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- Viktor has personalized gold bladed skates so he thinks it’s a good idea to get Yuuri a matching pair for his birthday too. 

- I like to think that Viktor actually flew back to Russia after the Rostelecom Cup because he wanted to show Yuuri where he grew up in St. Petersburg (it’s only fair since Viktor knows Yuuri’s hometown so well.)

- When he arrives back in Moscow, the two take a flight to St. Petersburg. The first thing Viktor does is take Yuuri to meet him mother. Sadly, Viktor’s father passed away a few years ago. 

- Viktor looks just like his mother and she’s delighted to finally see the man who stole her son’s heart and welcomes Yuuri with open arms. Yuuri is beyond nervous because he fears Viktor’s mom won’t like him but he’s dead wrong. She only wishes her husband were alive to see the happy couple too. 

- The next day, Viktor secretly picks up the skates before taking Yuuri out. He takes Yuuri to a remote place surrounded by trees and right in the middle is a frozen pond. 

- The place is ethereal and with the light from the pale winter sun, it looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

- Viktor tells him he came here with his father during winter when he was 5 years old because his father loved hiking in such places. When little Viktor first stepped onto that frozen pond and glided across the ice, he knew he wanted to be a figure skater (even though he fell right after). 

- Viktor then has Yuuri close his eyes and sits him down carefully on a fallen tree trunk. He takes out the skates from his bag and puts them on Yuuri’s feet. 

- Yuuri is surprised and a bit worried since those skates look really expensive but Viktor hushes him with a kiss. When Yuuri looks closely at the skates though, there’s his name etched into the leather on the sides.

- Except, it’s not exactly his name. It reads Yuuri Nikiforov

- Viktor, still on his knees, pulls out a velvet box with a wedding ring inside. It’s actually his mother’s, who insisted Viktor have it when he told her his plan to propose to Yuuri.  

- Yuuri is a speechless and can’t stop the tears from escaping his eyes. Of course he says yes and tackles Viktor into a hug and both just lay in the soft snow. 

- They skate together on the pond to Serenade for Two well into the evening. 

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Jealous Bucky who sees Steve so obviously smitten with someone. Bucky thinks Steve has moved on from him. Little does he know it's Steve attempting to make him jealous so he'll make a move finally, Steve is tired of waiting on his Bucky.

Like, hell yes! 

Bucky grabs Steve’s arm and yanks him away from the offending person. “He’s taken. Scram.” 

The person is gone before Steve can even say a word. “What was that for?” he asks, turning to look at Bucky. 

Bucky growls and crushes his lips against Steve’s. “You’re mine,” he purrs when they pull back, “okay? I love you.” 

Steve’s smile is radiant as he says, “I know. I love you too. I was only doin’ that to get you to make a move.” 

“Oh, you are a little punk, aren’t you?” Bucky smirks, kissing Steve hard on the mouth again. 

Steve just about gets jerk out, before Bucky is carrying him up to their floor. 

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Wait u reblogged a post about draco having a crush on cedric too and now i gotta know how that would've panned out considering how much pressure he was under to be Super Masc and Hetero what do u think?

Personally, i think that Draco had a lot of pressure to be this powerful, masculine, dominating heir worthy of the Malfoy name. Unfortunately, that kind of comes with a considerable chunk of internalized homophobia because purebloods are supposed to uphold and preserve their family line.
This is not to say that there weren’t other factors for Draco being a nasty arrogant asshole, but i also think that repressing his sexuality would absolutely be a contributing factor to that. He has his misguided reasons to behave the way he does with Harry, but say if there was another reason for him to be that fixated. We know Draco’s prone to compertmentalizing and repressing his emotions, he’s capable at that to a some degree. At the same time he kind of isn’t because he’s a giant drama and attention seeker who’s very tempremental. If he were attracted to boys at that age, i feel like he’d be extra angry and antagonistic because of that?
It’s kind of different if he was also attracted to Cedric because he has another outlet for those feelings, compared to hypothetical ones for Harry.
He can admire, support and make badges for Cedric in a not fan-ish fashion because he could just tell himself he’s doing it to spite Potter. Cedric’s popular, handsome and good at quidditch. Additionally and most importantly, before his death Cedric isn’t really involved in political stuff, neither is he a muggleborn. Draco can easily seperate Cedric from the baggage of expectations he’s carrying. He can safely admire Cedric and shelve that as completely heterosexual. He doesn’t have to turn those feelings in to anger. He would simply redirect and mislabel them to not feel dissonance. Cedric, or possibly Krum, are easier and safer targets for his repressed gay thoughts. People are less likely to question Draco on his admirations because everyone is somewhat impressed by those two. Does that make sense?

