Finn is Important: Part 1

Finn’s Moral Dilemma: Unrealistic?

Many have compared The Force Awakens to A New Hope, and stated that the former is a complete copy of the latter. If so, where does Finn fit in? Who is Finn’s counterpart in A New Hope? Simple: there isn’t. Finn’s character arc is unique, and arguably, is what makes this trilogy unique. 

One of the many criticisms of Finn’s character is that his defection is unrealistic. That it’s impossible a stormtrooper, after being ingrained with first order propaganda and brainwashed, should ever think of leaving. But … isn’t that the point? Isn’t the fact that against all odds, against his upbringing, against the evil that has been spoonfed to him, Finn understands right and wrong? He has a moral crisis. He cannot kill innocents. And everyone wonders why. 

Did the stormtrooper program fail? Is FN-2187 an outlier? Was he exposed to outside sources? Phasma remarks that it’s his first offence. The book shows us that Finn, despite his empathy, was the perfect stormtrooper and fiercely talented. So, why does Finn have empathy and others, apparently, don’t? How did this trait override his determination to be the best? He was on track to become a commander. He scored in the top 1% for everything. He should’ve been eager to please his superiors at the village. So, why does he hesitate? Why couldn’t he do it? These are the questions you should be asking.

A large chunk of the fandom is insistent in pigeonholing him into the “sidekick” box, which does not allow for complex psyches or extensive character arcs. That’s why they all scream “!!unrealistic!”. Finn’s arc, his character, simply does not function when it’s kicked to the side as a, well, a sidekick. You cannot see him as a supporting character if you are to analyse him. You cannot see him as the sidekick to Rey, or the conscience to Ren, or the everyman of SW universe; he is a main character in his own rights. Think of Finn as a Luke character, or a Han character, and you’ll realise that Finn’s plot isn’t actually unrealistic, but just the beginning of a classic hero’s journey.

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that’s aWFUL

dawn will you be steven’s friend so mandUS CAN EAT SHIT

I mean, we all knew that this was going to happen and it couldn’t be avoided. Hiding their relationship has definitely been such a big strain on Bitty because he can’t talk about it with anyone. He care so much about Jack and his career that he doesn’t want to ruin it for him at all. He loves Jack so much that he’s willing to go through the pain of having to hide who he loves from the whole world. 

But Bitty is hurting too and with so many people offering him a shoulder to cry on, it’s beginning to grow on him. He can’t talk to anyone about his relationship without spilling the secret and think about it, it just must be so stressful on him.There have probably been so many times where Jack does well in a game and he wants to go, ‘That’s my boyfriend, I’m so proud of him!’ but he can’t and it must fucking hurt. So many times where he’s want to replace ‘best’ with ‘boy’ with he’s referring to Jack as his friend. 

So many times where he wished he could just be so open with the rest of his team. 

I’m just feeling so sad and upset for Bitty because we all know he’s been under so much but we’re only seeing it now.

Because he’s been hiding it so well.

From everyone and from Jack. 

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I am rather seriously disturbed by all the people who are like, "Leliana should be nicer to Cullen!" regarding when he creeps on her girlfriend/basically wife, like "No, she doesn't? He's creeping on her GF/WIFE, He only EVER says it when it is a F!Mage who ROMANCED LELIANA, he NEVER asks any other time," Like, if they had him ask after, while still creepy, not AS creepy, but he only does it THEN, and it is in the way of asking IF THE F!MAGE STILL THINKS ABOUT HIM

Leliana has more reasons than just personal to dislike him, too. She’s been everywhere, remember? And if anyone knows all his dirty secrets, it’s her.

