who's gonna wake me up

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*Fuckin wakes up and falls off the bed and starts mumbling to themself* god damnit im gonna fucking kill somebody who in the shit dares to goddamned wake me up at 6:30 in the morning during summer break im gonna fucking snap someones neck mother fucker–

*Turns thier head and sees that its Ducky, her love.*

*Gasp! Tackle hugs!*

Babe! I missed you! I love you! Ah, I am so happy you came to visit me!

*Smooches mORE*

One Year


In honour of Hollywood U’s first birthday, I decided to write a fic based around this anniversary and also try to incorporate as many HWU characters as possible. I think I’ve only missed two or three at the most… But there’s some of everything. Various characters we haven’t seen in a while… then there’s some Hunt and Chris and Ethan, of course. Enjoy!

Word Count: 3112

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  • Aaron: He shouted at you?
  • Laurel: I can take that. It's not him talking, it's the illness. It's just that before he would maybe say something, or do anything and I would just have to wait and it would get better.
  • Aaron: But not this time?
  • Laurel: Well, I was so sure he was gonna wake up and remember who I was. Listen to me. Oh dear, I sound awful, moaning on. I mean he's the one this is happening to.
  • Aaron: It's not just them it happens to, though, is it? I remember a few times with Jackson I just wanted... I just wanted to lock myself away and...
  • Laurel: Scream?
  • Aaron: Yeah.
  • Laurel: Yeah, I get that. Not that I can do that because people would say 'Oh listen, it's that mad, drunk vicar's wife again, howling at the hills'. Dad had said, erm, before all this, that we should get more care, you know? Look at homes.
  • Aaron: And?
  • Laurel: Well, I thought we had longer. I didn't have to make the decision yet, or that we'd make it together. He'd say something, do something and suddenly he would be back for a while.
  • Aaron: But that doesn't last long?
  • Laurel: Well, you kid yourself that it will. It's just... You think that you're gonna have maybe this perfect family Christmas. But it's selfish I suppose, isn't it?
  • Aaron: Yeah, I'm not sure I did have it tougher you know?
  • Laurel: What, with Jackson? You had no warning. No time to plan. At least I have that.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well he made all the decisions. I hated it, but he decided. When I had to let him go. Look, good luck with it.
  • Laurel: Yeah, I'll work it out. Thanks for, erm... well, for understanding.
  • Aaron: You know that little spot where the river runs down, by Butlers?
  • Laurel: Yeah.
  • Aaron: Well, you can cry, shout and scream at the top of your voice. No-one'll hear you.
Exo reaction when their mom doesn't like their girlfriend/wife

Sehun: Grandma didn’t like you  also and  from what I see you’re still here

Kai: *to his wife*This is really stressing me out, I can’t even let you two in the same room alone without one of you to come crying at me.

Tao: Y/N:Your mom doesn’t like me, excuse me if I feel like crying.

With who are you gonna wake up every morning in bed with? with me or my mom?so don’t worry I still love you.

Kyungsoo:*while his mom tells him why she doesn’t like his girlfreind*

Chanyeol: Y/N:You’re gonna go there in tell your mom all of the reasons why you love and how I’m the most adorable thing in the whole world. Do you think you can do that?

Okay I got it, don’t worry babe, Chanyeol’s go it.My mom will love you after this talk with her

Chen: *mocking voice*OMG babe my mom doesn’t like, it’s the end of the world.I THINK WE SHOULD BROKE UP!

Baekhyun:*to his mom* 

Lay: What? you don’t like her? how can you not like that sweet angel of a girl.

Suho: Well that’s to bad, I’ve already marry her.

Kris: Oh really? you don’t like her? guess what I don’t care.I’m married with her not you

Luhan: You are unbelievable  you know that? what’s wrong with this one?

Xiumin:*to his gf* What did you to her?

When I wake up in the morning, I have thoughts of who is gonna be next to me in bed when I wake up in bed 10 years from now. Is it someone I know, is it someone I’ll meet soon, is it gonna be a one night stand, or will I be alone like I am now?
—  Morning time thoughts