who you view yourself

i feel like lesbian love is always a dance…i’ve been thinking about how i view love lately and it is so much to think about. the idea of loving someone who is not viewed by culture as a complete person and of meeting them when you yourself aren’t a complete person either…i think people who aren’t lesbians don’t understand the trauma of having to constantly make a case for a life without men. and then beyond that even just of knowing a woman, that’s a beautiful thing and the most intense feeling on earth i think? women carry so much pain literally all of the time…i found a notebook the other day from forever ago where i wrote “loving you is heavy, girl, but not because you are too heavy” and i think that kinda sums up the constant exchange of comforting someone who is viewed as Less and giving yourself what you need and also accepting someone else’s life into your own…yeah. it is 9am and being a lesbian is a lot. 

Tokyo Love Lights

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title: Tokyo Love Lights

genre: Fluffy as Jungkook

shipping: Jungkook X Reader

summary: “I’ll stay by your side until you get tired of me.” Well then, forever is a long time.

word count: 1,986

Dating an idol was hard, but you’ve learned to deal with it after dating Jungkook for over a year now. One of the hardest things was when he had to go on tour and be away from you from numbers of days. Being able to go on tour with Jungkook was a chance that you’d get once in a very long time (maybe even a lifetime), seeing that he was in a secret relationship that the fans did not know of. The only people who knew were his members, the managers, his company. However, the company doesn’t really approve the relationship that he has with you, thinking that it brings on a bad spotlight to the band. Even with that, he insisted that he would stay together with you because he loved you and nothing could ever keep them apart or change that.

“Are you excited?” Jungkook asked as he looked at you with loving eyes.

Nodding excitedly, you grabbed his hand and leaned against his shoulder. They were currently sitting in the airport near the gate with the other members and staff. With their “disguises”, none of the fans could tell who they were so it was okay for them to show skinship.

“I can’t believe that I am finally able to go on tour with you! It reassures me in some way since I am able to be with you and I don’t have to fear being attacked or stalked by sasaeng fans.” You said as you lifted your head off of his shoulder and smiled at him. “Thank you for convincing your manager and boss to let me go.”

“Anytime. Get your stuff, we are boarding in a few minutes.”

Standing up and grabbing your bag, you grabbed Jungkook’s hand and followed the others as they waited near the gate to get checked in and on the airplane.

Adjusting the strap of your duffel bag, you led Jungkook to give the attendant their tickets, with the rest of Bangtan and the staff right behind them. As you made your way towards their shared seats, you tried reaching up to place their bags in the storage space that was provided above the seats. It was entertaining to Jungkook, seeing his girlfriend go on her tippy-toes to try and push their bag further inside the cabinet.

Jungkook stood behind you and pushed it for you before wrapping his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss to your temple. He placed his head on your shoulder and pushed you into your shared row lightly so that they wouldn’t block the way.

“You’re so cute~, jagiya.” Jungkook said as he pulled away and set down his small bag under the seat in front of him. “Sit Ari. You don’t wanna stand there the entire time.”

You let out a light laugh and sat down next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and pushed the bag in for you before wrapping his arms around her waist and pressed a kiss against the side of your temple.

“Don’t be scared, jag,” Jungkook said as he grasped your hand. “We won’t crash or anything. Promise.”

You gave him a soft smile and waited as the other passengers began to board. As they were getting ready to take off, you subconsciously took hold of Jungkook’s hand and grasped it tightly. Looking out the window, you watched as the plane began to move to the runway, preparing to take off. As the plan began to rise from the ground, you looked away from the window and laid your head on Jungkook’s shoulder. Taking deep breaths, you tried to calm yourself while repeatedly saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay” in your head.

Once they were finally in the air, thousands of feet above the ground and sea, you began to relax a tiny bit. Listening to music with Jungkook while sharing earphones with him, having him practically be your pillow, and just being in his presence made up for all of those nights when he’s come home late. It also made you fall in love with him all over again.

Spending hours on the plane wasn’t so bad and it passed by quickly. Once the plane had landed in the lands of Japan and had halted to a complete stop, You stretched your legs a little, waiting to let the other passengers off the plane before getting your bags from the storage above them. Making your way down the aisle of the plane and through the terminal, you took a breath of Japan’s fresh air for the first time.

As you walked out, you were greeted with the screams and squeals of the fangirls who were guarded by police and bodyguards. You knew you had to walk out to the car first so you wouldn’t be caught and expose your relationship. Slipping your sunglasses on, you quickly walked to the black vans that were parked in front of the airport and got in the car, after placing your luggage in the back of the car.

You knew that the fangirls wouldn’t have noticed you getting in the car since they were too busy gushing over the fact that they were about to see BTS right in front of them. As you sat down, you made sure your face was covered, just in case, and waited patiently for the others to get here.

Suddenly, the screams got louder from inside the airport which then rippled off the crowd outside. You flinched slightly by the sudden change of the volume of noise. As you turned your head to look out of the window, you could see the boys as they made their ways to the cars with the fans being pushed back so that they would have enough space to breathe.

You ducked down in the car as soon as the car door opened so you wouldn’t be seen as the fans attention drifted towards the car of where the boys were now loading into. Taehyung was the first one to get in. He sat in the back next to the window, while Jungkook sat in the middle of the both of you, successfully blocking you from the fans’ sharp eyes. Waiting until the car started to drive off to the destination of the hotel, you slowly sat up and pushed your sunglasses onto the top of your head.

“Do you think that we’ll be able to go explore today?” J-Hope asked.

One of their managers, who was currently driving the car, nodded slightly saying that they’d be able to rest and explore for today only before their schedule started the next day.

