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Opinion on the Daddy kink?

Okay I’m gunna lose followers over this lmao (shame me if you want I like it ;;} ) but it sure does send a tingle down my spine having someone call me daddy BAHT that’s not my favorite
I love me an older guy who I can spring it on and they lose their minds over it
So yeah I like it but not in the daddy/litttle way more like a title like “sir”

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Noel is live with Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6 Music in 10 minutes!

Noel’s in session and conversation from Maida Vale Studios, with new material from his album ‘Who Built The Moon’ and a few classic tracks too. We catch up with Noel about the recording process, and collaborating on the new record with super-producer David Holmes.

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Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion


High School Yearbook ➔ Best Couple: Spock & Jim Kirk

The NHL Player Who Answers The Door On Halloween Himself And Gives Out Full Size Chocolate Bars If You Could Only Find His House is peak Canadian urban legend childlore.