proofs that the two were really together in tokyo.