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Good things about the Scooby Doo movie

  • Daphne being a bamf who saves the day by beating up the macho guy who spent the movie calling her a damsel
  • Fred’s autobiography “Fred on Fred; The Many Faces of Me”
  • Popular late 90′s alt rock band Sugar Ray having a guest appearance where they try to kill Shaggy and Scooby
  • “Rour rom reats Rat Roo!” “NO SCOOB, YOUR MOM EATS CAT POO!”
  • The guy who tries to sacrifice a dead chicken
  • The monster training tape teaching monsters to act like stereotypical college students
  • “Oh i can be spooky, rawr rawr, with the claws and everything, rawr rawr rawr”
  • “What up dog…and dog?” “Reepin Real!”
  • Fred flicks Scooby on the nose so Scooby punches him in the fucking face
  • Scrappy doo peeing on Daphne then getting his ass thrown out of the gang
  • “He wasn’t even a puppy! He had a gland problem!’
  • “Rit rastes rike rastic!” “So what if it tastes like plastic Scoob you drink out of the toilet!” :RO RO ROU!”
  • Fred trying to get the monsters to do the electric slide
  • Velma getting drunk and dancing on a piano
  • “This is almost as embarrassing as the time you decided to clean your beans at Don Knott’s Christmas party!’ Scooby doo laughs and winks at the camera

Bad things about the Scooby Doo movie

  • ??????
  • None
  • This movies a national treasure 

Well…since Bamon didn’t happen, and Lorenzo is dead. And I definitely don’t want Bonnie to go back to Jeremy. What I need to see is Bonnie finding her way in NOLA during her travels, and maybe hook up with Kol, Marcel, Klaus, or even Vincent. (Someone please write this fanfic ASAP!)

My girl don’t deserve to be traveling alone and given such an unsatisfying ending. Bonnie Freaking Bad@*$ Bennett saved Mystic Falls from hell-fire with her witchy powers; and have saved countless lives in previous seasons at the expense of her own life… but she never got any true just rewards for it.  

#BonnieDeservesBetter #BonnieTrueHappilyEverAfter 

I love it equally when:

–Cas is a nervous virgin, and shivers when Dean pushes his trenchcoat down off his arms.  Trembles when Dean opens the buttons of his white shirt.  And Dean is so gentle, so tender, so sweet, constantly asking, “Is this ok?” and “Are you all right,” and looking up into big, blue eyes that are so wide with adoration and love and trust.  

But also when:

–Castiel is a BAMF who has seen humans have sex millions of times over the centuries, and knows every detail of Dean’s biology from having put him back together after he died.  He has no mercy, no mercy at all, and slams Dean up against the wall with his grace like a vengeful spirit, fucks at Dean’s prostate with more grace so he can use one hand to pin Dean’s wrists above his head and another to milk Dean’s cock while he bites Dean’s lips so hard they bleed, and if Dean can bear to open his eyes, just for a second, and look into Castiel’s, they are flashing like a lightning storm.  

I spent so long on this drawing, I have mixed feelings about it. Especially about Qui-Gon. Sometimes I think it’s a good likeness but other times I feel like something’s out of proportion. I don’t even know anymore. Anyway, I think it turned out well overall. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon aren’t wearing Jedi robes, and their hair is a bit different than in the Phantom Menace. The armbands that they’re wearing have similarities to the symbol of both the Rebel Alliance and the Old Republic. I based the design of Qui-Gon’s tunic off some of the clothing seen in the prequels, and the Imperial uniform. Obi-Wan’s shirt was inspired by a piece of cyberpunk art I saw, but his wristguards (gauntlets??) are more in style with the prequels. I don’t necessarily have a story for this, but I think it would fit for an AU where Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are members of a resistance group, possibly an alternative Rebel Alliance. 

Anyway, I absolutely love Obi-Wan’s look, particularly his hair. My favorite things about Qui-Gon (though he also has nice hair) is the design of his belt, the asymmetrical tunic, and the electronic bracelet on his left arm. I like the idea that the bracelet might have been a prisoner or slave tracking device at one time and Qui-Gon has since modified it for communications, triggering a bomb, all sorts of things, really…

Uhane Hoa (Soul Mate) - Chapter 34

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus


Summary:  This story came about in the wake of the disastrous 6x11 episode.  It has nothing to do with the actual episode, but the Steve/Danny storyline there pissed me off so much that the muse needed to find a way to erase the bad taste it left behind.  She needed her comfort food – lots of whumpage, lots of angst, and lots of proper Steve and Danny (the ones the show seemed to have mostly forgotten during the season that shall not be named).  So she came up with this.Oh and, yes, Danny gets to undercover in this one and change his appearance 


Danny doesn’t look up at first when the door to Anuenue Auto Repair – a long-abandoned mechanic shop that serves as a front for Tassone’s operations – slides open and two of Tassone’s men burst in, dragging someone between them.  He remains where he is, sitting languidly on top of a rusted tool chest, his back against the wall, his hooded gaze kept disinterestedly on the floor before him.  His attention is on high alert, though, and he listens intently as the men begin to speak.

