who's stryke

Reasons that i dont draw Star vs the forces of evil

1) The most expected: Starco

2) Lack of content, lets be honest star vs FOE only work for fanservices, shipping and nsfw artworks.

3) Did i say starco and their extreme fans? Well that works too

4) Lack of lore or world building, for real we varely know about the other dimensions, about the royal family, i bet when they gonna explore it as goibg to be a excuse for more starco, since those two became queen and king of mewni and have a princess daughter who follow the endless princess cicle.

5) After what the starco did to one of my tumblr who follow (stryke down his account) , im piss off and scare too since they can destroy my account if i not draw starco or have the blasfemy to draw a different ship.

So yup, i love star but thanks to her fanbase i not gonna try it.