The members smiled and started to talk among themselves as they started to plan what they were going to do once they’ve reached the hotel and had finally been set free to have the rest of the days to themselves. Jungkook, however, he took your hand in his and laid his head on your shoulder.

“Let’s stay at the hotel and relax, okay? I bet you feel really jet-lagged too so you can have time to rest. We can go out tomorrow.” Jungkook said, tilting his head up to take a good look at your face.

Giving him a small smile, you nodded. “Alright, let’s do that. We can out and explore tomorrow.”

Jungkook grinned and snuggled closer you, entwining his fingers with yours. You laid your head on top of his and turned your head to the side slightly, pressing a soft kiss on his head.

As the hotel came into view, you hesitantly detached yourself from Jungkook, who was sleeping on your shoulder. Shaking his shoulder lightly, the both you of exited the car and got your luggage, making your way towards the entrance of the hotel.

The hotel was fancy. The lobby floor was marble with chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. Everything was mostly white with a hint of gold and silver, here and there. The price of eight nights must’ve been expensive compared to the other hotels that the members had stayed at. Everything was so fancy that it made you feel somewhat out of place. After all, you started as a fan who was lucky enough to have her own ultimate bias to fall for her. Besides that fact, even though you were able to go on this tour which was all paid for by the company, the only thing that really motivated you to go was that you’d be able to spend a lot more time with him while he was on tour, compared to when he would have to leave you for at least two months before returning.

Anyway, back on topic. Making your way towards the elevators, the eight of you headed towards the seventeenth floor. The rooms weren’t that far from each other, as the members went to their designated room that they shared with the other members.

Once you entered the hotel room, you immediately dropped your bag and collapsed on the bed. Burying your face into the sheets, you let out a big sigh. Jungkook came over and laid down next you, his arms under his head, as he turned his face to take a good look at your face. As you turned your head to face him, you were greeted with warm and loving brown eyes.

“You really like staring at me, huh?”

“Only because you are so beautiful.”

Blushing a light pink, you buried your face into the sheets again, letting out a “Stoopp~ You’re embarrassing.”

He let out a chuckle and stood up. “Go and wash up. For once, I am letting you go first so take advantage of this one in a lifetime moment. It’s been a long day of traveling.”

As you let out a light laugh, you jokingly glared at him as you grabbed your things from the luggage, along with your beauty bag. “I hope I steal all the hot water, so you won’t have any, like what you do to me.” You shouted before stepping into the bathroom.

“I’m showering with you! Wait for me!” He said, rushing to get his clothes and running into the bathroom. “Leave some hot water for your Kookie!”

The sky started to grow dark. As the sun started to set, setting a gorgeous array of colors across the sky. The lights of the city started to glow brighter, as the night grew dark and alone. Tokyo, the city that never stops, was shining brightly under the sky. Watching as the cars zoom by from your hotel window, you sat on a chair with Jungkook, wrapped in his arms, making you feel safe and protected.

“We don’t get this often huh?”

He shook his head and buried his nose into your hair, taking in your scent. “You should come on tour with us again. I won’t have to deal with the feeling of being away from you and missing you a lot.”

“That would create a higher chance of us being found out. .”

“Then, let’s become a public couple.”

Alarmed, you pulled away from his arms. “Are you serious?! Jungkook, it would bring bad light to you and your members. You’d lose fans and-”

“None of that is more important than you.”


He placed his hands on your shoulder. “Listen to me, Ari. Even if I work with, in your opinion, “beautiful” girls, none of them would compare to you. I could never love them like I love you. You are my entire world and if ARMY can’t accept that, then they’ll just have to deal with it. I’ve already talked with the members about this and I know what I’m doing. I’ll stay with you, protect you, and be by your side until you get tired of me.”

Smiling, you pressed a chaste kiss to his lips saying, “Forever is a long time, but it’s worth it spending it with you.”



Jerome Valeska x Arkham Doctor/Follower!Reader- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

A/N: Words: 1,530. This was supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day, but I had so much homework I literally had no time. Enjoy!

Warnings: murder, language, guns, violence, mentions of rape

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“I know what you do at night.” A warm breath appeared on your ear. Of course it was obvious to you who it was. The white lab coat that you wore over your blue scrubs moved as you turned yourself to view the man who had whispered in your ear. “You go, and put on your little face paint hoping to catch my attention. By day, however, Doctor (L/N) you pretend that you want to fix me. You pretend to make me seem like my sanity is going back to what you folks refer to as ‘normal’, but, Sweetie, everyone knows there’s no way you can fix me. I’m not broken.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mister Valeska. I would never support such riots. Now, how are you doing today?” you replied refusing to look him in the eye.

“Now, Beautiful, I’m doing just fine. I wish I could leave out of this place, but life sucks sometimes. You know what would be great though? If you could help me to get out there! The reward that you’d get would be tremendous,” Jerome told you attempting to reach out to you, but his handcuffs preventing the motion.

“Showing signs of being a megalomaniac and a compulsive liar, is there anything else you’d like to say before I leave out of here? It’s almost time for me to go home for the day,” you reply beginning to feel frustrated at the man for somehow finding out about her nightly outings.

“If what I said was true bring me a Reese’s for our appointment tomorrow,” he mutters as you leave out the door. 

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The Fandom as a whole is not and will never be a safe space for [insert random group for which The Fandom is considered unsafe] (unless there’s only one person in it).

People are different and have different opinions on things. Your struggle to change every single person’s view to match yours is bound to fail.

It’s up to you alone to create a safe space for yourself. You are the only person responsible for your fandom experience.

Don’t expect other people to adapt to your beliefs. You have no control over what others think. Realize that The Fandom is not revolving around you and your opinion. Create your own safe space and unfollow / block the people who make you feel unsafe. As for fancreations (and also original creations like Anime), be cautious of what you read / watch and stay in your lane of comfort.

