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I want villains who go against the stereotypical bullshit that “evil cannot love” or whatever.

I want villains who spend months in their creepy dark lab building the death ray with their best buddy and hug each other when the superweapon is finally complete.

I want villains who fall madly in love with the other evil prince or princess they married to consolidate their power.

I want villains who tell bedtime stories to the little clone they created to be the successor to their throne and order their minions to get the clone a cup of warm milk because she can’t sleep.

I want villains hanging out with their best friends and acting like dorks while they bowl with their enemies’ skulls.

I want villains who are both evil and real, and real people have friends and families and loved ones.

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Headless!Flug being a dullahan wouldn't work: as we know from drrr, he would be mute. However, BH bringing him back to life decapitated is perfectly morbid and darkly funny. Headcanon accepted ╭( ・ㅂ・)و


*nails these complaints on a piece of paper to the door of rebecca sugars house like Martin Luther did on that church*

- why is bismuth dangerous for hating her oppressors
- why is steven such a neoliberal
- why is pearl constantly manipulating people’s feelings and lowkey abusing her team and this shown as ok
- how did peridot go from a calculating genius to a fucking gremlin from teen titans go
- why do y'all hate garnet and amethyst so much
- why does the show look like a fucking kid draws it now literally y'all are professionals
- why is it treated ok for lapis to not have remorse for almost murdering children
- in light of that why is it ok for her to be out but not bismuth
- finally why are you having your main villains who endorse and take part in slavery, genocide and all sorts of bad shit painted as sympathetic characters WHILE MAKING BISMUTH, WHO WANTED TO STOP SLAVERY AND GENOCIDE, PAINTED AS A BAD GUY
- also why y'all coloring it like that it’s ugly

You know, my initial reaction to Civil War was “Neither side is right or wrong, and that’s the point” and while I still think that’s what the filmmakers were going for, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t care one way or another who’s right or wrong because aside from that ONE SCENE depicting the Avengers debating the Accords with good points on both sides, the movie really never has anything to do with them from that point on beyond “thing that is occasionally an added annoyance for everyone”

Like Steve’s entire plot is about first trying to keep his friend from being murdered without due process and then trying to stop HYDRA Takeover 2.0 which just happen to be things happening at the same time as the Accords stuff (which I don’t think were even ratified at that point due to the UN getting blown up?) and are in no way a deliberate rebellion against it and let’s be real, even if Steve had signed that would have gone right out the window anyway as soon as Bucky was threatened

Just like any validity of Tony’s points about responsibility went straight out the window when he decided to ignore all that and do exactly what he wanted anyway by doing things like disobeying orders so he could track Steve and Bucky

Even Zemo’s scheme didn’t have anything to do with the Accords, since it’s not like their existence somehow caused his family to die or retroactively changed time so that the Winter Soldier killed the Starks in front of a convenient video camera, like all the Accords did for him was get the UN people all in one place which they do for other things anyway

so in conclusion nothing has anything to do with anything, the rules are made up and the points don’t matter, everyone’s an imperialist, and this is what happens when you force the writers to shoehorn in a plot point that made even LESS sense in the original comics just to try and make a competing film with Dawn of Justice, which no one should have been concerned about competing with in the first place let’s be real

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One Shots:

Steve Rogers:

Rescue -  When you’re kidnapped by HYDRA, Steve will do anything to get you back.

What A Relief - Steve has to come to terms with his feelings for you, he may not get another chance.

State of Emergency- When you need him most, Steve is at your beck and call.

The Bakery-  A relaxing afternoon goes south, but what’s new?

Lost- When the worst news hits you and Steve, he’s not sure how to handle it. 

Run Boy Run-  Steve will do anything to protect and defend you, but his world crumbles when Bucky brings him the worst news possible.

Worth- When an ex from your past shows up, Steve reminds him how how much you’re worth.

The One Where They’re on the Couch- You and Steve finally get a night in and end up spending it on the couch watching Netflix.

