who's that little girl

To all the little girls like who are like me:
may you never fear the sound of your own voice.
May you never turn around when you want to run ahead,
keep your mouth closed when you want to scream,
or look at your growing body and want to shrink.
Instead, may you speak with the confidence of all the mountains,
firm and strong in their place in the world,
unwavered by the comings and goings of the storms.
May you spread your wings as wide as they’ll reach
and soar forwards to your future,
looking back only to remember and to learn-
never to wish you could return.
May you scream out all the love and passion and tears
and hurt and hopes and dreams you ever have the gift of feeling,
because darling, feeling is nothing to be ashamed of-
it is something to be proud of.
May you never learn to resent the space you take up,
instead revel in the beauty and the strength that is your body.
May you look in the mirror every night
and pick out everything you love about you,
inside and out and everywhere in between.
I hope you grow up knowing that the moment you
begin to fear the sound of your own voice,
you fall into the same trap that has been laid
for young girls like you for centuries.
I beg of you, don’t fall in.
I beg of you, live every second of your life screaming.
—  a blessing no longer whispered // c.r.h.
Princess question time!! 👑👑

I’ve seen some porn gifs on tumblr that I thought about reposting. So here is my question!!
QUESTION🐳: I know I have a good mixture of daddies and little girls on here. I wanna know who enjoys porn gifs because I know that kinda stuff make or breaks my followers so I wanna know!!!
QUESTION #2🦄 would you guys like me to do more question and answers like this? I’d really like to interact more 💋💋

The Doorway -- Rumbelle One Shot . . . . .

Summary:  Rumpelstiltskin finds a way to rescue Baelfire from Neverland, with Belle’s unexpected help. Dark Castle time period. This was my second round entry in the @rumbelleshowdown, written under the name ‘Desperation and Gin.’

This fic was written BEFORE “Ill Boding Patterns” aired … . just FYI because of the Dagger mention … . .

The Doorway

Rumpelstiltskin had not expected it to work. He was certain that all of the years he spent searching would culminate in the dark curse; he was certain it was the only way he would be able to find his son.

He should have known better than to believe one word that the blue gnat said. His first trip to the sorcerer was unsuccessful thanks to that insipid little girl who stopped him, but his second trip, after a bit of aggressive persuasion, proved quite fruitful. He’d finally found a way to get Baelfire back from Neverland.

Neverland. He had no idea how his boy had gotten there, or how long he had been there. Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t sure which thought was more frightening – facing his son, or facing his father. Either way, he had to do this. Taking a deep breath, Rumpelstiltskin waved the wand that he had acquired from the sorcerer and a doorway appeared.

“Bae,” he whispered to himself, “I’m coming to find you, my boy.” Just as he was about to open the door, he heard a voice behind him speak up.

“Rumpelstiltskin? What are you doing?” Belle asked.

“What am I doing? Haven’t I told you that when I am working I don’t want to be bothered by you?” he snapped at his maid.

“I was just wondering what you wanted for dinner,” Belle retorted. “What is that?”

“Something that doesn’t concern you. Go away.”

“That door was never there before. Where does it go? Is – is that a portal?”

“If I wanted you to know what I was doing, I would tell you. Go.”

“Well, will you be back for dinner?” Belle asked. Losing his patience with her, Rumpelstiltskin waved his hand and next thing she knew, Belle was standing in the middle of the kitchen. She sighed angrily. “You can cook your own meal tonight then!” she shouted, out loud, to no one, looking up toward the ceiling as she did so.

Rumpelstiltskin stepped through the doorway, and immediately recognized the place – the same place his father abandoned him for all those years ago. With Bae’s shawl around his neck, which he had enchanted to serve as a locating device, he was drawn toward a cavern not far from where the portal opened. The young boy was sitting on the ground drawing on the walls of the cavern. “Bae?” Rumpelstiltskin called out. The boy turned around.

“Papa?” Bae responded, stunned to see his father standing in front of him.

“Oh, Bae – oh, I found you, son! It’s really you!” Rumpelstiltskin moved toward Bae, who cowered back in fear.

“This is a trick. You’re playing a trick on me Pan, I know you!”