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i'm trans* non-binary and i like girls but when people ask me i don't wanna say that i'm a lesbian, bc i'm not a girl and yeah... i hope you know what i mean so, what am i?

You’re a person that likes feminine people, you like girls. 

If someone asked you what you interested in say you like women, if they call you a lesbian tell them no. You are not a lesbian because you identify as trans non-binary. 

Lesbians are people who identify as women who like other women. You don’t view yourself as a woman so you aren’t a lesbian.

Simple as that.


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You are like a magikarp. I say this because as I see (just based of the MANY Pokémon posts and relationship type posts) of how you seem to view yourself. You are someone who may seem under appreciated, and misunderstood by most, but if you have the right person, the right man, put in the time to get to know you and understand you, then you'll be able to truly find your true self and become the Gyarados that you should be. Don't give up on your happiness. And I hope this brightens your day! 😊😊

This definitely did - and it was incredibly sweet and cute! Thank you so much!

The truth about Gemini’s (for all the gemini haters out there)

People constantly mistake Gemini’s for being 2 faced, manipulative people. (though we can be manipulative), were constantly misunderstood. The truth is that were super understanding. We literally wanna know every side of the story from every point of view and then we’ll stand with the most reasonable and fair option. If we love you and you’re up against someone, we’ll look further into it, and if we come to find out you’re wrong, we’ll make you take personal responsibility. But if you’re right, we’ll stand up for you and with you forever. We never jump to conclusions about anything. We truly find interest in conflict resolve and getting everyone to a mutual understanding and ground so that theres always harmony. So if theres somethings wrong between you and a another person, and you come to a Gemini about it, they will take it upon themselves to try and fix the situation. We will be the messenger of everyones intentions and views, but we WILL protect your secrets. Nothing is unfixable to a Gemini, and we have a really hard time accepting when things don’t go our way, or don’t work out as planned, but we always have a backup plan and spring back into action when things get out of control. We always try to “scope the scenes” and “expand the horizons” to get a bigger, broader view of the world, rendering us difficult to “tie down". We never jump into ANYTHING without weighing our options and play our cards close, but we react shamelessly if we come to find out we’re wrong about something or someone. We simply just see it as a new lesson learned.

If a Gemini loves you, they will be generous and loyal. We sometimes just need space because although we seem very energetic and fun, we are constantly aware that all things come to and end and will not let everyone see it when we give ourselves time to regenerate. We are try VERY carefully to avoid staying anywhere or doing anything for TOO LONG, leaving us a bit inconsistent sometimes. Hence, why people say Geminis are great gambler, because they know exactly when to pull out. But we DO care about our friends, and will constantly make our intentions clear so that you cant hold anything against them. We are excellent communicators and surprisingly competitive, but we are not petty and forgive easily. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take note of past events and navigate ourselves carefully afterward, though. We hate making the same mistakes twice. Gemini’s try hard to get everyone to see from their point of view, too. And although we seem insensitive, that isn’t true at all. We take criticism to the heart, we just don’t dwell on it and try our best to improve. Sometimes though, we end up trying to meet to someone else standards and end up doing things that other people like even if we don’t like it ourselves, because we genuinely want to be liked. But we are still very much our own person and we most likely won’t be around you all the time if that means we cant be ourselves. (Note, i hold a lot of sagittarius/aries influence and find this particularly difficult to relate to, but i am speaking on behalf of Gemini’s chameleon trait.)

Gemini people are unpredictable, therefore we don’t like unpredictable people because were always analysing things in their mind, and absolutely HATE the feeling of uncertainty. Communication is important to us but it isn’t everything. We do pay attention to the way you treat other people because we do, like i said before, play our cards close and do not want to risk the same thing being done onto us. We will either slip away unnoticed or address you about it. Sometimes people think that we have a superiority complex about ourselves because we take it upon ourselves to criticise things about people or address their flaws (when we do), but the truth is that we care a lot about our friends and family and want to see them strive, too. We’re constantly evolving and trying to find things to improve in ourselves. We want to be seen as generous, cool, kind, and fun! We are capable of just about anything and usually stick to what makes us happy, but we try our best all the time to find happiness in all of our circumstances; Hence, the adaptability trait. We are NOT insensitive and the truth is, we wish that people would open up more to us because we love sorting through things and fixing situations. (although as i said before, i am speaking mostly for myself, a person with a mars in sagittarius and it is common for people with mars in this sign to come off as uncaring to others options/views).

People think we love chaos (and believe me, we DO), its just that we want to be the ones who sift and sort through it all. We strive on it (not it vain, mainly in gratitude) and truly enjoy helping others. We forgive easily and we hate it when people are resentful towards us because we like to be treated the same way in return. We will fight for you. We never give up without a fight and usually like things to be ended in a smooth understanding with one another. We just need to learn that we cant convince everyone, which is like, the hardest thing for a gemini. We HATE being accused of something we didn’t do and take disliking in people who immediately jump to conclusions about us, or people who speak over us when we are talking, someone who completely disregards how we feel, and people who don’t believe what we say. Don’t ever say you don’t care what a Gemini is saying. Gemini people are always thirsty for a meaningful debate and although we find comfort in people with the same views as us, we are intrigued by knowledgeable people who have apposing views to ours, and you will find yourself surprised with our rather deep, knowledgeable responses. We are deep thinkers, and even if we don’t come out on top at the end, we find it fulfilling to learn something knew about another persons views.