Pain- You take a hit for Steve and he can barely keep it together. Will you make it until help arrives?

Bucky Barnes: 

Promise Me- After a near death experience, Bucky makes you promise him to stay safe from now on.

Breakfast- The nightmares have been bad and all Bucky wants to do is say thank you. 

Just Once- Its hard being in a relationship with an Avenger and just once, you’d like the spotlight on you.

Caretaker- Bucky takes his job a little too seriously when it comes to you, but he means well.

Black Eye-  A distracted Bucky and a sparring accident has you prying for a confession from the Winter Soldier.

Debrief-  You can’t face director Fury without the encouragement of your boyfriend, Bucky.

I Missed You- Bucky decides to leave you a gift as a thank you for all of your patience with him.

Home for Christmas- You are hating that you have to go through the holidays alone. If only Bucky could be here with you.

One Cold Night- Your Christmas is ruined by an overly long mission but Bucky has found a way to make it up to you.

Happy Birthday- Bucky wants to give you a fantastic birthday.

Run Away- When Nat makes her move, Bucky will have to convince you that you are the only one for him.

Caught in the Rain- Today is the day you were going to ask out the guy from the coffee shop, if the weather is nice, anyways.

Blue Orchids- When Bucky wakes from a nightmare, he’s hoping a little coffee will take off the edge but he discovers much more.

Headliner- Bucky presses for details about your latest mission, but if he knew the truth, you know he’ll leave you.

Duet- Song fic inspired by Penny and Sparrow. Bucky’s faith in himself waivers but you are always there to anchor him.

Brave: (Verb.)- When you finally break after being attacked, Bucky tries to remind you that you can keep going. But what will you decide?

What You Deserve- Drabble- One of the ways it could end between you and Bucky.

Tony Stark:

In Sickness- When Tony gets sick, you decide to take things into your own hands, but shh, don’t let him find out.

Temporary Madness- When you and Pietro mess around in Stark’s lab, things take a turn for the worst.

The Helmet-  Tony tries to come up with a solution to keep you safe after you take a nasty hit in the field.

So Cruel- 

 Part 1       Part 2

A nasty break up and a destructive side have you spiraling, but Tony wont side idle. 

Drinking the Pain Away- He just needs a break and a drink. Will Tony find solace at the bottom of a glass or in a conversation with a stranger?

Feel Better?- Tony’s been feeling down and you just want to cheer him up. Luckily, your method makes you both feel better.

Minor Catastrophe- When Stark is away, the curious will play. Tony leaves the door to his lab open and you just can’t help yourself.

Liar- Another world wide catastrophe, another opportunity for Tony to blame himself and work until he can’t see straight. What can you possibly do to help? Song fic inspired by the Arcadian Wild.

Loki Laufeyson: 

No Matter What-  You eves drop on a private conversation between Loki and his father. 

My Dearest- Loki sends you a secret letter from Asgard.

A Deranged Date- An ultimatum, a night with your boyfriend and an alien invasion. It’s almost perfect.

The Avengers:

Phoenix- You over do it trying to prove yourself to the team but they just want to keep you safe.

A House Divided- When the team split up again only one will survive…Who will it be?

Idiot Jar- You reach your limit with all the dumb in the tower and start an Idiot Jar

Clint Barton:

In the Vents- You and Clint bond over a little Stark Tower pranking.

Allergies- Clint just wants the kitten.

Natasha Romanov:

Back on Russian Soil- You have to face your demons when a new mission sends you and Nat back home.

Sam Wilson:

Moments Like This- It’s been a long time coming but you never thought it would end like this.

Don’t Tell Stark- You get caught breaking the rules, will Sam tell on you?

Best Boyfriend Award- After a long day at work you just want to come home and relax.

Deep Dark Secret- Sam finds out your darkest secret after you lose it on a stranger.

Back from the Dead- Sam’s been watching you for a while but he has no idea what you’re capable of, until the worst thing happens.

It’s Gotta Be You- Sam’s had his eye on you for a while. It’s time to make his move.