“No – no, Bae, it’s not a trick, it’s really me. Here – here, I want you to have this.” He took out his dagger and offered it to Baelfire. “I trust you, Bae. I trust you with this.” Bae looked down at the dagger and started to cry.

“Papa? Is it really you?”

“It’s me. It’s really me, Bae. Go on – take it.”

“No – no I don’t want that.”

“Bae – don’t you understand? I want to be better for you, Bae. I want you to make me better.”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t need me to make you better. You would have trusted me, you would have gone with me through that portal, Papa! You haven’t changed at all.”

“Yes I have. I swear Bae, I have changed. Please – just come back with me, and I’ll show you.”

“Back? I don’t want to go back there with you!” Bae shouted at him.

“You heard the boy – he’s quite happy right where he is,” Peter Pan said as he entered the cavern. “Hello, Laddie,” he said as he eyed Rumpelstiltskin up and down.

“Bae, please – I want to get you away from him.” Rumpelstiltskin begged his son.

“Now, Laddie – you can trust me with young Baelfire here. I’d never do anything to harm him.” Peter Pan taunted. “If Baelfire wants to go back with you – I’ll let him.” Pan turned to Bae. “So – Baelfire – were you happy with your father?”

“We used to be,” Bae said.

“Well – perhaps you could be again. Let’s just see how much your father has changed, shall we? Felix! Bring her in!” Felix entered the cavern, holding Belle prisoner in his tight grip as he did so. “You really shouldn’t leave portals lying around, Rumple. Anyone can go through them.”

“Rumpelstiltskin, I didn’t, I swear – he came, he took me!” Belle screamed.

“Papa, who is she?” Bae asked.

“Oh, this is your father’s maid – pretty little thing, isn’t she? Would you like to know how your father acquired her? He won her in a deal.” Rumpelstiltskin glared at Pan. “What, you think I haven’t been keeping an eye on you, Laddie?”

“Let her go,” Rumpelstiltskin demanded.

“Oh, I’ll gladly let both of them go, Rumple. There’s just – one little thing I want. Give me your dagger.” A look of shock came across Rumpelstiltskin’s face. “You do realize that magic comes with a price, right Rumple? Either they die – or you do. Which will it be?” Rumpelstiltskin glanced at his son, then at Belle, and he slowly moved toward Pan, holding out the dagger.

“Let them go – then you can have it,” he demanded. Rumpelstiltskin looked up at Belle again. “Please look after my son,” he pleaded to her. Belle saw a tear fall down his cheek, and she was moved to tears herself. Rumpelstiltskin turned to Bae. “Bae – I’ve never stopped looking for you, and I’ve never stopped loving you. I’m so sorry, son. I’m so very sorry.”

“Let her go, Felix,” Pan motioned to his minion, and Felix released Belle from his grip.

“I want to see them leave safely,” Rumpelstiltskin insisted.

“Quite demanding, aren’t we Rumple?” Pan taunted. “Very well.” Just as they started to move, Belle darted toward Rumpelstiltskin, grabbed the dagger out of his hand, and stabbed Pan in the shoulder. Pan let out a loud scream.

“Go! Run away!” Belle ordered Rumpelstiltskin while she was holding the dagger, and he had no choice but to obey.

“You foolish girl!” Pan shouted. “You’ll pay for that!” Just as Pan moved to grab her, Belle shouted, “Rumpelstiltskin! Save your son and save me!” Belle and Bae both vanished before Pan’s eyes, and next thing they knew they were standing in front of the portal with Rumpelstiltskin. He opened the portal and pushed them both through it, then went through the door himself. Once they were safely back in the dark castle, Rumpelstiltskin destroyed the portal.

“Papa – she saved you,” Bae said, smiling at Belle.

“Yes – she did,” he replied in agreement. Belle looked down at the dagger still in her hand.

“Here – this is yours,” Belle said quietly as she handed the dagger back to him.

“You – you want me to have it back?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“I don’t want to control you – I just – wanted to help. Now – are you going to tell me what you want for dinner or should I just guess?” Belle teased, then she looked at Bae. “By the way – I’m Belle. It’s very nice to meet you, um -”

“Baelfire,” Bae replied. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”

“You know, I um – I think the two of you would probably like to be alone for a bit, so – I’ll just go up to my library and read. When you decide what you want for dinner, let me know.” Belle headed up the stairs. She turned and smiled at him as she reached the top – and he smiled back. Baelfire couldn’t help but notice.

