who's not finishing their drinks

Imagine having really rough sex with Rafael Barba. 

Requested by @emmabean517

Warning: Smut, rough sex, angry sex, name calling, angst, false accusations 

This is completely consensual. They have a safe word!

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Seijoh 4 Week Day 3: position swap // coffee shop au

Where Iwaizumi is the manager of a local coffee shop who has to deal with three annoying regulars who wont. Leave. (They finished their drinks over an hour ago.)

Gay Halloween Drinking Game

1 shot for every costume that’s basically a pair of shorts

1 beer chug for every bearded guy dressed as a lumberjack

1 fruity drink sip for every guy trying drag “for the first and only time”

1 shot of whiskey for every childhood/Disney character ruined

1 gulp of water for the one guy who actually wore a costume

1 long chug for a group of Avengers. Finish your drink if it’s the full set.

1 shot of Fireball (hurts so good) for anyone basically wearing their Leather or gear and calling it a costume. 

Splash your drink on the bastard who didn’t wear a costume. 

Hoard your drink for every crowded local hangout you have to suffer through.

One judgmental sip for the group of loud straight girls at your bar.

Two shots of Viniq for the twink covered in body glitter.

1 button that has 911 and/or Uber on your speed dial 


Imagine Lucien and you hating each other at first, but then you both start to fall for each other.

You took a sip of you drink while glancing at Lucien who stood across from you. Finishing your drink, you walked away from the party he was hosting and stepped outside. Once you were left alone to your thoughts, you thought back to when you first met Lucien:

“You should stop with your glaring, Y/N.” You turned to see Klaus smirking at you.

“I don’t trust him.” Your eye twitched as you saw the man who introduced himself as began feeding on multiple people at one. “Nor do I like him.”

Klaus turned your head to face him again. “None of that matters. You just need to work with him for now.”

You rolled your eyes. “Fine. Only because this supposed weapon that can kill you would result in my death as well.”

He chuckled. “We both know you actually tolerate me, dear Y/N. There’s no point in pretending that reason is your only reason.”

You stick your tongue out at him and laugh, but that quickly turns into a scowl as Lucien came to stand near the two of you. “I seem to be missing out on the fun.”

Klaus smirked at you as you huffed and moved away from Lucien slightly. “Behave.” He patted your head and walked away.

Lucien turned towards you as soon as he was gone. “I have no need for you. You’re young and unneeded.”

“I’m not working with you for you; I’m doing it for Klaus.” You glared at him. “I may be young, but he sure as hell trusts me a lot more that you.”

“What are you doing out here, all alone.” You were broken out of your memory by the voice of the very man you were thinking of.

“I don’t really like parties.” You looked up at him as you felt him in front of you now.

He pulled you to him. “Then let me keep you company.” With that said, he pressed you lips against his.

When he pulled away, you smiled at him. “That would be perfect.”

“I love you.” He kissed you softly.

“I love you too.” You were about to pull him into another kiss, but pulled back slightly before you did. “Just don’t tell Klaus. I’d rather not hear his teasing.”

Smirking, Lucien just pulled you back to him.

Don’t Go Without Me

Bobby x you

super slight!angst; fluff

Originally posted by its--jane

Here you were, in the most awaited moment in your life, your college party. It’s held at a really famous bar in town and your friends are all here. What could be better than this?

You stood under that blinding yet colorful light while holding a glass of cocktail. You always wanted to do this kind of night life, party at midnight. But there was something bothering you right now. It was Bobby, your lovely boyfriend. He never liked the idea of you being out at night clubbing with some of your friends without him. 

You thought he’s being over protective to you that you decide to leave without telling him. Indeed, Bobby was the one who works most of his time. 

He wouldn’t know, you said to yourself. I’ll be home before he is.

It was ten and you know Bobby would be home at eleven. But you still wanted to stay a bit more and finished your drinks. You’re a person who barely drink alcohol, so the fact that you’re consuming one now make you feel dizzy but still remain sober.


A guy called you out and make you turn to him. It was Ji. He was one of the best looking guy in your class and you’ve known each other since highschool. So yeah, you guys are pretty close.

He leaned his head towards your ear and said, “You come alone? Where the hell is your man?”

“He’s at work, always busy!”

Ji stared at you and notices that you’re drunk already. He always knew that you’re almost never drink so being a nice guy he is, Ji offered you to let him drives you home.

