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Well, who am I? Hint: One of Edit!Tale's creators! (Aka: someone you probably have never heard of XD)

whaaat with the GUESSING GAME *le cries*

lmao machenzieakari

Queen's Thief voice challenge - questions
voiceways / oughtaagh / agh

Part 2 of this! Here’s part one.

Listen to my watery american voice wander through questions about the books! It’s not very insightful, and if I sounded almost articulate, the emphasis is probably on “almost,” but it was fun. And there aren’t any details about the new book. Here’s what I said, minus most of the ums:

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“I’m so sorry that like maybe this isn’t your idea of who I am, but when I go home after work, this is who I am. I make music with my best friends and I listen to rock and roll really loud and I eat popcorn for dinner, like, this is who I am.”