“You have changed,” Bae said to him, and he ran into Rumpelstiltskin’s arms and hugged him. “I missed you, Papa.”

“Oh, I missed you too, son. I missed you so very much. We have so much time to make up for. Come on – let’s go see your room, you can arrange it however you like.”

“Papa, are you gonna tell her that you love her?” Bae asked as they walked up the stairs.


“Belle! You love her – I can see it. And she loves you too.”

“Of course she doesn’t, Bae – how could she? How could a beautiful girl like that ever love a beast like me?” Belle peeked out from her door as she secretly watched them turn the corner when they reached the top of the stairs, and she smiled to herself. He did love her – now she just had to find a way to make him see that she felt the same. Perhaps if she simply took him by surprise and kissed him … . what would he do if she did that, she wondered … …

Moana || Josh

Request: Could I please have a Josh imagine where the reader is super obsessed with the movie ‘Moana’ and pretty much anything Disney? And they’ve been dating for like 3 years (known each other since like high school) and he takes her to Disney (in Florida)


Moana was the first Disney character that you felt really looked like you. Her darker skin tone and unruly hair mirrored yours and you couldn’t help but admire her character. You were 21, but a part of you looked up to Moana as if you were a little girl again.

You had always been obsessed with Disney, but Moana just seemed to strengthen that love. You forced your boyfriend, Josh, to go see the movie with you. It left you in tears you loved it so much. Not only did you relate to Moana, but you loved that there were little girls in the theater who would begin to believe that they were strong and that they all had a purpose and that it was okay to struggle a bit on the way of finding it.

After you saw it the first time, you saw it three times after that. You bought the soundtrack and kept it in your car, meaning that you had the whole thing memorized after practically two days. There was hardly a moment where you weren’t singing or humming the entire discography.

Josh found your love of Disney endearing. He had known you since your high school days back in Knysna and he always knew you as a Disney fan. Every year for Halloween you insisted on dressing up as a Disney character and you had three different pairs of Disney pajamas. He thought it was all adorable.

One day you were on your laptop in bed feeling quite ill. You didn’t know if it was some food you ate or the fact that you had gotten your period the day before, but you wanted nothing more than to sit in bed and watch some films on your laptop. Naturally, you rented Moana and popped it in your disk drive. You sat on the bed with a blanket wrapped your body, gripping the Pua plush toy that Josh had gotten you for your birthday. You had a glass of water beside your bed and were chewing on crackers in an attempt to eat something without throwing it right back up.

Josh was catering to your every need. He left you alone when you wanted to be alone and gave you a cuddle for as long as you liked. You were sitting on his lap while watching Moana. He was scrolling contently through his phone, rubbing your back and playing with your hair, sometimes placing a kiss to your neck. He couldn’t help but smile when you started to sing How Far I’ll Go under your breath. It was one of those things you did subconsciously, too lost in the film to even realize you were doing it.

Eventually you crawled off of Josh and put the laptop next to you, turning on your side so you could watch it while laying down. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long until you fell asleep. Josh sighed, rubbing your back gently. He hated seeing you sick. He would do anything to see you smile and feel a bit better, even if that meant sitting all day and watching Disney films with you.

Suddenly, Josh was struck with an idea. He carefully got out of bed and went to get his laptop, then sat back down on the bed beside you, careful not to disturb your slumber.

When you woke up, you felt oddly better than you had when you fell asleep. Your stomach still ached a little, but not nearly as bad as it had before. You only hoped that meant you were on the road to recovery and that this was just a one day bug. Immediately you noticed Josh wasn’t in bed with you anymore. You looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6:00 in the evening. Josh was probably eating dinner. You crawled out of bed and walked into the kitchen, rubbing your eyes as they adjusted to the light. “Morning,” Josh teased lightly. “Do you want any food?”

“Maybe a sandwich?” you said. “I feel a little better but I don’t want to eat too much.”

“Of course,” he said, walking over to you and placing a kiss to your head. “Peanut butter and jelly?”

“Yes please,” you smiled.