“You look horrible! Let’s get you home already!”

“I still want to stay! I’ll get us more drink, okay?”

“No!” Ji held you by your wrist, hard enough to make you flinched your eyes. “A glass is enough for you and now I’m taking you home whether you like it or not, y/n!”

You guys made it out of the bar and Ji was leading you to his car when suddenly your other hand tat wasn’t held tightly by Ji was being pulled. You turned and found Bobby’s figure standing tall with his arms wrapped around your body in no time.

“Where the fuck do you think you’ll take my girl to?” Bobby didn’t look happy at all that time. His eyes were burning with anger and disappointment. 

“Whoa easy there, tiger. I was gonna take her home to you before she loses more consciousness.” Ji said as he let go your wrist. “Now please leave your work for a few hours and accompany her to a party if you don’t want her to go alone.”

That was all you remember about that night at the parking lots. Because in the next day, you found yourself lying in the bed with a wet towel laid on your burning forehead.

You groaned after you took the towel off your head. You didn’t notice Bobby was there watching you the whole night until he made his way to your shared bed.

“Feel better?”

You took a deep breath before you let your first word in the day, “look, Bobby, I’m so sorry for what happened last night. I, I thought I would be alright to go by myself.”

Bobby didn’t say anything and it scared you to death. He was never like this before. Bobby is the kind of guy who will light up the world with his grin instead of glaring at you like this.

“There are some reason why I never let you to go alone, y/n.” He finally sat by the edges of your bed. “I know you can’t even drink a sip of soju. And that guy last night, he obviously like you even when you’re too blunt to understand that.”

“So, you’re jealous?” you said looking down to your curled hand.

Bobby sighed and pulled you into his warm embrace. “Yes, babe. I hate it when you hang out a lot with him. But I still let you since he’s kind to you.”

You felt your heart warm out of the blue. And it was because of Bobby again. You never felt this way towards another boy in your life. Maybe it was why you fell in love with him.

“Wait, Bobby! It’s nine!”

“So what?”

“Shouldn’t you off to the studio already?”He chuckled and said, “Well, last night a guy told me that I have to spend more time with my baby so that she wont find any other way to waste her time.” 


harmonyblast  asked:

Jefferson and Hamilton 11

These two + this prompt = PERFECTION!!! LET’S DO THIS THING! (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba- Goddamnit!” 

Getting back at Jefferson was one of Alexander’s favorite pastimes. There were many forms this activity could take, but today it involved a tree, some snow, and patience. 

Alexander had seen Jefferson and Madison walking to the cafe together earlier, so he knew they had to come back past the tree at some point. He wasn’t shocked at how long they’d been there. Jefferson was the type of guy who liked to roost even two hours after he’d finished his drink.

Alex was peering down the road when his phone buzzed. It was a text from Laurens.

Laurens: where you at, babe?

Alexander: up a tree

Laurens: is this some weird metaphor?

Alexander: I am in a literal tree. It’s in the park. Come join me? xox

About ten minutes later Alexander spotted a very confused looking Laurens wandering about the park.

“Psst! Up here!” Alex hissed. 

Laurens spotted him and jogged toward the tree. “Are you stuck?”

“Hell no!” Alex said, slightly offended. “I’m getting revenge. Get up here!”

Laurens sighed and shook his head, but he climbed the tree and sat on a branch near Alex. “Why are we in a tree? Why are we getting revenge?”

“Shh!” Alex said, holding out a gloved hand to Laurens’ lips. “Here he comes…”

“Here who come?” Laurens strained his eyes to see who it was. “Oh shit, Alexander. Really?” 

“Shut up, Laurens!” Alex said, packing a perfect snowball and getting ready to throw it at his poofy-haired target.

“Alexander Hamilton, don’t you dare throw that snowba––” Laurens cringed as Alex launched the snowball at an oblivious Jefferson. “Goddamnit,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Now what the hell was that?” Jefferson exclaimed in his souther drawl, brushing the snow off his shoulder.

“I, uh, don’t know,” Madison said with a cough.

“Ha! Got you, Thomas!” Alexander shouted from the tree.

“You ass!” Jefferson yelled. “I’m comin’ up there to give ya’all a lesson!” He charged toward the tree.

Alexander was prepared, though. He quickly created more snowballs and kept flinging them at Jefferson until the other boy finally stopped attempting to climb the tree and instead focused on getting all of the snow off of himself.