k here we go i need to talk about My Boys ok

  • dex wants to be a father ok. he doesn’t have baby fever but he grew up around like dozens of cousins and siblings who were way younger than him. he’s got a natural soft spot for soft-cheeked children who smile really big whenever he does anything funny
  • nursey hasn’t given it much thought. he doesn’t think about being a father until he visits the pointdexter family home during the winter break and is officially Shook to the core when he sees dex with one of his newborn cousins in his arms
  • imagine this: dex cooing gently at a baby. softest eyes ever, gentle little smile. the baby is grabbing at dex’s thumbs and they’re in the yellow gleam of the fireplace and the Christmas lights surrounding them
  • also imagine this: nursey having a freak out because he can imagine ten years into the future with little freckled children who grab at dex and call him dad and who jump to nursey and call him papa
  • lord does that boy freak out
  • he puts it away for a while until the samwell boys get invited to a little falcs party after a game that went well, and it’s casual, all the boys meeting the families and players (our other boy, ransom, is totally dying over tater lbr)
  • nursey is drinking some beer right w/ the boys and then the wife of one of the boys (guy maybe?? who knows) comes by and strikes up a conversation before introducing to the little boy she adopted w/ her hubby and then it’s dex’s turn to freak out
  • the little boy looks like a legit combo of dex and nursey and defies all laws of cuteness. little boy has murky red hair that could be mistaken for brown and dark freckles spotting his skin and he takes a natural liking to nursey bc nursey has curly hair like him oh boy
  • and like dex and nursey steal the baby and the wife and hubby are like okie dokie just don’t leave our sight ok
  • and they play with the baby
  • the entire time
  • and dex is just. in awe honestly
  • “like my hair kid? yeahhhh it’s pretty nice” nursey smirks and the baby gurgles with laughter
  • “hope our kids isn’t as narcissistic as you are” dex comments offhandedly as he films the baby rolling around on his belly
  • “hey, they probably won’t be able to help it! they’re gonna be a total knockout–”
  • and then nursey realizes what he’s saying and it’s RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT
  • and like!!!! the boys talk about it when they’re not slightly buzzed and trying to watch after a one-year-old chew on a teddy bear
  • but.
  • ok

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Hi! Could you maybe do an AU where Bones works at a dive bar and Jim is a guitar player who does shows on weekends and is constantly using his playlist to hit on the grumpy bartender who helped patch him up after falling off the stage that one time?