You sat on the couch and tucked your feet under you, pulling out your phone to scroll while Josh made you your sandwich. When he brought it over to you, you noticed he had something else in his hand. “What’s that?” you asked, a mouthful of sandwich.

“What, this?” he asked teasingly, waving the papers at you too quickly for you to see what they were.

“Josh!” you laughed. “Stop! What is it? Tell me!”

“Ooo, begging is very becoming of you,” he teased. He lowered his arm so you could reach the paper, but not so much that you could tell he did it on purpose. When you snatched the papers from his hand, you looked at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“What the hell is this?” you said, not looking away from the papers in your hand.

“I dunno,” he shrugged, sitting down beside you and putting his arm around your shoulder.

“You’re winding me up now right?” you said, finally looking up at him. “Cuz if you are that’s not very nice.”

“Why would I be winding you up?” he laughed.

“So this is real then?” you said. “We’re really going to Disney World?”

“Next week, babe,” he said, placing a kiss to your forehead. “So you better be healthy by then.”

“Oh Josh!” you cheered, throwing your arms around his neck. “I feel a million times better already. You’re the greatest boyfriend in the world. Ever.”

“I’m glad you think so,” he smiled.

“Do you think I’ll get to meet Moana?” you asked, looking up at him with excited brown eyes.

Josh smiled again and placed a kiss to your forehead.

“I think we might be able to make that happen.”

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I feel like Emma will realize halfway through next week that Gideon is the one who sent Killian away,

I hope she does!!  The poor thing goes through her life getting abandoned over and over, thinking that no one cares about her, and finally she finds someone who she knows will never abandon her, and now she thinks that he has!  It breaks my fucking heart!!  

I’ve seen some people get frustrated with Emma for saying she needs to “move on” because she’s under the impression that he left her, but I don’t think that’s fair (my opinion, feel free to disagree).  This is Emma’s default.  She’s grown so much and has come a long way from the lost little girl who didn’t think she mattered, but the wounds of abandonment are still there.  She’s assuming the worst as a way of protecting herself, because it’s not like Killian left her a note.  She has no idea where he’s gone or if/when he’s coming back.  As far as she knows, he’s gone forever, and she’s trying to protect herself because he was it for her!!  She says that she’s going to try to move on, but we all know that she never will.  She’s hurt and confused and horribly misinformed by the whole thing, and her defense mechanisms are kicking in.  This was a hella emotional situation, and Emma doesn’t know the whole story.  I’m hoping she’ll realize that Killian would never voluntarily leave her like this, and that will lead her to the truth, but I’m going to cut her some slack on this.  

Stay in your lane 😥

I hate how “SB” is always a reoccurring hot topic amongst this fandom, but it’s because they can never seem to stay in their mf lane. Now I don’t like acknowledging whatever that crack ship even is- you know what I’ve stopped calling it a “crack ship” bc those are meant to be a bit ridiculous and fun to do… “SB” is borderline spewed from hatred and psychotic underaged little girls who can’t seem to differentiate their right from their left. I cannot fathom how someone can sit there and say the disgusting stuff they do and continue to act like they the victim! I hate how I have to seem so pressed about something that’s not worth it, but it’s when folks don’t know how to stay in their lane! It’s when “SBs” want to act like westallen isn’t a thing and they seemed to have gotten super speed and ran themselves a whole timeline where “SBs” craziness reigns. I wish we as a fandom could just act like they don’t exists and enjoy the show and the amazing couple that comes with it! All love fam ❤

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A Birthday Invitation

Prompt requested by @entireoranges enjoy!

All right class!“ Julie Peters, the earth skills teacher exclaimed. "Time to take your seats and pay attention now.”
The earth skills classroom was small but was abuzz with noisy children.
“Jake Griffin leave Abby’s hair alone!” The teacher rebuked a tall young boy with blond hair and blue eyes who had tugged a little girls hair braid so hard that she had cried out and had thrown a punch which he ducked. Abby Walters was around 9 years old, she was small for her age but she wasn’t a shrinking violet. Brave and stubborn that it had gotten her into trouble but not enough trouble that it had landed her in the sky box. She had honey blonde hair and her eyes were brown.