“This isn’t over, Hamilton!” He shouted as he and Madison continued on their way. “You better watch your scrawny backside!” 

“Bring it on, Thomas! I’m not scared of you.” 

Laurens sighed as Thomas and Madison disappeared down the road. “My god, Alexander.”

His boyfriend just turned to him, a grin on his face. “I’m amazing, I know!” 

Both boys broke out in laughter, then sat in the tree a while longer, hands linked, silently watching people pass by below.


Requested by anonymous

“Vegas?” you asked Loki, raising your eyebrow at him. You were standing in the middle of the Vegas strip at night, and it was Loki who brought you here. “I never figured you for gambling and drinking.”

“I’m not, but the people who are are really fun to mess with,” Loki stated, going into the nearest casino, which happened to be Caesar’s Palace.

“Did you seriously just bring me to Vegas to pull pranks on drunk gamblers?” you asked in surprise.

“Maybe on some bartenders too,” Loki stated. “Speaking of, would you like a drink?”

“Sure, but I thought you didn’t have any Earth money,” you replied, trailing close behind the Asgardian.

“No, but he does,” Loki said with a point to a man who had a nearly-full glass in front of him. He picked up the empty glass from someone who just finished their drink, then swapped it for the man’s full glass, giving you the full glass. You threw away the straw, opting to just sip straight from the glass. “He had to be cut off anyways.”

“Okay, I’m liking this so far,” you commented with a nod. You weren’t a fan of gambling, but this you could get behind. “You can shapeshift, right?”

“Of course,” Loki replied.

You pulled out your phone and pulled up a picture of Megan Foxx, showing it to Loki. “Turn into this woman and seduce a guy. Then turn into a guy to make him think he’s going crazy.”

“This is why I brought you along,” Loki said as he made himself look like the actress. “Great ideas.”

Loki turned to the closest man he/she could find. “Aww, darn, I seem to have forgotten my money.”

The man turned, clearly shocked to find Megan Foxx sitting right next to him. “I’ll get you something,” he said, before flagging down one of the cocktail waitresses. Loki batted his/her eyelashes and gave a smile, lightly touching the arm of the guy as he ordered. You could barely contain your laughter.

You couldn’t hear the conversation, but when the waitress returned with the drinks, the man turned to grab them and give her a tip. When he turned back, Loki had changed back into his normal self. “Thanks,” he said, taking the glass.

“Wait, what happened to Megan Foxx?” the guy asked, very confused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Loki replied. “It was always just me. How much have you had to drink?” As he spoke, Loki caused illusions of himself to appear around him. “Next thing you know, you’ll start seeing double,” Loki and all the clones added.

The guy rubbed his eyes, and Loki got rid of the clones. Freaked out, the guy ran away. “Okay, that was great,” you said between laughs, holding your hand up for a high-five, which Loki returned.

Clinton-Trump debate drinking game

grab some beer or wine and pick a candidate

for Trump players, take a sip if he …

  • mentions Mexico, Bill Clinton, Benghazi, free trade or Ivanka Trump.
  • says huge — yuuge.
  • says Bernie Sanders supporters should vote for him.
  • calls Clinton “crooked Hillary.”
  • wildly waves his arms.

for Trump players, finish your drink if he …

  • says he will release his tax returns.
  • apologizes to Clinton for any reason.

for Clinton players, take a sip if she …

  • mentions Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Trump steaks, the minimum wage or Chelsea Clinton.
  • calls Trump a liar.
  • says “better together” or “love trumps hate.”
  • laughs at the debate podium.

for Clinton players, finish your drink if she …

  • says young people who vote for a third-party candidate are voting for Trump.
  • says she did send classified information on her private email server.

for all, take a sip if …

  • Lester Holt touches his glasses while asking your candidate a question.
  • Lester Holt smiles
  • Lester hold asks either candidate about their health
  • either candidate says they will let journalists review their health records.
  • mentions Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
  • mentions the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

for all, finish your drink if …

  • if Lester Holt corrects Trump if he says he was opposed to the Iraq War.
  • if Lester Holt corrects Clinton if she says she did not send classified information on her email server.
  • if Lester Holt says either candidate did not tell the truth.

