who's afraid of the big bad bat

Smile :)

So two things right off the bat:

- THE MEMORY WIPE seems to be an ongoing theme so far! REMEMBER how THE HYBRID was the ongoing theme last series… I am hoping something or someone big comes out of this at the end of the season or something *cough* CLARA *cough*!!! 

- Secondly, they used Jenna’s lines. Remember during the world tour how she always said how she was afraid of the slow monsters because it always felt like they are slow because they know they can catch you! And in this ep, Doctor tells that to Bill! 

Besides those two, I wanna know about that oath/promise– what is in the damn vault?!?!

Party Saturday Night!

Who feels like getting horribly wasted and making bad decisions this weekend? Yes, that’d be me.

Saturday @ 9pm, you’re all invited to the big summer birthday bash that I’m holding at my new apartment. Booze, hors d'oeuvres, and music will be provided. If I catch any of you fornicating in my apartment, I have several bats hidden throughout my apartment that I’m not afraid to use. You and your personal belongings will be damaged.