who's a good little boy


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

Things to do for your little:

🌸Pick them up and spin them around
🌸Teach them new things
🌸Color with them
🌸Make them nummy food
🌸Do silly voices
🌸Feed them
🌸Tickles (bonus: ask them who your good little girl/boy is when you do)
🌸Hold their hand everywhere
🌸Tell them you’re proud of them
🌸Encourage them
🌸Give them allll the kissies
🌸Let them help you with “big” work (it makes them feel extra special)
🌸Take them to the park and push them on the swings
🌸Pull them into your lap

a sunkissed child

marino-kun  asked:

Do you take prompt? What about Stiles having a secret crush on Derek but when saw him, taking care Scott's son, he fell in love.

I’m not much of a kid fic person, so this took me a while, but I tried. Hopefully it’s kind of what you were angling for!


“Do you think I’m ready for fatherhood?” Stiles asks, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He’s not freaking out about this. He’s not.

Boyd says flatly, “Stilinski, you’re twenty-one years old. You’re supposed to know how to use a condom by now.“

Stiles’ hand spasms and he accidentally squirts a huge glob of ketchup on his mound of curly fries. Fuck. He has the ideal ketchup-to-curly-fry ratio down to a science, and this is not it. “No, absolutely not what I meant. It’s just. Did you know Derek had a kid?”

Boyd meditatively takes a bite of his burger. “No. But the nice thing about Derek is that he doesn’t go in for personal talk.”

Stiles shoots him a weird look. Of course Boyd would think that was nice. Stiles, though, has been trying to break down Derek’s walls even just a little bit for months now—sitting with him in class, sharing his notes, studying with him in the library and getting late-night waffles together afterwards, little by little pulling Derek out of his shell. He’d thought he was getting somewhere, but obviously not, not if Derek failed to mention this kid even existed.

Which he does. Stiles knows, because he can see him right now, over by Prof. Martin’s pool. Apparently his name is Jamie.

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Hobi: wha t the f ack joon why are you wearing a lingerie

Joon: bish i have never worn a single lingerie in my life! that’s not me!

Hobi: shhhut up! you’re going to wake jin hyung up!

Joon: o k then why are you fu cking yoongi hyung huh??! i thought you loved jin hyung!

Hobi: sh ut up! i love jin hyung! i have never fuck ed anyone ever! im still holy

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

Littles at the Park

Little: *Runs to the swing* Daddy/Mommy push me pwease *gives puppy eyes*

Daddy/Mommy: Ok baby but not to high we dont want you to fall and get hurt *smiles at little*

Little: Higher! Higher! I want to fly with the birdies hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Little my arms are getting tired why dont you go play on the slide *smiles and rubs littles head*

Little: Okie *runs over to the slide while daddy/mommy waits at the bottom* Catch me, catch me hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Of course you think id just let a little girl/boy like you slide to the bottom alone. *catches little as she/he slides to the bottom and kisses little on top of the head* Whos my good little boy/girl?

Little: Oohh oohh me me! Im youre good little daddy/mommy i am hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Of course how could i forget *chuckles* now why dont we go home baby?

Little: Okie daddy/mommy i love you *hugs*

Daddy/Mommy: I love you to baby

In the show, Butters Stotch is a generally good-natured, anxious little boy who inevitably ends up getting thrown into extremely fucked-up situations (like being almost murdered by his parents or accidentally causing the murder of the Kardashians). As it turns out, Butters wasn’t added to the show out of a desire to have a more rounded cast – it was the creators’ way of messing with their co-worker. Apparently, as they worked on the show, Stough started getting on Parker and Stone’s nerves with his mild-mannered demeanor and unbearable politeness, so they began picking on him. They’d call him “our little buddy” (which over the years morphed into Butters), mock his voice, and generally do everything short of trapping him inside a locker.

It was only a matter of time before they decided to take this heart-warming instance of workplace bullying to the next level by turning Stough into a character for the other kids to torment. Basically, Butters is Stough if he was an eight-year-old who inexplicably lacked a nose and ears.

While he was firmly opposed to the idea at first, and specifically told Parker and Stone not to add him to the show, today Stough seems to regard Butters’ existence as a harmless bit of friendly ribbing. Yeah, you know, that classic prank where your friends tell millions of people your dad cheats on your mom with other men and they’re both terrible people who psychologically abuse you on a daily basis.