Ok so I’ve seen Moana twice now, and have seen people saying how Hunk and Lance would be fun to imagine in the situation of Moana and I think it could actually work. That is, if Hunk is Moana and Lance is Maui. Looks aside, these character match up really well personality wise. 

Maui does things for attention and to try and placate those who look up to him. He has a certain way he acts- as it’s what’s expected of him. The same goes for Lance. And at the end of the day, faced with impossible odds, both would try to save the day, even if it meant the end of them. 

Moana and Hunk on the other hand- while their similarities are less pronounced then the others, they’re still largely there. Both characters care so much for the ones who are close to them that they go to the ends of the earth and back in hopes of making them proud. Neither were exactly too willing to become what was expected of them, but as their arc progressed, both came to stand for what they believed in. Hunk totally fits the role of Moana and if anyone wants to say otherwise, they can fite me.

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there's this one creepy old man who asks me if I'm married yet, every time he comes in, and then tells me "don't forget to marry!" when he leaves. I found out he says this to ALL the female cashiers. Like wtf? Why is this guy so obsessed with us all getting married?? Does he think the only reason we have jobs is because we aren't married???

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I thought Kojima's THIRST had peaked but no I was wrong. He is thirstier than I ever will be. Do you think Mads is even remotely aware of the effect he has on him?

I know the IGN guy told him that DS is the biggest news in the gaming world right now, but does Mads realize just how fucking big? Does he know that this is probably one of the most hyped video games of late, despite being years off and not even having a release date yet? Is he aware that he has someone who’s essentially a god in the industry majorly fanboying over him, posting his face on twitter to millions multiple times a day every day and wearing his face on a t-shirt? 

who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Do you think that Madara or Tobirama are the type who would mind their partner being with another man before them? Sexually of course.

Tobirama probably wouldn’t. He’s just not the type who would really need to be their first. The only way I can see it mattering to him is if he knows the guy? Then he’d kind of look at them when he saw them and think wow…. we’ve seen the same person naked… also, if he doesn’t like the guy, that’s a problem too. But otherwise, he doesn’t necessarily mind

Madara does though. He’d very much enjoy knowing no one else had touched his partner before he did. It would annoy him, but he’s not likely to comment on it. He’d just make it a personal goal to assure that it didn’t matter if they’d been with another guy before, he was going to prove that he was better

I was thinking about Matt’s comment, that Logan grew to appreciate what he could get from working with his dad and first of all, I have such a massive appreciation for the fact that he chose a backstory for Logan that did not involve him failing or getting broken by the world, but a positive one that involved some character growth to get him to where he needed to be in the revival. Seriously, that guy is a gift to mankind and most especially fandom and I love how much he not only loves Logan, but seems to understand why everything else would be a truly awful fate.

But I’m still not entirely happy with that story and that’s entirely on the horrid writing. Because I actually think that could have been a great story arc for Logan and for a while I was really rooting for that to happen. For him to stand up to his family and basically say, fuck it, I love doing this and I’m good at doing this and I’m not going to let you ruin that for me, but I’m also not going to let you ruin anything else, so I’ll be over here doing the job I want to be doing and you can all rot over there. 

I wanted him to have the realization that Lorelai had in S7, that rebelling against things just because it’s what your family wants, even if you might really enjoy it, is just as much letting them dictate your life as doing what they want you to do if you don’t enjoy it and that the only way out of that, was to just stop caring about what they wanted from him alltogether and live his life for himself and no one else.

