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woozi x reader smut

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a/n: my first woozi fic, my first seventeen fic, my first kpop fic. this was supposed to be something really simple and silly, but my dumb ass had to go and add a bunch of sadness and backstory to it, as always. as you can see, it got dramatically out of hand. i’m so sorry, i hope someone likes it

~ in which you haven’t gotten off in like six months, and lee jihoon is the pleasure specialist, himself. (he’s also a little bit more than that.)

     “I promise you, you won’t regret this,” Wendy reassured you, but they were words she always said right before she convinced you to do something that you definitely would regret. She’d used them very often over the past year, during which she’d somehow convinced you to go on roughly thirty blind dates that she’d set up in her desperate attempts to get you “back out there.” You knew her heart was in the right place, but every single date had been a disaster. The problem was that if she knew a guy who wasn’t already taken, there was a reason for it. The first set-up been with a guy named Jinho who still lived with his ex-girlfriend (in a one bedroom apartment) and adamantly refused to wear deodorant; one guy, Jinwoo, told you he had recently quit his job and moved back in with his parents because he hadn’t had enough time to play League; you’d tried so hard to will yourself to forget the second to last guy, but how could you forget the name (Daehyun) of someone who sat down across from you and proceeded to ignore you for the whole two hours it took him to eat a salad, baked potato, and two steaks before “suddenly realizing” he forgot his wallet, telling you he didn’t think you were his type, and leaving you to foot the bill.

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Hey, fuck Kendall Jenner. I’m tired of seeing her boring, generic face being plastered all over every big modeling opportunity there is. My motivation for writing this is that she just got announced as the “face of Adidas”. For what reason, I’m sure I don’t know. Despite her lack of potential as a model due to how subpar she is–I am 100% positive the only reason she was even allowed by anybody to become a “model” is her association with the Kardashians–, she continues to be given this ridiculous privilege over other, more experienced models who actually know what they’re doing solely because of her identity as a Jenner. Just weeks ago, she was chosen by Vogue for an Indian-themed shoot over deserving models who are.. you know.. actually Indian. Not to mention, that Pepsi ad was disgraceful. “She’s only 21. She didn’t know any better.” “She only did it for the money. What about all the other people in the ad? Do you hate them too?” Anyone who defends her with these statements is delusional. She willingly took the role of the figurehead of that commercial, meaning she read the script and agreed to it. Anyone with a brain in her position would’ve immediately saw that as sketchy and as not a good PR move, especially in the time that we live in. What exactly does the money excuse? Sure maybe it says that she didn’t really have any bad intent and that she was just trying to make a quick buck. But what it does say is that she sold herself out to be publicly offensive to a great deal of people. To make matters worse, she let Pepsi apologize on her behalf after the backlash. She’s a grown ass woman who said absolutely nothing about her own terrible decision. It was easy for the other actors in the ad to take the money and run because no one knows or cares who they are. Kendall, on the other hand, has a huge following and influence, hence why she was the star and not some random backup. Of course it makes sense that she would get the most of the uproar; she really sullied her reputation with that one. Her and her family could use their tremendous wealth and power to do so much more, yet somehow they always manage to submerge to this level. If all that doesn’t make someone believe she’s dumb, privileged and ignorant, then there’s always this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QF-dejfExg

Anyway, I wanted to also talk about how she’s been seen hanging out with a lot of rappers and creators. She’s been pictured with Rocky, Tyler, Taco, and most recently, Frank. It just doesn’t make any sense to me why these guys, as young, black dudes–the principle demographic that police brutality targets–with actual talent, would even associate themselves with someone like her. Since Frank is my favorite artist, I was a little ashamed to see him pictured with her yesterday. Frank is someone who has publicly spoken out against things like racism and homophobia, so naturally I’ve always held him to a standard. He also makes really well thought out, intelligent music and remains to himself. I guess you can say the mystery of his musical and social endeavors is somewhat pretentious at times, but even so, him chilling with someone as oversaturated and as overwhelmingly underwhelming as her sort of goes against what he stands for. I tried to bring this opinion to the Frank subreddit, but I got nearly unanimous hate. Some of those people refuse to allow any sort of criticism of the guy. And I’m saying that as a diehard Frank fan. It’s not really surprising I guess, given that people have actually been defending him for pulling out of festivals that fans have paid hundreds of dollars for to see him and only him. It’s okay to be unsatisfied with your favorite artist people. But yea. Fuck Kendall Jenner. 

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hello, miss lee! I saw that eye tutorial you posted for the anon. that was really helpful for me, and probably for a lot if others too! so I wanted to ask, if you're not busy, if you could post a few tips about drawing anatomy? I love the way you draw bodies, but I just can't draw them for the life of me.


