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Do you have any selfies with your siblings? I dunno, just curious. If not, I love your art!! You're amazing!! Thank you for gracing us with your amazing talent!!!!

recent ones? not with all of them, which honestly is a gross oversight on my part and means i should take some this summer considering how much i blog about them. this is me and my biological bro tho, he’s younger than me (u might know him from Great Hits such as the remote & alien hunting post):

my bio bro and sis (who is also younger than me but the closest to my age, she normally comes to help me out with shows):

all three of my younger brothers (who range 5-6 yrs younger than me and are all way taller than i am):

posted w/permission of course. i can’t find any recent photos w/my youngest sister but she’s notoriously camera-avoidant (tho it’s her bday tomorrow so maybe she’ll be down 2 take some then). technically she and my other two brothers are my first cousins but we all grew up in the same household w/the same four parents and still live that way to this day, so i’ve never had a cousin-esque relationship with any of them. that’s my sibs! all six of ‘em!! and they help me pack all my orders and make post office runs with me and sometimes they say jarring stuff that ends up in my #sib blogging tag :|;;


Jin: “I should’ve expected that.  It hurts.”

“That was almost 3 years ago, I’ve changed, grown out my hair and have grown up.  But, still, I can’t help but think…”

“That love I had— and still have— won’t be returned.”

“He will only see me as a brother.”

My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 6

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,797

Warnings: Age gap, A/B/O dynamics, Teacher x student relationship

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

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“Excuse me?” it was a soft voice, belonging to the person Dean wanted more than anything to see.

They both turned to look at the door. Dean felt his heart skip a beat at the sight in front of him. At you standing there.

“Oh hey (Y/n)” Sam said with a smile, quickly getting up. After shooting his brother a look of course.

“Hey Sam” you said with a big smile. Maybe a little bit too cheerfully for Dean’s liking. Or maybe it was that you talked to his brother with his first name, the familiarity you seemed to share, that made him clench his fists. That made the Alpha in him scream ‘Mine’. His possessiveness almost taking control. Almost.

Hadn’t it been for you talking at that very same moment, Dean would have surely done something he would surely regret to his brother.

“Oh hello Mr. Winchester” you said, taking notice of him, your smile growing bigger. You surely were happy to see him again.

“Hey” he said, getting up and smiling; making your stomach fill with butterflies “How are you (Y/n)?” he asked and you smiled more at seeing him concerned over you.

“Really good” you said “You?” you asked him.

“I’m really good myself too” he replied with a smile.

A small silence followed after that. Not that you or Dean minded, too lost at staring at each other. Time having stopped for both of you. Your trance was soon broken by Sam’s voice, though.

“Are you looking for Meredith, (Y/n)?” Sam asked and you teared your gaze from Dean’s eyes.

“Uhm yeah, I wanted to tell her that I’m going to be late tonight. Mom and dad are not at home, and I’m going to go out with some friends from school. They said that she should come by our place to be there to make sure I return safe” you said and he nodded.

“Ok, I’ll tell her. Don’t worry” Sam smiled and you did the same.

“Thank you” you said “I’ll get going. See you Sam, goodbye Mr. Winchester. I will see you on Monday” you smiled at him sweetly, him returning the smile, and you exited the room.

Dean stood there, staring at the way you left, too awe-struck to do anything. You were so beautiful in his mind. All well dressed, high heels on, hair done beautifully, slight make up on your face, all ready for a night out with your friends. He was really happy that you had managed to make friends so fast, not wanting you to feel left out.

“She’s Meredith’s sister if that’s what you’re wondering” Sam said with a slight chuckle and Dean snapped from his gaze.

“What?” he asked Sam, not having heard what he said.

“I said that she’s Meredith’s sister, if that’s what you were thinking. It obviously wasn’t” Sam added the last part mostly to himself.

“I-” Dean wanted to explain himself, no words really ready to come out, so Sam cut him off.

“It’s ok Dean. I get it. She’s your mate after all” Sam said with a small smile.

“Yes, yes she is” Dean felt the smile spread widely on his face.


Dean sighed, dropping his keys at the table next to the door. Silence surrounded the room, the whole house in general, and he didn’t bother to call out for Lisa. He knew that she would probably be asleep by this time of the night. He had taken more time than he planned to, going out with Sam for drinks; knowing that Meredith was not going to be at her and Sam’s house for that night.

He sighed in exhaustion entering his bedroom, taking his coat off, suit jacket and then tie. Slowly making his way to the bathroom. All the while, thoughts of your running through his head. And despite the guilt he felt for doing this to Lisa, he couldn’t help but smile at the image of you looking back at him with the same look he gazed at you.