And then S7 happened and he did have that realization, but he took it further than that. He actually walked away from his entire shitty family, not just by not caring what they thought, but by actually cutting them and the family business from his life plan. And that was a MAJOR break-through. That was the cummulation of his growth, the way he chose to go and that’s why having him back in the family business feels like destroying all his growth, even though I once thought it could be a victory. 

And maybe they could have avoided that. Maybe if there had been some explanation on why he was back working under Mitchum, if they had told the story of a succesful career away from his family and Mitchum offering him the chance to do even more in a bigger position, I could smile and be proud of how far he has come.

But as it is, I didn’t get any of that. All I know is that Logan is back working under his dad, after the crowining end of his arc was that he managed to get away from that, and is marrying some girl, because it’s what the family wants, even though he clearly doesn’t want to. And from the insane christopher/’full circle’ talk I’m gathering that was exactly Amy’s intention. 

I love that Matt chose to protect the character by making up a positive backstory, by not letting the shitty and out-of-character script ruin the amazing guy he spent three years help create. But there is no way to deny he was fighting an uphill battle against said shitty script and I think he lost (as did Alexis in her fight to make Rory a not awful person). 

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Why did Khal Drogo even accept the marriage with Dany? The only thing he gets out of this is her and he clearly can have an women he wants. Also do you think he really loved her, he never had other wife's even if he could've

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I think you may be oversimplifying what Daenerys represents. No, Daenerys does not bring immediate wealth or lands to Drogo. But she does bring something no other woman in Essos can - her own status and heritage. There may well be girls in and around Lys who look like Daenerys, but there are none who can claim to be a Targaryen princess, a real blood royal. Indeed, Daenerys is the last Targaryen princess in the world, the only daughter of the last Targaryen king. She doesn’t simply have the beautiful Valyrian features which suggest such an ancestry; she’s the real deal.

That’s part of Illyrio’s plot, of course. He needs Drogo’s massive khalasar for Phase One (or maybe Two) of his Aegon plot - the terrible foreign horde with the mad Viserys at its head, to ravage the countryside before savior Aegon comes to rescue Westeros. He needs something that’s going to tempt Drogo to commit to something utterly un-Dothraki - a foreign war across the Narrow Sea. So what could do the trick? Something no other khal does, or can, have. She’s young, something he likes; she’s exotic compared to the majority Dothraki he sees; she’s a foreign princess, utterly unlike anything else he could get in Essos; and she is from a true Valyrian dragonlord family - the people who kept the Dothraki to a much smaller realm than they now enjoy, a conquest of the formerly supreme Dothraki conquerors. And, as Illyrio knows, Dothraki do not buy and sell, but give and receive gifts; giving Drogo a great gift like Daenerys - young, beautiful, royal, and Valyrian - helps ensure Drogo will give the gift of his khalasar when invasion time comes.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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Hello Amanda :) I was wondering: what kind of headcanon do you have about Harry and pics? Like what kind of pictures does he take? In his daily life? Of Louis? Is he someone who also takes a lot of pics with phones or does he always bring a camera to family events? Does he print out amazing pics to put them up their walls? And I'm so curious to know his lock screen as well (don't ask me why!) x

Ooohhh I think he gets in moods? I think he tries to have his camera with him most of the time, so if he sees something he wants to capture he can. I think he takes SO MANY pics of Louis. Pictures of Louis in the morning and at night, close ups of his hands and his tummy and his eyelashes. I think he likes playing with color and composition as well, so I think he’s the kind of person who goes for walks and sees what he can see.

I think he has cameras at family events. I think he gives amazing photographs that he took, that he has custom framed for birthdays, and holidays, and even just randomly. I think cameras inspire him, that the whole process fascinates him, that a frozen moment in time is so important to him.

I think Louis gets camera shy around him sometimes, laughingly begging him to “put that thing away!” but always still indulging him. I think Harry has a whole album of photos of Louis throughout the years, private moments of their lives together telling a story as the pages turn.

