An insightful analysis that ends poignantly:

“This is called ‘Bumping the Lamp,’ a phrase coined by Disney during the production of Roger Rabbit to describe going above and beyond what was expected of the animators. […]

"It’s an incredible film by its own merit. The storytelling, the heart, and the humor–that’s where the true movie magic is–but it’s those technical subtleties and the dedication to the craft that really inspires new artists, and that’s something to be admired.

"So in your work, always take the chance to bump the lamp, because somebody out there will notice.”

One of the biggest tells that The Academy doesn’t respect animation is that “Animation” is considered a genre unto itself.

Animation is so much broader than a single genre:

You’ve got Westerns

You’ve got Action/Horror

You’ve got Murder Mysteries (or whatever the heck this show was…don’t look into it if you’re faint of heart, believe me. There’s animal death.)

Then there’s your crime dramadies/buddy films

And a LOT of Social Commentary

There’s Zombie Movies

Super Hero flicks

And of course, there’sChicken Run

PLUS the post that inspired this, going over all the great genres JUST IN DISNEY FILMS

Conclusion: Animation is a different medium, not a genre.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit - The 3 Rules of Living Animation by Kristian Williams


3 Rules of Living Animation: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

A look at the fundamentals of hybridizing animation with live action film.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger puts his hand down on a dusty chair. When he takes his hand away there are finger prints in the dust. Someone took the time to make sure the prints matched exactly to his cartoon hands. The editing is flawless. So much love and attention went into this movie, so many details that would only be seen through careful re-watching. Also you get to see Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny in the same scene which is pretty cool.

The second set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos- I post these on my main blog to blend them in with my usual barrage of vintage pictures. There are more in the works, but first, I have to take care of another important bit of business (Click here to see what I mean!)

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