5 Plotlines Where The Creators Secretly Trolled People

church camp.

genre: smut

length: ~1500 words

idol: joshua hong | seventeen

part ½

Request: Seventeen Joshua smut?

a siren goes off signaling mass. as you get out of your bunk, the girls you share your cabin with quickly glance at you before walking out and talking side by side. they never waited for you, but it’s never been a problem since you would rather walk alone.

every summer, you go to church camp and every summer, you hate the experience. no one likes you because you didn’t want to follow the rules verbatim. this camp was a joke to you and everyone knows it. you don’t have any friends at the camp, besides for one. joshua. he’s like everyone else, afraid to act out and extremely holy, and since your first summer here, you’ve wanted to break that. you want nothing more than to turn his soft gaze into a face contorted into immense pleasure.

it’s been three years and you still haven’t broken him.

the walk to the church was quick. you stood outside, surveying the nature before walking in. you always walked in last so you would be the furthest away from the priest. to your delight, you saw a spot next to joshua. you slid into the pew and smiled at him. he smiled back.

“last again?” he asks.

“who would i be if i wasn’t?” you return.

he nods his head and smiles as if admitting defeat,

“that’s fair”

as mass starts, you start shaking your leg to try to ease my boredom. accidentally, your foot hits joshua’s. he shoots you a smile before diverting his attention back to the front. being in the back corner had its perks, no one was around. getting an idea your my head, you shift closer to him, both of your thighs now touching. turning your head slightly to look at him, his gaze remains at the priest. wanting a reaction out of him, you put your hand on his knee. you can see his eyes dart towards you in the corner of his eyes, but his head never tilts to directly look at you.

you slowly move your hand up towards his mid thigh. you move your fingers around, playing with the fabric of his shorts. you look up at him to see if he gives me a look to stop, but it never comes. his eyes dart down, staring at your hand, waiting for its next move. feeling a little daring, you begin to move your hand up a little further near his pelvis. a smirk begins to play on your lips as you notice him getting visibly more and more tense.

you move your hand one last time, but before you can make it to his dick, he grabs your hand and looks at you. you look down at his soft lips to see him mouthing “bathroom.” a smile etches across your face and you stand up quietly before signing out to leave.

you rush out of the church and towards the bathroom, quickly opening and closing the door, leaving it unlocked. you look at yourself in the mirror, quickly patting down your hair and adjusting your top.

you look down at your hands, noticing the small lines before looking up in the mirror to see a flustered joshua.

“josh-” you start.

he grabs your shoulder and turns you around, looking down into your eyes. his eyes were lustful and you couldn’t help but bite down on your bottom lip. his eyes flickered down to your lips, before going back to your eyes.

“do you want to do this?” he asks.

all you had to do was nod and you were now sitting atop the sink counter. his hands gripped your waist pulling himself as close to you as possible. his hands slid up your sides before cupping your cheek. you could feel yourself getting wet. your eyes fluttered closed, waiting for his lips to crash against yours.

you feel his lips collide onto yours, moving sweetly in sync. his soft lips kissed yours slowly, making the kiss more passionate than you expected.

you snake your arms around his neck and entangle your fingers in his hair, using your nails to play around with the tips. while pulling away, you suck on his bottom lip. you peck his lips once more before kissing his chin, across his jawline and down his neck.

“(y/n), if you wanted to do this, you know you could’ve initiated it out of mass”

you hum, acknowledging his statement. moving him forward a bit, you bend down onto your knees, looking up at him, flashing a smile before looking in front of you. you unbuckled his belt, looking back up at him.

he pushed a rogue piece of hair behind your ear,

“you’re gorgeous” he whispered

a blush crept up on your face as you try to stop yourself from uncontrollably smiling. you start to pull his pants down along with his boxers, his boner springing up in front of you. you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock, slowly moving up and down. you glance up at him to see his eyes closed, mouth slightly agape.

you lick the tip, continuing to stroke him. closing your eyes, you open your mouth to take his head in your mouth, running your tongue all around it. a soft groan emerged from his mouth, his hands moving down to hold your hair away from your face.

hollowing your cheeks, you slowly move closer and closer towards the base of his cock. you could hear him let out little moans of “fuck” as you went deeper. feeling your eyes prick with tears, you pull away from him, letting out a loud gasp. you continue to stroke him, not wanting to stop his pleasure. you sit on your legs a little bit, licking at the underside of his balls.

a groan fell from his lips and you smirked.

you go back to his cock, licking the underside before once again wrapping your mouth around him and going deeper, this time bobbing your head around his length. feeling a bit adventurous, you push yourself to deepthroat him. joshua moans and pushes your head deeper, feeling your nose dig into his pelvic region.