I would guess his lockscreen is a picture he took of their whole family together right now, a Christmas photo for sure. But after the holidays it will go back to one of his tried and true favorites, like Louis sleeping with the Brazilian background behind him, or Louis making cookies, a smudge of flour on his cheek, or Louis bent over sheet music in the studio, looking serious and dedicated, his lashes casting delicate shadows on his face. 💙💚

And on a completely different note, can we talk about Matt’s answer to “do you think there is too much focus on shipping”? Because shipping is so often used to put down fans, especially female fans, to say we’re watching the wrong way, that we’re enjoying the show in the wrong way, that we’re anti-feminist and just in generall less than fans (or people in general) who watch for different reasons and he had such a great nunanced answer, that managed to completely capture what I think about that. I love that he went on to explain how love, any and every kind of love, romantic or platonic, is so monumentally important to us as human beings and how essentally eveything is rooted in that, so of course people gravitate towards it. I love how he acknowledged that of course there are also other things to discuss, because people so often pretend shipping and those other things are mutually exclusive, which is obviously not true, but he was also very firm on the fact that love is a very, very big part of television (and life) and that’s perfectly okay. 

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“thank you for letting me celebrate with you guys.” and "i’m so jealous of you. you have the perfect family.” !!! i think they might perfectly fit the soon-to-be christmas scene in 3x09 :))))

ayy marti :’) i swear if i’ve been julian-baited on 3x09 i’ll riot. with uprising by muse on the background. 

Julian tries to stay away from the party as much as he can. He knows he’s been invited, and that the entire family are okay with him being around, but he still feels like he’s intruding. He’s done wrong, and he knows it, they know it, but for some reason they want him around. 

Julian stares at Barry for a good while — knowing he’s the Flash used to be just a thought for Julian, an assumption, and sometimes and inside joke (”Oh, Allen is not here again. Who does he think he is, The Flash?) but knowing this was the man who constantly risked his life for the city made Julian see him in a different light. 

He still stands by the fact he’s a terrible CSI, but he’s definitely not a bad person. He doesn’t know what to do — he’s standing there, looking at everyone talk to each other, but he feels like if he speaks he’d interrupt them. It’s a lovely gesture, really, he just feels out of place. They all love each other a lot; they laugh, and the love in the air is a little bit too much for Julian. It reminds him a lot of England when he was a kid, and it’s a bittersweet feeling — he’s staring at the perfect family, and he feels happy for them, but also jealous of what they have.

Barry must’ve noticed him sulking or staring, because he excuses himself from his conversations, stands up, and leads Julian to the kitchen.

“Hey,” Barry says, “I wanted to know if you were okay. You seemed a bit…”

“…Sad?” Julian fills in. Barry shrugs. 

“Not quite sad. Just, uh, brooding?”

Julian chuckles. “Yeah, I guess you could say I was brooding.”

“Listen,” Barry begins, seriously. “If you think we judge you for anything you’ve done as Alchemy—we don’t, okay? We know it wasn’t you.”

Julian grips the drink he had on his hand a bit tighter. He didn’t want to talk about this. Still, he smiles a little. “Thank you,” he says, sincerely. 

“Like, I know you’re an asshole, but definitely not a bad person,” Barry smiles when Julian starts laughing. “So… what’s wrong, if it’s not the Alchemy thing?”

He takes a sip of his drink. The eggnog tastes quite nice. He thinks about what’s wrong with the situation, and even though he knows what it is, it feels a bit weird when he admits it out loud.

“I’m jealous,” Julian confesses. “You have the perfect family. I—I haven’t spent a Christmas on England since… I don’t know, four years ago?” he laughs, but this time it’s a bit bitter. “That’s all. It’s a bit stupid, really.”

The frown on Barry’s face tells him he doesn’t consider it to be stupid. He moves a bit closer to Julian, and when he speaks again, his voice is barely above a whisper.

“So… I know we’ve started with the wrong foot,” Barry says, “and I know I’ve said this like, three times before, but I want to start over. I want you to be part of our family, if—if you want.”