Jake Griffin was the son of an engineer on the ark, a lad about three years Abby’s senior was a mischievous fellow who inspite of his habit for teasing wasn’t a bad sort. He was a dependable friend and got on reasonably well with Abby.
Watching all this go down in the far corner was an quiet boy with dark hair and piercing brown eyes. Marcus Kane, he wasn’t as tall as Jake but a few inches above Abby’s height. The other kids ignored him a lot due to his family’s religious beliefs especially his mothers. He kept to himself and admired the guards thinking one day to join them.

“Hey Kane,” Jake called. “What’s happening?” “A lot you care, Griffin” Marcus told him gruffly pulling out a chair at his desk.
“Aw come on man, you know I didn’t mean that crack about your dad,” Jake said his tone was more apologetic.
“Get lost!” was the dismissive snarl.
Abby leaned over to Jake. “Told you he wouldn’t listen.”
Jake shrugged, he sat down as the teacher called again for silence and began the days lesson.

“Marcus. Hey Marcus wait up!” Abby cried as she caught up to the dark haired boy after class, he was going in the direction of Mecha Station.
“What do you want, Abby?” Marcus sighed with annoyance. “If you’re wanting to bridge what happened with me and Jake, forget it.”
“That’s not what I wanted,” Abby said, “ all though all things considered he didn’t mean it..”
“Figures,” he muttered and started to push past her but Abby didn’t let him. 
“Now hang on!” The girl exclaimed feeling frustrated at his stubbornness. “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight. It’s my birthday tomorrow and mom said I could have a little party-we got some extra rations to celebrate.”
Marcus stopped and looked at her, Abby’s eyes were hopeful and shining with excitement there was something about her that intrigued him.
“I’d like to come,” he said quietly having not been invited to many get togethers, he felt suddenly hesitant. “Mom will need me to water the Eden tree, but I’ll try, I promise.”
“Great!” Abby said happily, “I hope to see you there, Marcus!”
“Yeah, thanks!” He replied watching her grab her friend Callie and run along to her apartment in Alpha Station. He smiled then ran off to his own room.

I literally do not even care how I look. This is raw, unfiltered, unedited, and yet the most beautiful picture I’ve ever taken, personally. To me that is.. I can rarely get the girls to take a picture together much less one of me with them and so this picture means more to me than any picture possible because it shows my two beautiful and smart little girls and a mom who doesn’t care what she looks like because at the end of the day, my girls will love me just as I am…
Motherhood has taught me so much about self love, that I never thought would be possible.. But it has. Sure, I’ve got a little extra weight that I could definitely lose. Sure my hair is a complete fried mess and absolutely sure that I have dark circles and a few splotches on my face but at the end of the day, I love this me. I love the mom I have become. I’m still learning, they’re still teaching me, I’m teaching them, were learning together but no matter what… This mama knows she’s doing right by her girls because I will NEVER make them feel anything less of smart and beautiful for who they are.

(Excuse my jumble-ness, lol)

@thestrangetravelingscientist requests an audience!

He’d be lying if he said that moonlight sonata wasn’t his favorite thing to play. Sure, there was nothing he loved more than living up a room with a jazzy or swing tune but… sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Not only that, but it was the only thing that made him feel calm… and honest happiness.

As he finished playing he heard a creaking noise behind him. Great. Someone else snuck into the studio. Welp, time to add another body to the least. When he turns his head, however, he sees a small tuft of blonde hair and a pair of yellow eyes staring at him. He raises a brow and turns his entire body to get a better look. Much to his surprise, it was a little girl, who looked no older than 5 or 6. 

Time to put on the charm. Bendy put on his softest smile and got up from his chair. He was slightly embarrassed that he had been watched without knowing for God knows how long. 

“Hmm. Seems like I’ve accumulated an audience. And just how did you get in here lil lady?”

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Hey, it's the girl who's bf calls her little tomato again! He and I just hung out for the first time out of school and he came over to my place. We played Mario Cart and watched a movie while subtly cuddling because my sister was hanging with us and I'm just so happy because now my sweater smells like him and agghhhhh I just can't wait to do it again.

Awww!!! Your so lucky!!!!!!!! ❤💖💖

I want to slow dance with you


miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!