who's the mole


im kinda hoping that playing as spectre knight is just him trying to be edgy and mysterious while everyone calls him out on actually being a huge lame-o who makes stuff up on the spot


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 20/?

The MBTI Heist
  • ENTJ- The Backer: The one who's paying for the heist to be done. Enjoys bossing everyone around by stating they're in charge of the operation, but everyone knows INTJ designed the heist.
  • INTJ- The Mastermind: The one who comes up with the entire scheme and makes the diagrams and writes up the roles. Would be the "Boss" but is too socially awkward, so they sit in the dark, scheme, and refer everyone to ESTJ for answers.
  • ENTP- The Source: The one who found the job. Typically the one to find the jobs in general. Has really good online connections and is typically able to get us the best price for the job.
  • INTP- The Hacker: Content to sit in the back of the van controlling the alarms, security cameras, lights, etc... INTJ wants you to hack into the police database to alter information? About time you had a challenge!
  • ESTJ- The Boss: Technically not the one who planned the heist, yet everything goes through them. Their unofficial job is to manage the crew and make sure they know their roles flawlessly.
  • ISTJ- The Informant: The one who knows about everything. They have gathered all the information concerning everything about this heist, and could ESTJ please explain that once more, it doesn't seem like sound logic.
  • ESTP- The Conman: The one doing the actual conning. Being the actor, doing some people manipulating, creating some useful relationships.
  • ISTP- The Gadgets Guy: Job description is to create or obtain what ever the crew needs. In charge of all the gear, from earpieces to explosives. Enjoys planting bugs on INTP to hear them talking to themselves while in their van.
  • ENFJ- The Mole: The one already on the inside. Everyone likes them and sure they'll listen to your problem... and then leak your weaknesses to the crew.
  • INFJ- The Pickpocket: Somehow able to get you to start telling them your life's story in the bus. When you're done it'll be more than your conscience that's been lifted. Enjoys secretly planting little notes of encouragement on all the crew members.
  • ENFP- The Acquirer: The one who everyone seems to like and has limitless contacts. ISFP needs a better motor for their car? Yeah, I have a friend whose dad's cousin runs a car shop in New York, so of course I can get that.
  • INFP- The Person on the Inside: Unlike the Mole who was placed in their position, the insider doesn't know they're going to help until they are. They really are just trying to help, and ESTP made it clear that it would be a big help ($$$) if you just left that one door unlocked.
  • ESFJ- The New Kid: The one with potential in everything, but not great at anything. A little lost but ready to prove themselves. Is super hyped that to know the INFJ believes in them.
  • ISFJ- The Muscle: The sweetest person... until you mess with their crew family! They're super devoted to the crew and have no qualms backing that statement up with some force.
  • ESFP- The Distraction: The one causing the social commotion. Keeping everyone's eyes fixated on them, not the other crew members. Their job is to be more exciting then the surroundings.
  • ISFP- The Driver: They've taken driving to a whole new level, it's become an art form. Yes, all those cars are theirs.

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Do you ever visit your kids, or do you just pay the child support?

Their mum’s usually only want me to pay support, i mean, i’ve met a couple on tours, actually i have a picture with one of my daughters! let me find it really quick.

Good kid, she has eyes like i used to, and well, hair like mine too.

If I’m not too busy and can find a long enough time off i sometimes try to pay a visit to any i still have some form of contact with. They didn’t chose to have me as a father, a never around rock star dad and all that, so, dropping by and proving rumors true at schools is usually pretty entertaining.

I screwed around in my past and i’m not gonna make them feel like they are a burden from that.

9 Years Without You

Summary: After her mom died, Y/N ran away. She was only 6 years old, how could her brother possibly lost her? She was his responsibility, and the guilt remained in his heart all these years. 9 years later, Y/N is 15 years old. Time to start the school, perfect opportunity to get her family back! But school isn’t easy, how can she find her brother in all these teenagers? And there’s this cute and kind boy with blue eyes…

Y/N isn’t the same anymore. Something had changed in her. Will she be accepted anyway?

Pairing: Sister!Reader x Stiles (only sibling relation), Reader x Liam

Word count: 3059

Requested? : Yes, by @imaginationgotmegood

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I hope you like it, I decided to write this one in the second pov as well, I hope it’s okay that way!

