Okay, here’s the thing, people. Realizing that making someone’s skin color lighter equals white-washing/colorism? That’s like the very first day of Racism 101 shit, okay? And I realize that some people are still struggling with that lesson, but I still think it’s high time that we all moved on regardless.

There’s another lesson that I think it’s time you learned.

White-washing is also removing certain facial features in favor or making them look more white/eurocentric.

So if a character/person of color canonically has, for instance, big lips, or a large nose, or epicanthic folds, or bushy eyebrows, or dark eyes, and you replace them with features that make them look whiter?


You are engaging in white-washing.

In the case of rvb, which canonically has very few people of color, especially those seen on screen, white-washing the few it has is especially heinous. So please, stop whitewashing Locus.

He, in canon, has dark skin and a very broad nose, both of which makes him look very different from almost every other main character in the show. Please keep both of those things in place when drawing him as a character.

little sister didn’t get the a-level results she needed to get into vet school, and it’s all she’s wanted all her life and she’s worked so hard on them and on getting the work experience she needs and she’s the family genius so the parents didn’t think she could not get them, so i’m so worried about what happens next for her and i have no idea how to help why cant i be a better big sister

Tonight’s one of those nights where nostalgia for things I’ve never experienced has settled into my chest and I want nothing more than to sit in my underwear by my open window while I smoke and write..

I feel like the only thing I contribute to this fandom is the transcript blog (which is great and necessary! and lots of people have expressed their appreciation of it!!) and like, running around being like “You forgot a detail from the story? *kicks down your door* I CAN HELP WITH THAT” when people weren’t even asking me.

All I’m good at is collecting trivia, which isn’t really a thing people think about when they think of fandom activity.