who´s that boy

Chocobros training with their s/o

Noctis: is very vigilant when swinging his sword. He’s so afraid he’ll accidentally hurt you, so doesn’t put in anywhere near the amount of exertion like he would against Gladio or an enemy, per se. But he wants you to be able to defend yourself because, even though he will try his damned hardest, he won’t always be able to protect you. So he will give you plenty of tips and tricks. And even though you train long and hard enough, he will never let you fight alone. The last thing he wants to see is you get hurt, he’ll never forgive himself. 

 Prompto: will talk your ear off more than anything and make you practice on a dummy or a tree. He’s so tender and encouraging, that even when you mess up, he’ll praise you and tell you how good you did(even though you clearly did terrible). He lets you practice with his gun too, physically guiding you from behind, cheering and planting a kiss on your cheek when you hit your target. He wants you to learn on your own so he lets you fight alone in battle, but always keeps a close eye on you, ready to jump to your aid if anything goes wrong.

 Ignis: will be very austere when training you. He teaches you genuine posture and balance when swinging your weapon, correcting you when you screw up; he’ll have you redo it until you get it right. He will always goes easy on you though, unless you ask otherwise. He wants you to be able to defend yourself accordingly in case your ever in a situation where you will have to fight on your own(although he swears to never leave your side). He wants only the best for his lover. 

 Gladio: he trains tough, not nearly as tough as he does with Noctis, but still pretty tough. He’s constantly knocking your sword out of your hand but always picks it back up for you, showing you how to properly block that specific blow. You’ll get frustrated with him but he’ll just laugh, he loves it when you get feisty(it means you’ll fight harder). He gives you sequences of moves and when you do them correctly he’ll get excited and ruffle your hair and kiss your head. In battle, he lets you fight on your own, always watching you, but won’t come and help unless you really need it, cause he knows you can do it. I mean, he did train you.

Stress relief doodle of the guzboi from the other day. I almost never draw fanart, but I kinda like how this came out, so here we are!

His “y’all are stupid!” was so iconic.

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