who gives a shit if its summer

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Do 41 and 36

41: Do you think age matters in relationships?

yeah i mean like if an adult man was dating a 13-17 year old girl that wouldn’t be ok at all, but then there are people who are all like “my s.o. is two years older/younger than me :((” and its like eh whatever.  it depends.

36: Do you have any summer plans yet?

hell yeah let me give you my entire itinerary right here:

June: imma be at one of my favorite fucking events/places ever - music camp. basically its a bunch of choir and band/orchestra kids who get together at a university for a week and the choir directer there (who is absolutely fabulous) teaches us a bunch of songs and shit and also we choose electives like song writing or music tech and we have a gr8 time m8 and everyone is rly open and friendly and basically this camp gives me life. i bet u can tell

July: first (also a yearly thing), i go up into the mountains with the fam and my cousins and we hang around in a cabin in the forest and go to the lake and stuff.  they’re somewhat conservative but i don’t care and i just like hanging out with them.  the air is really nice up there and theres a lot of wildlife, so it’s another fave of mine

then after that we go down to the beach with my grandparents and go to the aquarium and in the ocean and kayaking with the fam.  it’s really peaceful there.  also sometimes we go to disneyland


August: idek what happens in august, but i’m gonna have to probably write things for colleges :(( ughh  bUT HEY at least the rest of the summer is going to be g00d

sorry if i sounded like i was bragging or anything, i’m just really stoked af


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Eggplant, shocking pink, sky blue, glossy grape

Eggplant: Explain your url and avatar. well my url is a long story but basically i knew this girl who wanted to run away or do something else really bad, much worse than running away, and i told her that if she had to choose between the two you should choose running away. its outdated. My avatar is my face this summer lol its also outdated but i Do Not Give A Shit.

Shocking Pink: Is there a trait that you have that others don’t expect from you? Honestly I have no clue. If youre my friend and you had an assumption about me that changed because you learned who i am and what im like i think it would be really interesting if you told me like thats cool as shit hell yeah

Sky Blue: Where do you feel the most at home? at home tbh. also in bed. basically anywhere thats kinda warm and v relaxing and alone and feel-good idk lol. I prefer dim rooms. But i also really like the forest that shit makes me feel shalom and at peace but also excited and alive. c:

Glossy Grape: Recommend something to your followers. Literally idk?? always tell ur mom you love her (unless in special circumstances where ur mom is a complete piece of shit and like idk abuses you or something. be as salty as you want motherfucker.) Always remember to take ur meds everyday. also always remember to drink water and sit up straight and tip as high as you can to waiters and waitresses because who knows maybe theyre having a bad day? be considerate, compassionate, and empathetic. But also always be Yourself and unapologetic about being yourself. Never say sorry in advance or about things that dont deserve to be sorry over, like expressing your feelings. Always park away from the door when going to the store because searching for the closest spot to the door creates stress, you probs need the walk anyway whether its for exercise or for healthier bowel movements, and leaving open spaces by the door is nice for the stressed out people and the old people who are too busy or too old or whatever else to be walking from out in the boondocks when ur probably maybe mostly healthy ass is perfectly capable of doing the extra 50 yards of walking jeez. Basically, go out of your way to make a small change. It helps yourself the most. Sta organized and remember to double check if you actually had homework that night or not. always give money to a homeless person who asks for it. Its none ya business what they spend it on whether thats food or drugs or alcohol, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you helped somebody in their time of need. um… what else? It is a /responsibility/ to at all times attempt to dismantle systems of oppression. whether that means shaming some racist relative on facebook or choosing to use people’s preferred pronouns or correcting your parents about social issues. Doesnt matter what you do as long as it constantly challenges oppressive systems and lets others know that participating in systems of oppression isnt acceptable. Also, Vote For Bernie