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Deamus anon here! "You know we're supposed to be together. I knew it from the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do." (I know you have 2 left, but I like to make it so you never run out in case I forget)

91. “You know we’re suppose to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

Soulmate tattoos were a funny thing. They told you the name of your soulmate, but they only actually appeared once you kissed them. Some people took this to the extreme, kissing strangers and everyone else they met on the off chance that they were the one. Others took a more conservative approach, figuring you had to at least like the person you’re kissing for them to be your soulmate, so you might as well just let things progress naturally.

Seamus fell into the second camp. The idea of kissing strangers didn’t much appeal to him. Plus, he didn’t mind being single as long as he had Dean. Dean Thomas was his best friend and had been ever since they first arrived at Hogwarts, long before the idea of even looking for their soulmates crossed their young minds. At eleven, there are more important things to worry about, like what house you’re going to be sorted into or how many Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans you can fit in your mouth (both he and Dean were put in Gryffindor and the number of beans for each of them was about 50-60 depending on the day).

The thought of soulmates didn’t even cross Seamus’ mind until fourth year, when Lavender Brown asked him to the Yule Ball and she made him kiss her before the night was over “just to check.” Seamus wasn’t surprised when Lavender’s name didn’t appear on his wrist, and Lavender didn’t seem too disappointed either. After that, it didn’t really come up again. At least until the end of fifth year, when Dean started dating Ginny Weasley.

Ginny was a year younger then them, and the sister of one of their classmates, Ron Wealsey. They started dating only a few days before the end of the semester, and didn’t seal the deal before they went home for the summer, so Seamus was subjected to months of Dean wondering if his new girlfriend was actually his soulmate. Seamus found it rather annoying, but he didn’t tell Dean that. He knew he was supposed to feel happy or at least excited for his best friend, but for whatever reason he couldn’t quite manage it.

It was two weeks into sixth year when Dean came up to the dorm room after a date with Ginny and collapsed onto Seamus’ bed.

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i saw a post so let me just say: clary fray is not “whiny”.

you know who’s whiny? me, i’m whiny. i cry like five times a day and i complain about irrelevant things and i don’t have any real problems.

clary fray loses everything plus her world view in a single day. she’s heartbroken over her mother being kidnapped and simultaneously already starting to be mad because the same mother has been hiding the second half of clary’s world from her. she’s devastated because the man she views as her father has seemingly betrayed her. she’s utterly destroyed by the fact that her biological father turns out to be the biggest piece of shit a person can be. all she has are three strangers, one of which seems to actively hate her and all three of them have ideals that at one point or another work against clary’s perception of the world. she also has her best friend who dies and over whom she now has the power of life and death. 

plus, you know, she finds out that the guy she’s been falling for is her brother and then that same guy disappears with their asshole father who he’s been abused by his entire childhood.

and she still only allows herself to break down in private and is trying to be there for all these other people who are watching their world turn upside down, and is constantly trying to be good and fair and she just keeps on going and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.

i could never be as strong as clary fray, i would have already broken down and quite possibly died.

so i’ve been talking to a few people who are going to be moving away to university next month, and i remembered that i made myself a checklist of things i needed to bring with me/things i needed to buy (colour-coded and arranged into sections [kitchen/bedroom/etc.], like a nerd) 

a few family friends have used it since i made it so i just thought that it could be useful for anyone who might be going to university this year, so if you’re interested and you’d like to see it, message me and i’ll email it to you!!

(i live in england, so i don’t know how useful it would be for anyone outside of the uk, but i can send it to you anyway if you’d like)

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Im just confused by something you put in your bio... you say you're a Canadian Latina? Can you clarify? Idk I'm dumb

My parents were born in Central America, making me of Latin descent, aka Latina, but I’ve been a Canadian citizen my whole life???? So I’m a Canadian Latina??????
Forgive my rudeness but how is that confusing???

idk why i just randomly thought of this but one time i was arguing with my mom (who is a hardcore conservative but! she’s not registered to vote so haaa anyway) about the poor needing more help and she just goes “well if you like poor people so much why don’t you go be poor and live like them!!” and i just kinda stood there confused bc what kind of argument is that?? that’s like saying bc i’m a cancer researcher i should just go get cancer? medical doctors should go and get infected with every disease? firefighters should just go consume themselves in a fiery inferno? what the hell? 

