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Me: Wait, did Snape put Gryffindor’s sword in a frozen pond during the middle of winter?

Boyfriend: Yeah. Maybe he didn’t want a squirrel to run away with it.

A lil friendly reminder

Today while looking around on Pinterest I found this:

My art! And I sure did not put it there

Thankfully both my signature and a link to the original post is there, but I’m still a bit put off by finding it. I suppose I got lucky, since many artist’s works get posted on Pinterest without any credit what so ever

But yeah, to my point!

Please don’t post art without permission.

All you have to do is ask the artist and respect their answer. If you can’t reach them in any way, read their FaQ or just don’t post it. 

That was all for this friendly reminder. Have a great day! <3


The Doctor remembers Bel Rowley and in the past Randall Brown knows that the Doctor remembers her. At times Randall can feel what The Doctor is feeling. How is that possible? Is there an inner connection between the two men across time? Randall doesn’t know much about The Doctor except that the man exists and is powerful. Can the Doctor sense what Randall is feeling? Does the Doctor know who Randall is? What is going on?


I don’t usually post about my adventures in Eorzea here (usually leaving that in Facebook), but I just really wanted to share this bit.

This was the party I got to play with at the final phase of Operation Archon, and I couldn’t be more grateful. They were all of them nice, and kindly understanding of the fact that it was my first time through this dungeon.

As a soloist player (in every MMO I’ve played), I don’t have much experiences being in a party unless a duty commands it. Previous assignments have been… quiet, or I get left behind completely. But these people, even when I got left behind, had at least one person stay with me to guide me back. They spoke to me, and were encouraging and helpful.

It was honestly my best experience ever of having been in a party. It kind of made me a bit emotional, and the round of applause they gave by the end of the dungeon had me tearing up (while my character danced a fine little jig).

It was a fine end to one of the major battles in A Realm Reborn, and also marked a great end to what became my last day in the Mateus server. (I just moved to Famfrit to be with my best friend.)

Whoever you all were with me in this duty, I thank you all for this wonderful experience and may you all walk ever in the light of the crystal.

♥Loeb Cyrdwen

Strong (Leo X Sad!MC/Reader) [Hurt/Comfort]

Here’s a little oneshot for anyone feeling down or upset! Leo’s here to listen to your worries, then hug and kiss them into oblivion~

Not too long, only 2,260-ish words, but hopefully it’s a good 2,000! Obviously, it’s a sad one, and there’s crying ahead, just in case that’s not apparent from the title.

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All these pewdiepie fans saying, “Words just slip out when you’re mad.”

Like… yeah but not the N-word… Typically the words that slip out when you’re worked up are words that are already in your regular vocabulary. The *only* non-black people for whom the N-word “slips out” are, you guessed it, racists.

Because it’s 2017, and the internet exists and there is no WAY you wouldn’t know that the N-word is off limits. You should ESPECIALLY be aware of this fact if you work in entertainment, reach a global audience, and have *already* gotten in trouble for your #edgelord anti-semitic “jokes”.

Like how can you all still be like, “He’s human. It was a mistake!” If someone makes that kind of “mistake” multiple times, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s clearly a facet of who they are and not something they’re intent on changing. If he ACTUALLY cared about these kinds of “mistakes”, he’d be working a lot harder to make sure they didn’t happen in the first place. “I’m sorry” is worthless if you don’t fix your garbage behavior.