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Okay but what about when Robert gets his memories BACK?

continuation of this ficlet

Aaron hears the diagnosis with puffy eyes and a throbbing headache. The doctors use words he has never heard before and he simply nods and wrings his hands, numb to everything but pain. 

“Keep in mind that he may well still get his memories back. He’s confused, he’s been in a terrible accident, but things may change. Don’t lose hope,” she says, closing the folder and smiling at him. 

“Yet,” Aaron concludes and her smile falters. 

“I know it’s hard, but even if he doesn’t remember you, he will need support.” 

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“You look handsome, Gohan! Not like a delinquent at all!”

Cell Saga Gohan is such a cutie, I tried really hard to get that smol but swol look that he has going on. He’s getting some study in before the tournament starts.

Thanks for asking me @systemofapunk!!

Dress Up Game!

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People who are rude about other people's dancing confuse me so much like ?? dancing is literally just an expression of joy, why do you need to shit on other people's fun to feel good about yourself?? Keep dancing like an ogre, keep doing you lovely 🌹

exactly!!!! i feel the exact same way. its pathetic its so pathetic. like i am just having fun !!! more fun than anyone who feels sad enough to criticise someone else to make themselves feel better!!! i have been told irl lovely comments abt my dancing by v nice and cool ppl so i think that outweighs that comment! also if a gal can dance like an ogre….she be a gal worth takin home!! i love skanking hard and being gross and loving the tunes. i have such a passion for techno and bassline and house music so if i look like shit whilst enjoying it and having the time of my life, i couldnt give two fucks!!! :-))) i will dance like an ogre forever dnt u worry!! i encourage u all 2 do the same !!!! keep dancing like shrek. its the way x

hey everyone!!! 

i am so excited to see you all at my party!! make sure to bring plenty of towels, sunblock – we’ll be going all day – and a good attitude! (and, if you need a better reason than to have fun, the more of you who show up, the more we’ll be able to donate!) we’ll be going until pretty late, but it’s gonna be worth it.

oh, and come say hi :) i will be there as long as the party is going on.

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When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

David Tennant and Matt Smith
as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors

Promotional photo-shoot for The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special)

“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

namjoon is the cutest make sure to tell your friends

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all


here comes M-O 

yeah he has a design sheet

he doesnt get paid enough for the things he has to deal with. and by not enough I mean not at all. somebody bring him to somewhere he can slack off a bit

plan cancelled

art from stream - thank you to @sonikku0691, @j97masaki, and everyone else who stopped by to join the stream!!!