Would Bulma have prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament?

It is clear that Vegeta tried throughout all episode of not showing how much he cared about the birth of his daughter, but it is also easy to think that Bulma had demanded him not to go to train for be present at birth, in the same way that  she demanded that he be on her birthday (We know that She is the one who rules their marriage).

But it’s a curious fact that in Episode 77, it was Bulma who reminded to Goku that he was going to invite to Vegeta to train. Even, she didn’t look disgusted by the idea. (In adittion, she felt guilty and apologized for holding up Vegeta’s training in episode 83). And It makes me doubt that if Bulma really had prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament in the first place.

Which makes me think that like does Goku work in the farm because Chichi forces him, Vegeta uses to Bulma as an excuse to justify his “acts of charity” in front of other people, as if “she forced him to be more human”.  

Maybe, also she demand him that he gives her affection (or to spend time together), so that she make believe him to be forced to do it, when in fact he wants to do it too.

And the only person who knows the truth is Bulma and she follows him in his game because he feels more comfortable, and she is happy with that.

Bts reaction to you having a complicated family

Request:  Bts reaction to you not having a good relationship with your grandmother because of her favouritism towards your cousins, and you disliking her causing major tension with your father, who adores her.

@den-deathphoenix this story sounds familiar, don’t you think sis? I sure do.


He is the best listener in the world. He’ll listen and then tell you that you should try talking to your father and tell him how you really feel.

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Yoongi will tell you to resolve the issue first within yourself and the jealousy you feel and after that to talk to your grandmother.

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Namjoon will overthink about why does your grandmother favourits your cousins but not you. It’s like a math problem that he has to solve.

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Hoseok will listen and then every time you came back from a family gathering ask you if there was anything wrong and if the next time he should come to defend the wonderful person you are.

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Jiminie will hug you and tell you that if nedded he’ll talk to your grandmother and charm her in order to like you. He just can’t accept someone doesn’t like you.

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He is gonna be purely confused. He just couldn’t make out the whole story. He got so lost in the story trying to fidure out first who is who and then who is to blame that for good thirty minutes he was only blinking in front of you. Before asking you to repeat. This time slower and wiht nicknames he thought of.

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He’ll tell you that both of you should immediately go first to your grandmother, then to your father and then to your cousins. He wanted to talk to them and figure out if they were blind or something for missing out on such a person like you.

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Requests for reactions and MTL are open

drabble; climate change

drabble; pg-13; MSR; post-ep Rain King; Scully takes Holman Hardt’s advice.

Practicing writing in Scully’s POV.


you should try it sometime

Perhaps I’d been waiting for a sign: something powerful, a gift from earth itself arranging dirt and concrete and sand and wind into one giant arrow pointing directly at Fox Mulder. I forget that life isn’t always as theatrical as the past few years have led me to believe, that the truth isn’t always so elusive. Sometimes there is beauty in only a little rain.

I don’t know how to tell him exactly what he means to me, and I think he’d be afraid to hear it. This is a man who does and wallows later, whose actions so far proceed his thoughts you wonder if there isn’t some kind of neural dissonance that makes him this way. But tonight I will follow his lead. I am prepared to take the leap, perhaps the biggest one either of us have dared to take in the time we’ve known each other.

I told Sheila that it’s about realizing, suddenly and painfully, that you cannot see yourself with anyone else. You switch a flick and it’s written there, and I have seen it reflected in his features, the way he touches me. This is it for us, Mulder. Who else could it be?

In one bed, he talks to me about Calabria, Italy, where in 1890, sun soaked villagers screamed and hid at the unlikely occurrence of blood pouring from the sky. Birds, he says with a morbid little smile. The winds were at an all time high and snap. He makes a twisting motion from where he’s propped against the headboard. I must look disturbed, because his smile falters.

I lean in and kiss it off his face.

Not even a kiss, Sheila had marveled. Trust me, the man knows how to kiss. He does. After a moment’s hesitation, a confused, adorable flail, he’s kissing back. It’s vengeful. His hands lock in my hair, his pillowy lips go hard and punchy. I am driven back to my side of the bed with the force of his passion. I feel it in every inch of me, every inch of him; we are straining, desperate, his tongue touches mine and it is warm and wet and so damn comfortable tears burn behind my eyelids. He is so close. I have wanted this so badly for so very long…

And then he is hauling himself away, and it feels more like tearing an I.V. needle out your arm than ripping off a bandaid. Back on his side of the bed his eyes are wild, and then they’re tender, and then they’re blank. And suddenly I know.

