who's Your favourite pet

anonymous asked:

hello!! im sorry to hear you’re not feeling great right now. i hope things get better for you soon. i like your blog a lot! do you have any favourite songs or bands right now? do you have any pets and if not what pets would you like? who are some of your favourite characters? what kind of food do you like? what’s your favourite season? don’t bother answering all of them if you don’t wanna, I’m just curious!!

hello! thank you!!

i keep listening to fleetwood mac / radical face / kate bush lately

i have a cat! and my girlfriend has 2 lizards, who are my sons

my fave characters are so obvious tbh. izaya, namie, shizuo, shinra (drrr), chuuya dazai and atsushi (bsd), akechi (p5), allen and link (dgm), etc. im very bland and typical in tastes

i love all foods but i just had some really good lentils w meat and i gotta say. i love lentils.

favorite season is winter! im a winter baby!