(We recommend players stick to beer or wine and drink water as well. We strongly encourage you play only if you will not be driving and are of legal drinking age.)

femlock au where john is a waitress at this seedy lounge, and all the older men are always trying to hit on her or slip her their numbers under their beers, and she’s sort of disinterested (though of course, one time a fit bloke came in and she might’ve met him in the bathroom on her break) but anyway, one time this feral thing, dark and messy with eyes like knives, slides up to the bar and orders a hard scotch and john watches as she drinks in silence, barking at the men who try to talk to her. and she finishes one drink quickly and leaves, stumbling out. and she comes back, time and time again, doing the same thing, always during john’s shift. sometimes she catches john staring, but always continues drinking in silence. sometimes she swivels around and leans back, a lean leg in with ripped jeans and a scuffed up sneaker crossed over her lap, while she observes the people. sometimes she’s muttering. john always keeps an eye on her from wherever she is in the lounge, and after a few weeks of coming in, john watches as the girl finally snaps and gives a rundown of how the man trying to currently hit on her used to practice snogging with his cousin, how he secretly liked it, and how she turned him down tonight after he called her looking to rekindle the flame, and that he compensates for his small penis with this bravado personality. and the man gets upset and the girl stands up and yells at him, eventually spitting in his face, and so the owner throws her out, shouting, “fucking druggie!” because it’s clear the girl is high, higher than usual, and john offers to go chase after her and tell her not to come back and maybe make sure she doesn’t cause any more trouble outside, so she rushes outside, apron still around her curvy waist. and she finds the girl slinking into the shadows and climbing up the bins at the side of the lounge, and john calls “hey!” but she ignores her, only jumping up the bins like a sleek black cat, and so john clumsily follows her up to the roof, and then finds her sitting on the edge of the roof with one leg pulled up, half a smirk on her face, and she tilts her head as says, “they send you to contain me?” and there’s something about the girl that’s so attractive, how a dark curl falls down her forehead, the rest of them tied back sloppily with a chopstick, how her clothes are loose and layered but when she rocks forward john can see a skin-tight purple tanktop and her necklaces disappearing into the cleft of her bosom. how her sneakers have sharpie on them and her eyes and lined with black, smudged out a bit. and tbh john’s into it, and she’s willing to take a chance so she bites back, “no. i offered.” and the girl pulls her legs in tighter and turns her pale face to the moon and gives john the cold shoulder but john is determined, she knows what it’s like to have a spark of hate, so she tells her this. and the girl snaps back, “i don’t hate.” and john’s like uh huh okay and the girl’s like, “i’m just bored.” and john comes closer, closer and closer, and they’re alone on the roof and it’s silent save for the sounds of the street below and the moon is beautiful and the sky is navy and john knows something is starting, she knows, and she looks at the girl and the girl looks back with those blasted sharp eyes and instead of being like wow this girl is problematic and high as shit, i should leave, john just raises her face to the moon and breathes a misty breath and says, “yeah. life is boring.” and then they fall in love and eventually sherlock gets clean and her dark spark subsides when the golden love of john envelopes her but she’s still an asshole to gross men and she still wears dark clothes and boots and eyeliner and holy fuck this is too real