I love this, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Jim Kirk can sing, alright? Like, the type of singing that absolutely doesn’t belong in a dive bar. And he plays the guitar so well. Whether it’s a quiet, jazzy tune or he plugs in his electric guitar for a a more rocking night, Jim Kirk is incredible. 
  • Bones thinks he’s insufferable. Sure, he brings in the public, who in turn buy drinks from Bones. But Jim is this arrogant, handsome young man who’s full of potential and life energy. Who sees beauty in everyone. Who is always smiling. Who sings beautiful songs he wrote himself. Jim is just that incredibly annoying, good at everything guy that Bones wants to hate but can’t. His only flaw is being clumsy while drunk, and that’s barely a flaw because everyone is clumsy while drunk. And that one time Jim’s fallen off the stage, Bones checks out his wrist and patches up the gash on his cheek. “I’m sorry to say it, but I think you’re going to be fine. Unfortunately,” Bones says, and Jim gasps. “Unfortunately?” He repeats, though when Bones grins, so does Jim. Bones gives him a scotch on the house, and Jim’s more than willing to accept.
  • Jim’s songs get a little different from then on. Weirder. Still beautifully sung, skillfully played on his guitar. But the lyrics are odd. Jim’s just standing on that small stage, sitting on a high stool in front of his microphone. “I’m just trying out this new song that I wrote the other day. It’s called; Thank you for patching me…up.” and Bones raises an eyebrow. He’s trying to listen to the song, but he’s also serving customers their drinks and he’s keeping the bar clean. Over the next few days, Jim adds more songs to his repertoire, all including names like: Dear BartenderYou should walk me home after work, you should call me on xxx-xxx-xxxx, and You should pay attention to me
  • And Bones listens, and surely Bones is trying to turn these songs into hidden meanings that they’re not. Jim has a nice soothing voice he’s grown quite accustomed to, and it sucks when Bones works shifts where Jim’s not there. And when Jim is there, he always goes to the bar straight after his performance for a free drink, something Bones is happy to give him. “Did you like the last song?” Jim asks, sipping his scotch. “I guess,” Bones replies, before adding: “Sure. You have a good voice. Sometimes I don’t even know why you insist on playing here rather than some downtown pub with actual potential.” Jim perks up a little at that. “I’m here for the view,” he says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. Jim sighs. “I’m also here because of the drinks, and the bartender’s pretty nice most nights.” Bones huffs. “Most nights?” “Yeah, I can’t speak for the nights when you’re not working,” Jim adds, and it’s smooth. It’s definitely smooth. But Jim can’t mean anything serious with that, can he? “You get a lot of action with those songs you’re singing?” Bones asks him, and Jim shrugs. “Yeah, I guess. But I’m mostly interested in one particular person.” And Bones really wants to ask him, but a group of new visitors arriving at the bar draw his attention away from Jim.
  • Probably Jim gets impatient. Rather than his own music, he’s doing a bunch of covers one night, and it’s a weird mismatch of genres, with songs such as: Tired of Waiting For You, from The Kinks, I gotta know by Elvis Presley, and Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash. It’s odd, it doesn’t fit. People like it, but Bones thinks it’s odd. And Scotty’s leaning against the bar and he’s listening as well, drinking his beer, before turning to Bones. “Sounds like he’s growing impatient, huh?” He says, and Bones frowns, “Of what?” he asks. “Of you, of course.” Scotty replies so matter-of-factly. “What does that mean?” “Oh my God,” Scotty says, nearly slamming his beer down at the bar, hard enough for foam to rise over the top of his bottle. “Are you serious? Ya wee dafty,” he says, and Bones has no idea what that means. “He’s been writing songs to you for weeks,” Scotty explains. “Seriously, he’s put his phone number in one of his songs so you’ll call him. Did you never listen? Jeez.” “Okay, calm down,” Bones says, “I’m sure he’s not… singing about me. I’m just a bartender.” “His song is literally called ‘Dear Bartender’!” Scotty protests. “I swear to God, you are the most oblivious…” He stops when Jim actually approaches the bar again. Without thinking, Bones serves him his usual drink. “So,” Jim says, “what do you think?” “Nice,” Bones replies, in lieu for a better answer because the thought of someone like Jim being actually into him was something he couldn’t really cope with. Jim could get anyone. Why would he even be remotely interested in Bones, who worked in a dive bar at night and a car garage during the day, just to get by? Jim, who was smart, and clever, and just talented at everything he gave a try. “Nice,” Jim repeats, and he really doesn’t sound all too amused at that. “Just nice?” “It was good. Odd song choice selection, but performed okay,” Bones replies, and Jim sighs. “Hey, listen. I’ve been asked to perform downtown. It’s a pretty big deal, and I think I might take it,” Jim says, and there’s something in his voice. Like he’s waiting for Bones to tell him to stay, or something. And Bones wants to, he really does, but Jim deserves so much more than a shady dive bar. “That’s… that’s great news. Well done,” He says, heart heavy as Bones hears himself speak, and he adds a “congratulations”. Jim’s fingers tighten around his glass. He just throws his drink back, and gets up from his bar stool. “Thanks.” And walks away. Next to him, Bones hears Scotty sigh. “If you were waiting for the right moment, Bones, you just missed it.” 
  • And Bones tries to tell Scotty  don’t be ridiculous, but he’s right. And Bones has to think of something quick, because Jim picks up his guitar and he’s cleaning up and if Jim leaves those doors to play at a different gig, then that’s it. No more Jim. And so Bones just panics, and he probably does the cheesiest, dumbest thing ever. “Scotty, take over.” He says, walking away from the bar to leave Scotty in charge, who really doesn’t know how to serve anything that’s not beer.
  • So Bones just slams on a song on the old Jukebox in the corner. It’s loud, it’s super obnoxious, and Bones absolutely can’t sing to save his life, but when he does climb up that stage, at least he has Jim’s attention. “What are you doing?” Jim asks, just closing his guitar case. “I’m an idiot, okay. Just..” Bones starts, but when the music starts, he just starts to sing along because embarrassing himself in front of his crowd of loyal customers - and Jim - is somehow easier than just saying Hey I like you too, and so when REO Speedwagen starts singing the whole “I can’t fight this feeling anymore” Bones just rolls with it and Jim looks at him dumbfounded. “Feel free to stop me any time,” Bones says to Jim, small smile, but Jim is grinning widely, arms crossed in amusement, and he’s just like: “Nah, you suffer through this a little longer.” and so Bones continues ‘ti it’s almost over and finally, finally, Jim pulls him away from the microphone to kiss him right there on stage, but Bones is definitely not stopping him. “You know the entire lyrics to REO Speedwagen,” Jim points out, “that’s pretty bad.” “Shut up.” Bones mutters, and Jim’s just like: “Make me.” And Bones happily does.

