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九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

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HEY!!! so i’m not gonna apologize for the time spent away from here all i’m gonna say is that i definitely needed it. i’ve done some soul searching ( a little ) since the what like….month that i was really active here?
i’m gonna basically delete every single post on this blog and start over without actually moving blogs. you’re welcome to unfollow me if you want, i won’t take it personally. i’m gonna be working on building knox up again in my head and while i am not changing anything about his story i am simply going to rewrite / touch up what i have already created. once i am done doing this (and during when i’m online obviously) i would love to plot but i need to take it slow so as of now I WILL MESSAGE PEOPLE that i had already been plotting with or had intricate storylines/relationships with before i took a break because it’s fair to them considering we’d already been working on stuff.
if i’m comfy after that i will message / seek out more plotting partners beyond those i had already had in depth plots with.


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That 'Kylo Ren is a murderer' post is tagged with anti reylo/kylo ren/kylux AND finnrey. But that's literally the only post on their blog tagged with Finnrey, while they have seven posts tagged with anti reylo. They don't care about Finnrey, but know that posting it into the tag means that others who agree will see it, and they are right: the Finnrey tag has a lot of anti Reylo/Kylux posts made by Finnrey fans... They really spend a lot of time hating other ships instead of focusing on Finnrey.

I actually went off about this on twitter the other day (twitter.com/huxblush get dat promo). I went into the F/innrey tag for the first time in a while and literally the first posts I saw were posts dragging other ships. Maybe if y’all weren’t so obsessed with how problematic and awful us reylo or kylux shippers are, and you weren’t so dead set on creating such a stifling and toxic environment, then your ship would actually have content. It’s such a shame, because Finn and Rey are such lovely characters with such a wonderful relationship, but their shippers spoil it for everyone. 

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The ao3 anon/ didn't mean to sound guilt trippy, probably worded that wrong? You're a fantastic blog, it's just that you mention fics in the tag a lot and I'm always curious if one day you'll talk about one of mine

i dont tag my posts talking about them tho?? they may show up in the search for “mh” but i never tag any of my vagues

trust me i am not gonna be nasty in a post about a fic of yours unless it’s, like i said, morally wrong. if it’s just headcanons that don’t line up with mine im not gonna be mean about it. the only time i can remember that ive been nasty abuot differing headcanons is this one instance where that specific author writes other fics that put minors in sexual situations so i automatically dislike that person on principle. i have no clue who you are. you dont have anything to worry about if your fic isn’t abt something like inc3st or underage p0rn

When you’re talking bad about a ship you dislike on your private post, remember to put punctuation marks or symbols between the letters of the ship name so it won’t show up on the ship tag search results.

Also, don’t put full ship names in the post tags either. They still show up in the search.

People who go through the ship tags come for specific ship contents. They don’t want to see you complaining about the ships or making fun of them. No matter how much you complain about how other people’s tastes don’t cater to yours (and therefore ‘bad’), no one’s gonna have a moment of epiphany and stop enjoying whatever they’re enjoying.

Common courtesy for other users, please.

Michi’s Surprise

This was my submission for the Lovechildren Secret Santa~ I got @califlair who requested GyuMi nsfw so I decided to whip out 5k words of smut because why not

Summary: It’s three days before Christmas and Michi still has no idea what to get Gyu. In a desperate search for the perfect gift, he seeks help from an unlikely companion, praying to the heavens that it won’t end up ruining the holidays instead…

“Michi?” Gyu calls out, stepping into his apartment and locking the door behind him.

Nothing here is different… He was half expecting Michi to cover the place in some weird Christmas decorations since Gyu was too lazy to do it himself—but nah. There’s nothing different about his apartment. It looks just as shitty as he left it this morning.

Silence greets him, almost as if there’s no one here at all. He frowns, dropping his bag and making his way towards his room. Knowing Michi, that idiot probably thought it was funny to hide in here and try to scare Gyu. Well, whatever, Gyu’s prepared. He’d fling Michi over his shoulder and tickle him until he started crying if he even so planned on jumping out right now.

However, that didn’t happen.

Gyu freezes as soon as he enters his room. The sight in front of him is something he never thought he’d see in his life. Ever. Maybe in his dreams if he’s horny and lucky enough—but never in reality.