Trump wants to make Medicaid recipients work to get benefits. That’s a very bad idea.
It’s likely to be ineffective, unenforceable, and maybe even illegal.
By Dylan Matthews

“There’s just no evidence that too many people aren’t working who can work. If you say ‘able-bodied’ enough times, you give a sense that there are people just sitting around who could work, but that’s just not the case.”

2018 Predictions

• Donald Trunp will make up an assassination attempt against him (not stage one, just say it happened)

• Very brief trend of wearing shirts inside out

• Hackers will attack Ajit Pai and uncover some sort of secret fetish of his (my guess is piss or feet but who can say)

• Mothman sighting will re-emerge followed by most likely another bridge collapse or maybe a building

• Someone (Florida Man) is gonna try (and fail) to eat a crocodile alive

• Boston Dynamics is finally gonna make a robot you can ride

• A prank youtuber will do a livestream where they will actually get murdered for real

• The Hot New Meme™ will just be screaming (think rickrolling but 1000× worse)

Reasons you might like the setting of Age of Sigmar more than Warhammer 40,000

- There’s no doomsday clock. No incoming Hive Fleets, no malfunctioning Golden Throne. Just good ol’ rough and tumble until the orruks come home.

- There’s no dominant culture. Lightning Daddy, Tree Mum, and Crazy Uncle Bones are all legitimate deities worshipped by the good guys. There are different styles of architecture and culture. Different races coexist peacefully. No Imperium Dominatus here!

- There’s hope. There aren’t any dying races, or stagnant empires. Chaos was ascendant, Order is currently ruling the roost, and it looks like Death is going to make a go of it soon. Anything can happen.

- Skaven. Praise the Great Horned Rat!

hothleia  asked:

The tumblr app just completely ate my response to your message from like a week ago (about Sara and falling in love with Nyssa while being trained at the League) but please know that it has haunted me every day that it has been in my inbox.

Oh my gosh on the one hand I feel bad for haunting you but on the other this sounds like a great time to discuss My Extensive Sara and Nyssa Feelings.

Because here is the thing ok. I know we all think about Sara and Nyssa and we’re like, “oh yeah, their relationship is tragic & gay” but have you ever really thought about how that went down, because it is a truly extra extra story and I am eternally cross with Arrow for not giving us more pieces of it.

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anonymous asked:

DUDE! wtf?? i'm sorry that guy repost your art!! i knew it was yours the moment they posted! its an old drawing of yours on DA right? :o so sorry man!!! have you told jack about this???? i'm sure he'll take it down :(

Yep. i’m just gonna wait until jack realized it was mine and it got reposted by some douche.

but if he doesn’t realized it then… i’m gonna listen to Enya - Only time everyday.

justmaghookit  asked:

“Please don’t leave.” isa/lucio HURT ME

“Please don’t leave,” Lucio begs, reaching for their hand, his eyes filled with tears. “It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a political alliance, you know that, Isa -”

“No, I don’t,” they say, pulling away from him, wheeling back around to face him again. They jab a finger into his chest. “I don’t, because I’m not a part of your life anymore. Because you never talk to me about anything anymore. How can you expect me to be okay with this? With - with being some little thing you have on the side, while you pledge yourself to her? What, I get one day a year, while she gets all of the others?”

Lucio’s face twists in pain. “You have everything,” he says. “Every part of me. It’s yours. You know it is.”

They cross their arms over their chest, hurt lancing through their chest, eyes prickling with tears of their own.

“Do I?” they ask.

He sucks in a shaky breath. “Please, Isa. I love you.”

Isa sniffles, turns away from him, back to the door. 

“Yeah, well. You’re doing a pretty shitty job of showing it,” they say.

And then they’re gone.