Flour Power- After a call from Fury, Sam tries to make you feel better.

Date Night-  Your evening with Sam takes an unexpected turn when he reaches his limit with you.

Nick Fury:

Crop Circles- Nick calls in a royal guest in hopes that he can get help finding Loki

Pietro Maximoff:

It Takes An Accident- Soulmate AU: You had no idea if you would ever meet your soulmate but with today being your first day at Stark Industries, you’d have to worry about that later.

Peter Quill:  

Smithsonian- When you and Peter try to steal some of Stark’s newest tech, things get a little crazy. You are the worlds most dysfunctional criminal couple, after all.


Deep Thoughts- A collab with Chanel over at Imaginingbucky- Finished

Part 1     Part 2      Part 3      Part 4    Part 5

Wanda digs through Bucky’s mind to rid him of HYDRA’s trigger words but she finds more than she bargained for.

Stronghold- Steve x reader x Loki -Finished


When you finally remove yourself from a toxic relationship, you struggle to truly let go of the past.

An Owed Debt- Bucky x May(oc)


When Steve brings Bucky a new assignment, things get a little heated. But he’ll do it to repay an old friend. May might not know the full extent of her powers but she doesn’t think having a babysitter is going to help. Can these two put aside their differences and help each other out? Or is this just an accident waiting to happen?

Betrayed-  Maximoff twins x Reader

 Betrayed   Restored

 When you decided to follow a different path, the twins try and convince you to stay. 

The Ravens- Loki x Reader, Rockstar AU

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Loki  is tired of meeting the same adoring fans but, when you speak up at the dinner table, you catch his attention. What will the rock star do when you go home? Will he ever see you again?

Lord of the Rings:

 Perhaps, She’s Lost- A girl stumbles into the lair of fire and death, will she escape? -This was for a writing challenge and is just a drabble-

Original Work:

Untitled-  When Thomas’ wife falls ill, he paces the floor in anticipation of news of her health.

The Grimm- Daughter of a villain, Rhema finally learns answers to who her father really was.


Part 1    Part 2 

Jed has taken his niece in after his sister’s death but a life threatening situation has them both struggling for answers and a way out.

The Battle-  Drabble about both internal and external warfare.

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Top 5 haikyuu characters that are not animated yet?

Aaaah yes! There are so many characters us manga readers have met that I can’t wait for all my anime viewers to meet and fall in love with!

1. The Miya Twins. I think that us, as a fandom, will never be over the Miya twins revelation. I feel like they are the most popular manga-only characters, especially after the incredible amount of content we are getting lately. I fell in love with Atsumu during the training camp arc, and now that Osamu is there too things are only getting better. Also, GIVE ATSUMU MAMORU MIYANO’S VOICE, I’M BEGGING YOU

2. Daishou Suguru. I can already feel how much the fandom will spit in half the moment our Daishou will show up. Personally, I adore this little snake. With him, we’ve finally got a character who was a perfect opponent, almost a villain, who showed no mercy, who targeted the weak, who was powerful both mentally and physically, who’s manipulative and not afraid of using dirty tactics during matches. He’s not a good boy, at all, we’ve all been mad at him sooner or later, but this only shows how well written he was. And don’t lie to me, we all got a little bit emotional seeing him again during the nationals :’)

3. Teradomari Motoki. Saw you there and I thought: Oh my God, look at that face. You look like my next mistake. Apparently, I have a thing for buffed and gel addicted wing spikers warning the number 4. He looks so much like Bokuto my heart skipped a beat every time he appeared in a panel. 

4. Hoshiumi Kourai. His style and physical appearance are very similar to the Little Giant, and the manga is already setting up a great rivalry with Hinata, which I’m very much looking forward to. Also, I can see lots of Bokuto’s personality in him and I’m sure that, if Bokuto never met Hinata, he would have chosen Hoshiumi as his own heir. 