The 2015 General Republican Debate Drinking Game
  • Because we all know we won't be able to survive this sober. Courtesy of me and my friends in our lovely discussion group.
  • Before the debate:
  • Call a candidate before the debate. If YOUR candidate voluntarily brings up police brutality, everyone who didn't pick that candidate has to finish their drink.
  • Take a sip whenever:
  • 1: A candidate talks about "Making America strong again."
  • 2: Someone promises to repeal Obamacare.
  • 3: Any candidate drinks from their stage cup/bottle.
  • 4: Anyone says something blatantly sexist or racist
  • 5: A candidate insinuates President Obama isn't a "true" American.
  • 6: Someone refers to climate change with "Well, we still don't know all the facts"/"Most scientists actually agree that it is [pick one] a) a temporary phase; b) not man-made; c) a direct cause of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality".
  • 7: The crowd cheers at the mention of using the death penalty.
  • 8: Someone says Hillary Clinton is not “trustworthy”, take another sip every time the words "Benghazi" or "emails" are said.
  • 9: A candidate mentions the "War on Christianity" or "Assault on religious freedom".
  • 10: Someone says the country was founded on "Christian principles" or was founded as a "Christian Nation". Also fire a shotgun.
  • 11: Ben Carson speaks on any topic other than healthcare.
  • 12: A candidate promises to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • 13: A candidate mentions Jesus by name as if he were their college roommate.
  • 14: A candidate says they have the "utmost respect for our veterans". Take three sips if said candidate is Donald Trump.
  • 15: Someone mentions that Ted Cruz wasn't actually born in the USA.
  • 16: Someone says some variation of “The Iran nuclear deal is a terrible/awful idea”. Take another sip if the candidate admits that they haven’t read the deal.
  • 17: A candidate makes a point to prove that they are the “The Reagan-ist”.
  • 18: You forget John Kasich is running
  • 19: A candidate cannot remember an amendment of the Constitution/verse of the Bible/commandment or name of a Founding Father.
  • 20: A candidate tries to somehow relate to “the youths” or “young people”
  • 21: A candidate mentions their "beautiful wife" or their "beautiful children.
  • 22: Donald Trump says “you don’t have to ask to see my birth certificate”.
  • 23: A candidate brings up repealing Common Care, but clearly has no clue what it entails.
  • 24: A candidate says Americans are "sick and tired of" something, two sips if Americans are "sick and tired of the weak leadership in the White House", three if they specifically mention Obama's name in that sentence and four if they fail to refer to him as "President" Obama.
  • 25: A candidate refers to another candidate as "my good friend" or "my dear friend." Take two additional sips if they follow it up with a vicious attack on their dear friend's record or policy suggestions.
  • 26: A Catholic candidate directly contradicts the Pope (sip of wine).
  • 29: Every time someone says Obama is “anti-war”
  • 30: Any time someone brings up Israel, two if it is about Israel being nuked.
  • Finish your drink if:
  • 1: A candidate calls an entire population rapists.
  • 2: Trump says Obama was actually born in Kenya.
  • 3: Someone says something along the lines of "We've got to leave science to the scientists".
  • 4: Someone proposes articulate, factually based, and thorough solutions to complex problems.
  • 5: Jeb speaks Spanish at all
  • 6: Someone asks to see Ted Cruz’s birth certificate.
  • 7: A candidate suggests the US is at risk of becoming “the next Greece”
  • 8: Donald Trump says “You’re fired!” or calls another candidate a “loser”.
  • 9: Any candidate displays any knowledge of, care for or intent to talk about transgender rights. Then finish another drink.
  • 10: A candidate brings up Caitlyn Jenner. Take a sadness shot if they refer to her as Bruce Jenner.
  • 11: A candidate says that they are terrified of the world their "beautiful children" are growing up in.
  • 12: Anyone refers to the GOP as the "Party of Lincoln" or the "Party of Teddy Roosevelt," acting as if were they alive today, they'd be in the GOP
  • 13: Rand Paul tells someone to call him "Dr. Paul."
  • 14: A candidate complains about something Obama didn't do and follows it up with "but the White House sure was lit up in rainbow colors after gay marriage became legal."
  • 15: If a candidate says the Jews are entering a "new Holocaust". Shotgun if Huckabee does this.
  • Specials:
  • 1: Take 5 sips if Trump brings up his plan to move everyone from Palestine to Puerto Rico.
  • 2: Drink a whole new drink if a candidate compares an American politician or an idea proposed by an American politician to communism/communist figure or Nazism/Hitler.
  • Honorable Mentions:
  • 1: If a candidate says income inequality is overblown, finish 90 percent of everyone else's drink and tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and walk over the fridge to get everyone else another beer.
  • 2: Waterfall the entire debate so you can wake up in morning without wanting to immediately flee to Canada
  • 3: Finish your drink if Mitt Romney shows up out of habit.
  • 4: If Rick Scott suddenly appears to remove all fans from underneath podiums, the game is immediately over and you must chug a Natty Light.

They should have an episode of Doctor Who where he’s drinking coffee and when he finishes he looks inside and has a shocked face and then he starts banging around on the TARDIS console and when he gets to where he wanted to be he opens the doors and smiles and then the camera pans to the cup and it says “Hello Sweetie.” With coordinates under that. And then we get River back!!!


Found an awesome Cuban place for dinner.

Went to geeks who drink trivia and didn’t finish last 💁🏼. Team name was the choad jugglers. Bonus points if any knows what show that was from.

Had to fast since last night. Medical today. 💉💉 and I get some brain injury test too.