If you love a Gemini, don’t CONSTANTLY challenge what we have to say. We will take it as you think that were not smart enough and we’re just saying a load of bullcrap. Don’t be jealous. We are NOT jealous beings and don’t take well to jealously, because it makes us feel like we have to downgrade ourselves to make someone else feel better, and we don’t not like having to compromise ourselves for another persons enjoyment. Don’t be passive aggressive. We can see right through people and can tell immediately what someones intentions are, what they’re thinking and who they think they are. Even if we don’t show it right away, you’re annoying us in our mind. Gemini people enjoy the company of others who don’t mind bending the rules a little bit, so don’t be too stuck up or traditional.

And lastly, Gemini people are surprisingly SECRETIVE. This trait is particularly strange to others because we are so social and outgoing. Some people would mistake this for being deceitful, but it is mainly because we do not display all of the personalities within us. Unless you are close with a Gemini, you probably know little to nothing about us. We may seem like a talkative open book, but we do have lots of secrets up our sleeves.

So before you mistake a Gemini for shallow, manipulative, and two faced, just remember that we are way more than what comes to eye. But to anyone who is reading this and is not a gemini, keep in mind that nothing just depends on your sun sign, and a lot of the things mentioned here DO depend on the rest of your chart. You could be an air dominant, a water dominant, a fire dominant or and earth dominant.

But anyways, to all the Gemini haters out there, UR JUST JEALOUS!

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(Do not respond to this message with "hi love") Is it normal to feel like you're gonna fail at life


I think it’s normal to feel like things aren’t things won’t work out or have a sense that something is going to go wrong. However I think to feel like you’re going to fail at life completely isn’t healthy and could be to do with how you view yourself and how you feel about who you are as a person.

If there are reasons why you feel that you’re going to fail at life, look at them, talk about them, try to play devil’s advocate - what if things went right this time, what would that mean?

Doubt is normal, doubt and a sense of failure which affects everything you do isn’t healthy and I think it’s worth talking about.

- Hannah xx

High school sweet-snob: Yoongi

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung

Yoongi x Reader

Gender: Male x Female.

Genre: Smut.

Warning: -

Word count: 3214


Out of all the students, why did he pick you?
What in his mind told him you should be the one to be tormented by him.

Tormented in the sense of giving you those glances and those smiles he knew had an effect on you.
He being Min Yoongi of course, the man that made teenage hearts throb while he was a teenage snob yet even though his behavior was nothing to be fanned over, you couldn’t help to have fallen for the student.

Heavens must have taken a disliking at you as they placed you in the same class as Yoongi for two school years now, this led Yoongi to torment you in all the ways he could without being caught, he had a reputation of course.

That reputation being a bad boy and how odd it would be to see a bad boy flirting with a ‘plain Jane’.
 You weren’t necessarily speaking boring, but you did easily mix with the walls compared to the other girls who purposely wore shorter skirts and often dismissed the school rules like wearing heavy make-up even though it is not allowed.
But who cared about that if that would catch Yoongi’s attention or any other of his friends who also pointed a middle finger at the school and how much you wanted to join the anarchy, you just couldn’t risk it.
So what was the next thing you could do, nothing really, but if staring from a distance was any act of participation you’d happily take it.

Speaking of staring from a distance, it was what you were doing at the moment.
There by the window was a small group, actually it was a pretty large group considering more than the half of your classmates had moved all to one side of the classroom.
Only a few students decided to stay seated, those that had fallen asleep and those who you could call your friends.

“I honestly do not get why people like him.” One of your friends huffed out.

“Because he is the physical form of ’Fuck you ’ ”  Your other friend said
“Do you agree, Y/N?” Your friend asked, eyeing you with a curious eyebrow raised up and all you could do was nod, you agreed only with a slight tweak.

Fuck you for being hot, that is.

Your heart stuttered as your gaze locked with Yoongi’s, even though he was being surrounded by many people practically blocking his view he still managed to find you.
A small smile painted on his lips as he tried to ever so discretely wink at you, which as usual succeeded and made you look away.
You could feel your cheeks burn and heart tighten, oh how he only knew half of the effect he had on you.
Not only did Yoongi torment you through out the day, but also through out the night when you wished for sleep but instead got sexual frustrations. 
Yes, like stated before you had plunged head first into this impossible love that you’re sure will stay unrequited. And for that, you disliked every bit of Yoongi, for making him fall in love with him even though it was your own fault.

“Okay everyone, back to your seats. Now .” Your homeroom teacher demanded and with a groan everyone moved to their respective desks.
And so the long hours of school started again featuring you trying to suppress those lewd thoughts about the man who started it all and had no sign of stopping. Literally.
Yoongi didn’t even think about giving you a break for these final hours of school, always looking to his side to catch your gaze. Why did you had to sit in the same row as him.
Normally Yoongi would forget about the class and see how long he could stare at you before you noticed, but today was different as you were the one staring.
An obvious gummy smile made it on Yoongi’s face as he caught his bottom lip with his teeth, a low chuckle escaped from his body as he saw your face going bright red from shock and embarrassment.

“Mister Min, is there something funny?” The teacher asked.
You immediately turned back to your book, afraid of being caught for simply staring.

Actually it was more then that, it was so much more that you’re sure it would even make holy water sinful. You couldn’t help it, it was the hormones going at it as you would say as an excuse but you well knew it was just because your heart had grabbed hold at Yoongi or he did.
You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to kiss those soft lips, how they would feel against yours and trailing down your body until they kissed your core.

You squeezed your thighs against one another as you tried not to think about it, shaking your head slightly as he could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Whatever it may be, Min, you’re staying after school hours.” The teacher said, not caring for a reason anymore.

Your eyes widen as you looked up, your body had already stopped yourself for telling the teacher it was you who caused it,  you didn’t need this.

