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Gwenvid Week - Day 5

Campfire Kiss

“Wasn’t this a good idea?”

“This was definitely … an idea.”

“Aww, Gwen, I think it’s a lot of fun!”

She scowled, pulling her sweatshirt closer around herself. “You didn’t have to spend the day dodging Pikeman. Of course you had fun.”

David frowned. “Now, I know he’s a little overbearing —”

“That’s a hell of a way to say ‘creepy and should have his hands cut off,’ but sure.”

“— but the Woodscouts are an important part of the Lake Lilac Camping Association! And it’s a great way to ensure the campers experience a variety of people and —”

“Don’t recite the brochure at me, David. I helped write it.” Gwen rolled her eyes, looking around at the dodgeball game that’d sprouted up — not for the fate of the camp, for once. (She’d already had to shut down three different “for the fate of the camp” bets, and it was only the first day of their weekend-long Friendship Retreat.) “But yeah, this could’ve been way more of a disaster.”

“Thank you, Gwen!” He straightened up, brightening, and for a moment they watched the game in silence. “This … was a good idea, right?” he repeated, his voice a little quieter.

She softened, leaning in and bumping her shoulder against his. “Definitely, David. You should be proud of it.” He’d worked harder to get this ready than on anything else all summer. Though … maybe some of that was her fault. “We should probably call everyone over soon, huh?” she asked, tilting her head back to the darkening sky. “Get this show on the road?”

He deflated slightly, his shoulders slumping and his gaze dropping to the dirt. “I guess,” he mumbled.

She laughed, climbing to her feet and stretching. “It was your idea, Greenwood.”

“The competition was!” he insisted, scrambling up as well. “Not the stakes!”

“Listen, I was not hinging the fate of the camp on your ability to scare people! It was the only other idea we knew he’d accept.”

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weeeellll this is some art that i made for the chorus of a BATIM song by itowngameplay https://youtu.be/NndGSrDpULA and how you see is in spanish haha mm… well if you can´t speak spanish i will try to tell you want i wrote… mmm…A ritual brought us to life, that life that now … without mercy you take us, you know to deceive, to manipulate, but in this world dreams come true, revenge heals my wounds, this black ink will be your farewell, today we You will fear, you will see, that even if you created us, you could never erase us. i think that it will be how it say in english haha also i drew it before i got sick but i forgot to post it and also sorry for the terribles draws and scketches there, you know that i´m just begining with that digital draw :)


Total event collapse means that every star in the Universe never happened. Not one single one of them ever shone, so if all the stars that ever were are gone then what—is that? Like I said, I’m looking for an exploding TARDIS.

But that’s the sun.



will never forget how important this show is to me

Dex deals with it, in increments.

He didn’t stop himself falling because he hadn’t noticed it had happened until it was too late, but he’s picked himself up off the ground of loving Nursey and managed to make his way across the vast expanse. He can’t shoot back up into obliviousness again, thinks he might come across a canyon and fall even further.  It’s maybe inevitable, being bound by this love for the rest of his life. At first he’d let himself believe in quiet moments that he might be free one day, might move on to someone else’s land and love them as much; but then Nursey would smile, or laugh, or breathe, and Dex would know. He’s gone, he’s fallen hard and fast and fully, plummeted to the earth that is Derek Nurse, the gravity of love tying him indefinitely to this man.

So he deals with it. It’s the best he can do.

He remembers that they’re not friends. This confuses Nursey at first because they’d pretty much reached a mutual accord at the end of the last semester, but a few sharp words from Dex and they go back to being grudging acquaintances. Dex tries not to notice that he’s always the one on the attack in their petty arguments, that Nursey – who’s so kind, so good – never does more than gently chirp or defend himself with the deft deflection of a poet. He gets used to the frowns from Bitty when he spits acid, vile and corrosive, at Nursey across the kitchen. Rans and Holtz try talking to him about it once, but he spits at them too, his words as toxic as chemicals in a lab explosion, and they learn to leave him be. They want to help, they care so much, but ultimately as long as they play well together they can’t do much more as captains. It’s not only not their job, but not their place either.