5. Komori Motoya. MY GIANT LIBERO SON. He’s so pure and friendly despite his position as the best (and tallest) libero of the series. His is a shared fifth position with our favorite hypochondriac bean Sakusa, because all their interactions are nothing but pure gold. 



Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

how a player singlehandedly ruined my session

Let me just begin by saying that this was my first time ever DMing a series of sessions. The sessions I headed were branched off from our main campaign, where 4 characters from the party ventured off to get supplies from a village and were sealed inside because of a plague that popped up overnight.

The first two sessions were great–no one suspected what I was doing, the players were making mediocre rolls. Basically, most everything was going to plan.

We were relaying what had happened in the first two sessions to another player when he said, “I want to join the next session!”

This player is the DM of our main campaign. This should have been a red flag to me. But no. I had to be Mrs. Nice Guy and say, yeah, I could incorporate his character into the next session. It would be great fun, I thought to myself.

We will refer to this person as Diablo, one reason because that is what we call him, and the second reason because after this experience i truly saw Lucifer in his eyes.

I successfully get his character into the quarantined village, he reunites with his party members, and together they all find out that the village had been cursed by a devil worshiper and they had to find out who the person was.

This is when I realized I had made a mistake.

They had stumbled upon an enchanted box, protected by a ghost-like creature, and Diablo kept rolling natural 20 after natural 20, doing things like casting certain spells on the ghost that would give them a disadvantage. The ghost was dead before the first turn even ended

Even then, I thought, “Okay, whatever, this is just a bump in the road.”

Clearly I was wrong.

As if Diablo’s presence had made Jesus Christ himself cry on the dice, everyone began to make great rolls. The person who had the worst rolls in the sessions was now rolling 15s and 19s. These god-forsaken players used this stroke of luck to take a letter with some words smudged out and pester me to let them rub it with charcoal or some shit to see what it said.

I adamantly refused. I put my foot down. I said, “Hell no, we can beat around the bush til the cows come home, I’m not allowing it.”

You all have to understand, it was 5 peoples against one, and eventually I just said, fuck it, do it. I prayed that they would get a shitty roll. I prayed to every deity there was.

My hopes, however, were squandered when DIABLO STEPPED UP TO TAKE THE ROLL. And what do you think this asshole rolled? That’s right, tater tots, A NATURAL 20.

Time s”emed to stop. I flipped off the players as I read what the letter said. They immediately figured out who the villain was and went to confront her.

And this tittylicker Diablo, upon the villain revealing herself, was like “I CAST ELDRITCH BLAST ON HER LEGS SO SHE CAN’T RUN AWAY.”

This time I really did put my foot down.


Diablo, at this point, for the rest of the session and onwards, rolled anything above a 15. You can probably see where this is going.

So the party makes their way down through a secret passage and they have the final confrontation with our villain, who is trying to channel the devil she worships.

Before the battle even fucking starts, Diablo says, “I cast hex on her.”

For those who are unaware, “hex” is a move that, if successful, gives its victim a disadvantage on wisdom saving throws.

I should have said, “diablo, wait for the battle to start.” I should have told him no. I should have done something. But I was desperate to just get this show on the road. So I let him do it.

He rolls. I am at the edge of my seat. For a moment, Diablo puts his face in his hands and heaves a sigh. My heart leaps in my chest. Such a face could only mean a shitty roll, I thought.

Diablo then turned, looked me dead in the eyes, and said, “You’re going to hate me for this.”

Natural. Twenty.

He saw the sorrow in my eyes. I accused him of flipping the die. He proceeded to take a picture of his screen and send it in our Skype group chat.

Sure enough, it was a natural 20.

In that moment, I had never wanted to hit another human more than I did Diablo.

The battle begins. Diablo rolls initiative. Of course he gets like a 19 so he’s the first to go. And you know what? This moldy piece of goat cheese used moves that required a wisdom saving throw.


The villain was technically dead before the first turn ended, but I had had it. I screeched at them that this battle would not be over, that these asstitties had ruined my session, they’d really stirred my pasta in the wrong direction. So I kept adding HP to a level 5 villain and I kept screaming whenever these assholes made a roll.

