who's name i always forget

luke laying his head in your lap while the collection of pot holes in the road give under the massive tires of the tour bus, his face still glistening with a thin layer of sweat from the show that ended not hours before, his eyes a bit puffy and swollen with fatigue, making the gentle blue hue all the more dazzling. he gently toyed with your hands that draped over his collarbones, his fingers brushing over the ridges caused by your flexed joints, the cool metal of his rings bringing a flutter of goosebumps across your already chilled skin before he was soothing the coolness by covering his lips over each individual digit, the amount of affection from the simple movements enveloping your heart in adoration until he’s guiding your grip to his sweaty mess of curly hairs, coaxing you to run your fingers through it as his eyes flit closed and he hums tiredly did you know you’re the most beautiful girl in the world? as you just shush him with flushed pink cheeks, tugging the knots from the darkened, damp blonde while massaging his scalp until his heartbeat is slowing under your touch and he’s murmuring i love you, princess 

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where r some of the best places to buy clothes in welly

depends on budget/what you’re into!!!!!

if you have $$$ then my favourites are hunters and collectors, ziggurat, and thrift (all on cuba st) or soup (just off tory st.) i find a lot of stuff in emporium a bit too mom-jeans-ironic-tshirts-pastel-everything but it’s not impossible to find good stuff in there. i kinda hate spacesuit bc their stuff is all low quality and tacky and way overpriced, but i have got a couple of rly great pieces there, they have a good selection of faux fur. there’s foxy vintage and another who’s name i always forget up the top of cuba that sells very cool petticoats and things. army surplus sometimes have cool things, they have a good beret selection.

if you’re not banked up, the opshops in newtown are great. they’re not ~hip~ like the cuba st ones but they’re so much cheaper when you do find the good stuff. head up riddiford st and you’ll find the salvation army, opportunity for animals, etc etc.

there’s also recycle boutique and paper bag princess (recycle on vivian st, pbp on cuba) which are kinda in the
middle of thrift and sallies.

buying new clothes is kinda a foreign concept to me but if that’s more your thing and you’ve got the $$$, the service depot is my fav, as is zambesi (they sell nom*d as well, and the odd rick owens/margiela/ann demeulemeester piece). workshop can be v sterile but they sell a bit of isabel marant, alexander wang, acne, cdg play, etc. i buy my black skinny jeans from there bc they work for my big-ass-skinny-hips situation. scotties is also quite dull but sell like diane von furstenburg and celine and marni and stuff. there’s also ena on ghuznee. area 51 can be cool for menswear but i find their women’s stuff v dull.

but ya i buy most of my stuff from cuba st vintage shops and newtown opshops. i pretty much only buy second hand for a combination of aesthetic, financial, environmental, and ethical reasons.

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I’m the game dev who designed, coded, and wrote the script for Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago, which you said you “played the hell out of” on the Mac. I’m brain-damaged so I can’t code games any more, but I wrote a well-reviewed humorous sci-fi thriller—Channel Zilch--about stealing the prototype space shuttle Enterprise and launching it from Russia, a sort of “prequel” to Star Trek. I’d love to send you a copy of CZ, but I know you’re a busy dude and don’t want to be a dick about it.

Holy shit yes I played it like CRAZY! I forget the name of the guy who would always try to shoot me, but my mouse skills were so crappy back then, he got me more than half of the time.

I was playing lots of Defender of the Crown, and all those great games from the DeJa Vu devs back then, too, so you had some really great company.

Thanks for making something that brought me a lot of joy! I’ll check out your new game as soon as I can.

No but

First Levi loses his mother

Then Kaney, who was the only biological family he had left abandoned him and left him on his own 

Then he manages to make friends, people who truly cared about him and people Levi could be able to call “family” after a while. His most preciated friends and siblings, because Isabel was his little sister and Farlan was his confident and his brother, and then both of them die horribly in front of him and, what’s worst, he couldn’t make it in time to save them.

Then years pass and he manages to get more friends again. His squad, people who trusted him and his orders and felt safe under its wings, and yet again they die horribly and he gets to see their mutilated bodies laying around the forest because, again, he couldn’t make it in time to them.

And then Hange trusts her men to him for a mission and the three of them: Nifa, the goggles guy and the other guy whose name I always forget get killed by Kenny, who comes back to him again after abandoning him and shoot the men that were entrusted to him, killing them in front of him.

Give this man a break god damn it