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Dunno if it'll work for a poly ship but ransom/tater/holster for the ask meme!

  • big spoon/little spoon:

rans loves being cuddled by his boys but honestly they are just all silly and floppy and end up lying on top of each other and its a mess

  • favorite non-sexual activity:

snuggling up on the couch and pulling the piss out of whatever is on tv. its the most fun when its tater’s reality shows

  • who uses all the hot water:

holster. he sings in the shower. like musical numbers. u dont wanna know the amount of times he has fallen over and ripped the shower curtain out bc he was so immersed in his song

  • most trivial thing they fight over:

definitely blankets. u think they would just buy more? or like bigger ones that can cover all of them? but no?? (tbh they just like bickering bc they dont have big fights and they loves semi-angry makeup sex)

  • who does most of the cleaning:

tater generally. although a particularly stressed holster tends to clean a lot. rans isn’t super messy but when he reaches coral reef mood he has no awareness of anything other than school.

  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:

holster holster holster. though tater watches an impressive amount of reality tv

  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:

look i love these boys but they are not good at this stuff. they leave it for a few days tbh and just snuggle for warmth before holster finally calls and puts them out of their (not really) misery

  • who steals the blankets:

all. of. them. like holster isnt too bad bc he likes to make sure rans has blankets but when he is sleeping he just. rolls into a ball? and tater just wants to be cozy ok?? he wants to be comfortable and warm. rans mostly steals them from the bed. like his boys will wake up to no blankets bc rans is studying in the lounge in a blanket cocoon 

  • who leaves their stuff around:

holster and ransom. like i mean tater isnt perfect but he has never lived in a frat house

  • who remembers to buy the milk

holster. he was on milk duty @the haus and its carried through

  • who remembers anniversaries:

ransom. and i mean all of them do but rans has anniversary present ideas sorted a full year in advance

  • Who cooks normally?

tater. holster and rans are still trying to pull off the college (pre-bitty) diet and its a disaster. they are good at breakfast tho

  • How often do they fight?

idk they dont really have many serious fights? like they try very hard to communicate well bc there’s three of them? and more room for misunderstandings. at one point holster got injured and was off the ice for  m o n t h s. that was a trying time and tensions were very high but they made it through

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?

they skype and call a lot and wear each others clothes and post sappy shit on social media and holster deffo makes playlists for his boys so they dont forget about him (as if they could)

Nicknames for each other?
holtzy, holtz, rans, ransy-poo, lex, lexi. and like holster is the king of petnames, esp @ransom. like baby, babe, sweetheart, honey, angel, sugar, darling. even like, sweetpea sometimes? tater loves using russian terms of endearment too and also who could forget the excessive bro talk

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

they take turns. depending on the occasion and the place and its a very good system that rans set up

  • Who steals the covers at night?

holster steals them at night. tater gets them in the early morning. and rans takes them when he gets up

  • What would they get each other for gifts?

ransom and holster have a lot of history so they would get sappy, inside joke shit and would include tater. but honestly they mostly just buy things that remind them of the other? like even when they dont know why it reminds them of their boy? 

  • Who kissed who first?

rans and holtz hooked up at samwell but they all had a discussion before things got that far bc they really like each other and didnt want to mess it up. once they sorted that out tho ransom kissed tater first (and holster fucking died and ascended on the spot)

  • Who made the first move?

rans. they’d been circling it for a bit and he just went fuck it. he didnt want to miss out on tater just bc he was a bit frightened you know?

