about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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Tom is hopelessly in love with you and has been since the moment he met you. He understands you two have your own things to do on your own time but he still hates being away from you. He showers you with gifts and affection, he spoils you in every possible way, even gets up earlier than you when you spend the night at his place so you’ll wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a delicious breakfast. He’s afraid of telling you but he’s sure he’ll never love another woman.