who's your mommy

Imagine bathing your daughter with Sam

Your daughter giggled with glee as Sam cupped the water and poured it over her head.

“You like that?” you asked, and she continued to giggle, letting her father pour more water over her, effectively washing out the shampoo.

“Hey, Katie Cat,” Sam began, “Who’s your favourite? Mommy or Dada?”

Katie smiled, “Dadadadadad.”

Sam threw his head back in laughter, “That’s right, baby!”

“Hey that’s not fair!” you protested, crouching down by the bath, “It’s the way you said it.”

You leaned over and kissed your daughter’s cheek.

“Okay Katie,” you smiled wide to keep her attention, “Daddy or Momma?”

She laughed, clapping as she replied, “Momomomomomma.”

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I bet by the time they had Alex they wouldn't tolerate the press going "they're gal pals" on them like can you even imagine if the press calls one of them Alex's aunt?! 😂😂😂😂

Them just holding the mic to Alex and “Alex, who’s your mommy and daddy?”

Alex just staring into the reporters eyes for a long time and then just “what’s a daddy?”

Fairy Tail 512 Notes

Let’s just get to it:

  • Sting didn’t talk this much about Natsu during the GMG. Just confess already!
  • Guess Lacarde is just banking on Acnologia standing around long enough for him to cast this spell…I’ve heard worse logic.
  • No one likes a backseat fighter, Rogue.
  • Diving into darkness…which itself is a product of sleep, to fight sleep. Makes sense.
  • Once again Sting questions how to do something before just doing it. Guess he’s more like Natsu than I realized.
  • Kagura continues to be the best part about this fight. Yes I’m biased! Don’t judge me!
  • Who’s your mommy now, Lacarde?! Apparently it’s Sting.
  • I can’t tell if Zeref is sad, or having a staring contest with the table.
  • Also no one’s brought him food yet…rude.
  • Still waiting on “Natsu’s heart” to turn into someone that Natsu actually has a personal connection with. I’ll take Laxus at this point.
  • …That’s fair. I honestly can’t argue with that explanation, fake Rogue.
  • I was perfectly content believing that Igneel knitted that scarf for Natsu. It’s a hilariously cute visual imaging a giant dragon struggling to use needles to make a scarf for his adopted human son.
  • I imagine he kept shedding scales because he was so stressed out from messing up all the time.
  • So i’m guessing in addition to losing their pigment (which makes sense since snake skins do the same thing) dragon scales also become soft enough to be knitted into scarves? Sure. 
  • Of course Anna knitted the scarf, it’s not like Zeref could do one thing for his brother before slinging him through time. No wonder Natsu hates him.
  • Also, Anna x Igneel confirmed as canon.
  • So since death is now in quotes, that means Natsu’s personality will probably fade out and END will take over. Although that makes no sense since END is just a base instinct Natsu has to kill Zeref (that no other demon has had btw) and not a separate personality like so many fanfics and people theorized.
  • Hold on, I thought Natsu’s temp was spiking before, now it’s dropping?! When the blue hell did this start?! 
  • I like how Porlyusica automatically tells Lucy to strip before trying any other methods of warming his body. Man even when there seems like a legit reason for the fanservice I get irritated.
  • Porlyusica: “It’s our last resort. I’ve done nothing, and I’m all out of ideas!”
  • I don’t feel sorry for Happy. He should have told everyone about this eons ago. There was literally no reason to keep it a secret. 
  • Hey Gray’s awake! Maybe he can warm Natsu up.
Pedantic Politics
  • "I am going to bury you."
  • "That is not what I said and you know it."
  • "So you have a photo of me with a prostitute. So what?"
  • "I never agreed to that."
  • "I have met that individual a few times."
  • "Any questions?"
  • "You need to learn law."
  • "Aw... Did I hurt your feelings?"
  • "You're a member of the underground lizard people, aren't you?"
  • "I don't give a shit who your mommy or daddy was."
  • "No. The answer is no."
  • "God help us all."
  • "What the hell just happened?"
  • "I need coffee. With whiskey in it. Make it just whiskey."
  • "What did you just say to me?"
  • "Listen sugar..."
  • "Send me the proposal before Friday and I'll have a look over it before Monday."
  • "I hate lawyers."
  • "I am going to strangle them with their tie."
  • "I clawed my way up this ladder and no little pissant is pushing me back down it."
  • "I am going to destroy them."
  • "Fuck you, fuck them and fuck everything."
  • "I'll help you end all their careers."
  • "Protesters are in your office."
  • "Don't look at me like that. The rally will be good for us."
  • "Attack them. Hard."
  • "Dig through the emails. You have to find something in there."
  • "I will not stop. Ever."
  • "What did they think I was going to do when I found out about their treachery?"
  • "I will not yield. I will not bend. I will not break."
  • "I need sleep."
  • "You wanted to tell me something?"

Aries: Rihanna

Taurus: Kate Winslet

Gemini: Beyoncé

Cancer: Lana Del Rey

Leo: Jessica Lange

Virgo: Anne Hathaway

Libra: Angelina Jolie

Scorpio: Eva Green

Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj

Capricorn: Meryl Streep

Aquarius: Nicole Kidman

Pisces: Lady Gaga

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Franny can't follow her parents path, she is way too gossipy to be a spy LOL. I think she is more like her daddy (2.0 version) now, just say things without thinking haha. Perhaps when he comes back to his old self, he can teach her some spy lessons because her mommy is too busy with other stuff. OMG she is adorable!!! <3

Anon 2: Love Franny telling Q about Dar scaring  Mommy. And she tells him while he gives her the stare! Though the meaning of this stare is “who the fuck scared your Mommy”? Not intimidated at all, this little one. In fact, I think she knows Q is a cool guy to have around the house, in more ways than one. Beware all bullies in Franny’s school !

Franny is awesome! Kind of bossy, too. She probably can’t be bullied if she takes after her mom. When Franny saw Carrie was kind of upset after talking to Dar, she was probably thinking, “OK I gotta talk to Peter about this when we get home, who the fuck is this old geezer showing up at MY school and scaring my mommy!”.

crystal alphas - jake english as steven cuz i was lazy and he just wouldnt turn out right :[

remember that scene in the second live action scooby doo movie when velma is in a latex catsuit and says “who’s your mommy” to seth green