This story takes place in the beginning of season 4! None of the gifs are mine, credit to the owner

It had been a long time since you had seen them. As you remember, you must have been 6 at the time when your mother died. You didn’t understand what was going on, your big brother in tears and your father who wasn’t there. Your brother and you stayed alone for a while in the hospital with Melissa. They thought that from the age of six you wouldn’t understand the meaning of the word “deceased”. You understood the meaning of the word, but you didn’t accept it. Your mother couldn’t have left, it was just a joke. So you ran away, while your big brother was crying in Melissa’s arms, you took advantage of it to leave, you escaped their vigilance.

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Enjoltaire Week | Day 1 | Painting

Summary:  Three portraits are discovered in a hidden cellar in Paris, all three dating back from the nineteenth century. What’s weird is that the man in the portraits looks an awful lot like Enjolras. What’s weirder is that the paintings are all signed “R.”

Tags: Modern AU; Reincarnation AU; Rated G

Word count: 3.5k


“Remind me why anyone would choose to watch what is considered to be the worst movie in history?”

Enjolras sat on the couch and balanced a huge bowl of popcorn on his lap. Courfeyrac’s picks for movie night were usually more mainstream and understandable. Well. As understandable as romantic comedies could be, but at least they didn’t require much brain activity. At least it allowed Enjolras to switch off his brain and shove handfuls of popcorn into his mouth while wondering how heteronormativity and dumb misunderstandings had become such crowd-pullers.

“That’s because it’s an experience!” Courfeyrac argued, slumping on the couch next to Enjolras and seriously compromising the balance of the popcorn bowl. “As your best friend, I just can’t let you die a Room virgin!”

“What’s so great about it, anyway?”

“Everything! The acting is so bad! It’s like… You know how people say that if you let monkeys in a room full of typewriters the monkey would eventually end up rewriting Shakespeare? Well switch the monkeys with aliens who only have a vague idea of how human interactions work and you’ve got The Room! It’s flipping fantastic!”

Enjolras shrugged. The enjoyment of intrinsically bad media was beyond him.

“There are some really interesting studies about trash movies and their ironical audience, actually,” Combeferre chimed in as he joined them in the living room. He brought heavy-looking pizza plates that he settled on the coffee table before settling next to Courfeyrac. “Something about collectively liking something so bad that it gets good.”

“Exactly!” Courfeyrac exclaimed, triumphant. “So sit back and brace yourself for this absolute masterpiece.”

He switched on the TV and started rummaging through the pile of DVDs to find the right one. Automatically, the first channel popped up on screen. The news were still on and a generic news anchor looked at the three of them in the eyes.

“Wait,” Enjolras said before Courfeyrac could switch on the DVD player.

And tonight we come back on an incredible discovering in Paris earlier today,” the news anchor announced, “when three paintings were discovered in a cellar in the Latin Quarter. The three works of art allegedly date back from the nineteenth century and predate the Haussmanian renovations of the capital. For more on this story, we go to Olivier Barron in the Latin Quarter, Olivier?

The three paintings appeared on screen. Silence fell on the living room, leaving nothing but the artificial chatter of the television. In his seat, Enjolras turned to stone.

-Twitter already rushed to title the works names such as ‘Apollo in Red’-


That jaw line. That nose. The same eye colour. Enjolras’ throat tightened. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

“Holy shit,” Courfeyrac whispered. “Enj, it’s you!”

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Bride of the Mole-Man (for @pluckyredhead)

When the phone rings, Foggy has to dig through a carpet of paper to find the source of the noise. “Hah, found you! I mean, yeah? I mean. Nelson and Murdock, how can I help you?”

“Uh.” says Matt.

“Oh God I know that tone of voice,” says Foggy, sitting heavily in his chair. “What’s happened? You sound like you’re at the bottom of a well.”

“Yeah. I am.”

Foggy puts his forehead down on the desk. “For real?”

“Frankly, I’m surprised I’m getting signal. I’m in the sewers…”

Blindly, one-handedly, Foggy gropes for the bulk-sized bottle of Tums in his desk drawer. “Of course you are.”

