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Well now elfdads kid can't say he doesn't Connect With The Youth anymore.

Elfdad tentatively explains to his kids that dorian is only 23 and the son is like “what the actual fuck dad” and is expecting some weird gold digging twink but actually gets this large Adult Male with facial hair who only likes history and board games and hes like

“Well if anything this makes less sense”


Pack your bags friends! The Infinite is going on a worldwide tour from April until December with opening guests Sonic Rebellion. It’s the tour the fans have been waiting for since the start of both groups. LeBlanc twins, Ben of The Infinite and Fleur of Sonic Rebellion, are teaming up to form their first tour together since their sudden rise to fame in 2011. 

OOC: Under the cut you’ll find the official tour dates for the On The Road Again World Tour along with the set list of both Sonic Rebellion and The Infinite. Mini events between legs will occur as this event runs all year long. Please like this post once you’ve read it so we know who is on board with us!

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Consumer of All:  Insidious

“A hellish ark that, while seemingly leading sinners to the Garden of Eternal Pleasures at the end of the world, was in actuality abducting them to compete in a massive bloodbath. The souls who boarded Insidious were led nowhere. Surrounded by the stench of death and rotten flesh, they massacred each other, struggling over whatever morsels of food they came across. With a unique organ in his body that converts death into demonic energy, Insidious always carries a tremendous amount of power. A myriad of hell’s creatures live within his guts, making him useful as an assault ship during wars with Paradiso. If swallowed by Insidious, the only way to escape is to stand atop a tower of corpses and wait for him to open his jaw while he engorges with his next feeding. However, those who take pleasure in killing may find their true Garden of Eternal Pleasures within this demon’s bowels.”


Hand made Doctor Who board game. 

How to Play


The game begins with all the characters (maximum number of players are six) on Earth, and each needs to get to the TARDIS. Each player will roll a die and move the corresponding number of spaces. You must first reach the place on the game board lwith the picture of the TARDIS key. You need a key to enter the TARDIS. Watch out for Aliens along the way, as they won’t always be helpful to you getting to your destination. After you retrieve the key, you may make your way in the direction of the TARDIS. The first person who makes it to the TARDIS with their key in possession wins!


Game Rules


You must move the exact number of spaces necessary to land on the TARDIS and win.

If you land on the same space as another player, nothing extraordinary happens. The game continues.

If you step on the place with the picture of the prison, you are locked up until you successfully throw a six with the die.


Alien Spaces


Cybermen – You will be Deleted!

If you are the Doctor: Lose one turn making a speech that will save the universe

If you are a Companion: You are saved, but transported to a parallel universe. Move to any other Cybermen space on the board.

If you are an Alien: Go back three spaces to avoid The Doctor.

Dalek – You will be Exterminated!

If you are the Doctor: Lose one turn to regenerate.

If you are a Companion: Run! Go back five spaces looking for The Doctor.

If you are an Alien: Lose one turn and recover from the effects from the Sonic Screwdriver.

Weeping Angel – The Angels have the Phonebox!

You have to start over. Return to “Start” and loose the TARDIS key, which the angels have stolen.

Silence – Silence will fall

You can step the same amount as you did in your previous round.


Sonic Cards


The contents of these cards may either help or harm you, so it is your choice whether to land on one of these spaces. If the card gives an instruction, it must be followed immediately. If it can be used when you land on an enemy square, you may chose when to use it.


The Shut Up And Take My Money Doctor Who Link Of The Day: Doctor Who Dalek Invasion Risk

For 2-5 players, aged 10+, Risk: The Dalek Invasion of Earth lets players fight as either black, bronze or silver Daleks of the classic design, or red or yellow New Paradigm Daleks. But watch out for the TARDIS, sweeping across the board, defending the Earth!

With special power cards to boost your forces or destroy your plans, and special missions to defeat other invading forces, this game of Risk is an epic battle for control of the Earth…and the universe.


I hate it when I’m casually watching my favourite show and next thing I know…

…Writer’s razzmatazz unfolds on my screen…

…And their canon destroys my ship


Good friends get their other friends silly shirts. Haru is a very good friend. You can tell where he got a bit carried away. (Aka “it all started with Rin and then escalated”)

Just fyi, he actually apologized to Sosuke later and gave him a proper shirt. The new one read “Kick me in the shin, my beloved Rin <3”

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30 Days of The Ponds | Day 23: Favorite Amy cap Amy’s evolution in gifs


There are numerous bathrooms within Hogwarts, with the most infamous located on the first floor above the Great Hall. In 1943 it was the scene of the tragic death of fourteen year old Ravenclaw student Myrtle. Blaming her untimely death on the bully she had fled to the bathroom to avoid, she sought revenge by haunting them and making sure they never forgot even after they had left the school. Eventually the Ministry stepped in and ordered Myrtle back here. Her gloomy presence is the reason this bathroom is now avoided. Her frequent emotional outbursts cause constant flooding and have left the bathroom in disrepair. Later in 1993, it was discovered as the location of the hidden entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.
On the fifth floor is a much nicer bathroom, even decorated with a lake themed stained glass window. However a password is needed as it is only for prefects, head students, and Quidditch captains. It has stalls with toilets on one side and a swimming pool sized sunken bathtub on the other. Multiple taps quickly fill the bath with various coloured water and soaps.