Daring to look at Yoongi he seemed unfazed even giving you a subtle wink that caused your cheeks to tingle and heat up.

The moment the last bell of the day went off you sprinted out of the class as fast as you could, your feet practically gliding over the stairs down.
You wanted, no had to get out of school asap or else you would explode out of sexual frustration.
Thank god your house was close by. Once out the building you began to run, not even noticing Yoongi watching you from the classroom with a Cheshire like grin.
“Min, it’s your lucky day today.” The teacher sighed out “I have better things to do, so you will be sitting here tomorrow.” If possible Yoongi’s smile grew wider and without another word he left the classroom.

As you entered your house you took a note how empty it was, no sign of living.

Instead of feeling fear you felt relieved, no one would be home till tomorrow leaving the house all by yourself which meant having some self love in peace and quite.
You immediately began to strip away your clothing, throwing your school bag somewhere in your room as all you wanted was some release.
Your body hit your cold wall as your fingers dipped inside of you, your mouth falling open as you had been waiting for this since the beginning of the day.

Your mind clouded as all you could imagine was how it would feel if it was Yoongi and you couldn’t help but let out a moan.
As your imagination ran wilder so did your pace until you felt your release pop into white butterflies, your muscles lessened and you let out a satisfying sigh, it was only then when you realized you had your curtain wide open, giving anyone who would walk by a perfect view of you pleasuring yourself.
Quickly you scurried forward, praying to god that no one had seen you but of course he was not at your side.

Your breath got caught as your eyes locked with a smirking Min Yoongi, looking up in your window.

His bottom lip caught in his teeth as his eyes sparked with mischief.
Out of all the people, out of all the people who could have seen it had to be the Devil himself.
You expected or more so hoped Yoongi would shrug it off and walk further to his house that was not far from yours, another reason why you dammed Yoongi, but instead he walked to your front door and gave it a long ring.
You began to hurry away from the window and made way to your bedroom door.

Bypassing your mirror you realized how you looked, like a mess.
Cursing under your breath you wanted to dress properly, but with Yoongi abusing the doorbell your only option was to throw a long shirt that stopped a bit over your ass.
Out of all the things, why did he had to see that?

Maybe he didn’t, who were you kidding of course he saw that.

Swinging the door open you feel the breath being punched out of you, there so close was Yoongi.
The sun beaming down on him so perfectly it created a halo around him if he did not already own one.
“Afternoon, Sunshine.” Yoongi smirked “May I come in?” was not even a question, more a warning he was.
Passing you Yoongi let himself in, looking around the hallway before turning back at you.
“Might want to close the door, insects might come in.” Yoongi said and your body moved out of shock, almost slamming the door shut causing Yoongi to let out a low chuckle.
You pressed your head as heart as you could against the door, hoping that it might help with whatever kind of emotions you were feeling, or maybe that this was all a dream and you would wake up but at last.

“I see you already started without me, no?” Yoongi said, you straightened your body still facing the door as you tried to process what Yoongi said and what he was referring  too.
Yoongi took the silence as a hint of confusion and he let out a chuckle, inspecting your body up and down. Gosh did you look incredibly hot in that shirt. 
“I know about them, Y/N.” Yoongi purred, silently walking towards you “those dreams, I know about them.” He continued, starting the engine that made you talk.

“I-I have no idea what you are talking about.” You stuttered out, your breath hitched as you could feel Yoongi hover over you, his hot breath tickling the back of your neck.
“You can’t fool me with that shit, Y/N.” Yoongi said as he pressed his upper body against you, your body stiffened and the heat radiating of Yoongi went straight to your core.
“You really don’t think I see the way you look at me?” Yoongi asked as his arms leaned against the door, trapping you inside of them and only adding more pressure to your core.
“The way you would press your thighs together, don’t you think I know?”
You took your bottom lip between your teeth as you could feel Yoongi tickle your ear with his burning breath.

“Tell me Y/N, do you dream about me like I dream about you?" 

Your world flipped, and all you could do was stare at the door with wide eyes as you tried to form sentences but all that came out was: "You?”
“Yes I do, do you?” Yoongi casually admitted, his lips brushing your ear as you couldn’t help but moan, even though you did not see it you were sure Yoongi was smiling.
“Well do you?” Yoongi asked, pressing his lower body against you and you could feel something poking you causing you to moan out a yes.

“Good, then you want this as much as me?” Yoongi smirked and you nodded.
Yes.” You sighed out, giving into the hormones.
That was all Yoongi needed  to spin you around and place a fierce kiss that took you by surprise, however it did not take long for you to melt into it.
As if on auto pilot your arms wrapped around Yoong’s neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss as your hands grabbed hold of the man’s hair, pulling it slightly causing him to groan.
Your lips curved into a smirk.

“Don’t get to full of yourself.” Yoongi groaned. “Your room, where is it?”
“Up,” You breathed out and Yoongi let out another groan, his lips latched back onto yours and it was by far better than you had ever dreamed about.
Hands moved down your thighs, giving them a slight tug to tell you to wrap your legs around Yoongi.
With the smallest jump Yoongi hosted you up and began to walk what you assumed would be the stairs but was instead the living room.
Dropping you onto the couch you pulled away from Yoongi looking around you and then back at him again, as if he could read your mind Yoongi answered “I need to save my energy for you, babe.”

Your cheeks flushed red, but you were given no reaction as Yoongi placed his lips back on you.
His hands moving up, memorizing every dip and curve your body allowed him, his hands eventually came up to your face, cupping it as he moved away.

Your heart fluttered as you stared back at Yoongi who’s eyes had been filled with something that was not lust, but what you could describe as love, it was the same gaze you would have when around Yoongi.