(In the dark of his room, Dex sometimes wishes that they’d push him. Lock him and Nursey in a room together so they’re forced to talk, so Dex has no choice but to let the torrent of feeling that he’s hidden inside him escape his carefully constructed dam and wash through the room. Let him face the scorn, or the sympathy, or the awkward acceptance that would inevitably follow the reveal. But they won’t force him, and he’s not brave enough to do it alone.)

It gets harder as they grow more distant, because when Nursey isn’t talking to Dex he’s talking to everyone else, spilling his sunlight all over them so they smile and laugh and relax in the warmth of his presence. Dex watches this from the shadows, sees the rays just across the room and wishes he could step into them, give Nursey a smile, slip back into the friendship they’d so briefly had. But then Nursey will glance his way, catch Dex watching him, and Dex has to scowl and turn away, curl up in the cool shade he’s damned himself to, curse away the tears that want to run with the absence of light.

It comes to a head when Dex requests he be moved lines. He can’t play with Nursey, he tells Coach Hall. Can’t skate with him. Can’t breathe the same air.

Coach Hall refuses, but he does tell Ransom and Holster. They tell Nursey, and finally, he snaps.

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a piece of advice for high school seniors
  • first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! you’re almost there, now is not the time to procrastinate and be lazy with your studies. just because it’s the last year, it doesn’t mean it won’t matter anymore. it’s either you make it or break it, so please take this year as serious as you did with the past 3!
  • senioritis is real and it doesn’t choose anyone. as the year progresses, it’ll just kick you in the ass harder than ever before. just don’t let it get the best of you, okay?
  • MAKE GOOD MEMORIES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you haven’t gone to a high school party and you’ve really been itching to go to one, then this is your chance! there’s no next time so don’t let this pass! Although it’s perfectly fine to spend your friday nights at home as well.
  • take a lot of pictures with your friends. it’s your last year together and you all would probably be off to different colleges and universities in a matter of months. wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of memories to look back on while you’re far away from each other? also, it would be a good laugh in a couple years time!
  • there are going to be days that you won’t feel like going to school. it’s okay to take a day off as long as you are aware with what you’re missing out on and you keep up to date!
  • expect that there will be all nighters coming your way because of how hectic senior year is. it’s okay to stay up all night but never go without sleep for more than 36 hours.
  • EAT AND KEEP HYDRATED. everyone underestimates how important this is! eating breakfast makes a huuuuge difference! I know things get super busy and you may lose track of time, but please make sure you don’t forget to have a little snack from time to time. and don’t forget to drink water! your brain needs it! (fun tip: if you have extra time the night before, make your breakfast! just heat it up in the morning and you’re good to go. but if you don’t then a banana or granola bar would be fine too)
  • COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. It’s totally okay if you still don’t know which major you want to take up even though everyone says otherwise. Just go with your gut; personal advice: take up something that you’re really interested in!!
  • don’t let your parents take control over your future. you do you. pursue whatever major you want to, you’re gonna thank yourself later.
  • it’s okay if you didn’t get in your dream university. it’s not the end of the world, trust me on this one.
  • reconnect with your old friends. maybe you’ve got into a fight with your best friend and never got any closure? or maybe you guys just drifted apart because the two of you found other friends? this is your chance to reach out to them and ask how they’ve been doing and catch up a little! 
  • PROM. prom is not worth stressing over, I SWEAR. it’s okay to not bring a date to prom. based on personal experience, it’s super fun to spend it with your friends! and think of it as your last time to be with your batch mates who you basically grew up with!
  • appreciate everything. the teachers that still accepts your work even though you’re 2 weeks late. your classmates and batch mates who you’ve been through hell and back with. the nasty school lunches. cheering for your high school team. playing for your high school. and everything in between.
  • and lastly, just take it all in. don’t waste your remaining days in high school wishing it was all over; instead, make the most out of it. I know it gets super hard and frustrating sometimes and you just want to quit but trust me, you’ll miss it once you’ve graduated!


Inuyasha’s Wish

Please don’t read this is just a head canon of mine. I’m super embarrassed. 

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John Frusciante