“We got ambushed, Boss,” one of the men huffs out, his voice strained with effort and frustration. “The damn cops were waiting for us by the docks.  Jackson and Logan are dead, and we barely made it out of there in one piece.”

“And this?” Tassone steps forward, his burly, 200-pound form looming over his two henchmen, shielding the slumped figure between them from Danny’s view.

“A 5-0 cop.  Joey here wounded one of theirs, some young cop, and we were gonna take him hostage, bring him here, make him sing for you a bit, if you know what I mean.  But then this one intervened.  Wanted to trade himself for the kid, so we let him.”  

Danny hears the sound of a boot connecting with flesh, followed by a muffled grunt of pain, but he’s no longer listening, no longer even registering anything for the loud roaring of blood in his ears.   No, he thinks, desperate, no, no, no…  He doesn’t need to see who it is now.  He knows. He just… knows.  And he feels sick.

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10 reasons to watch How To Get Away With Murder

1. Without Viola Davis already making the entire show already, she gives us Annalise Keating who is a total BAMF who’s monologues will leave you taken back in awe at the total power she has and she loves and protects everyone even when they don’t always deserve it

2. Alfred Enoch has an English accent that will blow your freaking mind if you were a Harry Potter fan and his character Wes Gibbons is an immigrant, orphan and you see him progressively getting more problematic throughout the show but it’s great

3. Gay Relationship: Coliver, cute af, and for once there’s no stereotypes placed upon the two like in every other tv show or movie ever, EXTREMELY problematic yes but adorable nonetheless and you never seem to stop rooting for them 

4. Michaela freaking Pratt, played by the most ever gorgeous Aja Naomi King, has the most interesting background by far and just a total boss ass bitch that knows how to get the job done while just absolutely slaying 

4. Laurel Castillo played by Karla Souza is a bilingual underdog goddess who will rise when no one is watching 

5. Asher Millstone, played by Matt McGorry, is the best slow burn of your life how he goes from 0 to 100 with the most character development by far on the show and will always leave you laughing 

6. Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, never shows it but cares deeply for people when they need it most but also gives no fucks about who disagrees with him, also a hoe but we love him (also my favorite character !!!!!! )

7. You have this character who is an absolute ray of sunshine Rebecca Sutter who looks like she could kill you with one look but is actually the biggest softie on the show and in real life played by Katie Findlay 

8. Season 2 you get the most gorgeous adopted siblings Caleb and Catherine Hapstall who’s storyline will NEVER leave you bored played by Kendrick Sampson and Amy Okuda 

9. Eve freaking Rothlow who is the cutest, hottest person ever who saves the day when no one else can and is just way too precious for us played by the gorgeous Famke Janssen 

10. The cast has the best friendship and their dynamic with each other is so great and they live tweet and like your tweets and are so down to earth its crazy  (and they’re also really gorgeous) 

So yes you should totally watch this show because it is so diverse and amazing and just all around yes :))

wayward daughters would be amazing and I want to write it

OK no but shh, listen to my wisdom:

  • Donna is unfailingly kind and cheerful and supportive of the girls, and it drives Claire nuts, because this isn’t a game, this isn’t fun, her whole family is dead and you can’t just be all happy-smiley-sunshine after that, it’s not possible, right? And one day she just loses it, because what the fuck does Donna know about loss or pain, and what gives her the right to tell Claire or anyone else that it’s going to be okay? And Donna doesn’t falter; just says, very calmly, with a smile that’s only a tiny bit smaller than usual, that she might not know what it’s like to lose the people she loves to monsters, but that doesn’t mean she’s never lost them to anything else; that it takes a different kind of courage to watch your mother die of cancer and still be able to go to work afterwards. And she knows, she knows what people think of her: that because she smiles so much, she must not really understand how bad the world can be, but she’s still a sheriff, she’s still seen terrible things, and she’ll understand if Claire never sees eye to eye with her, but exactly because the world can be so bad at times, Donna thinks it’s all the more important to wring every bit of good from it that you can, even if you still sleep with a gun in reach or an angel sword under your bed. And maybe Claire cries in her lap, and maybe she just nods, but the next time Donna asks the girls if they want to bake with her and Alex rolls her eyes, Claire steps right up and grabs a spoon, and Krissy shrugs and says, “What the hell,” and joins in, and then Alex mutters something about how there’s nothing good on TV anyway, and they make stupid animal-shaped cookies and have a flour fight in the kitchen.
  • Jody and Donna having separate rooms, because most nights they want a bit of peace and time to themselves, but neither of them is really used to sleeping alone, so at first, they don’t sleep all that well. But one night, they both get woken up late by giggling coming from Claire’s room, and when they go in, all three girls are cuddled up in the one bed watching cartoons on an iPad with ghost!Kevin perched nearby, and when the adults look surprised they just raise their eyebrows and look at them like, “What?”. And when Jody looks at Alex in particular, Alex says, “Hey, you told me to find a healthy coping mechanism,” and it’s pretty hard to argue with that, so Jody just tells them to have lights out in an hour and goes back to bed, and when Donna says in the hall that she thinks the girls have the right idea, she says, “If only it was that easy.” But two nights later, after a really bad day and an hour of tossing and turning, she gets up and goes down the hall to Donna’s room and climbs into bed with her, and Donna just beams in her flannel jammies, and Jody just mutters, “Not a word,” and gets in beside her. (And this would make an awesome framing device for a specific episode that begins with everyone sleepless in their own rooms, camera sweeping through the house to Krissy’s narration about loneliness and secrets before we smash-cut to her in the midst of a crime scene, talking to the young girl who’s been witness to a supernatural death; the monster of the week preys on lonely people; the last scene is an identical sweep through the now-shared rooms, and the VO is Krissy again, but this time she’s writing a journal.)
  • An underlying theme of sexual autonomy and discovery where Krissy is the one that everyone else goes to for solid romantic advice, because Alex was used as sexualised bait for creepy dudes and Claire was nearly raped on the okay of someone she trusted and Donna still has anxieties about her romantic worth because of Doug and Jody once went on an actual date with the King of Hell, never mind the deaths of her husband and Bobby Singer, but Krissy’s breakup with Aiden was healthy and she’s confident and sensible and goes on dates and knows exactly what she wants, and has exactly zero tolerance for dudes who look like they’ll fuck with her ladies. Donna asking Krissy to vet her dates, and Krissy doing it the first couple of times, but then gently telling Donna that she’s awesome enough to trust her own judgement, and Donna believing her. (Which would also make an awesome lead-in for an episode about an abused incubus, where they have an argument about consent and saving monsters and humanity and sex and the creepy villain tries to win onto Krissy and it 9000% does not work.)  
  • Kate and Josephine as girlfriends who work as supernatural scouts, travelling up and down the country looking for lost souls and problem cases: their cover is Josephine travelling to athletic meets (and don’t you love the idea of a human athlete having a werewolf trainer?) and they periodically either check in with the others at the Academy (as they fondly call Jody’s house) or call them out to see what’s going down elsewhere. Plus and also, it turns out that there’s more supernatural creatures than you’d expect hiding out in the athletic and sporting world, given the whole super-speed-and-strength thing a lot of them have, and it kind of pays to keep a finger on that particular pulse.
  • Bring me all the demonised female monsters of world mythology - the nagas and harpies, sirens and succubi, gorgons and furies and medusas - and give me a show where their monstrousness is made distinct from their femininity; where a group of female Hunters is in a position to question the frequently sexist lore that’s been used to demonise them, drawing new distinctions between monsters that are always threats, and monsters that just happen to be female, and monsters that are both.
  • All the girls have dayjobs that help them access different facets of supernatural crime and to help those affected by it, so that, in addition to Josephine the athlete, we have Krissy as a trainee sheriff, Claire working with kids in the foster system and Alex - well. Alex is a bit harder to pin down, because she’s sly and smart and she has no patience for bullshit; she tries her hand at a lot of different jobs, but she always ends up moving on, because she keeps ferreting out secrets and pissing people off, and then one day she ends up figuring out that the bartender at her equally new job is an undercover fed working what they think is a drugs case, but which Alex already knows has a link to something supernatural (literal magic mushrooms, YES), and, well, long story short, it turns out there’s a government agency with an eye on the Hunter world and once Alex pulls their rookie’s ass out of the fire, she gets tapped to train with them, so that she steadily becomes a link between Jody’s girls and the bigger world of supernatural law enforcement.
  • A story built around a strong ensemble cast, but which isn’t pinned to a single location, even though there’s a single place they all come back to, so that everyone gets to develop in different ways and directions; each episode picks a different focal character, and the story goes where they take us, but there’s always the overarching theme of the Academy and their togetherness, even when they’re apart. 
  • Linda Tran as a total BAMF who periodically shows up with a case or an artefact to hide. Linda Tran challenging Jody to a drinking contest, and the two of them sharing an amused glance when Donna asks to join in. Donna and Linda subsequently drinking Jody under the table, the two of them carrying her up to bed and tucking her in before going to sit outside and bonding over a shared love of gardening.
  • Hannah restarting the process in Heaven for the creation of prophets that Metatron turned off. The first new prophet is a teenage girl who ends up at the Academy. She’s our introductory character, and once the others realise what she is - or rather, once ghost!Kevin does - they summon Hannah to explain her purpose.  
  • Dorothy comes back from Oz and resurrects Charlie with Gilda’s help. FIGHT ME.       