He sighed in content as the warm water hit his body, relaxing all his tense muscles. The thought of his beautiful Omega, the thought of you, helping him get rid of any exhaustion or tension. Help him to finally feel at peace. Something that no woman he’s been with or even Lisa had ever managed or would ever manage to do.

He finished his shower quickly, drying himself with a towel, getting dressed into his pjs and making his way to his bed. Before he could lie though a thought crossed his mind so he decide to get up and make his way to the guest room. He hesitated for a while but slowly brought his hand up and, as he thought, he found that the door was actually unlocked. He slowly opened the door and saw her sleeping figure on the bed. He could clearly say that she has been crying, tissues scattered all around the bed. Dean’s heart ached at the thought of her crying because of him. Being hurt because of him.

No matter what, they have been together for so many years and he was sure he loved her. Not that way, however. He loved her like a dear friend. Like family. But he was not in love with her. That place in his heart belonged to you anymore and nobody, not even Lisa, could change that.

After a sad sigh, Dean exited the room; closing the door softly behind him, and walking back to his room. His decision was made. No matter how much it hurt Lisa, he was going to ask her to move out. He was going to ask her to break off the engagement, the mate-ship in general. No matter how much it hurt her, Dean a little bit too, he was not going to wait any longer. He could not wait any longer.


Dean’s eyes fluttered open. He had managed to fall asleep just a couple hours ago and although in the beginning it was hard for him (he was completely guilt ridden) once he found himself thinking of you, he couldn’t help but smile and finally lulled himself to sleep. The thought of your image constantly in his mind… even after he fell asleep.

Even in his dreams he thought of you. It has been a really long time since he last saw a dream of you, this time though it was way better. He always dreamed of how he thought you would be, how the older you would be. But this time was different. He now had a full image of your grown self. You were a woman to him anymore, although still young. And that meant a lot. He no longer felt like a perv for actually wanting what was his. What was meant to be his. You. He no longer felt guilty for wanting you to be his. So he did not feel guilty in his dream either. He did not feel guilty and so he let himself free. He let himself free and did what he has been wanting to for so long. Make love to you.

It really felt like making love, although it was just a dream. He really wondered how better it would be in reality. He could not say it out loud though, Dean was not that kind of man, but he surely knew he felt it. Pure bliss. That was the only emotion written all over his face. A smile plastered on his face, the feeling of the dream still there. It had felt so real and he really wished it was. More than anything, he wished it was true. That he would actually have the chance to do all those things to you.

It was surely the best dream he had had in his life and he found himself wishing with all his heart that it came true one day.

Dean had had sex in his life before, for real not just in dreams, but this… This felt better than anything else he had done before in his life. The mere thought of you had him hard, his mind running wild, and his heart beating wildly.

He put a hand over his closed eyes, biting his lip to keep the big smile from spreading (in vain). The image of you laying your head on his bare chest and smiling at him, your face glowing with bliss and happiness at the aftermath of such a night, was still in his mind. Of such an intense and passionate night. Full of love and care. He still remembered the look on your eyes. The same look he was sure he had. The look of pure happiness. The four words you had told him running in his mind. Still lingering in the air.

“I love you, Dean”

It seemed as if he could still hear it.

Dean did not say it back. He was not going to say it back immediately even if it was just a dream where nobody would actually know or that he would get rejected. He knew he felt that way, though. He knew it. Just like he knew that when the time came, he was going to say it to you. He was sure of that.

“Oh baby girl” he whispered mostly to himself.

Silence surrounded the room, Dean’s heavy breathing had gone to normal and almost nothing could be heard until-

“We’ve been together for six years, Dean” it was Lisa’s voice. Dean suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head to look at the door where she stood.

She continued speaking “We mated for four of those, and I don’t think I have ever seen that look on your face after we made love, not one time. Never before” she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

"Lisa” Dean only managed to say in a whisper. He really did not know what to say. He felt guilty, not because of what he was feeling for you (that he was never going to feel guilty of- never) but because of hurting Lisa without really wanting to.

Lisa spoke up before he could continue “Just-” she swallowed the lump in her throat, Dean sat up in a sitting position “Tell me something” she said and he nodded.

“Is she the one?” she asked in a whisper-y voice, more tears running down her cheeks.

Dean did not respond, just looked down at his hands; not wanting to cause her more pain.

“Dean” she managed to say with strength.

