who's line is it anyway meme

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

so if you guys didn’t know, @deancasheadcanons has this wonderful fic called kvetch, a college au based on the university she went to, which i now go to. i found this fic a few weeks ago for the first time, after being a big fan of madd’s works for like at least a year. if you’ve read the fic you’ll know that dean works at the school newspaper, and dean and cas meet (sorta) through the ‘kvetching board’, a column specific to our paper. turns out, i have a good friend who also works at the school newspaper, and used to watch supernatural, and reads/writes fanfiction, so i sent her the link to the fic. we were both kinda freaking out, cuz like, apparently the setup of the rooms is the same or whatever, which isn’t that weird because like, madd /did/ work there, but it was kinda weird because oh my gosh internet is merging into real life where did that line between fanfiction and reality go??

anyways, yesterday someone handed me the paper and told me to look at the kvetches. i didn’t really think anything of it, tbh i thought it would be like a meme or something, but i open it up and the one at the very top was directed at ME. 

after a little bit of sleuthing (ok it didn’t take a lot of sleuthing), i figured out that the person who submitted the kvetch was the friend who i shared the fic with because newspaper. who probably didn’t even have to /submit/ the kvetch because like, she works there. and it’s based on a fic i shared with her and god it’s so cute.

so i guess we’re gonna go on a date now? all thanks to destiel fanfiction. follow your dreams, kids. #thanks madd


SHINee: Everything = sex, never be in public while viewing anything

NCT: Pick a bias quickly and hang on, if you let go you’ll be lost in there forever

Exo: Lay needs to be protected no matter who your bias is, everyone has abs don’t be fooled by beagle line, try not to start shit with ARMYs, Tao, Kris, and Luhan left don’t bring it up

BTS: Bias J-Hope he’s the best and most under appreciated, try not to start shit with EXO-Ls, comment “Jungkook its not that serious” on every picture

Got7: It’s Jinyoung now, Markson is undeniable, Maknae line transforms like 1023483% 

Monsta X: Learn to enjoy being uncomfortable all the time

KNK: Not a lot of English subs but you should tune into the vapps anyway, little rookies need support <3

Block B: There’s more than just Zico, they get drunk sometimes its just how it is

Beast: Too many weekly idols to watch em all, trust the memes instead, pick your favorite era and watch that one.

Winner: Stay away from Song Minho :)

iKon: You need to watch WIN: Who is next, Mix and Match, and Show Me the Money 3

Big Bang: You too late

K.A.R.D: Don’t be afraid to bias someone the same sex as you. 