“You’re so much better than my dreams,” Yoongi whispered out “but I bet you will be excellent once I got you moaning.” You were more than sure you looked like a strawberry and that Yoongi could hear your heartbeat but that was what the man loved so much about you.

The adorable and embarrassing nature that you had been gifted with, the thing that caught Yoongi’s attention and wished to see more and more.

Instead of giving you another kiss, Yoongi began to kiss your body.
First your jaw, than down to your neck, sucking and licking as he marked you up.
Sucking air through your teeth as Yoongi found that sensitive spot of your neck, wanting to hear a bit more Yoongi sucked again.

Satisfied with the second inward hiss Yoongi began to move down until his lips connected with your shirt, groaning Yoongi looked up at you.

“Off,” was all he growled out.

You nodded as you, along with Yoongi’s help began to take the dress like shirt off you, leaving you in your matching laced white bra, thanking yourself silently for wearing something like this.
“Shit,” Yoongi said as he moved away from you, drinking in how beautiful you looked in his favourite colour before dipping back in and placing marks all around the exposed skin of your breasts.
His hands moved behind your back, lifting you up slightly as his skill full hands unclasped the bra with ease, releasing the skin.
The way Yoongi licked his lips went straight through your core, dampening your underwear even more.
You moaned out a beautiful sound when Yoongi wrapped his mouth around your nipple while one of his hands placed with the other breast, fondling it and milking out as much moans he could.

Those sounds of pleasure going straight to his ever growing member that already felt restricted since he saw you come undone in your room.

You accidentally moved your leg, brushing it against Yoongi’s member causing him to groan vibrations into your body.
“Baby do that again and you’ll be sorry.” Yoongi growled out, causing you to move your thighs together and once more brush against Yoongi’s member.

Craning his head back for a moment Yoongi looked straight back at you with eyes that were nothing more but lust. "I warned you.“

Yoongi pushed away from you, making short due of his clothing and within seconds he stood before you naked and beyond ready for you.
You widened your eyes and licked your lips, Yoongi was so much better than your dreams.
Yoongi noticed the way you looked at him and a sense of pride waved across him but that soon want away when he noticed how your thighs pressed against one another.
Falling back onto the couch Yoongi pushed your legs open, his member if possible hardening even more as he could see the wetness through your underwear, but even though he loved to let you come undone with his mouth it had to wait. He was growing impatient and he needed you so asap.
There was always next time.

Bending over, Yoongi grabbed his pants and fished out a condom, already talking before you could ask. "I had already my plans with you.” was all he had to say and your answer was a moan.
Yoongi took hold of the wrapper in his mouth and ripped it open, his head fell back as he rolled the condom down his member, taking a moment before looking back at you.
“Just say stop and I will.” He said and you shook your head.

“No, keep going.” You begged and watched how Yoongi smirked at you, positioning himself at your entrance and gave you a final look of kindness and care.
“Ready?” You nodded.

Both of your heads rolled back as Yoongi slid into you, groans of words that your clouded mind could not make up what it was left Yoongi’s lips.
His hips hit yours, stopping for a moment as Yoongi waited patiently for your sign.

“Go,” Yoongi didn’t need to be told twice as he began to rock into you, careful as if he was scared to break you but his pace was slow and you needed more.

“Yoongi, faster.” You moaned out.

“As you wish, babe.” Yoongi said as he positioned himself in a better stance, his elbows propped up besides you so he wouldn’t crush you.

The new position had given Yoongi access to your sweet spot and the moment Yoongi hit it, it had you choking on your moans. "There, Yoongi there.“ You managed to choke out and with that Yoongi began to rock faster and harder into you.

The sound of skin against one another mixed with groans and moans, the sound of sex that soon would become the smell of it.
You could feel the same pressure in your stomach, signing you were close.

"Yoongi…I am close.” You moaned out, Yoongi nodded.

“Me too baby.”  

Yoongi began to pick up his speed, but his rhythm was flattering by the second.

But you didn’t care as you where up and above all the clouds along with Yoongi.
With a few more thrusts those butterflies from minutes ago came back again, invading your vision.
“Yoongi!” You screamed out as your high came by and rode out thanks to Yoongi who too came.
A string of curses and what seemed like your name left his lips as he stilled inside you.
Slowly pulling out you whined at the sudden loss and emptiness that infiltrated you, Yoongi simply gave you a smile that showed his gum and teeth causing your heart to flutter again, you cannot believe that just happened.

Moving away from you Yoongi took the condom off and walked to the nearest trashcan, making sure it was not visible for any other person.

Coming back into the living room Yoongi could feel his heart flutter as he stared at your almost-sleeping from.
Hands slipped under you and you could yourself being lifted from the couch, looking up you could see Yoongi with clothes around one of his shoulders look at you with so much passion.
Silently Yoongi carried you bridal style up and into your room, carefully placing you down on your bed before throwing away those close to the side and falling next to you, arms wrapped around you as he pulled you close to him.

“I should have said it before but, Y/N,” Yoongi mumbled into your hair and you hummed in response.

“I love you, I love you since the beginning of those two years until now and perhaps beyond.” Yoongi confessed.

“But I couldn’t say it as I was afraid I might ruin your reputation with mine, but fuck it because I love you an-”

“And I love you too.” You mumbled into his chest.

“I am glad you said fuck it, I am glad you love me as well.” You wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s torso as you pulled him close.

“But right now I would be glad if I could get some rest.”

Yoongi’s chuckle vibrated through your body and with a hum in response you both began to fall into a slumber.

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Ha-HA, I decided to make this into some sort of series.
I know I should be working on the Alice one, and I am, it’s just that I lost my muse for that after seeing the movie…[sigh].