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Morbidly curious to ask. Yellow Peril villains. We all know about Fu Manchu and The Mandarin. But we're there any that were (justifiably or otherwise) forgotten? Also, what was up with the whole Yellow Peril stereotype anyways?

The main reason the Yellow Peril supervillain was everywhere was because…well, have you ever wondered, before the Nazis and Hitler came around, what the default visual shorthand was for “evil” in pop culture? 

Prior to the Nazis and Hitler, it was Genghis Khan and the Mongols, a historical figure so imposing with an army so absolutely unbeatable, he delivered such an epic asskicking that he left a culture-wide PTSD all over Western civilization for centuries after his death, one that we only really managed to overcome in the 20th Century, mainly because Hitler became a bigger figure in the popular imagination. In the early 20th Century, Mongols as the default shorthand for evil dovetailed into two major cultural forces, racial paranoia and fear of immigrants. All of these forces came together in Fu Manchu, who was a huge hit that influenced every bit of mystery/action pop culture for decades, the way Star Wars is somehow in the DNA of every scifi movie today. 

Every single pulp hero and detective got a Yellow Peril archenemy, as if they were assigned one by the government: Sherlock Holmes’ imitator Sexton Blake’s archenemy was Wu Ling and the Society of the Yellow Beetle, the gentleman thief known as the Sapper (who had a mole machine he used to drill under the earth) had Khonsu, who invaded England with his Asiatic hordes, the Shadow had his well-known Shiwan Khan, and Doc Savage’s greatest foe was John Sunlight, who went by the name “the Devil Genghis” (though he was not Asian and was actually an evil Sherlock Holmes). Pulp heroes were basically like eating at Taco Bell: everything is made from the same five ingredients that you hope will be combined in a new way. 

There were so many Yellow Peril Oriental Supergeniuses based on Fu Manchu printed in the pages of mystery novels and pulps between 1910-1950 that an entire library could be filled with the many imitators of Fu Manchu. I couldn’t even begin to give you one tenth of the characters based on his blueprint that existed. What’s amazing is that by 1928, people were sick of this cliche. A mystery writing guide written that year told writers that “in a mystery, no Chinaman is to be involved.”

But there are a few variations that are worth pointing out. One was by Sax Rohmer, creator of Fu Manchu himself, named Sumuru. As he legally couldn’t write Fu Manchu during World War II (as the Chinese were our allies), he created an Asian supergenius who happened to be a beautiful woman, who ran an organization designed to make sure women were in charge of the world, and who believed women were superior to men. Sumuru may or may not have been immortal and possibly a Queen of Egypt in the past. 

One truly weird use of the Yellow Peril was in the William Francis Nowlan novel that gave the world the hero Buck Rogers, Armageddon 2419. In the beginning, Buck Rogers wasn’t about rockets or space travel, but about race war, a future where evil Mongols in dirigibles, the Air Lords of Han, ruled as a destroyed America. Let me repeat that: Buck Rogers was originally a novel of post apocalyptic race war. Howard Chaykin revived this original angle in a socialist, subversive way in his recent fascinating Buck Rogers comic series. 

Finally, we have Robert E. Howard’s Skull-Face, a villain based in the orient who uses Dacoits and Ninja-like assassins to do his dirty work, but who owed his uncanny power to the fact he was a reawakened Atlantean, and knew secrets modern people today don’t. His eerie appearance was due to the fact he was not entirely human.  

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Hi sorry could you do a list of kanekis prersonas? It’s hard to remember who’s who


there are a total of 7 kanekis, including some additional others. 

  1. kuroneki: pure and innocent lil’ mole who i miss this very day
  2. shironeki:  edgelord, but self destructive
  4. haise: literally the worst comedian but the sexiest and kindest mom (or milf) you will ever see on this earth
  5. black reaper: similar to shironeki but 100x the edginess and 100x the daddiness 
  6. one-eyed king: crowned a king, lost his virginity, and became an actual daddy all in the span of a few months 
  7. JUSTFUCKMYSHITUPneki: the grotesque monster we see before us in the recent chapter who i would still so shamelessly open legs for


  1. smol shironeki: sits in the back of the class minding his own business while reading edgar allan poe stories and smoking a cig
  2. smol kuroneki: tries to actually study but gets all choked up from smol shironeki’s second hand smoke

hope that helped!