  • Who remembers things?

ransom ransom ransom. he has his spreadsheets ok. both tater and holster are good at remembering the little things tho

  • Who started the relationship?

holster started his and ransom’s relationship @samwell but ransom started rans/tater/holtz

  • Who cusses more?

tater. he cusses in russian largely although sometimes he uses out of context english swears

  • What would they do if the other was hurt?

when holster got injured ransom broke down and tater kind of became the level-headed one. bc like he plays pro hockey he knows how to deal with that shit.
if rans got injured holster would be really closed off and would internalise everything and he wouldn’t cry until he is sitting at rans’ hospital bed with tater’s hand in one of his and the other resting on the bed. and rans would wake up properly and holster would lose it right there. rans would be soothing him ‘its alright baby, im alright’
and they hate it but tater is the most likely to have suffer a serious injury. ransom and holster would just be curled around each other in the waiting room crying

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Antis can spout about who he is leaving his heart to all they want. He said he loves the city, and the person they will try and link it to doesn't even live there. He does a lot of promo there and I think that is for the fans sake too.

He does a lot of promo here, it’s a great city (I mean, it’s my favorite by miles but I’m a bit biased) and he now knows a lot of people here who have become his friends thanks to a certain co-star. I think he had a wonderful week here. Nice weather too!


Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Words: 411

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: How about a fluffy Lafayette x reader fic where the reader makes a surprise breakfast of crepes to remind Lafayette of France?

A/N: Two more fics so far are coming out today! I am always willing to write more, too!

“Does Lafayette seem kinda off to you lately?” You asked Hercules, who had let you stay while he made clothes for the shop.

“Yeah, I think he’s just homesick though.” He replied, not looking up from the fabric.

“Ah.” You were quickly lost in thought of anything you could do to help him. Suddenly, a thought struck your mind. “Crepes!” You yelled, jumping up. Hercules moved back, an expression of surprise evident on his face.


“Crepes!” You repeated, excitedly. “If I make some he’ll feel better right?” You asked, but before Hercules could respond, you were running out the door.

You reached you and Lafayette’s apartment, breathless. You knew he was at work right now, so you quickly ran up the steps to the second floor where your apartment was. You unlocked the door, and sprinted into the kitchen. You turned on your phone, looking up a recipe for crepes. Smiling, you grabbed the ingredients, and a skillet to cook with.

You stared at the kitchen, bits of flour and puddles of vegetable oil were scattered around the small space you used. You looked at the crepes you set on a plate. At least they look nice. You thought, glancing at the clock. Lafayette would be home in around 10 minutes. Shit. You cursed the mess in the kitchen, running to grab a sponge and a towel. You wiped up oil and brushed flour into your hand to toss into the trash. Just as you finished, you heard the door unlocking. Just in time.

Lafayette gave you a confused look as you ran up to greet him. You couldn’t stop smiling as you grabbed his wrist and gently dragged him into the kitchen.

“Y/N…” He breathed as he saw the display of food you made.

“Hercules said you were homesick.” You explained. “So I made these.”

“Thank you.” He whispered, pulling you into a hug. He placed a quick kiss on your forehead. “I was a bit homesick. Was it obvious?” You shrugged.

“It was to me. You were acting different.” He smiled, which in turn, caused a grin to spread across your face.

“I love you.


I appreciate, on many levels, how Kylo Ren is a villain whose wish to be so is out of the obligation that he must do it. That, in a way, he feels pressured to become something greater, and in the end, his imitation is what makes him fail–because he is trying to become what he never will be. That he seems to suffer from anger and depression are actually really interesting things to think about.  Whether he’s attractive or not I feel is subjective (I don’t personally find him attractive besides his hair) but I think he has much to offer in a different type of villain. I think where people don’t like him is because he does so well as playing a character who fails at his mission. He is “weak” because he trying to simply be another Vader, even as he hopes to be greater. I think there are a lot of interesting things to talk about regarding his character, looks aside.  *a rant no one asked for, lol*

From the numerous debates I have had with people about Kylo’s character, the most common criticisms I hear are for me, the things that humanism him. He’s too weak, he’s not Vader, he’s a wannabe and he’s too emotional. That people can level those judgements and then struggle to empathise with or at least understand him is kind of funny to me. It’s pretty clear that a lot of his inner conflict and struggles come from a place of parental, particularly paternal discord and instability. It’s a very unhealthy relationship rammed with anger, resentment and guilt - all very tangible stuff emotionally. He also comes from a family who, well, kinda get things done to say the least. I can see how it’s almost easier to let himself off the hook and turn to the dark side than have the courage to live up to and pursue his full potential, particularity if he’s lacking the emotional support he needs. Like you say there’s so much to go at with him beyond his very beautiful face and splendid costuming. I have to say though, I applaud that casting so much. For all the fifteen minutes of face time you actually get of Adam in TFA - He packs such a punch. I don’t know if you have ever watched Driver in anything else but he really is utterly compelling to watch. His performance’s are just so intensely real and visceral. Honestly, I am so excited to see how he portrays Ren’s ultimate fate, be it redemption or complete self destruction, I have every faith he’ll nail it. 