Anyways, hope you like it!

theresnorevolution  asked:

The things you support are fucking ridiculous. I can only hope that you enlighten yourself and disassociate yourself with people who view dogs as nothing but working objects. If you think that dogs deserve the best quality of life, then guess what? YOU'RE A FUCKING ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. By the way, it's gross that you have merchandise for this blog and don't even donate the money you make from it. I feel bad for the people who succumb to your bullshit on here.

I support dogs having a purpose in their life, other than sitting around waiting for people to get home.

I support dogs having fun! Sports are so much fun for dogs, and has nothing to do with working for their owner.

Dogs who do actual work are service dogs for the handicapped, police and military, herding, therapy, search and rescue, hunting… And no one is forcing them to do these things… The only thing you can force a dog to do, is stay in the house. You can’t make a SAR dog find someone in trouble… And why wouldn’t you want dogs to help?

The best quality of life for a dog is to be able to behave like a dog. Running, chasing, jumping, playing, biting… A 10 minute session of fetch in the back yard is not sufficient for most dogs, especially a working breed.

And the t-shirts that I sell can only be bought when I make them available. And the money that is made is saved for giveaways, which so far we have had 2. We have also raised $600+ for a non-profit organization that builds fences for dogs that live a life on a chain.

I appreciate people who care about dogs, but some animal rights activists are not just people who care, they’re people who are extreme with their opinions and will actually be satisfied when someone’s dogs are put to sleep. They’re often uneducated about what they’re against, and cause more harm than good.


In light of the recent remarks spoken by @berniesanders regarding his idea of religion and spirituality, he repeatedly reasserted that we are all in this together, which is pleasantly ironic because I published the below in 2012 on Facebook expanding on that very reality…

We’re all in this together.

Human life in this society is already difficult enough without others (of the same species) making it even more difficult by remaining mentally enslaved and unaware of their meticulously approved biases and ignorances toward life. So quick are these humans, to judge and condemn others for behavior they don’t understand.

Yet, we’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter what religion you are: you will die someday, judged not by one or many gods, but by the minds of others, yourself and what devices, vices, opinions or excuses held you back from exploring your own instincts and curiosities of this world.

We’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter if you are hailed by others (or yourself) as a “good person”: everyone is a good person. When a human is born, they are a good person. Perfect. Whole. Unique. Fresh and ripe to receive knowledge and educate themselves of the world. As long as their genetic makeup hasn’t mutated or been afflicted by the poisons of this world which would alter that person’s neurochemistry, he/she will be moving along their own journey through life. And with so many negative influences and misguided, adolescent humans doing the kind of work that creates poisons, toxins, pollution, hazardous chemicals, fatal enzymes, subliminal psychological propaganda, advertisements, visually-stimulating campaigns that subconsciously pervert your instinctive, primal, conscious hard-wiring, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone can be a ‘good’ person. “Good people” kill everyday. We need less ‘good people’ on this planet. Instead, we need more ambassadors/stewards and representatives of life itself.  As Carl Sagan famously proposed, “Who speaks for the Earth?’

we’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter what society tells you is practical or normal: normal is an illusion. Normal = Same. You don’t want to be the same. Deep down you can feel it inside, banging on the walls of your mind. Normal isn’t real. You want to be real. You want to be a person that you can look at in the mirror and respect. You may not have done a ton of amazing things in your life (that you can recall). You may not have led the most fulfilling life (according to you). But you have lived. You are alive. If you can look into the mirror and see yourself, contemplate yourself. You are alive. Right now. Forget who views you as whatever label they’ve constructed or borrowed from their peers or their favorite television show or what new label or adjective society has placed on things that appear “strange”. How do you feel about yourself? Forget it. Forget everything you feel about yourself because it’s most likely wrong. Why? Because ultimately, society, this culture, placed it there. It has altered your perception of your own self. Can you believe that? We live amongst a time where people feel bad about themselves because of what OTHERS say or do. People say “be yourself” like it’s easy. It’s not easy. It’s a process. But so is life. If, as an infant/toddler, you were conscious enough to let everyone’s opinions & ideas alter who you are, and someone kept telling you how silly you were when you tried to walk or explained over and over again how tough it is to educate yourself, would you still have learned how to walk, write or read? Of course. It’s necessary for our survival and growth.

We’re all in this together.

No one has a choice to be human. If we are born humans, then that’s what we are. Nearly all of the species on this planet are unaware of their current condition. They don’t realize they are dolphins or snails. They just are.

We’re all in this together.

We are the only species on this planet that has the capability of using our minds to change our environment, state of being, thoughts, direction through life, our future and ourselves.

We’re all in this together.

There’s no room for hypocrisy or judgement or false characterization. Only truth. And we can’t expect to evolve if we remain ignorant of our own ability to recognize fact from fiction, truth over lies. Recognize truth in yourself.

We’re all in this together.

Understand what you are, how you are, and you will begin to understand who you are.

- @sagansense​, 2012

I know when you are a person who views yourself as liberal or left leaning, or whatever you call it, it can be easy to feel burnt out about politics, to see the constant rise of the establishment that enables and encourages oppression and be exhausted by the fight against it.

But that voter apathy only helps benefit the status quo. They are organised and constantly buoyed by these negative politicians. The NRA and small lobby groups can push because they are organised and they don’t lose faith because they have constant wins.

Our apathy is what they rely on, or complacency, our belief that we are only a single entity and we don’t matter only helps to benefit those who tell you that you’re not important, and if given a chance those people will do what they can to make you even less powerful.

Please, do what you can to maintain a sense of purpose. It’s hard, it’s brutal and it’s unfair, but your vote does matter and so does your voice.

