Weiss Character Trailer - 'Path to Isolation' Song Lyrics

It Starts
With the unexpected loss
Of something dear

The Warmth
That comforted and cradled
Just disappears

And in its place
there’s nothing
Just an endless, empty hole

The light that showed the way is gone
And darkness takes control

Bitterness and anger
Are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation
Is made, from the dreams that they destroyed

The Cold
seems to grow in my soul
It’s consuming me

Am I losing myself in the storm

Growing jaded
Being pushed, being pulled
I’m unraveling

Can’t find my self when I’m constantly pushed to conform

Enemies surround me but the worst appear as friends
Liars and pretenders
Only seek to reach their ends

Everything is breaking
Right before my eyes
Looking in the Mirror
I see someone that I don’t recognize

Mirror what’s this thing I see
Who is staring back at me
A stranger to my heart has filled my mind

help me,


#MYOnceInALifetime #IJustWannaTiffany

my youth was filled with you, and as time go past, nothing has change. your eyesmile is still the same, and so is your smile. you’re the sunshine people need in their lives, so thank you. to many more years to go with you, and let’s continue to grow together.


addicted appreciation week: day two ★ favourite ship

“I will die with you when we are old and withered and gray, and I’ll live with you every day until then. This is what I’ll always choose.”

I nod, my shoulders relaxing, even if he can’t see it. “You’ll die with me then,” I breathe. It’s a Shakespearean tragedy at its finest, and I can almost feel his lips rise, just by a fraction, in thought of this.

“Yes, darling. I will die with you.” And he kisses me, powerfully and forcefully. He draws back to whisper, “But not today.”


 [Oo°_~( CONNICHI 2017 ! )~_°oO]
         >> Part 1 <<

CONVENTION TIME ( *3*)9 !!~  
I’ve been posting a bunch of photos/videos on Instagram these past days about it, now tumblr can see some photos too :D !

It is to say that this years Connichi Servamp meeting was amazing!!*^* many people attended, a greater variety of characters were there…
and of course funny things happened (*o*) !!
but I’ll just sum up how the day went ( from my perspective ) :

at first I was walking around with my family first, looking for merchandise and other stuff that might interest us ~
but ey, guess what, there was no Servamp Merch at all ;w;)b

After that I ran into the garden were the some friends found me >w>)9 ! At their regular place ServampCosplayer could leave their bags right there, and that’s also the place when we all gathered the other Cosplay later :D!
btw! dearest @kumaikoro sewed this one super cute Tsubaki foxy plush for me !! *3*) THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES AGAIN <3 ;///;;; !!

and after gaining a bunch of Servamp Cosplayer we started to play a game :D !
“ Who am I ? ” Servamp edition !
Simply, everyone was given a card of one Servamp character. For example me, I had the ‘inner Lawless’ ( now known as Pudding-Lawless  ).
Everyone knew I was him except me. The goal is just to find out who you are. 
So I was asking things like “ Am I a boy ? a vampire ? Do I belong to the good ones ? am I a THING ? ” etc, and so did everybody ~
It was very hilarious seeing all those desperate faces >:D

Right after that game we decided to do a photo shooting somewhere else in a park >w>)9!
but at first we went to a playground were we, as serious and responsible adults, played there like tiny children xD no seriously, sometimes there were 5 people on the seesaw or Mikuni and Tsurugi sitting on one swing seat.
serious Cosplayer of a series with deep deeeep dark stories or other events such as betrayal and murder, affecting
innocent people’s life…. now playing on a children’s playground =v=)b

Cosplayer :
Freya - @anubisbride
Tsurugi -
C3 Mikuni -
Snow Lilly - @melancholydisaster
Abel @Kasu_Cookie ( Instagram )
Guildenstern - @darocosplay
Lawless -
@rhomilch / @servampfanarts
Licht : Rhomi’s sister
Kuro - @sleepy_Kuro_Servamp_Ash / tired_Shiro ( Instagram )
Sakuya’s sister : MEEEEEE

idk the rest ( - some of them in part 2 : the other Kuro, Rayscent Crazyrabbit, Tsubaki, the other Lawless, Licht, Mahiru.. ) ;w;
 if one does know their social media names then don’t hesitate to let me know =v=)/ !

Writers, need a copyeditor?

I had a lazy June (and read so many books), but July is the month to put my butt into gear and start my freelance editing in earnest.

What does that mean for you? I’m looking for a full manuscript to work on pro bono to build up my portfolio. This is an amazing opportunity and one I don’t offer up lightly. Editing is a profession, and I have put a lot of time and money into developing my skills. And you can have me edit your novel for free!

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*Just My Personal Opinion*
Everyone seems to be going in on Lumy Sims & Simpliciaty…. When in FACT they are NOT the ONLY ones who have converted things from other games WITHOUT permission.
And they are NOT the ONLY ones with PATREON accounts who are charging people for content that wasn’t ORIGINALLY made/meshed by them. Especially when it comes to these IMVU hairs!!!!  It’s one thing to convert it without permission & share it with the simming community for free but once you start charging people for content that isn’t even yours in the 1st place, that’s a whole new level of BS.
But hey,
who am I right?

Edit: I posted this in The Black Simmer group.
And it wasn’t approved .. SMH  😂😂😂