I’ve been presumptuous.

I gather myself from the bed while examining the evidence. His reaction when I tried to leave. His drug addled voice, made soft and low by his foray into drowning. Scully, I love you. But he had been drugged, and just now I had decidedly not been. I think of other times. Mothmen and lost opportunities. Not so much lost as rejected, I suppose. His face, hard and condescending as hell when I asked him to trust my judgment. For once, Mulder. Trust me like I’ve come to trust you. Maybe I thought he had.

“Scully…” he starts. Tossing my pillows on the cot, the one we’d both forgone after realizing how dreadfully uncomfortable it was, I look at him. My features are carefully schooled. I look okay. I look fine. He is pleading and wounded. “Scully, I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Even I’m impressed with how plainly this comes out. The cot had been delivered with a blanket. I turn off the lamp and collapse into my new bed, and will the tears away. All of them. Every single one. Instead, I study the ceiling. “I’m the one who should be sorry, Mulder. I’m not sure what I was thinking.”

And I go to sleep, pretending not to notice him staring at me the whole night through.

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I'm curious. Suppose Adrien and Marinette met years ago when he and Chloe were being crazy kids. How would that have gone down? Would Marinette have disliked him?


But suppose she’s emailing Chat Noir at the same time, and Chat Noir tells her about the bad relationship he has with his father, and how he does stupid things even though he knows they’re stupid.

Imagine Ladybug trying to help him, not knowing who he is. Feeling sorry for him. Making him think twice before he acts out. 

And then she discovers his identity and realizes she never understood Adrien, that she only judged him based on the fact that he was a spoiled rich guy, but he’s hurting so much and she wants to help him.

It all works out in the end. :D

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Ship shippy shoop: beauty and adam

  • Who said “I love you” first: Belle does, Adam insists he did but Belle points out that singing about his love for her but not actually saying it directly doesn’t count.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They both do. Adam thinks Belle is prettier than he is, Belle disagrees.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: It depends who gets to the bathroom first but mostly it’s Belle.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Adam does. It’s his way of getting Belle out of the library - he distracts her with presents.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Belle does. (Wouldn’t you if you were faced with Dan Stevens?)
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Adam does, he tends not to sleep as well as Belle does owing to what he went through.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Adam does. He’s also the one who escalates snowball fights.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Belle does and Adam spends the rest of the day with a bruised knee having just walked into the side of the bath as a result of that ask.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Adam does, Belle tends to be busy working on her experiements and Adam knows she tends not to think about food when her mind’s at work.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Both were, the feelings for each other took them by surprise after all.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Belle begs Plumette to get rid of them as she doesn’t like them at all and Adam is always worried that the sight of them means the enchantment might be coming back despite the fact it’s a beautiful sunny day and everyone is still human.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Adam does. It’s hilarious.

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I'm tired of living like this I need more stories about Neil and Andrew's domestic life

me?? like can nora just write another book just about their day to day lives?? i wanna know, in painfully intricate detail, about how neil feels waking up every morning next to andrew and especially when the suns out and it makes his hair all golden and who the fuck does this guy think he is ?? apollo??

i want to know if they nursed sir and king from when they were kittens and neil turns inexplicably into a mother hen that andrew didn’t sign up for or were they strays and i need to know how many times the cats have scratched andrew’s face and it’s actually been really painful but fuck if he’s gonna let on

also?? do they invite their friends from their team around?? do they host their own versions of dinner parties where they just get salsa and nachos, maybe beers if they remember they’re supposed to be friends with these people, and their idea of being courteous is letting their guests choose what movie everyone watches wow can u imagine these disasters of human interaction they’d be the most awful hosts they’d probably leave halfway through to do their own things and let their friends see themselves out 

i would fucking read about them doing chores like?? neil’s general apathy to clothes would end up in lost socks and half of andrew’s trousers ending up in neil’s wardrobe and andrew wouldn’t normally complain bc neil in tighter trousers is a perk but.. he needs trousers so he totally takes over laundry and ironing and as punishment neil is designated to everything else

i think about this a lot i’m very glad u asked but i bet u aren’t

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God melly i can't stand the shit blind BG pulled with the dumb liam being tricked by cheryl. The comments are all of how she is a lesbian and that he is an idiot. I mean their perspective shocks me. Why there people who believe that a celeb aka liam could be so naive and blinded by a a lesbian's motives. Do they think liam is patrick star? Does he live under a rock? Noone could inform him? That's the second most awful blind 1dhq could seed. The unmentionable re zayn is the first