Alright, I will focus on the female body, since that’s what i love to draw. 

Okay! First off, look at models a lot!! Even if real life is hard for you!! Look at diverse models. Models of all shapes, sizes, heights, structures, etc! 

I’m still a doodler who is still developing, so my anatomy might be a bit ‘eehhhh,’ but I always recommend that you follow the “five/seven heads” canon of anatomy, and others. 

Now, I would say the base for anybody I draw could be:

Yellow indicating areas where fleshyness can build up and shape your character, such as bosoms, booty, plump thighs, soft tumtums. 

Also know the different shapes possible! 
These are the ones I can name off the bat I remember from watching the Tyra Banks Show when it still aired, abahaha. 

Let’s start with my favorite things: BOSOMS AND BUMS

Basically, where the fleshyness of the bosom and the bum are. 

Bums and bosoms come on all shapes and sizes

I apologize for sketchiness, aha, BUT, my point is hopefully placed across. Be aware of natural movement and sagginess of some bodies !!

Now for mid torso and hips!! WHICH I ALSO LOVE LOVE

For this, we gotta look at the skeleton. And tbh, ever since I started taking my CTE Nursing class, it has helped me learn anatomy and drawing it better, since the skeleton model is right in front of my desk. 

Also, sometimes, the pelvic bones and rib cage can be slightly different in sizes (like, my pelvis is slightly bigger than my rib cage ! ), and I like to play on that !! Haha, but that’s bc I like going for a more stylized look. 

Wow, this tut is getting long, let me jump into arms and legs. 

The general canon is that the elbow hits the waist line, and the hand reaches the mid-thigh. Fullness builds in the upper arm bc of muscle and fluff, same with the leg, however, the fluff or build is on the front and sides of the thighs, and the back and sides of the lower leg. 

Now for this quickie, aha !!

Fluffiness builds in these areas, even in a slim and fit body, there is muscle or fluff papping out. Don’t be afraid to let the fluff or build pile on, and be wary of squish and spill. 

Now for some personal examples, aha. 

Hope it helped !! Sorry it’s so long, aaaack !!

Rumer Willis Talks Dancing With the Stars Win, "I Feel Like a Different Person"
Rumer Willis spoke to Us Weekly about her Dancing With the Stars win with Val Chmerkovskiy -- see what she says about how the experience has changed her!

Rumer Willis is on cloud nine after her “awesome” Dancing With the Stars win — but she wants to dedicate her coveted gold Mirrorball to any of her fans out there who don’t believe in themselves. Because she used to be that person, and she isn’t any more.

Talking to Us Weekly after her momentous win on Tuesday, May 19, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter revealed how the experience of appearing on the hit dance show and the public’s undying support have changed the person that she is. And she wants anybody watching who has suffered from low self esteem or faced bullying to know that they can do it, too.

“Other than for Val and myself, that is who this mirrorball is for,” an elated Rumer told Us of the people now looking to her as a role model for how to overcome insecurity. “You know, I hope that it stands for all of that and for anyone who didn’t think that they deserved to do something, or couldn’t do something, or wasn’t capable,” she added. “That is who I think that [this trophy] is for.

The 26-year-old soul singer also revealed that the DWTS experience has been life-defining for her, and that her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, met someone completely different when the adventure started months ago.

"I feel like I’m a completely different person than the person that he met,” she told Us. “He kept asking if I really wanted to do this. [But now, to be] able to stand proudly and put your whole self on the dance floor, and just show who you are and have such a positive response. To see how many people came up to us and were so excited for us — that we won — I think speaks volumes,” she added.

Chmerkovskiy agrees: “I don’t think anybody looked at Rumer and thought this a future mirrorball champion until she came out here and proved everybody wrong,” he gushed. “And I feel like everybody has that power in them - just find the courage to go out there and do it,” he added.

Of course it’s not just the public who have been supporting Rumer in her quest for victory. Her famous family has been behind her every step of the way, and dad Bruce was even brought to tears as his daughter was announced the winner.

"We’ve always been really close,” Rumer said of her her mom, dad and two sisters Scout and Tallulah. “That’s one of the beautiful things. They’re incredibly supportive and so wonderful, and they are willing to come and support me and cheer me on in whatever crazy endeavors I decide to do!”

“But I get to see that all the time because I have an incredibly supportive family,” she added. “It might be new for other people to see, but to be honest the person I’m most excited about celebrating with is Val, because he is the person that I did this with. I love my family and I love their support, but I’m proud and I want to celebrate with him,” she said.

via usmagazine.com