So I had MY character make the final blow. But the damage was done. That battle was supposed to have lasted at least three turns. It ended in one. The villain only got to make one move. I was devastated.

To this day, I have nightmares. I lie awake at night wondering that if I hadn’t let Diablo into this game of Dungeons and Dipshits, things would have been better. Perhaps I could have put more meat into the session instead of having to improvise every five seconds when Diablo ruined my plan. I had so much planned. But, in less than 2 hours, my plans were thwarted, and as I crashed to the ground, screaming to the heavens, Diablo laughed over my crumbling body.

And the worst part is, I’m probably going to DM another session. He’ll probably join it.

Pray for me.


This is still one of the most powerful scenes in movie history.

The key about the Heather character: As a woman, she was an anomaly in horror films.

She wasn’t the pretty, ditsy bimbo that gets killed first. (Heather was smart enough. She clearly had talent as a filmmaker, even if she was a bit bossy and pushy.) 

But she wasn’t the “Final Girl” who could outsmart the villain, either. She wasn’t Ripley or Sidney. The movie establishes: Whatever was after her, she was helpless against it. Totally helpless. And she knew it fine well. 

She was normal, basically.

I still get scared by the sense of desperation and hopelessness in this scene.   


A mutual: Dr.Flug has a silly name don’t you think? And so does his alter ego, Dr.Slug? What were we (the fandom) thinking? Like WhiteHat makes sense because duh but really

Me: Isn’t it like 4am ish where you are

Dumb person who needs to sleep: That’s not the point of this conversation, we need to talk about the absurd name choices the fandom came up with

Me, An Intellectual : Wait Flug means flight in German

A praised Mutual: Oh no your thinking of things I’ll go to sleep please don’t think

And so Fallen Angel!Dr.Flug with wings (and also Headless!Flug w/ the smoke
coming out because yes) Because that airplane is literally symbolism and just imagine the floof and softness of his wings or even better their like wilted but yet still beautiful in that “broken but it’s perfect” kinda way
Think about it
(I have a need to write a fanfic about this)

@saisai-chan did you ask for some cute things involving Bakugou, Dad Might and others, or am I wrong? =D

Enjoy it, please. It’s hasty and not my best work, but you deserve some relaxing fluff-stuff after that day.


Taking a deep breath, Izuku shifted the weight that lasted on his left a bit, balancing it out as he continued to steer the vacuum cleaner with his right hand.

“Deku? Are you sure it’s not too much for you?” Uraraka said from above him, sounding slightly worried.

He grinned, even though she couldn’t see him from up there. “Yeah, no problem. I’m glad that I still get some training out of this.”

“You’re awesome, Mido-chan!” Mina said from the same direction as Uraraka.

Spluttering, Izuku almost dropped the couch he balanced on his left hand, holding it high over his head. Dropping the vacuum cleaner, he reached up with his second hand, catching the furniture with the two girls on it before it could fall.

Once he had put it back down safely – under the cheering and applause of Mina – he breathed out a relieved sigh. “A-Ashido-san, please don’t say something like that when I have to concentrate!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Mina laughed at him, waving his concern away. “But it’s true! I mean, you can lift up such heavy things like whole furniture up without your quirk! That’s really amazing!”

“But I could let you fall and you could get hurt…!”

“Heh. Stupid.”

The snarl, though not as aggressive or loud as it would have been normally, still managed to get their attention easily.

Turning, Mina pouted in the direction of Bakugou, who had his back turned to her. “Don’t be mean to Mido-chan, Baku-chan!”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, Acid Girl?” Bakugou snapped back, almost knocking over a photo frame that he had been dusting off. “And I’m not fucking mean!”

“Kacchan is right,” Izuku intervened before Mina could come to his aid again, “I can’t let myself be distracted by compliments. I need to learn how to handle it.”

Uraraka frowned for a split second, before she grinned, “Eh, so Bakugou-kun is actually helping you?”