Oh hey, look! Another Blind Item solve from Blind Gossip in the thrilling Cherliam “Dumb Loammy Got Roped in By The Cougar Lesbian” Saga. Here’s one for the PR marriage pile, I guess:

These all paint a really specific picture that position Cheryl as the cougar lesbian villain who plotted against poor innocent Loammy Jean. We are now at a whopping TEN blinds printed and solved about Cherliam since Nov. 29. That’s insane, especially since these gossip sites are focused in the US and this is not a super popular celebrity couple. I would actually argue that these are from Loammy’s team and not 1DHQ. I’ve mentioned before that Liam is being positioned as the naive good guy here. As not to say he isn’t, but, the instagram post about the baby, the Rollacoaster magazine quotes, the blind items, all position Loammy as the lovesick dude who thinks he managed to land his teen crush and low key paint Cheryl as the bad guy. There’s a narrative here, you guys.  I will say, I’d be ignoring me own Boob Instincts signs are there that we’re at least heading for a Cherliam engagement (I’m sorry, don’t hate me). 

For what its worth, the last blind that Enty printed last month said this was only temporary:

For the previous Blind Item chapters, click here x, x

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do you think H is used to girls or anyone in general falling under his charm?? how would he react if you weren't so enamoured by him, not so much as of you don't like him but you don't moon over him either

I bet he doesn’t realize it as much as we think he does. I’d like to think he’s rather oblivious about it - as in, he knows he’s got fans, and he knows we think he’s the most delicious summertime peach, but I don’t think he realizes what a hold he has on us (and the world).

And, honestly, if he were interested in someone who weren’t interested in him, he would probably see it as a challenge to overcome. If you were nonchalant about him, maybe brushing him off and not returning his advances, he wouldn’t stop until he at least got you to admit that he was cute. And it wouldn’t be over-the-top, either. It would be more along the lines of him dropping you a sly text or trying to flirt with you from across the room at parties, maybe swiping a hand across your waist as he walked by. He’d slowly chip away at your exterior until you cracked to the point of admitting that yeah, he’s not all that bad.

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Do you think Alec treats Magnus horribly? He's always hurting him.

Honestly? No. But I also think there’s a big difference between “treats him horribly” and “hurts him”.

Alec does hurt Magnus. But that’s never intentional. He doesn’t do things or say things with the intent of hurting Magnus. Sometimes he doesn’t even realize he is hurting him. It almost always comes from a place of just not knowing how to handle the situation. He doesn’t know how to handle being in a relationship or being open about his desires or honest about who he is.

So yes, Alec hurts Magnus, but he actually treats him very well.

Alec makes a conscious effort to be kind to Magnus. Even in season one. For instance when they share strength and he holds Magnus and asks if he’s okay. And when he’s cleaning Magnus’ couch and saying Magnus had done enough with his magic. In season two he apologizes when he’s in the wrong. He thanks Magnus for helping to keep him alive. He purposefully misses his shot at pool to make Magnus feel better. He buys Magnus that gift. He cares and he treats Magnus very well, especially considering he has no idea how to be someone’s boyfriend.

But it is still a learning curve. He still makes mistakes. Yelling at Magnus about Jace and then about Isabelle and Raphael. But those instances aren’t about Magnus, really. And even Magnus knows that. And Magnus has made it clear that even if he understands where those negative actions are coming from, he’s not going to just put up with it. He’s not Alec’s punching bag.

Honestly, they’re just so very honest and healthy? I’m always shocked when I stop and really think about it. They’re super open in their communication, they’re honest, they care and they’re supportive. It’s just so good. Even when it’s a little bad.

Today has been great.

I’m exhausted, but it doesn’t matter because I’m good. I woke up this morning to a message from Michael about the email. And he came around today. He mowed my lawn for me because it was ridiculous and I’ve been waiting for ages for it to be done by Tony who usually does it but he’s been slack as. So yeah. Michael did it for me. And then he came inside and had a shower and then we sat down and talked shit out. He opened my email and read out every point I made and responded to each of my concerns, and I feel good. I’m glad I spoke my mind. And I’m glad we can communicate. I’m so much clearer on where things are at. I understand why things happened. And I think we’re good. I feel good about us. So yeah. Happy. Tired, but happy.

