who's dat guy


in which Whitley would probably attend Atlas Academy and Farm Boy is there to chill bc the whole govt. is like “shit we gotta get this kid to somewhere safe and unexpected so he’s not gonna die like the Fall Maiden”

this… this is just a crack ship right?

anyway, i hereby dub this as “rich farmers” until a more proper name is established

thank you and have a nice day


Terry: I honestly think it’s because I’m still unsure about what occurred so many months ago.

Terry: When your friend is screaming and sobbing like an infant explaining in great details of your potential murder, you don’t just ignore that just because you think it might be best to.

Terry: But that’s what I’ve been doing…and it’s come to my attention, that this sense of sudden nostalgic reminiscent urges…are because of that event.

Terry: No. I-I don’t think I find Finnick appealing in a romantic way, in fact I’m positive. It’s just lately…there’s been this sinking feeling I should ask him something important. Not important
l-like a confession such as what you previously mentioned! C-Cause I have nothing to confess obviously. But the important thing to ask would be regarding that specific night.

Terry: We shut him out after all. Mainly because his sputtering sobs were beyond understanding. He didn’t get to explain the full story…but…I honestly don’t know what I should do, I somewhat want him to continue where he left off. But…it’s irrelevant now so why should I care? Why is it still coming back to me? Why do I want to find out more even though it’s obvious we weren’t killed in the first place!

Terry: …Right?