Meet Your Overwatch Quick Play Team
  • Genji: either there's an enemy Bastion they're trying to counter, or this person thinks they're pro and will definitely waste your time; cried for 5 hours when Genji got nerfed
  • McCree: really good at hitting crack shots and somehow manages to get at least three people with Deadeye every time; alternatively, they could be almost unspeakably bad at landing shots
  • Pharah: JUSTICE RAAAAI--AUGH! every goddamn time; on the other hand, if you politely tell them to flank before ulting, they'll probably listen and improve, because they're usually decent people
  • Reaper: they don't know the meaning of "teamwork" and honestly believe their teleport is silent; they'll queue in last and choose Reaper when there's still no healer
  • Soldier 76: takes the game way too seriously but never bothers to focus the enemy Pharah; almost always uses their Biotic Field selfishly with few exceptions
  • Tracer: is actually pretty good about staying alive on their own and harassing the enemy team; on the other hand, they might be terrible and constantly spam "Need healing!" from across the entire map and can never stick their ult to anyone
  • Bastion: can't seem to figure out that Genji's Deflect will absolutely destroy them if they keep shooting; alternatively, they might save the game, but they'll definitely steal the POTG in the process
  • Hanzo: has a foot fetish and can't seem to stop aiming for the enemy's feet, but loves it because the hitboxes are ridiculously big; definitely hates your team and will refuse to switch heroes even if they're unbelievably bad
  • Junkrat: previously played Demoman exclusively in TF2, and is here to fuck shit up for the enemy team; you GUESS they're pretty good, but their ult always steals the POTG
  • Mei: they're either spot-on with their Ice Wall, protecting your team from nearly every enemy ult, or they can't aim for shit and always end up blocking your team in terrible spots
  • Torbjörn: *announcer voice* Play of the Game *footage of Torbjörn's corpse next to his turret, which manages a quadruple kill before someone blows it up*; Defense Torbjörns hate themselves, and Attack Torbjörns hate their entire team
  • Widowmaker: there's a teeny tiny chance that they're actually a pro and can land all sorts of insane shots; more likely, however, they're unspeakably bad and turn your game into a 5v6
  • D.va: thinks that D.va is a front-line tank and an acceptable stand-in for Reinhardt; doesn't understand the meaning of "disruption tank", but tries their best anyways
  • Reinhardt: a team player, but also kind of an egotistical asshole when they manage to get POTG; they'll protect you, sure, but they won't hesitate to blame the healer for a lousy game
  • Roadhog: is either an excellent enemy harasser who always lands their hook, or is the only tank on your team when attacking on Volskaya; often forgets about their self-heal
  • Winston: thinks Harambe memes are the best, and is generally a fairly good addition to your team to counter Tracer, Symmetra, or those damn enemy snipers that your Hanzo/Widowmaker can't ever seem to take care of
  • Zarya: is always there for you, shielding you at just the right moment, and doesn't get enough love; alternatively, they don't know how to aim with their secondary fire
  • Lúcio: probably a salty Mercy main who just needs a break; they'll be there for your team, and if everyone else dies during Overtime, count on them doing a panicked yet determined Payload Dance™
  • Mercy: is completely numb to the suffering of their teammates spamming "Need healing!" from 50 miles away; drinks straight vodka and does their best, but never gets enough appreciation from solo queues despite almost always carrying the team to victory
  • Ana: loves the idea of being a support sniper, and is pretty damn good at it, always landing their shots and grenades to keep the team alive; the resident team grandma, complete with freshly baked cookies
  • Symmetra: likes making "death chambers" with their turrets and miraculously manages to keep their teleporter up for a decent amount of time; alternatively, they may be the worst teammate and never seem to have their teleporter
  • Zenyatta: doesn't seem to understand that Zenyatta is always best when paired with another healer; singlehandedly wrecks the enemy team with their Discord orb, but can't manage to keep the team alive on their own
Dating Jisol includes

Jisol is Seventeen’s English line, otherwise known as Hansol and Joshua! they are my babies i love them

requested by anon<3

Dating Jisol Includes:

Originally posted by vernonope

-y’all this is going to get me fucked up

-english line was my first SVT ship

-bless the anon who requested this


-it would be really awkward at first

-because hansol is unexpierinces

- and jisoo is well… jisoo

-need I remind you about the “drink water” thing?

-you’re basically dating two memes

-two memes who love you

-neither of them are really big on skinship/pda

-but will cuddle when they need it/you need it

-weekly movie nights

-sometimes you watch dramas

-or anime

-and other times you marathon Doctor Who

-or Fast and Furious

-hansol loves watching you put on makeup

-he literally just sits on the bathroom counter and watches you put on eyeliner

-don’t asking why he does that though

-baby will get all blushy and nervous and stop for a couple days

-jisoo will play the guitar 24/7 try me

-you told him once that you liked listening to him play

-and now he plays any chance he can get because he loves making you happy

-the three of you go grocery shopping together

-jisoo is the responsible one

-while you and hansol put loads of junk in the cart

-none of you cook often so you get a lot of takeout

-jisoo is secretly getting cooking lessons from mingyu

-speaking of the rest of the boys

-they love to flirt with you and hang all over you because they know it makes jisol jealous

-hansol is a sassy jealous boy

-and he probably gets jealous the easiest

-when he sees jun next to you, he immediately puts his arms around you

-while glaring at his hyung until he walks away

-will bring up shit from months ago to make the other boy feel embarrassed as hell

-smirks to himself when he pulls you close to him

-“i’m trying to protect you from getting sick. who knows the last time mingyu washed his hands”

-joshua wouldn’t really react that much

-but would internally be really insecure

-he probably gets really quiet and won’t make eye contact

-would force smiles when people talk to him and nod

-his eyes would be glassy and his breathing would be irregular from holding back tears

