who's afraid of the djd


And so it continued until all five children were called home…


This took me far too long to figure out how to post without it looking like total crap. Uh. Yeah, my brain is fried now. So…. Hello, stupid robots!

Vos Translations:
1) Yes.
2) We’ve lost track count of all the times. (Told ya it fried my brain….)

Inspired by this brief (and probably forgotten) exchange. I thank you both for having it. :D


Finally had a little shooting with my finished Kaon cosplay!! Really happy with the outcome and I had a lot of fun with it :) 
I can walk in it, its comfy, I can sit and it fits losely into one suitcase. Success. 

Had this very sweet shooting with a friends puppy. When I saw the mtmte52 preview I just had to take some pictures with a turbofox sparkeater cosplayer ;) 

prediction for mtmte#54

Helex: *turns up late for the battle with starbucks* Where’s Kaon?

Tesarus: Wasn’t he with you?

Helex: No, he went running back to you guys after the Pet got abducted.

Vos: <the Pet got abducted??>

Tesarus: We haven’t seen him at all. Tarn have you seen Kaon?

Tarn: *starts sweating*

Nickel: Yeah Tarn! Where’s Kaon???

Tarn: Oh wow look autobots that are in need of a darn good killing I’m gonna go fight them real quick no time for questions bye

I keep on thinking about how many DJD members have died during the war to get to the crew we know today.

Tarn’s been there the longest too, how many of his team has he lost over the years? Losing someone from a small, close-knit group like that would have more emotional impact than losing soldiers from a larger army. Tarn was certainly distressed when Kaon was dying from the Kill-Switch.

JRo also said that the Helex and Teasrus we know now joined about about the same time, so the previous Helex and Tesarus must have died together. What kind of impact would that have had on the division?

I think way too much about this stuff.