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yoi "know me more" asks
  • So actually there are moments when I don't cry about Yuri on Ice (ok, just kidding I do all the time, anyway), if you want to know what kind of person I am then, please ask ahead! Just send me character's name and I'll answer the question.
  • Yuuri: One line from yoi that describes you best?
  • Victor: Who’s your favourite fictional character?
  • Yurio: What always makes you angry/annoyed?
  • Otabek: What's your favourite hobby?
  • Phichit: Are you that type of person who has lots of mates or do you have a very small circle of close friends?
  • Leo: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Guan-Hong: What never fails to make you happy?
  • Chris: What makes you uncomfortable (if there is anything)?
  • Georgi: Were you ever truly in love?
  • JJ: Your biggest talent?
  • Seung Gil: Some random funny fact about you?
  • Emil: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?
  • Michele: Your biggest obsession?
  • Sara: The most courageous thing you've ever done?
  • Mila: Are you interested in sport? What's your favourite?
  • Minami: What are your other fandoms?
  • Minako: Are you addicted to something?
  • Yuuko: Any random strong childhood memory?
  • Takeshi: The thing you regret the most?
  • Mari: One thing about you that most of the people don't notice at first?
  • Hiroko: Who is your favourite artist/musician/writer?
Kpop Solo Artist meeting pt. 1

In which all the kpop solo artist have a meeting. Including the China line from EXO

Jay Park: who the hell made this?

Penomeco: *shrugs*

Ailee: I did. Anyway, thank you guys so much for attending!

Jay Park: *spits out water* oml

Ailee: wut?

Jay Park: I had a fly in my mouth

Ailee: ಠ_ಠノ

IU: Glad I could attend Ailee (。・ω・。)

Ailee: Thank you IU. So I’ve conducted this meeting to just get to know everyone because we’ve all been solo artists for awhile

Kris: ಠ_ಠノ *raises hand*

Ailee: yes Kris

Kris: I’m not in kpop anymore

Luhan: same

Tao: same

Ailee: I know that you’re not in kpop anymore. But kpop fans still follow you correct?

Kris: Yeah

Ailee: Okay then. Dean you’re very quiet

Dean: I know. I’m waiting for drama to happen

Jay Park: wtf

Ailee: -__-. Anyway let’s congratulate IU on her comeback and welcome Penomeco into the world

IU: Thank You!

Penomeco: Thanks

Jay Park: Bro WTF(Went Too Far) was the shit. We should do a collab

Dean: Oppa wut about me?

Jay Park:

Dean: Bro istg I did not mean to say that

Jay Park:

Jay Park: you didn’t even say, “No homo” I’m finna roast yo ass

Ailee: chill guys!

Luhan: Ailee I’m gonna go get coffee

Ailee: No you’re gonna sit tf down

Luhan: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

IU: BTW where’s Hyuna I just realized she wasn’t here

Ailee: her ass better be on her way

IU: you got beef with Hyuna?

Ailee: Wtf no. if I did you’d see it online

IU: tru

Hyuna: *busts into the door* I’m so sorry Ailee I’m late. I kinda got lost when I was on my way here

Ailee: It’s alright. Sit down

Hyuna: *sits next to Peno*

Ailee: anyway let’s also congratulate Hyuna on her tour in America

Hyuna: Thank you! I had fun in America tbh

Dean: tf you mean-

Hyuna: I mean what I mean. Anyway Ailee continue

Ailee: Thank you. BTW Kris I have July on replay

Tao: same it was lit

Kris: Thanks. Wut about Juice?



Kris: wut

Ailee: Nobody knew wth you was saying the whole time. It sounded like you was saying jeberish

Kris: I am offended. Really

Luhan: *mutters under his breath* Yo ass sounding like you was saying, “I des nutz on my time gotta ten illumination”

Kris: Stfu. That’s why yo ass left EXO


Kris: no tf I didn’t

Luhan: wtf kind of shit have you been smoking?

Hyuna: oh for crying out loud stfu I have something to say to Ailee



Hyuna: thank you. Anyway. Ailee. Reminiscing. GURRRRLLLLL IT WAS FIRREEEE

BTS: *busts into the door*

Suga: Bultaoruene


Ailee: Thank you guys for coming

Penomeco: Thanks for having us here Ailee


I’m dead


Dating Poly! Junhao/ Chinaline Includes

i’m chinaline trash fr but like who isn’t


Originally posted by hearteyes-wonhao

- I chose junhao because I am  t r a s h  sorry

- anyway, dating chinaline would be the best shit

- little whispers of how much they adore you in Korean and Chinese

- probably English too if they feel like it/feel like you would understand them

- teaching you how to dance no matter how bad you say you are

- minghao loves watching you cook?

- it just makes him happy to know how domestic you are

- I like to imagine that junhao was a thing before they found you

- were cute little cheesy boyfriends

- and then seungcheol introduced you to the group for some reason

- and the chinaline made eye contact and immediately knew that they needed you

- not in the sexual way you pervs

- although, if you asked junhui that is 100% what he would say

- anyway, they met you and got super awkward because how in the world do you tell someone you want to date them and so does your boyfriend?