Do not think for one second that you have me fooled. I will find out who you are, then let your blood paint my blade if you wish to bring harm upon my brother

My au where the present McCree goes through weird time warp shenanigan and is the one to save Genji from being “killed” by his older brother, Hanzo.

Young Hanzo’s about nice as an angry porcupine when some cowboy appoints himself as Genji’s bodyguard and young Genji’s a rebellious teen who thinks the american gunslinger’s the coolest thing since his green hair dye.

But Jesse McCree is swab BAMF who you can’t help but be drawn to so of course Hanzo’s all angsty tsundere with his feelings where as McCree’s going crazy from trying to keep the green haired shit from getting killed while dealing with a younger and snappier version of his crush.

Unpopular opinion:

Yes, Jessa did a fabulous job as Fem!Cas, not only her looks matched Castiel’s but also she executed his mannerisms and expressions very well. It was refreshing and exciting to see, it gave people material to write, and the writers with that move reminded us that Castiel is a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent, that he is indifferent to sexual orientation/biology/identity.

But for me, Misha’s Castiel is Cas. Cas with the bed head and abyssal blue eyes and the irritated expression of an adorable puppy who is a bamf. A bee lover and still socially awkward despite his best efforts, yet his kindness, loyalty, and love for humanity are unbound. The deep-voiced, commanding yet willing to sacrifice his life for those he loves, the angel who is more human than a divine beings should be, the being who has fallen in so many ways and is still willing to give his life or take lives to protect The Winchesters. To me that is the real Cas.

The Cas from last week, the Cas in the female body, the one that didn’t bat an eye when knowing a child they believed was a nephilim was going to be smite, that Cas was the old Cas from s4. The cold soldier who obeyed without asking questions, the Cas who didn’t know love or hadn’t experienced the pain humans feel, the Cas who didn’t know family and despite being in heaven surrounded by his sibling, felt lonely.

So yes, Misha’s Cas is irreplaceable. No one can transmit all the deep emotions and raw feelings like Misha does. I would love to see Misha show more of Cas’s layers, how he feels now, what are his thoughts. It’ll be enlightening if the writers let us see more of how this more human Cas, this free Cas makes more complicated decisions. I want to see what he is going to do when he finds Lucifer’s child.

*FYI: It is fine if your opinions differ from mine, but if you send hate my way, I will block your ass*

Rose Tyler - BAMF!

Seriously though. I mean look at her here:

She doesn’t even flinch at the huge explosion behind her. She just keeps walking. I mean that right there has got to tell you she’s probably seen some serious shit while working for Torchwood and dimension hopping. As the episode progresses, you can tell that deep down some of those original characteristics of hers are still present but she’s also become more hardened, sort of like how Nine was when they first met.

But what I love about her most here is that she didn’t just sit back and allow herself to wallow or go into a deep depression after being trapped in Pete’s World. No, No, she persevered, she threw herself into her work and proved The Doctor wrong by making the impossible possible. Rose Tyler ‘Defender of the Earth’ and total BAMF!

Random Asks

1. How do you sleep at night?

2. If you could, legally and without any consequences, kill a person would you?

3. Last thing you ate?

4. Knife to a gunfight or gun to a knifefight?

5. Would you rather be a unicorn or become the official representative of all potatoes on this planet?

6. Are you hiding anything?

7. How do you like your eggs cooked?

8. How many bodies are you currently hiding in your closet?

9. This isnt even a question?

10. Have you ever had a lucid dream?

11.  What was/is your worst subject in school?

12. If _____ was gone, life wouldn’t be worth living

13. Do you like sushi?

14. Do you have a crush on any fictional characters?

15. Exotic Butters?

16. Cheese and crackers, or Crackers and cheese?

17. Lucky number?

18. Plastic bag or plastic fork?

19. Do you wear glasses?

20. When playing truth or dare, do you more often pick Truth or Dare?

21. Who is the most BAMF you know personally?

22. Do you like scary movies?

23. Do you like to root for the protagonist or the antagonist?

24. You can meet one celebrity of your choice for an entire day, who would you choose?

25. Someone is trying to kill you and for some reason you can’t contact the police. What do you do?

26. How would you survive an Electronic Apocalypse?

27. Are you supposed to be doing something else right now?

28. Least favorite song?

29. Can you answer this question with your eyes close?

30. Who are you?