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Hi!! I'm curious, what do you think the four different Googles are like? (I only have very vague/undeveloped ideas, but I think Blue is the most serious one, Oliver is more joyful and the least rigid of the four, Red is Blue's right-hand man, very practical but also polite and nice as long as you don't give him a reason not to be, and Green is a workaholic introvert but he can peacefully coexist as long as you don't pointlessly bother him)

Well, how I’ve always seen the Googles’ were a hive-mind all controlled by Blue. It’s like giving him 6 more hands to do things with and these 6 more hands can go anywhere he wants them to since they’re not limited by being attached to his body.

On another note, I do love the idea of them having their own personalities and quirks and I overall agree with what you had said. Green I see differently than you tho and also I’m gonna go just a bit more in depth with the other three.

I see him as a very chill person who likes to explore and learn about nature. He’s also jealous of Blue and hates that he is seen as merely a clone of them. He wants to be separate but keeps it on the lowkey end. He greatly enjoys Olivers’ company and feels bad that Blue treats them so cruel and constantly tells the yellow bot they’re only a glitch. Green and Red work together to help yellow whenever they can, Green comforting Oliver while Red yells at Blue.

Red is a very angry boi and is the most experimental of the four. He also gets damaged the most despite being made to handle more extreme experiments. He’s very aggressive without meaning to and very impulsive on his decisions. Red is very respectful to the other three but also not afraid to speak up for his ideals and opinions. He’s almost gotten into a fist fight with Blue when defending Oliver.

Oliver is the softest of them all and Blue hates it, making it very known how he feels about Yellow by calling him a glitch. Oliver enjoys human interaction and helping anyone and anything he can. He’s the most emotional next to Red and most human-like of the four. He likes to learn about the animal side of nature compared to Green who likes the plant life aspect more. The two are fairly close and love to work together on researching their two interests. Oliver also knows Greens’ feelings towards Blue.

Finally, we come to Blue, or the one actually named Google, who is the one who works with the other Egos the most and is the most serious of the four next to Green. He is very strict and strangely distant to the other three, secretly afraid to get close with them and vice versa. If he dies, the others would die with him while if one of the three died, Google would feel it and be the most effected physically and emotionally. He is the most detached from his emotions considering he can’t have them around Dark, otherwise the grey ego would use them against him. Another reason he tries incredibly hard to keep the other bots from caring about him or him caring about them.

This is also an updated version of how I feel about the Googles’ and their personalities. I’ve lowkey thought about writing a story for all of this but I’m very unsure to tell the truth! School and work have me less active on here and starting to write a story would only add to the less activeness than before. So… Who knows! For now have some of my headcannons on these nerds! :D

A Steven Universe Thought

Okay, So i was at work today and I looked over at a bottle of a chemical solution we use to remove ink and substance off of the lenses we sell. (I’m an optician so i sell eye glases) And on that bottle of ink remover I saw this logo.

Look familiar?

Well if you rotate it about 180 degrees it seems to match up.

Well after noticing this I decided to look it up. And I found out that it is the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) label for hazardous materials. And when I looked it up online there was a nice breakdown for what each of the “diamonds” stand for.

Now the red diamond has been interpreted as a pink diamond on certain graphs, in fact the diamond I witnessed on the bottle at my workplace was pink (but honestly I believe that was due to fading.

So what does this have to do with the matriarchal diamonds in steven universe? well I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

Perhaps it’s each of the diamonds’ weaknesses. We know Rose had the power to bring to life plants and fire would be the ultimate weakness. And Peridot serves to please Yellow Diamond and fears she may upset her superior. Maybe she is afraid YD will detonate? Who knows.

The health hazard label and the diamonds logo could be coincidentally similar. But maybe there is more to it than meets the eye.

Hilarious interactions between OneBook (publisher of Lay’s autobiography) and fans on Weibo

Trans: …After agreeing to shoot “CEO Zhang (in) bed photos”, we only get one photo of “CEO Zhang plus a bed”. Lil’ lamb what does this mean? Since the boss didn’t bare all, we can only bare the book to you (insert book preview)…

A fan: Such a high class book for such a cheap price! What are you doing! CEO Zhang aren’t you afraid you won’t have money for when we get married? Every Birthday you bleed so much money. I’m not really worried about the money I’m worried about you! Idiot!…Lay’s workshop, tell you boss to rest! You’ve worked hard too.

Publisher: …love this type of reader the most…

A fan: (at the bed shot comment) So you’re saying this very meaningful book doesn’t even show abs? F this I’m not buying it. 

Publisher: Who said there’s no abs~ far more than abs. There’s even underwear shots.

A fan: What color is the underwear? Red/ orange/ yellow/ green/ blue/ indigo/ purple… 

Publisher: Black.

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do you know any good fics that are kuroken or kenhina? :3

In the Kuroken network we have a required reading that we all call LOG
the actual title is Laws of Gravity Dont Apply to You, Baby 

its very fantastic, and we like to all do skype calls for group readings when it updates. we’re very passionate about LOG

one of the members is also writing a super super fantastic Kenhina band au fic called Pretty Face and Electric Soul and i adore it to bits !!! 

The Intervention was a kuroken network group effort (with extra love to sage who is writing this beautiful work), i am so proud of everyone for putting this work of art together. 

The Flowers At Your Feet, The Sky At Your Fingertips is a super super cute fluffy kenhina fic !!! 

Purple Yellow Red and Blue is a super rad kuroken  but it’s also nsfw 

Baby, Don’t Be Afraid is a sUPER SUPER ADORABLE kuroken fic about kenma being scared during a thunder storm and kuroo comforting him. be still my heart. its so cute. fuck. it’s also by the same Sage that is writing The Intervention and also writes a crap load of other rly great fics saGE IS BEAUTIFUL sage i love u 

Goddamn It Kuroo is a beautiful kenhina fic. oh my god i want to shake the hand of the author. 

Like or Like Like is another super cute kenhina fic from kenma’s pov !!! there isn’t any established relationships and its kind of short but i adore the writing style oh my goSH 

Large Parcels, Brief Encounters is both Kenhina and Kuroken !!! also rly nsfw. Kenma in a seifuku. Sweats a lot. 

hmmMMM thats about all that i have !!!! i hope this helps and there’s some new stuff in there uwu 

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Who’s Strong and brave here to save the great Air Nomad way?

Who vows to meditate like a monk on what’s right, night and day?

Who will campaign door to door for the Air Nation?
Carry the flag shore to shore for the Air Nation?
From air temple to temple?
The Blue Arrowed Man with a plan!

We can’t ignore there’s a threat and a war! We must train!
Who’ll airbend those Dai li goose-stepping goons from Ba Sing Se?

Who will redeem heed the call for the Air Nation?
Who’ll rise or fall, give his all, for the Air Nation?
Who’s here to prove that we can?
The Blue Arrowed Man with a plan!

Stalwart and steady and true!
(See how this guy can shoot! We tell you, there’s no substitute!)
Forceful and ready to defend the yellow, red, and blue!
(The yellow, red, and blue!)

Who’ll give the enemy a talk and is smart of a fox?
(Far as a bison will soar!)
Who makes the Earth Queen afraid to step out of her box?
(He knows it’s the Avatar!)

Who waked the giant that napped in the Avatar?
We know it’s no-one but the Mr. Spiritual!
Who’ll finish what they be began?
Who’ll blow them back like a fan?
The Blue Arrowed Man with a plan!
(Who’s strong and brave, here to save the great Air Nomad way?!)