who you mad at


-Heavies who throw their sandwiches at hopeless causes, like a burning corpse on the ground or a building with a sapper attached.

-Pyros who thumb you up on the kill-cam (who can be mad at that? They’re thumbing you up!)

-All classes, but especially Soldiers, when the player controlling them shakes the mouse up and down as if trying to nod but it instead moves their entire torso (Soldier’s long and bulky rocket launcher enhances this motion and makes it 10 times more hilarious)

-When you die as Engineer, go to spectate your buildings and find a Pyro with homewrecker spychecking like mad and refusing to leave your nest.

-Medics who thank the Heavies after they throw their sandwiches at them.

-When during pregame, you spam the “Spy!” voice command at a teammate Spy, and the Spy responds with “Yes” every time.

-Non-Engineer classes who crouch near friendly buildings and keep smacking them with their melee weapons

-Pyros who run from the other end of the map chasing after Scouts trying to put their fire out.

-Pyros who run from the other end of the map to where you are just to extinguish you.

-A gibus and pyrovision Engineer who helps you upgrade and maintain your buildings.

-When you and an enemy player can’t connect a single hit so you both end up stopping, crouching, thanking each other and walking away.

-Those new players who wander off into a completely deserted part of the map and just stay there, looking all around them.

You’re going to need a person in your life who makes you smile even when you’re mad. Who knows your heart like the back of her hand and calls you out on your bullshit. Who says, “screw him,” and “I love you,” and, “you got this,” and really means it. Late nights of long phone calls and laughing until your ribs hurt. You need a person who sees you for what you can be, what you will be, and never lets you be any less. A weirdo, preferably. Who yells your name across street just to embarrass you. Who holds you when he breaks your heart and keeps you strong when he comes crawling back. Who tells the truth when she talks about life and makes you feel a little less alone. A person who is beyond words, beyond thanks, beyond what you could have asked for. Find this person. Trust me. You’re going to need her.
—  a thank you to my best friend, who is all of this and more

My favorite thing about the clip is how Yurio’s EX skate features Otabek in it. The logistics make me giggle.


Yuri’s capable of the kind of impulse decision making skills I -WISH- I had.


I Don’t Mean It Pt 6

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

All the stress had taken a toll on your health and sadly, your body could no longer take it. Your colleagues had found you passed out in the hallway at work and that was when you finally decided to take a few days off. After deciding to leave Taehyung’s life, you were overwhelmed with how much you would be losing. 

You wanted to slowly ease out of his life. And you knew that once you gave him up, you had to give the rest of them up too. They had grown to be like your second family, and it broke your heart everytime you thought that they probably didn’t feel the same way about you. 

But when you saw Taehyung’s texts, anger somewhat bubbled up in you. He’s the one who didn’t want anything to do with you, so why did he care if you were suddenly sick? And who was he to get mad again? You clearly didn’t do anything this time around.

You decided to face him once he came back home. You figured it would bring you the closure you both needed, seeing as he clearly had something left to say to you.

The boys kept assuring you that they would come see you once they were back in town, but you almost dreaded the day they came back, knowing that it might be the last day you got to see them.

“You can do this Y/N” you told yourself over and over as the days passed by. You didn’t know when exactly they were coming back as their schedule was never really set in stone. As each day passed, you felt more confident that you didn’t need them. But one night your doorbell rang, and your heart sank. It was time. 

A/N: thanks for waiting for part 6! Who wants part 7? Also, I think for part 7, I’m not going to have any texts, hope thats ok?? PLEASE let me know what you think of that. 

listen i don’t hate genji okay

he deserves so much more than his player base and fucking creators give him

like@ god please give my japanese boy some credit god damn stop plaguing him with shit ships and too many burdens

my boi deserves to get a nice house with a healer bf and take a vacation 

ramen and vidya game nights with dva, music dates with lucio, meditation days and training with zenyatta, bird watching with satya maybe

bonding with mccree over blackwatch, sympathizing with gabe because he knows how bad overwatch can be

boy has so much potential to show a new side to asian men outside of the context of Celibate Monk Man, but instead, we get this stereotypical stock character, just as we have for fucking years and the ships that get pushed to the forefront by devs is the shittiest stock ship of them all.  Right up next to it is fucking shipping him with his brother.  not only is this an insult to the character, but it’s just not compelling.

anonymous asked:

Have you have any friends or family. Or even just other people in your community or online or anything who's religious that have gotten mad or upset that you are religious and support the lgbtq+ community??

Nope! And honestly… wouldn’t care if they did lol

So I’m seeing people in the yoi tag bashing yoi for having Yuri do such a “sexualized” skate when really it’s not that sexualized. There’s one part that could be considered flirty with his jacket slipping off his shoulder and another where his shirt rides up in a slide across the ice. He’s sixteen, he’s a teenager who trains in ballet which can have very similar bends in the body and is at that age where he’s exploring his sexuality and doing what he wants with it. He’s not a child and unless they take his pants off I don’t think the yoi team are a bunch of pedophiles (also they’re from Japan which has completely different views about age of consent then we do anyway). I just hate how there are people out there who feel the need to bring down everyone else around them just for being excited for something they really love.
That animation was BEAUTIFUL and looks like a lot of love and effort was put into it. Let the fans enjoy one of their favorite character have an exhibition skate and calm down.