He thinks about it; about the way everyone laughed and how the love could be felt even when no one was openly saying they loved each other. It seemed like such a great idea. So Julian nods, a bit embarrassed, but overall, happy.

“Yeah. I would like that.”

Barry’s grin is bright enough to match the star at the top of their Christmas tree. He slings an arm around Julian and drags him outside again. Before they reach the lounge, he says, “Thank you for letting me spent Christmas with you guys.”

“It’s nothing,” Barry replies, tightening his grip on him. “You’re family now, okay? You won’t escape us for the next Christmases of your life!”

Julian laughs again. He couldn’t wait for them.

I love Mendel so much he’s such a good character because he’s like all bumbly and awkward and weird but he really does love Trina and I think you see that a lot in This Had Better Come To A Stop when Trina asks who’s fault the divorce was and he’s like “don’t ask me questions! I’m frightened of questions! but grateful it’s come to a stop Trina. Smile Trina, I’ll help you mend :)” it’s just so wholesome???? When she asks him why it happened he’s just like ‘I don’t know but I’m glad it’s over and I want to help you feel better!’. Idk I’m too tired to say this fully but he’s great

I’m seeing a lot of people be like “YOU MADE JONGHYUN FEEL AWFUL ABOUT THE FIRST CONCERT!” and I really don’t think that’s it at all. He does not feel bad because people called him out - he feels bad because the VCR was racist and gross and hurt his fans, and I’m actually glad that he does. It shows that he cares about what kind of material he puts out and how it affects others, which is also reflected in the fact that he immediately responded after the concert himself. I honestly think that, considering the kind of person he is, Jonghyun WANTS to be held accountable to stuff like this, considering that the footage is being cut and he said multiple times that he doesn’t want to mock someone’s culture, so calling him out is a good thing.

So yeah tl;dr stop getting snappy with people who are upset because they have a right to be and I overall think Jonghyun has learned from this.

The last time Sara and Snart looked at each other was after the kiss and just before Len’s death. And now they have a chance to meet again. Let’s stop thinking that it might be past!Snart or that it’s the hallucination or any other crap. Just imagine this moment… when they look at each other. The relief on Sara’s face. She thought she would never see him again. But she does. And Snart, poor Snart who was ready to die to save them all. To save Sara, as well. He was ready to give up his future, their future together. And now he sees her. He thought he would never see her again. But he does. Just imagine this moment and cry with me.

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When will the suffering end? XD As always I love your PruAus comic!! But these poor babies, they feel so misunderstood and hurt and still can't let go of each other! It's so beautiful, yet painful to watch...! Can someone just hug them, please? ;-;

Aw I guess both are totally overstrained right now. XD" Especially Prussia who just finally got to see what Austria is feeling all these times. For him, what Austria does is kind of a punishment for all the things he had done to Austria in the past. That’s why he said in the end that it may be his own fault and he’s deserving all these suffer Austria causes him at the moment… but he honestly needs a break. XD"

But actually Austria has admitted indirectly without knowing that he has fallen for Prussia by doing all these silly things he wouldn’t do normally. I think Prussia noticed this as well. There is no reason for him to run away from Austria anymore by thinking Austria would prefer him to go away, because it’s proofed now that this is not true. XD

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*Niall voice* as a fan of guitars I need to talk about his new guitar,not only is beautiful and goes with his denim-shirt-old men-shoes aesthetic,but also it sounds marvelous and compliments his grittier live voice creating a new version of this town

[niall voice] as a football (lmao) BUT I AM RIGHT HERE WITH U. WHAT A #LOOK. his old man aesthetic i’m crying..but tru. maybe bc he dresses like a folk singer who’d fit right in anytime in the last fifty years or so or maybe it’s bc he has so many old man habits, but niall does have this timeless quality. you wouldn’t think that bright red electric guitar would fit it so well except that it just DOES. the electric’s got an edge to it, i think, not just sound-wise but visually; maybe it’s the promise of something unexpected that makes him look so good. and the sound! i bet it sounds SO GOOD live; i can’t wait to get some hq audio of it. i love that he seems to like it, too; he knows he sounds good, so there’ll def be more to come!