“fuck (y/n), you’re so good”

gagging, you pull back from his cock once more, using your hands as a substitute. you go back down to his balls, sucking on them this time.

“babe, i’m gonna cum”

this prompted you to jerk him faster, wrapping your lips around his head, sucking and licking it.

he releases into your mouth with a groan, thrusting into your mouth to milk his orgasm. swallowing his cum, you get back up onto your feet, gazing up at his face, filled with pleasure. mission accomplished.

he opens his eyes and grabs you by your legs, putting you on to the sink again. his fingers unbutton your jeans and undo the zipper. raising your hips, he hurriedly takes both your panties and jeans off.

joshua’s hands each take a place on your inner thighs, softly pushing them down in a butterfly position. watching him kiss up your thigh, you begin to shiver. you’ve wanted him for all this time and finally, he’s right there in front of you ready to give you the best leg shaking orgasm of your life.

he blows cool air, you could feel your clit throbbing to be touched.

“please joshua, i don’t think you understand how much i want you.”

“oh baby, i understand” he responds, before his mouth quickly latches onto your clit, sucking lightly onto it.

you throw your head back, the attention to your clit being all you’ve wanted since mass started. moans seep out of your mouth as joshua licks down your slit, rubbing comfortable shapes into your thighs.

he pushes his tongue inside your pussy, lapping at your juices before moving back up to your clit, licking circles into it making your eyes roll back as moans come out of your mouth.

you feel something poking at your entrance, and you look down to see his middle finger working into you. joshua curls his finger, making you gasp and arch your back. who knew a little church boy would be so good at eating a girl out?

continually curling his finger inside you, you start uncontrollably moaning.

“joshua please don’t stop, fuck” you breathe out

he slips another finger in, immediately curling it. your legs start shaking, the pleasure taking over. his tongue flicking shapes into your clit, you can feel the build of your orgasm rising.

“joshua, i’m cumming” you breathe out once again

he helps you ride out your high by continuing to finger you until you start flinching away from him due to overstimulation. you could feel the sweat stick your hair to your forehead, eagerly pushing it out of your face.

joshua rises up and plants a firm kiss on your lips.

“i don’t think you realize how long i’ve wanted to do this with you, babe”

a knock can be heard from the outside of the bathroom, you cup your hand over his mouth.

“(y/n) what are you doing?? it’s been twenty minutes what are you doing?”

“i’m not feeling very well right now”

“do you need help?”

“no!” you rushed.

“i’ll be out in a few minutes, just let me get cleaned up”

-수호 천사

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imagine a little boy who is brought up in a household that is full of chaos and upheaval. a little boy who never was told he was loved or shown one ounce of affection. a little boy who had so much love to give but was never taught how to give it or receive it. a little boy who went to church and felt like he had to suppress who he was to be a good christian. a little boy who thought he had to punish himself to be granted salvation and love from a god. a little boy who was completely and totally alone in the world and attached himself to a god so maybe one day he wouldn’t feel or be alone. a little boy whose father was taken away from him and whose mother never paid him the slightest bit of attention. a little boy who grew up watching his mother become more and more lifeless and broken as the years went on. a little boy who wanted to save her but couldn’t. a little boy who grew attached to films like the karate kid where another little boy broke out of his mundane and often cruel life and became someone who could fight against his oppressors and protect those he loved. a little boy who gave and gave and gave and never received anything in return. 

but suddenly one day he met another little boy who was just as alone as he was. a little boy just as damaged and just as broken. and maybe there was hope? maybe he wouldn’t be alone. maybe they would find family in each other. maybe that would be enough. and maybe they’d still be friends over thirty years later. and maybe when all was said and done they were more than friends. maybe they were brothers. and maybe they’d never ever feel alone again.