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At least Archie was honest with Betty on how he felt about her about his feelings. I can't call Archie a Fboy but he is definitely not sure what or who he wants. He made out with Veronica, he had icky relations with Grundy and now he wants Val.. Yes, Betty needs a guy who know what he wants, someone who is mature. I know Jug is very insecure about his past & so far Betty has accepted it, And I think ep 8 & the later it gets stronger, Betty knows Jug is nothing like his dad.

the way he rejected her feelings, and his following actions, were pretty shitty, but he does get points for not giving her false hope. that is distinctly un-fuckboy like. some of his other behaviors however… i get that he’s confused about what he wants and who he is, but that doesn’t excuse hurting and stringing along these beautiful, smart, talented women (v and val; grundy can choke). i’m not sure i’d label him a fuckboy just yet, but he’s heading there if he doesn’t start sorting out what he wants, or taking a step back and figuring that out before hopping into a relationship 

betty and archie aren’t a good romantic pair. they’re just not. they’re on completely different maturity levels for a start. archie couldn’t give her the support and stability she needs from a romantic partner with all of the craziness going on with her family. she deserves someone that she never has to question their feelings for her. she doesn’t have to ask if they love her, she knows that they do. it’s in the way they look at her and all of their actions. –jughead isn’t perfect, but him and betty make a much better pair. on the outside they may seem very different (and in ways they are), but they’re actually a lot alike. they can understand and sympathize with each other in ways that other people can’t. and it’s been pretty obvious since episode 2 that jughead is completely smitten with betty. we’re going to get to see their feelings for each other deepen and expand as they face all of these obstacles together, and i’m very excited! 

Under the Ice

January 2nd

The kid did well today. Didn’t make any big mistakes or get in anybody’s way and he kept his mouth shut and listened to what he was told. I think we’ll keep him around, he’s much better than the others that have been sent our way. You know the ones who think they’re better at your job than you even though they just started and you’ve been doing it for over twenty years? Yeah, those disrespectful little shits.

As long as this kid does his job and doesn’t cause any trouble though, we’ll be golden.


January 3rd

More of the same today as every other day. Not sure why I write in this damn thing, I’ve never been a man of many words and certainly no author. I guess I do this to pass the time when there’s nothing else to do even if it is five minutes. I’m just not sure what to write here.

I’m old (I’ve been informed forty-five is old now) and tired and just can’t wait to go home. It’s too damn cold here. Fuck Greenland and its endless goddamn snow.

At least we won’t be here much longer. Just till the end of the month and then we go home.

I used to complain about California being too warm all year round with no snow but now I don’t think I’ll ever say another bad thing about the warmth again.

Can’t wait to be done here.

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Coldflash, space so :)

1 - Barry didn’t mean to crash land on Earth, the planet he’s been not-so-subtly stalking because he thinks their culture is amazing. He definitely did not mean to pick up a stowaway who keeps saying “Space! The final frontier!” every time they speed up dramatically.

2 - Len hid in the spaceship because he was on the run from the cops. he does not tell Barry this until it turns out that the reason Barry crashed on his planet was because Barry was perhaps not entirely in the best situation with HIS cops.

3 - Len sweet-talks Barry out of jail, both for his initial crime (freeing an suspect from jail who later turned out to be innocent, but wasn’t known to be at the time) and for violating the directive against interference with underdeveloped species. No one is entirely sure why Len calls it the Prime Directive, but he’s so charming, they go with it.

4 - Len gets a bit of Jupiter in a jar for Mick to use instead of a lava lamp. Lisa gets diamonds from Pluto. He promises that once they get this, Barry will be able to drop him off back at home and he’ll forget all about this. Barry feels very sad about this, but doesn’t know how to deal with it - Len has a home to go back to, after all! He can’t keep him with him!

5 - Barry is not sure at what point in this internal debate Len landed in Central, picked up Lisa and Mick, and hijacked his ship to go back into space, but he’s surprisingly OK with it.

6 - Len starts by apologizing for tying him up, then (at Barry red-faced-blushing request) shifts over into “So now I have you at my mercy, brave space captain”. Lisa and Mick look at each other and roll their eyes, but hey! they’re in space! Lisa’s totally going to find an alien to bang, too.

7 - Lisa ends up dating Cisco, the otherwise hermit-like master engineer of the spaceport STAR, whose services are so expensive that he can pick and choose his projects based on his mood. Lisa has no idea about any of this, and thinks the guns he made her and Len and Mick are cute. Barry gibbers because those guns are worth more than some planets, but then Cisco comes on board and he and Barry hit it off.