-it would be obvious to you and hansol so the two of you would take him out of the room immediately

-kisses to reassure that you both love him because he’s him


-can you imagine that

-blushy hansol when he gives you little pecks all over your face on good days

-cheeky hansol biting your bottom lip when he’s feeling ‘frustrated’

-smiley jisoo kissing you while laughing

-making out with jisoo would be like entering heaven

-boy probably knows how to use that soft tongue of his well

-oh god I can’t breathe

-I’m not going to do the sexual stuff because ya know underage Vernon and such

-but I mean

-I can’t stop your imagination

-but curses would happen

-so many curses in so many languages


-fights probably wouldn’t be often

-but when they happened they would be bad

-like if the boys were both stressed and started fussing over nothing

-and you tried to stop it but

-some serious shit would go down

-like hansol yelling at you to stop being annoying

-and jisoo probably would just ignore you

-when you left the house the boys would still be fuming

-until jisoo realized that you were crying when you left

-he would immediately freak out and hansol would still be frustrated but wouldn’t understand why jisoo started panicking

-“hyung? what’s wrong?”

-“she was crying hansol. we made her cry.”

-hansol would immediately feel bad because he yelled at you

-he was the one who did this

-this is hurting me but I’m not done

-the boys would try to call you but would only get so far when they realized that you left your phone at home

-they wouldn’t go looking for you

-not because they wouldn’t want to

-but they know you and knew you’d probably ignore them if they found you

-hansol would probably cry

-“hyung, are they going to come back?”

-jisoo obviously telling him yes, but actually not knowing for sure

-because no matter how many fights happened or how bad they were

-you had never left before

-when you came back

-you were welcomed by two sleeping boys, cuddled together with matching tear stains

-you woke them up to kisses on the forehead

-more tears happened but this time the happy kind

-woozi is still pissed that you were crying because of them

-will probably kill them after

-jisol would be fluffy little pups who adore you

-date them

-date them and stan them

Summary of Haikyuu!! Pairing Relationships:

Kagehina: Lovable idiots who show love with insults and petty fond arguments.

Kuroken: Playful but sweet relationship filled with witty banter and cats.

Daisuga: Legit perfect couple with Karasuno babies.

Bokuaka: “My boyfriend is literally a moody 5-year old but still adorable and I love him anyways.”

Iwaoi: Your typical ‘Old Married Couple’ trope.

Tsukkiyama: Tsun-Tsun and Dere-Dere.

Asanoya: Opposites Attract.

Yakulev: “Remind me why I like this idiot again?”

Matsuhana: A relationship filled with memes, ridiculous pick up lines, shipping Iwaoi and annoying Oikawa.

Aofuta: “You see, me and Aone have this chemistry where I finish all his sentences. And start them too. They may or may not be accurate but what the heck.”

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Omg, could you write more about pichit and seong Gil planing on having kids!!??? I loved it and I need moreee!!! <3 <3

I neglected this for a long while I’m sorry </3 (x)

“So how are we gonna do this?” Seung Gil asks when they’re back in South Korea, sitting on the bed. They’ve been home for a day now and they haven’t spoken about what was brought up back at the Katsuki-Nikiforov home.

“Well, normally you would stick your dick in me and we’d wait a couple of months for results.” Phichit said casually and when he didn’t get a response he looked at Seung Gil. He broke into a grin at Seung Gil’s blank face. “Just kidding!”

Seung Gil huffed, “You’re not.”

“I’m not.” Phichit agreed and sprawled out across the bed, beckoning Seung Gil over. Seung Gil flopped onto his side beside him and pressed his face into Phichit’s clothed shoulder, sighing heavily.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Seung Gil asked.

Phichit ran his fingers through his partners hair. “As long as it’s with you, yes.”

Seung Gil blinked and then pulled away. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want it anymore, not after that cheesy line.”

Phichit gasped and tried to tug Seung Gil back to him but Seung Gil was already out of reach. “Who turned you into a monster?!”

“You did.” Seung Gil explained bluntly. Phichit gasped.

“Betrayed by my own twisted mind.”


“Welcome to my twisted mind, Seung Gil~” 

“You’re almost thirty, stop that.”

