who's afraid of machiavelli


Ask me how I know the Spirit of Malciavelli practically begs the camera as a certain silver fox strolls oh so casually across his London Eye pod with its panoramic view of Westminster and Whitehall.

Also, as the starting gun is fired for leadership contests for the government AND the opposition – and when’s the last time THAT happened at the same time? – the Spirit of Malciavelli would like to remind any and all prospective candidates that Tucker Pearson PR is uniquely qualified to assist their clients destroy themselves destroy their enemies leak emails for either purpose achieve their goals regardless of which party they may belong to (since I’m pretty sure at this point Malcolm and Stewart hate them both pretty much equally.)


The bit of Who’s Afraid of Machiavelli that makes you wonder if Peter was hired for his Dramatic! Declaiming!  OR if he was hired because he is after all an actual silver fox and the director felt the need to – in this instance – interpret Machiavelli completely literally.

Oh, wait – there’s no need to choose, is there?  Since it can actually be BOTH things. 


Spirit of Malciavelli Machiavelli, could you please explain in two sentences or less why Dan Miller is going to fail SO HARD.


Does Malcolm have this on a tea towel at home?  Because Malcolm really SHOULD have this on a tea towel at home. 

Since, you know, he’s pretty much got a total lock on the cunning AND the beguiling…

(And not just men’s minds either, am I right?)


Again with the fox, but REALLY about some extremely good advice Malciavelli Machiavelli had almost five hundred years ago about why it’s totally okay to ignore let’s say election promises when nothing good can possibly come of them. 

You know, like for example a Bad Idea referendum that could *so easily* have been completely avoided.


1. Pencils and Space Moleskines and (and Shirts Buttoned Up to Collar)

Which could also be Pencils and Sketchbooks and Velveteen Jackets (and Shirts Buttoned Up to the Collar) if you also want to include Robert Wood with the Doctor and Real Life Peter.

2. Tap Tap Tap

Mark Collins and the Doctor.

3. Zooming Castles

Finally, a use for this shot from Who’s Afraid of Machiavelli.

4. Tap Tap Tap

Randall Brown and the Doctor.

5. The Importance of Coat Hanging

With one tiny extra bit of Max asking a question that must have crossed the Doctor’s mind at least once.  (I mean, I know it crossed mine.)