- junhui probably planned on telling you, but suggested that they flirt with you first

- after a while you got sick of it because it felt like they were both trying to cheat on each other with you

- you yelled at junhui when minghao was in the next room because you weren’t going to be used to ruin a relationship of two people you cared about

- minghao walked in the room to see you standing on the opposite side of the room near the door looking so hurt and junhui on the couch looking so confused and scared

- “what’s going on?”

- you would just look at minghao and scoff

- “you’ve been doing it too. I can’t believe this.”

- minghao would finally understand as you opened the door to leave

- “wait! wait please don’t go, we should probably explain this.”

- you would hesitate but agree because you needed some explaination

- when they told you that they both liked you, but didn’t know how to tell you so junhui had decided on flirting with you, you laughed

- “you could have just told me. i would have said yes, you dumbasses.”

- minghao would smile, but smack junhui’s arm and gesture to you

- “see, you ass. we almost lost her because of your dumb decisions”

- life didn’t really change much

- except for the fact that they literally never left your side

- you didn’t care honestly who would

- but they finally felt complete

- we both know that neither of them would ever admit to that

- but they felt happy.

- they had their group and you and the other boy and that was just perfect for them

- anyway back to back story

- I have a feeling that junhui loves you reading to him

- he just likes the sound of your voice, and he falls asleep to it

- showers with the three of you when they are too tired to do anything

- so you wash their hair and bodies for them

- which can end up sexual sometimes

- because junhui

- need I say more?

- anyway, kinky shit

- they are into some kinky shit

- I don’t think they’d be into bdsm or dom/sub stuff

- but minghao loves oral

- both giving and receiving

- and junhui loves facials

- if you don’t know what that is

- have fun googling it

- delete your history after though

- junhui also probably loves pinning you down

- minghao loves thigh riding and nipple play

- again, both giving and receiving

- back to pg-13

- did ya have a nice trip into hell? I hope I was a good tour guide

- fights would be often and small

- both Chinese boys have quick tempers but would immediately calm down because they hate yelling at those they love

- you wouldn’t be afraid to kick some ass though

- that’s another thing they love about you

- they love everything about you who am I kidding

- junhao would be so precious to date oh my god

- I can’t deal I have to go

alexanderhamllton  asked:

KOTLB + 3 and 4? <3

ok so ren? has notified me that i suck. ok. anyway. 

3: What’s your favourite line of narration?

oh god that’s a difficult question. i gotta say when i was describing the lost boys in the first chapter, i wrote “They called themselves the Lost Boys because that’s who they were: perpetually wandering the earth, purposeless, wild and free, made of ivy plants, cigarette smoke, sunshine, whiskey and worn leather jackets.” and i was so surprised that it worked out like wow??

4: What’s your favourite line of dialogue? 

probably any time tink speaks she’s SO COOL but if i had to pick only one, i’d say, “I feel immortal.” bc it sums up the premise of this series pretty well

send me asks from this list about anything i’ve written!

Dating Jisol includes

Jisol is Seventeen’s English line, otherwise known as Hansol and Joshua! they are my babies i love them

requested by anon<3

Dating Jisol Includes:

Originally posted by vernonope

-y’all this is going to get me fucked up

-english line was my first SVT ship

-bless the anon who requested this


-it would be really awkward at first

-because hansol is unexpierinces

- and jisoo is well… jisoo

-need I remind you about the “drink water” thing?

-you’re basically dating two memes

-two memes who love you

-neither of them are really big on skinship/pda

-but will cuddle when they need it/you need it

-weekly movie nights

-sometimes you watch dramas

-or anime

-and other times you marathon Doctor Who

-or Fast and Furious

-hansol loves watching you put on makeup

-he literally just sits on the bathroom counter and watches you put on eyeliner

-don’t asking why he does that though

-baby will get all blushy and nervous and stop for a couple days

-jisoo will play the guitar 24/7 try me

-you told him once that you liked listening to him play

-and now he plays any chance he can get because he loves making you happy

-the three of you go grocery shopping together

-jisoo is the responsible one

-while you and hansol put loads of junk in the cart

-none of you cook often so you get a lot of takeout

-jisoo is secretly getting cooking lessons from mingyu

-speaking of the rest of the boys

-they love to flirt with you and hang all over you because they know it makes jisol jealous

-hansol is a sassy jealous boy

-and he probably gets jealous the easiest

-when he sees jun next to you, he immediately puts his arms around you

-while glaring at his hyung until he walks away

-will bring up shit from months ago to make the other boy feel embarrassed as hell

-smirks to himself when he pulls you close to him

-“i’m trying to protect you from getting sick. who knows the last time mingyu washed his hands”

-joshua wouldn’t really react that much

-but would internally be really insecure

-he probably gets really quiet and won’t make eye contact

-would force smiles when people talk to him and nod

-his eyes would be glassy and his breathing would be irregular from holding back tears

