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I know a boy whose eyes light up when they land on the girl he loves. I know a man whose stone cold face turns soft when his boyfriend smiles at him. I know a woman who laughs like she has never smiled before when a certain girl tells a joke. I know a mother whose eyes glisten with tears when her child says, “I love you.” I know a girl who can come to her best friend’s house in tears and walk back down the porch steps smiling. I know a boy who can call his friend at 2 a.m. and she’ll talk to him about whatever he needs until his breathing is steady. I know a little girl who gives her big sister her favorite toy when she hears her crying at night. Love comes in a million different shades of a million different colors, each with its own beauty. And who are we to try to destroy any of them?
—  Shades of Colors of Love



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Faith in Spikes place in season 6 is one of the best AU ideas I’ve ever heard. Do you have any more headcanons about it?

Faith is a convicted felon who cannot get a job working at the doublemeat palace. She has no sympathy for Buffy’s fast-food woes. Instead, Faith tends bar at Willy’s, who pays her under the table. She’s actually terrible at making drinks–she refuses to serve human blood, which affects the clientele, and she has to google what goes into a manhattan every single time–but she breaks up all the fights, and she keeps down on the Slayer-related repair costs, which is worth every penny. 

Buffy gets off work at eleven, stinking of meat and grease, a white sack full of meat and grease in her hands, dreading what Dawn will say, dreading Willow’s expression, Tara’s sympathy. 

She gets home, and Faith is sprawled on the living room floor with Dawn, whose face is pink with laughter. Even Faith looks a little soft, a small smile on her face. 

“What are you doing here,” Buffy accuses, feeling like the monster who’s come home to wreck the happy families fantasy, the old fear that Faith is here to take her place roaring back into her belly. “I thought you were supposed to be serving demonspawn until two.” 

The smile fades from Faith’s face. “Yeah,” she says, straightening her shoulders. “Well, demonspawn thought it was a good idea to start up a gambling ring in my bar.” 

“Sounds like your kind of thing,” Buffy says, cold, ignoring the outrage on Dawn’s face. 

“It was totally not like that!” Dawn bursts out. “Faith busted a kitten-gambling ring, and totally iced a demon.” 

“I didn’t ice Clem,” Faith says, giving Dawn a quick grin. “Mighta put the fear of B into him, but he’ll live to play another day.” 

“And–look!” Dawn continues, and lifts up a very tiny cat from behind the couch, where Buffy couldn’t see. “Kitties!” 

Buffy blinks, some of the monstrousness seeping away with sheer surprise. “Bzuh?” she says, finally dropping her bags. “Kitties?” She comes around the couch to sit with them, and sure enough–there are about ten very small kittens gamboling around on the carpet. 

“Couldn’t let ‘em get eaten,” Faith says gruffly. “You don’t gotta take care of them, or anything–I’ll make a delivery to the pound in the morning. Just thought Dawnie might get a kick out of them.” 

A black kitten, very soft, stumbles into Buffy’s lap. She puts out a hand and pats it, tentative, and the kitten rumbles at her. She blinks hard against a sudden rush of tears. 

“No!” Dawn protests. “No, we have to keep them! Buffy, come on.” 

“I don’t know,” Buffy says eventually, when she can look up from the kitten. Faith is looking at her, too-knowing. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” 

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my crush is tall and big and seems intimidating but in actuality he's a huge dork who giggles like a little girl and has the brightest smile and his eyes always light up when he laughs and yesterday he was wearing a big cuddly sweater and he is the actual human embodiment of the sun



            “– That look in his eyes, the despair. I had it back when I was in the foster system. Just a lost little girl who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would. A little girl who cried herself to sleep at night ‘cause – she wanted her parents so bad. And could never understand – why they gave her up. It’s just, on this island, I-I don’t feel like – a hero or a savior. I just feel like what I’ve always been. An orphan.”

Very Happy 4th Birthday to my smart, loving, beautiful, funny, polite, crazy little girl Alba…who is already in her party dress 🤣 💘 love you to the sun and back 💘🎈🎁

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What's your favorite memory? (Also you're incredible and so beautiful and strong. Your blog and your journey has helped me through my rough times and has given me so much motivation. Thank you so so much for that. You can do it!)

my favorite memory is running along the road with Airy for as long as he wanted to go, as fast as he wanted to go.. until both of us were winded and free… and then stopping at a traffic light and being waved at by a Cowboy Woody doll held by a little girl with downs who’s sweet shy smile I’m pretty sure is why I went the direction I did all these years later.

sorry I just re-read this and realized I skipped right over your kind words, I’m sorry about that I just honestly do not know how to respond especially right now.

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I request a h/c about Robin standing up for a little girl who is being bullied for her devil fruit powers.

Of course, I really can see this happening, and it would be so sweet :3


  • The woman just can’t stand the situation that girl is going through. It’s just unfair in every sense, and she just feels really identified with her, for she had suffered the same thing when younger.
  • She will scare the kids with her own Devil Fruit, making hands and eyes grow in parts of their body, slapping the back of their heads or pinching their checks and ears.
  • Once they leave the girl alone, she will approach her with a warm smile and reach a hand out for her to take, saying that it was okay, the bullies were finally gone.
  • If the girl is scared, Robin will use her powers again, but this time to cheer the little girl up: wiping her tears away with a random hand, or even tickling her until she gasps for air while laughing.
  • Robin offers to invite her to have some ice cream or any dessert she might want in order to light her day up a little. If the girl has parents, she will make sure they know she is safe with her.
  • Maybe she will help her out a bit with her Devil Fruit powers, training her in the basics and explaining how it isn’t something she should be embarrassed about, but proud of. It made her different.

I mentioned before that I am having a little girl in December. My ex, who convinced me to keep the baby in the first place, who used to kiss my stomach and tell me how much he loved the baby abandoned us months ago and is now trying to convince me to give my beautiful little Luna girl away. This shit right here is what men do.

Guys tonight was a wild ride, I went out with my roommate and 2 of our floormates and my roommate and one of the other girls got sloppy drunk and started acting really fucking rude and slutty and I got vvvvv upset for a little bit until I met these really nice new dudes who were funny and the girls sobered up a little (and got bad headaches so karma) and one of the nice dudes just asked for my number so I guess it all worked out for me in the end???

The little girl with the red hood
The little girl didn’t see the wolf
The little girl thought everyone was good
The little girl was tricked

The little girl with the red hood
The little girl, not so little anymore
The little girl doesn’t tust so easily
The little girl looks for the wolf in everyone

The little girl who smiled at everyone
The little girl now peeks out from behind her red hood
Because she’s always looking for that bit of red
But she’s always looking for that bit of red

Funny how they say there’s a thin line between love and hate
The little girl only ever knew the colour
Because she once lived with love
And now lives with hate

—  Red
//The shattered flower
Tom Keen, doing whatever it takes to bring his family back together.
  • Alexander Kirk:Who is this?
  • Tom:that doesn't matter. You have a little girl, and her mother. I am coming for them, and not just me...an army. You hear me? An army is coming for you.