“Age is but a number, darling.”

Seung Gil just shot him a glare but was tugged back onto the bed anyway, followed by Phichit’s lips on his.

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Do you have any Jenna Rolan headcannons??!!!

You mean the damn sunshine of my life? Of course, anything for Jenna

-you know those light strings you hang over beds? Jenna has one for every other week and in December they’re festive

-Jenna absolutely adores art stores, especially those little figurines of just random objects? It takes her everything to not buy them just to have them

-at first everyone was like “lol Jenna in drama? How’s that gonna work” and then they heard her sing and - damn!

-“they see me rolan, they hatin!”

-has the god damn bEST sleepovers! Hell yes! She will give you a complete make over, you’ll all have so much fun.

-she invites Jeremy all the time to said sleep overs and gives him face masks and curls his hair, he actually finds it relaxing so he doesn’t fight as much as he used to

-somehow besties with everyone? Like yeah she lets every piece of gossip worthy material slip but she’s still fucking awesome.

-she has these 3D stickers of random cute shit that shell just stick to your binders and shirts

-a HELLA good dancer, go Jenna baby you’re doing amazing!

-she’ll take you out on the fucking town, she’ll treat you like damn royalty. She pays the bill for you no matter how much you insist and slips money in your back pocket if you manage to pay anyway

-she buys Chloe these candy necklaces a lot, Chloe chews on em when she’s nervous

-“alright bitches line up I got some juicy shit ready for the spilling”

-will shamelessly call you at ungodly hours, usually for stuff that really could wait till later

-do you know how many times she’s woken Brooke up with cat memes?

-used to have pig tails

- has this adorable pink polka for bikini and she freaking works it

-is that friend who uploads pictures of awesome food and places to her instagram, but never drops the damn location so you caN NEVER JOIN IN ILL FIND THAT BEACH PARTY JENNA

-is also that friend who messages you at random times with “this reminded me of you” and “btw you’re so amazing wth?”

-*someone does something minorly inconvenient* “straight people.”

-is not afraid to sweep you off your feet at any given moment

-gives some of the best hugs you’re ever gonna get in your life, you can’t beat a patented Rolan Hug

-has slapped a bitch in her friends’ honor

-is vegan!

-Jenna and Christine are the scrap book friends, they have so many pictures of the crew and some of them don’t remember them being taken

-“ok so you’re my best friend so listen up-” “Jenna I went to your house like once.”

-the best driver of the group

-has a lot of fashionable scarves and sometimes brings friends to her house just to dress up

-is the treat yoself friend, you best believe you gonna be treated good so long as Jenna Rolan is around.

-is over dramatic as heck, constantly yelling out and putting a hand to her forehead all “exCUSE Me?!”

-watches realty tv souly for the drama and hoping to see cat fights

-she loves the sound of heels clicking but she can’t really walk in them without tripping

-she isn’t Jewish but she did a lot of research on it when learned Jeremy was and surprised him by celebrating Hanukkah with him.

-she is kinda brutally honest if you look like shit. Sometimes she doesn’t even say anything though. She’ll fix your hair or spray you with perfume or shove an entire pack of gum in your mouth

-holds pool parties during the summer, but stopped having beers with them when Jeremy got too drunk and almost fucking drowned

-“you know…you were pretty quick to take the SQUIP…” “listen desperate times call for desperate measures and damn am I a wreck”

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32 - dust motes, Baze/Chirrut

for this meme

Hoth and Jedha, for all they both suffered from a near permanent winter, were different. Snow had been rare on Jedha, too cold and dry for it to ever form. Hoth was soft where Jedha had been hard, permafrost making most forms of farming and burial impossible. It was not an easy place to live, but the people of Jedha were adaptive and stubborn, and they made it their home for thousands of years and would have done so for another thousand if the Empire had not wiped it all away.

But they survived and adapted, as was their wont, although Baze privately admitted that Chirrut was having a much easier time with the snow then he was. Baze sunk while Chirrut had mastered the trick of walking along the thin layer of ice on top.

“If you say the Force guides you,” Baze said, breathing heavily as he struggled through the drifts, “I will throw you into that snow bank.”