When I first started this blog and posting pictures of my progress, I wanted people to see my body and think “wow that is my dream body”.  Now, I want people to see my actions and how much I’ve grown and think “wow I want to improve myself so I can be the best possible version of me”.  I’ve grown and learned a lot about my body and self love over the course of these past few years and one very important thing I learned is that once you learn to love yourself, nothing anyone says about you (approval/disapproval) can really change how you view yourself if you’ve fully accepted who you are.

rzerox21xx  asked:

What you say to fans who are most likely male and are bashing Gray not for abandoning Juvia but to live with her for 6 months and didn't get physical with her. In message boards, even some of my friends are calling him Gay and other insults for not sleeping with a Juvia(Whom I admit is dropdead gorgeous with a cute face and spectacular body that can rival the other girls in FT). For a man of Gray's age, he must had some desire to or thought of it but didnt go through with it. what you think?

The only reason I am answering this ask is because it upset me.

First off, any man who has to allow himself to ruled by his desires and thus is not a man if he cannot manage to sleep with someone is not a man at all. There must be consent both on the woman’s part and the man’s, and the fact that anyone thinks Gray is less of a man for not sleeping with Juvia while she was living with him is completely sexist.

Only those involved in a relationship know if they are ready to sleep together other not— the fact that Juvia attempted and was kicked out (and then did not press the subject) shows that something is holding Gray back and that Juvia is willing to wait. I don’t even think Juvia’s comment was meant as sex. I think it was meant as mutually sharing a bed. Juvia makes all sorts of lewd comments, and yet she blushes and gets embarrassed when Gray accidentally touches her butt or grabs her boob, and is very conservative with her clothing choice, does not like bathing with other women… she is very shy of her own body.

That stated, what does it matter how drop dead gorgeous Juvia is? Is she only good for her body, only good for sex? Absolutely not. She is a multifaceted character, who is shy of her own body but has many fantasies of what will happen when/if she and Gray get together, though she has never acted on it herself (aside from the punishment scene). She is strong both emotionally and physically, she is one of the most caring and sincere characters in the series, she is so many other things besides her body. Stop objectifying her.

Gray doesn’t, so why should you/anyone else?

Sex— in a consenting, safe, respecting relationship— is not had just for the sake of having sex. When you care about someone, there are so many other factors that come into play. Will they like it? Will I be good at it? Are we in a place in our lives that we can accept the consequences of having sex? How will the other person feel? Are they ready? Am I ready? Am I doing this for the right reasons? Do I know what they expect and want out of a sexual relationship? Do I know what I want? Am I prepared for the emotional attachment that may come from having sex with someone I already care about? Sex is so much more about the other person than it is about yourself.

With the need to defeat END and Zeref still out— after losing so many people and finding a stable happiness with Juvia— Gray is probably not ready to move on to a sexual relationship. He has a hard enough time letting people get too close to him because they always wind up dead. We don’t even know if he has moved it into an officially romantic relationship yet, and I don’t see Gray sleeping with Juvia before he does that; I doubt after knowing Juvia as long as he has and now living with her and undoubtedly learning more about her and solidifying his own knowledge of his feelings for her, being in her debt for what she did for him with Keith and Silver, that Gray would feel it was appropriate to start a relationship off with sex, and then abandon her.

Either way, we don’t know much about what happened while they were living together.

Even so, what does it matter? What is so fantastic about Gray and Juvia’s relationship is how safe it is, and how present their concern for each other is. This is not something either party would jump into without being 100% sure they were ready.

Also, why is no one asking about Juvia’s side of this? We all know she has fantasies and we all know she loves Gray, but do you really think she would force herself on him? I don’t doubt she would tease him, but she knows to stop when he says and no.

So what would I say to the people saying these things? I would say get off your high horse, stop objectifying women, find someone and develop a consenting relationship and see how easily you can jump into sex without taking the other person into consideration. Tell me that your desires outweigh anything that the other person is feeling. Tell me that you feel weaker or like “less of a man” for not having sex. If you say you do, you need to get yourself checked because anyone who views women as sex tools and insults a man for not taking advantage of living with a woman and taking the beauty of her body as the only needed aspect in their relationship to have sex, YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF RAPE CULTURE. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female or transgender or however you identify, if you believe these things YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

*drops mic*

The true self is merely a shift in perception, a return to unity with source. Self-knowledge is the key; to know that it is only you who sees yourself, and that all other views are delusions. Balance the self into the understanding that you are a intricate part of the whole, see the beauty of the whole, and you will see the beauty of the self. Fix your eye on this pattern of beauty and let nothing take your eye from it. To master this art, like any art, technical knowledge isn’t enough. You have to transcend technique so that the art becomes an artless art that flows from your subconscious.

Slate and Rorshach Hypnosis RP

Rorshach gently grabbed Slate’s hooves, pulling them away from his own body and forcing them to the stallion’s sides. “Stay.” His voice was authoritative, yet kind, in stark contrast to one another. Afterwards, they continued to slide all over Slate, continuing the breathing as he gently whispered between breaths. “There is just you and the sound of my voice. Let it all go to darkness. Breath. Relax… and let go of the world.”

… And then the puzzle was just cleared off the table. There was nothing there. Slate didn’t even have the right puzzle to begin with. His ears folded back and his eyelids twitched a bit more, his trembling getting worse for a moment. He didn’t want to let go, he wasn’t sure where he’d be going. Rorshach said darkness but there were always things in the darkness, weren’t there? But still, he kept breathing, and mumbled in a slight daze, “What are you doing…? Where are you taking me right now..?” He just didn’t know. He didn’t know at all.

[It’s long so after the break is more. Also, extra lovely love bonus points if anyone draws anything from it ahaha.. Slate’s ‘dreamworld’ is pretty neat.]

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