who your name is


He was not even a man. He was Lord Ramsay’s creature, lower than a dog, a worm in human skin. “You will pretend to be a prince,” Lord Ramsay told him last night, as Reek was soaking in a tub of scalding water, “but we know the truth. You’re Reek. You’ll always be Reek, no matter how sweet you smell. Your nose may lie to you. Remember your name. Remember who you are.” (requested by am-bient)

NCT members as what my phone auto corrects their name to

Taeyong: Tasting
Johnny: Johnny
Taeil: Trail
Yuta: Cute
Doyoung: Footing
Ten: Then
Jaehyun: Daehyun
WinWin: Eunwoo
Mark: Make
Haechan: Haechan
Jeno: Jenifer
Renjun: Remain
Jaemin: Harmon
Chenle: Checked
Jisung: Hiding

  • Teacher: Ok class this is the feelings circle tell us how far you'll go for the person you love
  • Me: My love is one of a kind. I would climb mountains for him. I'd sail a ship across the whole Atlantic to see him. I'll depart from LA with a World War II plane and fly to the Sahara just to hear his voice. I once listened to a five second recording of him grunting for more than five hours until I slept. I'd take a bullet to the head just to keep him safe. He is my sunshine. He didn't deserve anything that happened to him. I love him. I can write a book about him. I will save him even if it means I will lay down my life for him. I'd tear my head off and suck the intestines out of my stomach if he asked me to. My life means nothing. Till death do we part.
  • Teacher: Who is it? Your boyfriend?
  • Me: actually no his name is neji hyuga and

Marilyn photographed by Tom Stoddart, 1984.

Peter ‘Marilyn’ Robinson is a British cross-dressing singer who reached fame with his song “Calling Your Name” in 1983. Also known as a Blitz kid, his friendship with Boy George and his relationship with Gavin Rossdale.

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Am I the only one who, when reading a blurb/one shot, reads Y/N as "your name" rather than inserting my actual name??

LOL I don’t do that, but I know so many people who do

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I looked at your dadsona's name and the first thing I thought of is Hamilton dhhddsjsj I'm trash


tbh i picked that name because Anthony is the name i want to give my child (if ever i adopt one) BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT WHO “ANTHONY RAMOS” WAS

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hey could you please do some headcanons for ponyboy trying to be romantic but failing miserably?? if not that's okay, thanks anyways! :)

-Pony would get this idea to get you flowers, so he gets you roses and presents them to you and realizing, you like tulips
-he tries to remember the poem he memorized, one he wrote just for you
-but he messes up everything, including your name
-so now you’re sitting there thinking, who the fuck is this other chick ??
-he then forgets how to speak for a good 10 minutes
-so now it’s just uncomfortable silence
-this boy would trip over his damn shoe and make a fool out of himself
-so you take him to your house to clean up
-as he sits on he counter, he leans down right as you go up
-so now you’ve just knocked your head against one the thickest skulls in Tulsa
-so now you’re in pain and he’s just speechless trying to apologize
-so you both just end up on the counter sitting with ice packs to your heads and pony with a busted lip
-“I’m sorry Y/N, I just get so damn nervous around you”
“I know Pony, it’s kinda cute”
“Yeah, just please remember next time that tulips are a safe choice, not cliche roses”
“Got it”
“I love you Ponyboy”
“I love you more Y/N”
-you give him a kiss but he pulls back because of his lip so you just shake your head
-that boy is a nervous wreck

tea witch.

There is no one who fits your name more than you.
—  Poets Love Her