“The Force has nothing to do with this,” said Chirrut, tapping his shoulder with his staff. “I’ve always been lighter on my feet than you.”

As Chirrut grinned smugly, always so pleased by his own imagined wit, Baze grabbed his ankle and tumbled him into the snow.

“Is this the fabled lightness?” he asked while Chirrut flailed and cursed him with language so filthy it made young Luke blush to hear.

They were all finding their feet, some easier than others. Bodhi, raised in the holy city, was taking to Hoth well, better than Cassian and Jyn, who had still not learned the art of how to proper layer clothing. And even Luke, born on a desert world, was faring far better than K-2S0, who complained the cold was freezing his joints. The consensus among the rest of the base was that would have been a blessing.

He and Chirrut were probably acclimating the best to the rigors of an ice planet, having survived the worst that Jedha could offer, but even so the longing for his home had settled so deep in his bones that it had replaced the very marrow. Perhaps that was why Leia of lost Alderan had taken to sitting with him as he worked to repair the few large artillery the rebellion had. She knew what it was to be unmoored, to be made of loose iron fillings with no magnet to pull all the disparate pieces together. It hurt in a way Baze didn’t know anything outside of Chirrut bleeding and near death could hurt.

But Jedha was lost and Chirrut saved, and Baze let the warmth of Chirrut in their bed seep into his hollow spaces. In this, at least, it was not so different than the winters they weathered in the holy city, Chirrut pressed against his back, cold nose tucked against his neck, arm heavy over his waist, one knee wedged between his own. Even as a skinny thing, Chirrut took up more than his fair share of space, a habit he had never out grown.

Baze watched his breath hang in the air before his face, and he thought of Jedha’s red dust, forever staining clothes and skin and even the buildings until whole cities looked to be carved from the land. In the home they made after the temple fell, Baze would wake up like this, Chirrut held tight to him, watching those same red dust motes float gently in the one slanting sunbeam their windows let in. It had been a peaceful moment in a life with too few of those.

“Baze,” Chirrut murmured, nose tracing a cold line along Baze’s neck. “What’s wrong?”

Baze watched his breath shape and then reshape itself before his eyes. “Nothing,” he said, and took Chirrut’s cold hand in his, tucking both above his heart.

Bad Wolf by Extoriance 2017 - Handdrawn Illustration

4 years ago i would never imagine myself saying this: I am definitely gonna miss you, Peter Capaldi! Thank you for such a different, but intriguing doctor, i grew quite fond of your dark humor :)

I totally understand why you choose to be the 13th doctor. Hell must brake loose when you finally change into a woman, and you’re still no ginger. ;)
Anyways, good luck Jodie! Finally some though female-prescence, i hope you will act like the crazy and goofy person i became to love :D Dont fuck it up!

Five Last Lines Meme

I was tagged by @annaofaza, thank you! <3

Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favourites or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

So I’m choosing 5 of my favorites. :-)

And Then One Fine Morning

Harry smiles. “Welcome to Kingsman, Eggsy.”

All the Wonders That Remain

“Oi.” Eggsy shies away. “I ain’t brushed my teeth yet, and we had all that garlic at dinner.”

Harry could care less about that, but he surrenders anyway. “All right,” he says.

Eggsy heads for the bathroom. “I’ll be right out,” he says.

Harry starts to turn down the bed. “Take your time,” he says. “I’ll be here.”

the centre cannot hold

When he wakes, Eggsy is still lying next to him, sleeping peacefully. Harry gazes at him for a long moment as he slowly assembles the pertinent facts.

It’s Tuesday. It’s raining. And today is the first day of the rest of his life with Eggsy Unwin.

Once Upon a Different Lifetime

“Just don’t expect me to wear no apron,” Eggsy says. “I got a reputation to maintain, and all.”

Harry chuckles. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He heads for the refrigerator, but as he reaches the place where Eggsy stands, he slows down and gives Eggsy a kiss before moving on.

Yeah, Eggsy thinks. This is the life for him.

And All the Days to Come

With a smile, Harry closes his eyes again. He turns his head so he can rest his cheek on the softness of Eggsy’s hair. This is what he was missing all those weeks when they slept on opposite sides of the bed, when his own mind came between them and kept them apart.

