who's that little girl

I want to be asked about the thoughts that keep me up at night. For someone to wonder what goes on in my head. To ask what the song is I put on when I want to cry or the one that immediately puts me in a better mood. The things that make me miss home. To wonder how I take my coffee. I want for someone sit and wonder about all the things, big or small, that make me who I am.


Milky milky 🥛🍼


All 4 big winners at the Emmys were about and starred women. Some of the women are powerful, some are in love with each other, some hold their friendships closely, and some are just trying to survive.

Congrats to Veep (Best Comedy Series), Big Little Lies (Best Limited Series), San Junipero (Best Movie), and The Handmaid’s Tale (Best Drama Series). Well deserved winners, all!