-it would be obvious to you and hansol so the two of you would take him out of the room immediately

-kisses to reassure that you both love him because he’s him


-can you imagine that

-blushy hansol when he gives you little pecks all over your face on good days

-cheeky hansol biting your bottom lip when he’s feeling ‘frustrated’

-smiley jisoo kissing you while laughing

-making out with jisoo would be like entering heaven

-boy probably knows how to use that soft tongue of his well

-oh god I can’t breathe

-I’m not going to do the sexual stuff because ya know underage Vernon and such

-but I mean

-I can’t stop your imagination

-but curses would happen

-so many curses in so many languages


-fights probably wouldn’t be often

-but when they happened they would be bad

-like if the boys were both stressed and started fussing over nothing

-and you tried to stop it but

-some serious shit would go down

-like hansol yelling at you to stop being annoying

-and jisoo probably would just ignore you

-when you left the house the boys would still be fuming

-until jisoo realized that you were crying when you left

-he would immediately freak out and hansol would still be frustrated but wouldn’t understand why jisoo started panicking

-“hyung? what’s wrong?”

-“she was crying hansol. we made her cry.”

-hansol would immediately feel bad because he yelled at you

-he was the one who did this

-this is hurting me but I’m not done

-the boys would try to call you but would only get so far when they realized that you left your phone at home

-they wouldn’t go looking for you

-not because they wouldn’t want to

-but they know you and knew you’d probably ignore them if they found you

-hansol would probably cry

-“hyung, are they going to come back?”

-jisoo obviously telling him yes, but actually not knowing for sure

-because no matter how many fights happened or how bad they were

-you had never left before

-when you came back

-you were welcomed by two sleeping boys, cuddled together with matching tear stains

-you woke them up to kisses on the forehead

-more tears happened but this time the happy kind

-woozi is still pissed that you were crying because of them

-will probably kill them after

-jisol would be fluffy little pups who adore you

-date them

-date them and stan them

svt as ouran quotes
  • seungcheol: I like people who put in effort, even if they're not good at it. (hunny)
  • jeonghan: I know this! It's commoner's coffee! You just add hot water! (tamaki)
  • jisoo: Besides, it doesn't really matter, does it? Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway. It's what's on the inside that counts. (haruhi)
  • junhui: A little water never hurt anyone. Besides, people are always telling me that I'm dripping with good looks. (tamaki)
  • soonyoung: Ice Cream, Ice Cream who likes ice cream?!?! (hunny)
  • wonwoo: Come on sempai, would you please stop growing mushrooms in other people's closets? (haruhi)
  • jihoon: Well then he's lucky because our club is filled with dummies. (kyoya)
  • seokmin: I would solve a friend's problem... then also find a way to keep them from ending up with a new one (haruhi)
  • mingyu: Beautiful men can't be hurt by water. (tamaki)
  • minghao: Yes, I'm the nice twin, but this conversation bores me. Go play in traffic, please. (hikaru)
  • seungkwan: I hate all these damn rich people. (haruhi)
  • hansol: I thought that I was, to a certain degree, an intelligent person. When I realized I was an idiot, I was really shocked! (tamaki)
  • chan: Let's go to my place and play video games all night long! (renge)
For anyone who hasn't had the chance to meet Dan and Phil

•Standing in line is so stressful bc u are waiting to meet ur meme sons
•when ur next up to go ur gonna wanna just turn around and leave
•phil will be the first to hug u
•he like cuddles u to his chest omg
•Dan has such a cheeky smile/laugh I fucking hate him
•but anyways he’ll giggle and say hi before he hugs U
•he’s an awkward hugger but it’s a good awkward like u feel one with him
•they both smell VERY similar (but they smell hella good dw)
•(side note: I was v awkward so when I met them I said “ur so tall” and Dan chuckled and said “we know” and fucking APOLOGISED the nerd I love him)
•they’re v tol but standing with ur meme sons on each side of u will make u feel the safest and warmest and most comfortable you’ve ever been and u won’t even think about the rest of the world
•Dan will probs take the pic bc he’s the best
•he also might demand to retake it bc he wasn’t ready or something
•the good bye hugs are the most bittersweet ones ever
•afterwards u will thank urself that u stayed alive for this moment

I like it when people are all, “you wanna carry a gun because you fantasize about being the big hero who shoots down a spree shooter like Clint Eastwood” or some variation thereof

Because as fantasies go, why set your sights so low?

The gun is a matter of practicality. Also, it never enters into the equation. When I fantasize about defeating suddenly-appearing bad guys, it’s more along the lines of “I want to be caught on security camera surprising the bad guy with a flurry of ridiculous punches that make it clear I have no idea what I’m doing, and yet, they work anyway, and it becomes a meme so that you can find videos on YouTube of me flailing away at some punk with an AK with Star Platinum going ORA ORA ORA over it”

Also then balloons fall from the ceiling and I win the Powerball