“Am fucking not,” Bakugou shot back instantly.

Before Uraraka could insist that, yes, he was, entirely so, she was interrupted by Kirishima and Kaminari bursting into the room. Or rather, Kirishima bursting into the room, cheerful and full of energy as usual, while Kaminari was groaning dramatically and dragged himself into the living room rather than walking.

“Hey guys!”

“Whoa, what happened to you two?”

Kirishima blinked, hand still up for a greeting wave as he considered that question. “We, uh, just trained a bit?”

“Kaminari looks ready to collapse,” Mina said, brows creasing in worry.

“Oh, that!” Kirishima laughed and waved her concern away. “He’s being dramatic.”

“Am not,” Kaminari huffed, dropping down onto the couch next to Mina and swinging his feet up to let them rest on the coffee table, “I…”

Bakugou interrupted him before he could say anything more, glaring at him. “Don’t put your fucking feet on the table, I just wiped it off, goddamn it!”

Kaminari hastened to pull his feet back off from the table. He also shook off his sneakers while he was at it. Only then did he continue, “I tried to get the hang of shooting moving targets down with my electricity. Damn near electrocuted myself because I used too much energy.”

“Yeah, you would have gotten stupid again if that happened,” Kirishima added cheerily, ignoring the spluttering he got for that. “Oh, hey, Bakugou? I thought of something today…”

“You thinking is never a good sign, Hair for Brain.”

“…could you perhaps tell us more about the villains’ quirks? You know, since you saw them from close up.”

A sharp intake of breath could be heard, but Izuku couldn’t have told who had made the sound. He himself stood frozen, eyes wide as he let Kirishima’s words sink in.

After their nightly brawl, neither he nor Kacchan had mentioned the kidnapping again. Izuku wasn’t even sure if the other had told anyone about his experiences – or at least more detailed.

Would it be too much for his childhood friend, being confronted by it again, or…?

Bakugou started moving again after a split second, continuing his work as if nothing had happened.

“No idea about their quirks, they didn’t use them much when I was there,” he went over to dust off the next shelve. “But you can just blew up that hand-guy’s face when he talks too much, that works well.”

A long pause followed as everyone processed that. Finally it was Mina who gasped, “You blew one of the villains up?!”

“Eh. Just his face,” Bakugou huffed, frowning. “Fucking shithead had that stupid hand in the way, but I still got a good hit in.”

“The hostage blows the villain’s face up,” Kaminari said after a moment of awed-silence. “Now that’s some nice revenge right there.”

There was a non-committal grunt from Bakugou but he didn’t turn around.

Izuku shifted in spot, getting more and more uncomfortable with the subject discussed

Perhaps Kirishima noticed that, and tried to lighten the mood. Perhaps it was the opposite and he didn’t notice and thought something about all of this funny.

Anyway, he suddenly beamed, looking as if he had just a brilliant idea, before he started, “Well, if you even needed to blow up his face, then that means,” he paused for a moment to look expectantly at his friends. “that villain is quite a handful!”

There was a pause, before Kaminari made a sound as if he had been kicked. “You did not just say that.”

“Oh come on! It was funny!” the redhead insisted. “You know, because he is basically covered in hands?”

“That joke actually hurts, man.”

Glancing over, Izuku was pretty sure he caught Bakugou banging his head against the wall slightly, only once. When he continued to watch, though, Bakugou turned and lifted an eyebrow at him as if to say What?!

Barely managing to bite back the laughter that bubbled up his throat – alongside a wince – Izuku turned around again and resumed cleaning.

“Wait, wait, I’ve got another one!” Kirishima declared, not heeding the panicked glances coming his way, “How about – I bet that guy wishes he were a bit more handsome?”

Another pained groan went through the room, interrupted by a few rare giggles and snorts.

“Shut up, Hair for Brain,” Bakugou’s voice cut through the mix of embarrassment and amusement.

