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anonymous asked:

Who do you think is the killer? What do you think FP's deal is rn? Who's gonna die??????

The killer: My suspects are Hal Cooper, Joaquin (or another serpent), Jughead (maybe), Mrs. Grundy’s husband (or even her) or one of the Blossoms. (Someone with excess to a freezer too! Cause Remember Jason’s body was frozen.)

FP’s Deal in the whole thing: I think the serpents are definitely a part of this case and as he is the leader, he’s protecting someone. Whether it’s another serpent or not. He’s definitely protecting someone.

Who Dies: I think it’s going to a minor character (like Reggie (it hurts for me to say that and I hope he doesn’t), a student (a jock?), maybe even Nana Rose.

Let me know your thoughts!!!!


oldfashionedvanilla  asked:

Ok I just realized that we only two episodes until we find out who Jason's killer is!! but that also means only three episodes until this season is over!!! That means no more bughead (and possibly lilicole) for another year!!!! I don't think I can handle that...

It’s gonna be ok everybody remain calm!! One, omg we’re finally gonna know who the killer is!! Two, the break will suck but just think about all the insta and snapchat stories we’re gonna get from set! And three, this is what tumblr is for there are gonna be so many fics and speculations and general just geeking out over this wonderful show and ship that we’ll be watching season two in no time!

just saw someone telling people to block them and die if they like killing/stalking and their icon was hannibal…do they know? are they aware? that he is y'know, also a serial killer?

anonymous asked:

So I watched this interview with KJ and I'm pretty sure he slipped up in referral to the actor's reaction to finding out they were the killer and said 'he' so idk but my bets are on Hal or Kevin being the killer

Who are you gonna cast your vote for though? Kevin or Hal? ;)

anonymous asked:

i think running in the snow is from finale and by then we'll know who killer is. they said it's gonna devastate cheryl and she'll become unhinged. maybe it's her they're chasing?

yeah it def looks like that scene could be from the finale. and at first I was also leaning towards the idea that it’s cheryl whom they are chasing, but then I looked at the gifset again, and the person in the first 2 gifs doesn’t quite look like archie.. and also said person appears to be waay ahead of the others, so it couldn’t be archie because in the third gif archie falls and jughead is right behind him.. 

I’m guessing the person in the first 2 gifs is the one the core four are chasing after? who could it be though… possibly kevin? so many unanswered questions :^// what do u guys think? 

*UPDATE ok i rewatched the original video reel again, and i def think its archie thats running, bc u can really see that its the same burgundy hoodie
Creepypastas in the morning:
  • Jeff: *stabs alarm clock*
  • BEN Drowned: I'm just gonna take the easy way; the computers.
  • Laughing Jack: What's it even worth?
  • Eyeless Jack: As long as I have kidneys; we're all good.
  • Slenderman: I was up all freaking night..
  • Smile Dog: *barks at Jeff*
  • Sally: Who's gonna play princess with me?! *eye twitches*

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cam if ur gonna lyric post post smth good

Black wave coming will it hit
I can taste the fear yeah it’s written on my lips
Sipping on a cold one waiting for the rinse
Woke up with an omen tatted on my wrist
Black wave coming will it drop
I can see the fear yeah it’s written on the wall
Who you gonna trust when the killer is the cop
Fire in my bloodstream, water in my lungs

Waiting on a black wave
Running in a rat maze
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe? I believe
Waiting on a black wave
Living under bad days
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe
Stumbling down the street I swear to g-d you don’t wanna test me

Black wave blocking out the sun
Baby when you go down ain’t no coming up
Thought that you were safe but nobody ever was
Choking on a diamond, poison in your lungs
At the end guess we’re all just animals
At the end is it all just greed
When the ocean crash down who you gonna call
Hold your breath, hold your breath, counting 1 2

Waiting on a black wave
Running in a rat maze
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe? I believe
Waiting on a black wave
Living under bad days
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe
Stumbling down the street I swear to g-d you don’t wanna test me

How did a girl like me
End up in a world so mean

Another update! Anyone who read my serial killer novel (I’m gonna love you through it) on ao3 will know that it has, to this day, been my most popular work. 

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to publish it as a book people can own and I have decided that I will do that on the kindle for just a dollar or two so I can please my fans while making the money I need for college. 

This new version will have name changes due to copyright issues, it will be edited with things added/revised. It will also include a mini book of short stories that show snippits of Dean&Cas’ lives since we’ve seen them last! 

This isn’t totally a sale pitch (but if you want to buy it, I”ll let ya know when it’s available!) Mostly, I”m asking for editing help. If you have read it (or have not, then you should! Or just try to give advice without reading it and I will do what I can!) then answer these questions by message!! I’ll be giving a shout out to everyone who helped me with this experience and endorsing your blog if you would like!

– were there any things you wish I had done differently?

– were there any things you wanted to see added? Specific scenes? Conversations? Background? Etc?

– were there any particular kinks or situations that you would want to be explored more?

– is there anything else that you have to offer in the form of advice or comments (characterization, pace, anything else?)

I really appreciated you guys reading and loving this book. I’ve been so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive fan base and it was the fans that helped me finish this book and become the writer I am today. Without you guys, I would be nothing!!! Thank you so much and I love you all!!!!

(If you would like a link to my ao3 to read or look at the book, you can message me. Otherwise, it’s called “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by taybay14)