I’m rewatching “Providence” from turn season 2 and I can’t stop crying because Lafayette is so dang cute and I just wanna cuddle him and why????? Who does he think he is just marching in my life being all “ahhh bonjour im ‘ere to destroy your life madame” Who allowed him to be so cute?? I’ve been crying for an hour straight and I can’t go on watching because I tear up everytime. Look at that little Bastard

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callout post for jeremy dooley
  • so nice????? what a legitimately nice guy whats up with that
  • when he smiles u will be left gasping for air be careful
  • somehow makes all hair colours look good??? what kinda shit is that??
  • probably gives the best hugs,, how dare he
  • so funny?? hes hilarious???? who does he think he is with all his great jokes?????
  • actual adorable and flawless being,,,, sets my irl standards too high,,,
  • hes just a great person and i cant take it