I think being misgendered is the shittest feeling in the world bc you aren’t mad at the person who misgendered you (if it was accidental; purposeful misgendering is fucked up) but you aren’t mad at yourself. You’re just mad and hurt that you’re appearance isn’t coming off as the gender you are.

i wonder if the people who are mad abt keith’s focus in season 2 realise that you can only do one character arc at a time for a story to be easy and fun to follow. like… if you start focusing on all the characters at once it becomes a mess (watch supernatural then get back to me, you’ll see). just because keith got a lot of development in season 2 it doesn’t mean he’s the Favourite™ it just means his fucking story was the one that was being focused on lol have u ever written a fucking story. they typically only have one protagonist and a group of allies or friends for a reason.

voltron has five protagonists. seven if you count allura and coran. trying to focus on all of them at once is bad story writing. lance is my favourite and i understand the upset surrounding the lack of focus he and hunk got in season 2, but season 2 was not about them. it was about keith.

in season 1 we saw focus on shiro, and in season 2 we saw focus on keith. we still have several seasons left. give the writers a damn chance to write a story instead of a fucking disasterous excuse for a plot. if at the end of it all, all the characters haven’t gotten the same amount of focus, then bitch about it. but for right now, let the writers do their damn jobs. :/

Gender is a social construct because we literally created it. Our sex and biology was the only thing we didn’t decide or create. But gender? Yeah we created that. We looked at people’s genitals and decided “ok you look this way, this is the way you must behave and this is the way you will be treated in society”. I mean we decided what femininity and masculinity were.

Just because people thousands of years ago decided to go by either male or female does not mean that we can’t evolve and change and discover new parts of ourselves. Y'all conservatives are the ones who made gender an oppressive thing so you can’t get mad when people want to break out of that binary.

a lot of people talk about how w have “callout culture” or some dumb shit but i feel like no one talks about how we have a culture as a society bigger than tumblr, we have this stupid fucking idea if the person who wronged you apologized you must stop being mad. That even if they fucked you over so fucking hard you have to be calm and nice to them even if they “apologized” this is tied deeply into rape culture and racism to. Bitches on here will be racist shit heads and once called out their white friends will flock to them defending them because they served a shitty as fuck apology. Abusers do the same dumb type of shit were they give us a shitty ass apology for doing some of the most vile shit imaginable and bitches on here come in flocks to protect them because yall dumbasses think they changed because they havent been mean to you!. 

hello agents!

I’m just checking in to tell you that the fifth and final book (yes, we’re all crying) of the Lockwood & Co. series, The Empty Grave, is planned to be released on :

September 12, 2017

(give us canon locklyle, Stroud!)

I hate the missapropriation of the concept of trolling.

Trolling: An American saying “the Beatles? I don’t know her” then watching as everyone who loves the Beatles gets mad. And its funny because: why are they mad that someone they don’t know doesn’t know the Beatles???And also it’s nearly impossible that you’re an American who has never even tangentially been exposed to them, so it’s easy to see it’s a joke because it’s–culturally–wild hyperbolic.

Not Trolling: “I’m going to directly antagonize a socioeconomically marginalized group! ” for the pure entertainment of seeing someone try to defend their own humanity and beg you to stop turning ‘hurting them’ into entertainment. Because you think other people’s trauma is amusing and you equate personal emotional disconnect directly to intellect/power/prestige as if such a thing is causation rather than correlation. Which ultimately creates a scenario in which the “troll” trolls for the objective purpose of fueling their own personal self worth with the ultimate goal of gaining ideological support from peers. (Aka: look how sad that person is, I am not sad, which makes me smart. If enough people see me being smart, that makes me cool. I like how being cool feels so I don’t care about what I sacrifice to achieve that)

Not the communal appreciation for comedic hyperbole of the Beatles joke.


One is a fun social joke that requires group participation. In which an aspect of the joke is that it probably takes someone a second look to see that you’re kidding. But even if it takes someone longer and they get really mad, when it’s revealed you knew who the Beatles were all along and you were just pretending to be obtuse in a hyperbolic way, they too can laugh at the joke.

The other is as close as you can get to group sociopathy. And also is less fun in general. And a bit sad for the person who receives their emotional support at the cost of demeaning others. But also it’s incredible damaging, as it normalizes negative sentiment towards whatever group is being attacked/disenfranchised/ belittled/hypersinplified/disregarded. And worse, most of these interactions (that older stronger people can brush off) can often be seen by children who have no defenses against certain concepts which is sad, and incredibly reckless.

I guess everyone isn’t gonna agree with this but. I strongly dislike these “how to support an artist” posts because I think they guilt trip people. What’s the point of someone sharing your artwork if they don’t feel like it? Doesn’t it feel better to have your art going around because people like it and not because they feel obligated  to retweet? If someone wants to buy your merch/art/commission you, they’ll do it, do not guilt trip them into giving you money. When someone really appreciates what you do, they’ll support you. Don’t force them to do so. And I think it’s more important to have people share and pay for your work because they feel moved by it rather than because “that’s how you have to do it or i’ll die of hunger!!!”. I know fellow artists out there are also poor but guilt tripping isn’t the right way.

Same goes with being mad at people for mainly liking fanarts. Artists who draw original art aren’t any superior. People who mainly enjoy fanart have the right to because they already know the characters. Also let’s not be hypocrites, we ALL scroll past art that doesn’t interest us. If someone sees art they like, they’ll like or/and reblog it. Original or not. Some artists really need to tone down on the salt.