8 - Caitlin joins them as well as their doctor because where Cisco goes, she follows.

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I was thinking about naruto canon, and about how much would be fixed if Danzo didnt exist. But then I thought that, even if Danzo didnt exist, there would be someone in konoha that would fulfill his role. Danzo cant be the only war hawk in konoha, and he certainly isnt the only ninja with morals flexible enough to do what he has done. So I guess Im asking if you think that Danzos character is replaceable. If you do, who would it be? Sorry if this doesnt make sense, im not the best at wording.

Not really, tbh? In canon Danzo is presented as an extreme, but he’s also one of the few who’s ruthless, driven, and cunning enough to do all the things he does. I feel like it’s not as simple as someone else just stepping into his shoes if he didn’t exist. They’d have to have all the pieces as well, and no one else except maybe Orochimaru really does. And Orochimaru, at least, ended up having a change of heart. So I’d say no. 

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Types who actually hate drama vs fake hate/secretly love drama?

Not sure if I can answer this for 2 reasons…

1) I think it has more to do with individuals then MBTI.
Example: My brother is an INFJ and he hates all drama and does everything he can to avoid it. My cousin is also an INFJ and claims to hate drama but is constantly the source of it.

2) There are two types of drama and I’m not sure which one you’re talking about.
Example: I’m an INTJ. I absolutely hate emotional drama while simultaneously being fairly dramatic person. Not emotionally dramatic, more “turning my coat collar up to look dramatic because it looks like Sherlock” dramatic…

If you clarify I’ll try to give you a better answer.

*coat collar flick*


Okay so I asked a while ago but I already forgot what replies were on it, if any (I don’t think there were any)

I wanna make a new character on skyrim but like. I want it to be different this time ??

Pls comment any little quirks or things for the character

I think he is definitely gonna be a dark elf but idk anything else

Who does he marry, if anyone ?? What should his personality be like? Do I choose asshole comments or nice options? Do I use shouts or no? Is there a specific item he just /has/ to take every time he sees it maybe (my asshole elf has a compulsion to steal every sweetroll he sees)? What faction should he join if any? Where will I buy his house if I buy him one? Maybe he won’t have a house ???? Maybe there is a particular ingredient he is obsessed with eating?

Idk just send random things and I’ll try and incorporate everything I can. iVi

Real talk tho, this episode introduces Lena’s ex who she has some buried feelings for. And as he digs up all those feelings he gets her to trust him. But she finds out what kind of person he is. she is probably an emotional wreck when he tries to get her to join him. Because she’s fighting so hard, because Kara believes in her, damnit; but he is emotionally manipulating her the whole time. And she thinks of how easy it would be, just to give in. But she can’t, she can’t turn dark because if she does she would lose what little left of herself she has. She can’t lose herself and she can’t lose Kara. So she keeps fighting.

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Ship thing - Scorbus?

  • Who said “I love you” first: They both say it in unison and wind up laughing
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both do (Albus teaches Scorpius how to use phones so they can text each other when at home and won’t get into trouble if it’s 4 in the morning and they’re still talking)
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Albus. Scorpius always winds up beaming and all the other boys think he’s just that in love with his appearance now.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Scorpius does, he’s better at it than Albus is.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Albus does and it’s the best decision he ever made.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Scorpius. He’s more of an early bird than Albus who really doesn’t like getting out of bed.
  • Who starts tickle fights: It depends on who is pretending to be mad (but it’s generally Scorpius who does it)
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Albus does (they started taking private showers together in seventh year and just continued after leaving school)
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Scorpius does and winds up kissing Albus before he goes leaving Albus to deal with the whistles and catcalls.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Albus nearly cancelled it because he was so nervous. Scorpius is amused because “we nearly unleashed hell because of time travelling and you’re worried you might be crap at kissing?”
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Albus likes poking them with a wand and making them bigger until Scorpius finally gives in and throws them out.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: They both do. Albus is more poetic, Scorpius more musically inclined.

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K but I'm genuinely curious,,, who's your all time favorite turtle and what do you think abt all four of the brothers? Idk why but I'm just interested in your opinion

when it comes down to it its between raph and mikey!!! i cant decide!! lol as for all the other turtles here are my thoughts…….

like im sorry but…..idk  abt donnie like i understand and appreciate his contribution to the family and all that he does but…….he doesnt stand out to me and is just there……….