Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki watched as Thor and his idiot friends sat in a circle, clearly deep in thought. Knowing that there was a significant chance of irritating them, he decided to join them. “Norn’s but are you all not the most cheerful group, who urinated in your mead?” he scoffed as he walked over to them.

“Not now, Loki, we are dealing with something,” Thor growled.

“If it is which one of you is the greatest pain, that truly is a dilemma,” Loki smirked. “What is so difficult for you all?”

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anonymous asked:

Heehee heyoo~ eue //gives macarons// I'm a creepy follower that enjoys your blog a bit too much -especially your reaction posts ghahahah- And may I ask our boys' reactions when you're a couple and they discover you have a serious princess syndrome 8D (HEEY WHO'S THE PEASANT NOW 'HUN ?) Thank chuu ilu senpai //A// <3 (I know you asked not to write as anon but I don't want senpai to notice me éuè)

Senpai? Me?!

Thank you for the macarons, you’re sweet! <3 Well, I’ll cut that rule from the requests since… I know it’s hard to go off anon for many~ But I can’t cut off the other rules~ >_____<

I love you too mucho mucho much, enjoy the reaction! ^____^ <3


Xiumin: Well now, don’t you think you love yourself more than you love me? *backhugs you*

Luhan: Oh so you think you’re more beautiful than me… Well…

Kris: Huston, we’ve got a problem…

Suho: This is what I get for spoiling you with everything you want…

Lay: Who… who are you?

Baekhyun: *imitates you all the time*

Chen: I don’t like you anymore… gull, we’re breaking up!

Chanyeol: *steals your mirror and runs away with it*

Kyungsoo: *can’t stand it anymore* Sayonara, bitcheeees!!

Tao: Still not at my level~

Kai: How about you let me have a little taste of your beauty?

Sehun: *judges you extrahard* What are you?