The laughter died as everyone looked worriedly over to the blond, gauging his reaction. But he didn’t say anything further, continuing in his chores. There was no anger in his expression nor annoyance.

Leaning back and shaking out the rag he had used to clean, Bakugou glanced over and grumbled, “Your jokes are fucking terrible.”

A wide grin stretched over Kirishima’s face at that. “Oh, come on! You don’t think it’s at least a tiny bit funny? I think I saw you smirking there!”

“Heck no, check your eyes, they are not working correctly.”

Another pause, before Kaminari piped up, “You know… much like Bakugou here, it would be much better if that villain were a bit easier to handle.”

A loud groan went through the room as close to everyone face-palmed. Mina laughed aloud slapping the couch she was sitting on. Izuku’s shoulders were shaking where he was still bent over his vacuum cleaner in order to not give himself away. And Uraraka was laughing tears, floating a bit over the cushions as she lost control.  

There was a clattering sound as Bakugou threw away the cleaning rag and jumped over the coffee table, knocking over an empty cup as he attempted to reach both Kirishima and Kaminari. The both of them let out loud shouts, panic mixed with surprised laughter, as they dove aside in order to dodge.


“Aaaah, he’s after us!”

“He’s going to explodo-kill our faces! Save uuus!”

“We will never be handsome again!”

The laughter increased, ringing throughout the room as the two clowns ran for their dear lives with Bakugou hot on their heels.

Outside of the living room, Toshinori breathed out a chuckle as he let his head fall back, slightly thumping it against the wall behind him.

He had stopped in front of the room when he had heard the subject of villains and Shigaraki and possible training coming up, fearing that it would be too much for young Bakugou.

But it seemed like he had underestimated his students once again.

They will be fine, he thought with a smile as he heard the laughter and shouts coming from the room behind him, mixed in with Izuku and Uraraka half-heartedly trying to stop their rampaging friend. Even without me, they would be fine. They’re so strong. There is nothing they can’t overcome together.  

I better follow their example, huh?

Pushing himself away from the wall, he turned and made to walk into the room as if he had not waited outside for a while now.

“Now, now, what’s going on here, everyone?”


“All Might has come to our aid!… Ouchouchouch, Bakugou, dude, I need that ear, you know?”

“You never listen anyway, what do you freaking need it for?”

“Good point…”

“Sensei, you’ve got to hear those terrible jokes we came up with!”

“Oh? Tell me, then.”

And as he stood there, watching as Bakugou slowly released Kaminari and Kirishima from the chokehold, Mina telling him the jokes with flailing hands and wide gestures, and Izuku and Uraraka leaning against each other as not to fall down in laughter, Toshinori felt warmth blossom in his chest.

If that’s the future I get to see by surviving… then I wish I can live for a long, long time.  

I guess at the end of it all, we finally have our villain. 

Not Flint who raged and waged wars for a dead lover. 

Not Rogers who raged and waged wars for pride.

Not Bily who raged and waged wars for being unrecognized in his efforts to aid their wars and create the story of one Long John Silver.

Not Madi who chose her war over Silver.

But Long John Silver, who took the hope of enslaved people and extinguished it in one fell sweep. 

Long John Silver who told about not wanting a life of  misery and fear and sacrifice to a woman whose people’s lives were nothing but misery and fear and sacrifice. 

Long John Silver who gave credit to a coward to be able to outvote Madi.

The slavery lives to see another day, thanks to one fools desire for a woman.

Wars were waged for the love of a woman. 

But not this war. This war dies in shackles. 

I don’t know what it is with Icelandic people, but by god, they are some of the purest people ever.

We got Magnús Scheving, our buff sport dad who brought LazyTown into existence.

We got Stefán Karl Stefánsson, our pure plant dad who kicked cancers ass and played everyone’s favorite villain.

And finally, we got Björn Thors, our pure cute dad who made me emotional at 4 am on Easter and is also willing to reply to posts on Instagram, sending people heart and smiley face emojis.

This is the Trio of Ultimate Purity, I’m stating it right now.