He looked up at her with a sad look “Are you in love with her?” she asked in a low voice and Dean found himself unable not to respond.

“Yes” he whispered “Yes, I am”

I will forever remember the first time my father ever told me he loved me.

It was today.
The 19th of April, 2014. 
At 5:13 a.m.  
I am 8,627 days old.
23 years
7 months
and 14 days, younger
than that now. 
Factory restored 
back into infancy. 
Before God banished me from his kingdom, 
“will she sink or swim?”
and now, at 6:51 am 
his text message still needs a reply,
and at 6:52 am I realize
I still need my mother to dry my eyes
there have been  
who have shared these words with me before
Some have even looked like my father.
and scarred.
I mean’t,
But at this very moment in time,
I believe no one. 
because just like those old lovers,
he waited until I was 
off guard,
barely able to hold my head above water 
before pushing me back down again.
and somehow the only thing I could respond and say was
“Why, Whats Up?”

I’ll gladly give another 23 years
7 months
14 days
to wait to get a response to that.

 Eryn Amel, 2014
7: am.

Wife Appreciation Post:

Wishing my beautiful wife an amazing first day of the school year today! Lindy never fails to amaze me! It seems like just yesterday that she was 22 years old and hired at one of the most prestigious school districts in the state, teaching high schoolers who were only 4-5 years younger than her. If that wasn’t amazing enough - she got hired during one of the most difficult and competitive economic times in our lifetime and she was teaching Honors and Advanced Placement classes as a first year teacher. She continues to be a favorite amongst her students and impressed the school enough to earn herself tenure in record time. Lindy is as modest as she is beautiful - so I am bragging about her, because she would never do it herself. Your students are so blessed to have such an outstanding teacher & mentor and Ashtyn and I are so proud of you. Have a great day - we love you!


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i've been speaking to this boy who lives 2/3 hours away and i'm going to meet him in a few days, for the first time. (it's in a public place and everything, it will be completely safe). i'm really nervous about it, do you have any ideas/tips? I am 2 years younger than he is, we're thinking about making it exclusive, but I'm worried that I won't be what he wants after he meets me, like I'll be a disappointment. What can I do?

1. Breathe
2. Get excited bcos yay
3. Plan your cute outfit
4. Breathe - this is really happening
5. Smile
6. Don’t panic
7. Get all giddy and excited about how pretty you’re gonna look
8. Remember they will most likely feel the same
9. Make sure your friends and family know exactly where you are with him, if the location changes send a quick text to a family member to let them know you are ok (remember stay in public for the first few times you meet)
10. Remind yourself that you are beautiful and lovely and if he doesn’t want to be with you it is his loss.

Eeek I’m super happy for you.

My Brother

I never mention him really. I just feel really bad. He’s turning 13 and he is going through a lot. Unlike myself, he knows what it was like to see his parents live together. I know it still bothers him that my mother is married to another man now. My brother from grades K-6th went to schools where I once attended. He was always the kid that was never as good as his older brother. My brother around age 9 started gaining weight and all though he is not fat…hes way bigger than he should have been. 

When we were younger, around when I was 11-15; I was pretty much his stand in dad. Although his dad was around, it was me who was with him 5 days a week at times while my mother worked a hectic schedule. It was me that had to teach him to really read and write and do things.

My mom and his dad pretty much let him get away with things as a child, do things as a child that has completely ruined him as a soon to be teenager. I mean ruin as in an educational way. He for sure has ADD(never diagnosed). He is a nosy kid. And his weight and issues in school(never being me) has really made him a self conscious kid who is afraid. He is afraid.

My brother is a very mis understood child with the ability to snap at any moment, who holds it all in and doesn’t really have friends. He lives in a home where everyone annoys him and the only person that he can ever talk to is me.

But Im always busy most of the time to do other things with him.

I just feel so bad. I feel terrible actually because for the past 9 years of my life I have watched this develop as the Big Brother/Father Figure. I just want to see my brother love himself. I want to see my brother do great in school. I want to see my brother calm down and not be so angry and have friends, and play games and lose weight. I want to see my brother not be afraid to be himself and for people to accept him and for people to stop accusing him or scolding him because they don’t understand what he understands. They don’t know what happened in his life that has made him this very complex 12 year old.

I fear, in a world where kids snap and go crazy that he will one day go crazy. I fear one day he’ll build some fake amount of courage and do something drastic. I’m pretty much all my brother really has.

I just want my brother to grow and be successful and happy and it’s killing me knowing that there is a chance he might not.