He knows he can never do without it again.

Best of all, he knows he’ll never have to.

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Camilla and Xander for the writing meme?

Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.


  1. Mother/Nurturer. Maybe because she didn’t have a great childhood herself, Camilla is Team Mom – not just to her sibs, but to basically everyone she meets with some kind of trouble going on, not to mention the many orphans she adopts in her solo ending. Her interactions with Elise on womanhood and growing are so wholesome and pure (and perhaps not things Camilla invests in, herself, but things she at least hopes are possible for Elise). Is it always a great thing? No way. She infantilizes her siblings to try and keep them young and protected, and anyone who gets between Mother Bear and her cubs is getting an axe through the skull with relish. She’s very smothering. But this is my favourite aspect of Camilla’s characterization, bar none.
  2. She’s dangerous and a little nuts. She didn’t have the greatest upbringing. She gets a little too delighted about the chase, the victory, and the kill. Even in times of safety, she can’t quite shut off her predatory instincts. I think a successful Camilla balances that backed-into-a-corner sharpness along with the nurturing aspects above, and that’s….really, really hard, haha. I’ve only written a younger Camilla who is less honed, so to speak, in every aspect. Idk if I could write a good in-game Camilla.
  3. Weaponized sexuality. I know she was designed to be the Ultimate Nohr Waifu but I like the iteration of Camilla who knows that she’s sexy, grew up in the dangerous and highly sexualized environment of the concubine wars, and survived (and continues to survive) by using her charms to her advantage. She’s seen other women do it, including her mother, time and again, so it seems like a safe and foolproof option for her, and one that takes a lot of skill and social manipulation, which she takes pride in. She didn’t ask for the horror and abuse of being Garon’s daughter, but she also didn’t ask to be gorgeous, so. You take what you’ve got and you work with it. 
  4. Withdrawal. I see a lot of Sexy Femme Fatales being written as aggressively sexy and in-your-face, and Camilla is no exception, but…honestly, she’s not in anybody’s face at all. She’s the most reluctant out of Garon’s kid-generals (Xander, Leo, and herself) to follow his orders and the first to defect if possible. When Corrin leaves in Birthright, she shuts herself up in her rooms. If Xander dies, she refuses to take the throne and leaves Windmire entirely. Abused kids are roughly classified into “fighters” and “hiders”, and Camilla is a hider. I think it’s important to remember that even despite her cruelty, she chooses flight more often than fight, and she’s much more comfortable in the shadows. (Having her hair always covering an eye adds a lot to this, imo.) 


tbh tokyo said it better than i ever could.

I would actually add though: I agree that a case could be made for Depression, as the last note, but I personally write Xander as someone with more of an anxiety disorder than Depression (though they can both work in tandem anyway, and the line between them is sometimes pretty hazy.) That’s how I read the awkwardness of his interactions. Tbh I see him as a walking Stern Front for a big skittish rabbit who has been compelled his whole life to do terrible things and wants to keep a good distance between himself and his loved ones in case they get pulled into his very awful world. 

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KanaTsubaMari au in which Kanade tells Maria that she has certain lines that make Tsubasa into mush, Maria who will do anything for a cute Tsubasa asks what type of lines and can Kanade teach her some. Said lines are freaking memes. But poor Maria doesn't know any better and uses them with enthusiasm. Cue facepalm from Tsubasa.

oh man. better because she’s using 10-year-old memes that maria Definitely doesn’t know, and tsubasa hasn’t heard in that long. so maria gets some alone time with tsubasa, puts a hand on her thigh, leans in real close, and whispers “you’re rarer than the rarest pepe.” maria isn’t expecting tsubasa to literally choke and laugh at her

“are you okay tsubasa?”
“you’ve been talking to kanade haven’t you?”
“did….did she mislead me?”

tsubasa tells maria to run any advice from kanade through kirika and shirabe first, because she Knows this is going to happen again. kanade gets found out but she’s got several years on dmjii, so she just has to use things too old for them

it works one time, when maria thinks it’s serious because the kids don’t recognize it. tsubasa recognizes it, and maria never takes kanade’s flirt advice again