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Killer Mothers
Cassidy Goodson

On the 19th of September 2012 in Florida, 14 year old Cassidy Goodson gave birth to her son in the family bathroom. Goodson ran water and screamed into towels to stop the noise and then got the baby out with scissors. After checking for a pulse, Goodson then strangled the newborn to death and put him in a shoe box.

When Cassidy’s mother questioned the mess she told her that she had a miscarriage. However, later on the mother found the bloodied towels and eventually found the baby in the box. Cassidy claims she hid the pregnancy after being worried what her parents would think.

In December 2012, Cassidy was sentenced to 18 months

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

episode 500

(properly tagged anti-s*kura, anti-ss, anti-NH, anti-h*nata under the cut)

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happy selfie night! this has been the longest week of my life and it’s only wednesday :)))) but i still found time to look cute so i guess that makes it worth it

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In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.

ok so like in year 6 it must’ve been? yea that’s when we learnt abt the victorians. n like standard in my area at least when u do the victorians in primary u go for ‘victorian day’ at whichever local museum does that. n part of that meant this like, victorian school experience type thing

the fake victorian teacher lady was terrifying n like they pulled students out for like victorian punishments n they didn’t ask 4 volunteers they just acc picked on ppl? n so, i was fidgeting bc im Always fidgeting (stimming..), n she got fake mad at me n i had to wear this fidget thing stop u fidgeting n humiliate u like in victorian schools or whatever n like. honestly that was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life??:( lmao im self conscious and can’t take a joke, always have been like that prob always will be. big sigh

Oh Brock… I’m pretty sure that you and Jack have very different views of what’s okay to do to an unconscious person. For example, Jack might view being tied down and groped in his sleep as a very not okay thing to do.

@carpecerevisiam (Because this is partly your fault.)