So does anyone else notice how every guy Kougyoku meets changes her attitude? Like with Judal he pushes her to be ruthless and power-hungry, with Sinbad she loses her willpower to his, but with Alibaba he’s the one who really changes her for the better.

He makes her smile, respects her, and inspires her to stay strong and believe in herself as an empress and a person. Whether or not you ship Alikou, I think we can all need to applaud how far Kougyoku’s come with Alibaba and vice versa.

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Big four with an S/O who's big into tech and learning in general? Just a giant nerd all around.


Heh, well he guesses that technically makes you more of a geek than a nerd, right? Nah, he thinks it’s pretty cool. It just means that if he has any tech troubles, then he’ll know who to call.


HUMAN, HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE SAYING, BUT IT SOUNDS SCIENCEY, SO IT MUST BE IMPORTANT, RIGHT??? Unless you can make it equate to puzzle-solving (which isn’t really that hard with tech stuff), he won’t get it. Once he does though, if he does, you’ve got a regular “little” technician’s assistant on your hands.


GAAAH, YOU NERD!!! She can’t stand all that techno-babble you constantly blurt out, but at the same time, you make it so damn interesting!! It’s not fair!!! She likes to listen to you babble, even if she doesn’t know what you’re saying half the time.


Finally!!! Someone who knows what she’s saying!! You two spend nearly every moment together talking about something technology-related, & it drives everyone else up the wall. You click so well in that aspect that she’s even gotten you into the mechanics of how she made Mettaton, & offered to let you make the body of any other ghost who might come through looking for one–no particular reason why, it might just be because she might know of one.


I work at a large national pet store chain and this little guy was there for a few months. I took him home and put him in a 2.5 gallon tank. I know I should have something bigger and I do, I just need to get a hood and heater and I’m good to go. Anyway this is after 3 months. When I met him in the over stock animal room he was this pale green silver color. Pretty but nothing spectacular to look at. We had this awesome sale and I felt so sorry for the guy because he had been in the store longer then I have and wasn’t sold yet so I got the 2.5 as a starter while I got together whay I needed for a proper tank… And now he’s this beautiful boy of blue and red and almost a bit of purple. He’s happy and swims up to great me and does a cute little dance whenever I go by his tank.
Fuck everyone else who think they can live in bowls.
Fuck everyone who gets the tanks smaller then the 2.5 who thinks it’s good enough.
Fuck evey one who thinks fish can’t be a social pet.
Me and Mr. GrumpyFace will kick your ass.
I love my good good fish boy

Okay, I realized about one thing:

Anastasia, or whatever her name is, told Call Master Joseph contacted her. He was the one who told her Constantine’s soul was in Call’s body.

Does that mean Anastasia and Joseph are allies? Or friends? Why would Joseph say the truth to Anastasia? Knowing what he did, I don’t think he cares about Constantine’s mother.

Maybe he thought she would be on his side once she knows that one of her sons isn’t dead? And supposing Anastasia sets Call free, would she send him with Joseph? Or not?


@slytherinbloodwhore for some reason I’m now thinking about Charlie as a vet and pansy as an escort who dotes on her cat and like ???? They flirt at every checkup and he doesn’t know what she does and shes not gonna tell him but then hes like hey how about dinner one day

Do you honestly think that Daisuke would stop showing up and it’s wouldn’t bother ANYONE

If that happened I would have gone to his house the next day to know if he’s alright.

He’s a puppy who would stick by Taichi’s side whenever he has the chance.

Wouldn’t the silence worry them?

I’m trying to keep quiet about the 02 kids. But we’re on part 3 and Ken only got mentioned for a while and they TRIED calling but I feel like they should have done that months ago.

The only person no one would worry about is Iori cause he’s doing his own thing…sort of. Jou would probably worry tho