Jasper haven’t ever seen Rose Quartz. We had that established in The Return

“And neither of these are Rose Quartz? What a shame”

Which means that Jasper wasn’t there and saw Rose shatter Pink Diamond.

(Edit: It seems that’s not what she said, whoops, but still, she said “I’d hoped to meet her”, which kinda could mean she hasn’t seen Rose? Anyway, hear me out:)

The only one (besides possibly Garnet and Pearl) who’ve seen Rose shatter Pink Diamond is Eyeball, as she said herself.

What if it wasn’t Rose Quartz, then? What if it wasn’t our Rose Quartz? What if it was someone posing as Rose Quartz?

There must be some significance in Jasper not having seen Rose before. If she gets redeemed or for some other reason goes to Steven’s house, she’d be able to instantly point out that Rose looked different - but since she doesn’t know what Rose looked like back in the day either, she’d not be able to do that now.

Then again, lots of gems saw Rose Quartz in The Answer. They’d be able to know if our Rose was the same Rose that shattered Pink Diamond.

Hmm, idk. I feel like there might be some significance in that Jasper hasn’t ever seen Rose (and is a character who we see kinda often), but Eyeball has seen her (and is a character who we might not see very often).

okay, no one can get triggered now, all the weapons are disabled and shown/labled, this is why mechanians dont travel through air/space ports,

Anyway the previous version here without all the law required BS

anyway the previous version/post’s context:

“Sometimes to gotta move forwards,”

A gift for a friend who’s studying aboard to Ireland now, while I’m still here in scrub country….and a little longer….


I mean me duh what even
Anyways HEY GUYS! I’m back….for a bit I’m waiting for a connecting flight to back home and wow so much stuff has happened I think I won’t survive this time for real

there’s this sweet girl who was a first year last year and she’s generally very kind and she would come to the q groups and she’s usually nice to talk to but i was getting increasingly uncomfortable arnd her bc one of her friends told me that she “worshiped” me and idk how to interact with that. anyway today she liked a post that i made on facebook last year and then another one that i made 3 years ago and i dont want to tell her to . not do that but also  i’d appreciate if she were not. doing that 

me after chapter 1: no…….no one wants to hear about your fic…..hush hush 

me now: sup y’all so let me just outline extensively why the name of Hux’s old base was “Ryoida” ok so anyway it was because of 

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💓 !!

aaaaa luca! we havent talked much but i remember bonding over quiggold being the old lovable dad goof that he is, and you will always have a special place in my heart for being one of those chosen few who truly appreciates Sidon and quiggold and their misadventures.

pretty much everything you post is just positive and happy and you’re just genuinely a happy influence on my dash and i’m really glad i followed you. I also really love your art, i’ve seen surprisingly little of it on my dash, but looking through it now i gotta say you’re one talented dude.

All in all you’re just a great and positive person, so thank you for that my friend

I was tagged by the amazing @tonystar (thanks Maggie!!!) to post 10 characters I would kiss!

  • Steve Rogers (MCU)
  • Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
  • Bucky Barnes (MCU)
  • Killian Jones (OUAT)
  • Rey (Star Wars)
  • Jessica Jones (JJ)
  • Natasha Romanoff (MCU)
  • T'Challa (MCU)
  • Lincoln Campbell (AOS)
  • Flynn Ryder (Tangled) (whoops)
I don’t really know a lot of people on here and certainly not anyone who’d wanna do this but if you’re seeing this and wanna do it please go ahead and tag me in it!!!
(also @mysweetayngel if you want to no pressure tho)
ALSO Ellie!! @sweet-dysposition