who's afraid of the djd

I fancanon that Tarn can do much more with his Voice than just talk and then whisper a spark into giving up.

I’ve seen this as a pretty popular fancanon, and fully agree that Tarn can not only inflict great pain, but great pleasure, and a myriad of other sensations and feelings that can only be experienced if the masked mech is using his Voice on the target in question.

For example, Tarn can sing soothingly to someone who is nervous and upset, and it will cause their spark pulse rate to ease and help calm whomever Tarn is singing to.

Another example would be if Tarn were to yell at someone in anger while using his Voice, it would be like getting stabbed straight through the spark. Instead of the slow, torturous pain of feeling their spark being extinguished, it would be as though they were stabbed with burning ice through the core of their spark.

Furthermore, I fancanon that Tarn is (was) still learning how to utilize his Voice in its varying degrees of power and influence. Perhaps he got so used to inflicting pain with his Voice, that the first time he aided or soothed someone with it, the results caught him by surprise. So, afterwards, Tarn would devote at least some time out of each day to experiment with his Voice and try to make it all the more versatile and powerful.


Tarn helmet is all done :) I did this thing mostly in lifestream and I had a lot of fun!

This was kinda a commission :) I actually wanted to make this for my shelf and to get the band back together ;) But he was immediately adopted and is almost on his way to his new home. The LED is not installed, but merely put in. That means  they could be installed at any point in the future

Text me if you are interested in commissions like this one!

Another one of my DJD fancanons, but I think that when Nickel was first found and brought on board the Peaceful Tyranny, she was really withdrawn and rattled after everything that happened on her home planet. And even though the DJD took her in, it was still really jarring to be around such massive, intimidating murder machines.

So she’d just kind of roll around quietly, keeping to herself and using her medical know-how as needed.

Eventually, though, during a somewhat routine scan of a planet, what the DJD finds triggers a horrible flashback for Nickel and she tries to dart off…and instead plows straight into Tesarus. …or rather, Tesarus’s mid-shin.

Jolted back to reality, Nickel looks up and starts to panic, because, up until now, the titan of the DJD has done little more than give acknowledging grunts and mumbles to the minibot. So the medic is fully expecting the grinder to be angry at her and berate her for not paying attention.

So she’s quite surprised whenever Tesarus is flustered and really concerned if she’s okay; picking her up and carefully dusting her off before asking if Nickel is alright.

This took me far too long to figure out how to post without it looking like total crap. Uh. Yeah, my brain is fried now. So…. Hello, stupid robots!

Vos Translations:
1) Yes.
2) We’ve lost track count of all the times. (Told ya it fried my brain….)

Inspired by this brief (and probably forgotten) exchange. I thank you both for having it. :D


Finally had a little shooting with my finished Kaon cosplay!! Really happy with the outcome and I had a lot of fun with it :) 
I can walk in it, its comfy, I can sit and it fits losely into one suitcase. Success. 

Had this very sweet shooting with a friends puppy. When I saw the mtmte52 preview I just had to take some pictures with a turbofox sparkeater cosplayer ;) 


Little Tarn Tribute :3 

This is the wonderful @lickoutyourbrains‘ version of a Humanized Tarn. I absolutely love the design and couldn’t hep but sketch it myself. <333

First time I’ve ever drawn a hairstyle like this, and I tried to give him this smug, broody, edgy expression and angle.

Either way! Love his design and appearance and just had to get a drawing of him in.