Hogwarts houses as Hamilton Songs

Gryffindor: “My Shot”, “Right Hand Man”, “Guns and Ships”

Hufflepuff: “Schulyer Sisters”, “The Story of Tonight”, “Helpless”

Ravenclaw: “History Has Its Eyes on You”, “Cabinet Battle #1″, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

Slytherin: “What Did I Miss”, “The Room Where It Happens”, “Cabinet Battle #2″

I was tagged by @foxicology thanks bb!

a - age: 29
b - biggest fear: this question
c - current time: 9:41pm
d - drink you last had: orange la croix
e - every day starts with: “J’y Suis Jamais Alle//Amelie” which is my alarm clock ring and oatmeal made by husbando ^_^
f - favorite song: gahhh, this is too limiting. “Forsythia”//Veruca Salt
g - ghosts, are they real: do i believe in ghosts? ehhhh no. do i believe in areas where the line separating the past and the present is weak and that significant events leave a lasting impression on a place leaving people to have sightings of ghosts when they pass through one of these spots
h - hometown: petoskey, michigan
i - in love with: my kitties
j - jealous of: people who can figure out their hair 
k - killed someone: in my head someone got it with a pair of chopsticks up the nose (THAT”S WHY YOU DON”T FUCK WITH ME CHERYL)
l - last time you cried: last saturday
m - middle name: jeanette
n - number of siblings: 1
o - one wish: to get published
p - person you last called/texted: husbando 
q - questions you’re always asked: when are you going to have kids
r - reasons to smile: a nice comment on a fic
s - song last sang:  big yellow taxi//joni mitchell
t - time you woke up: 945am
u - underwear color: pink with deer antlers on them
v - vacation destination: new zealand (amongst the hobbitses)
w - worst habit: i leave random dishes around the house
x - x-rays you’ve had: on my head when i got a minor concussion and on my shoulder when i dislocated it
z - zodiac sign: virgo BITCHES B)))))

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Oh my gosh! I reached 6k+ and I really am thankful for this! I wanted to post this today since BTS recently won another daesang. I’m so thankful to be in this fandom even though we have our ups and downs. Let’s work hard and continue to reach up high for the boys! Again, thank you and I love you ~ ♡

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Who would you rather


He’s cool and calculating. He’s waited long enough to regain control that he has no problems keeping Mark down. He makes you feel at ease to an extent. “If dinner is what you want, I can provide/ I can take you anywhere you want to go.” And if you chose Left, he even comforted you until you. He makes deals and gathers promises, and he never gets his hands dirty. He makes it seem like he’s giving you a choice, but he has everything planned already.


He is erratic. You could see him fighting in so many videos leading up to his total takeover in Say Goodbye. He’s not patient in the least, and he is clearly not afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s kill for his own personal benefit. He’s not charming, or calculating. He’s a wildcard. The thing is, you wouldn’t see him coming, either. While Dark would make you trust him before attacking, you would quite literally never see Anti. Anti would attack and kill with no warning, no remorse, and no witnesses.

So who would you rather meet? The calculating mastermind, or the madman?


Here, have Casca giving food to what’s probably the spirit of her child using the full moon, that time of the month where magical forces are at their strongest, to have one night of freedom away from Griffith/Femto who used his material body to reincarnate. 

Y’all need this, they’re just super cute; that boy saved his mommy (and his daddy too) so many times that he totally deserves to use the full moon to spend time with her and cuddle.

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