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Dating Ben Solo/Kylo Ren Would Include...

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Dating Kylo Ren/Ben Solo Would Include…

  • The two of you always bickering about who’s right or wrong. Y’all always have to win so some arguments will last for days. Both of you are very competitive with each other but when arguing with someone else you both have each other’s backs.
  • Ben worrying about your safety 24/7 because of who he his. He’ll want you by his side at all times, it’s the best way for him to keep you safe. Plus, he like showing you off and letting people know you’re his.
  • He usually has a short temper with everyone but he always calms down when you’re in the room. He’ll never want you to see when he’s pissed off or is violent. He’ll wait until you’re out of the room to take his anger out on something and if you don’t leave it’s usually because you are trying to keep him calm yourself.
  • He secretly possessive, he like’s to have his arm around you or on your lower back. He’ll give people silent threat if they check you out or even if he doesn’t like the way they look at you. 
  • He’ll make romantic gestures when no one is looking in public. He’ll give you a simple flower or kiss you on the cheek. Sometimes help you put on a jacket or link arms with you. He’ll never hold your hand because he doesn’t think it’s manly which make Y'all fight of course.
  • He’ll teach you a few things about the force and how to use a lightsaber. He won’t full out teaches you everything there is because he likes the idea of you still needing him to protect you. Not only that but you like to use the force for fun and not in a serious way like normal Jedi. You like to use the force to prank people and to make your life easier.
  • He’ll call you Baby, Baby-girl or Kitten when he’s turned on or want your attention. He’ll say Honey, Sweetheart, or darling when he’s frustrated. He’ll call you Sugar, Angel or Doll when he’s around people and he’s in an easy-going mood.
  • Most nights he likes to take control in bed and be the dominant one. He likes to have you moaning loudly for people around them to hear, it’s one of his ways of showing people you’re his. He to take it slow to the point of where you’re begging. Sometimes he’s rough to the point of having scar marks on his back by you. A few nights you’ll get to take control and he just leans back an enjoys. He’ll watch you in awe as you do what you like, he loves seeing you take what you want from in bed.
  • He’s a huge cuddler but will never admit it. He’ll usually be the big spoon or pull you to lay beside him. 
  • He’ll get in fights with Hux when it comes to you because he knows Hux has feelings for you too. He’ll never leave you in the same room with Hux if he ever did he’d have someone to watch Hux since he doesn’t trust him.

“It was you the whole time.”

You were trying to surprise him on tour, but you had almost bee caught three times. 

Geoff made a joke while you were chilling in the room they blocked off for you. 

“Shh Y/n, he might hear you.” 

You instantly covered your mouth, listening for him. 

“Andrew!” You heard Shawn yell from across the hall. 


“Who’s laugh was that? That sounded like Y/n’s laugh.”

“You are hallucinating man, go warm up.”

“Yeah okay.”

“Way to go big mouth, keep it down.” Geoff said nudging your arm.


He was calling, and your ringer was on. 

“Oh shit.” You said running to grab your phone.

“Geoff do you hear that, it sounds like Y/n’s phone.” You could hear Shawn from the all. By that time you had shut it off.

“That was Zubin’s.” Geoff covers for you.

“No I just called Y/n and I swear I heard her ringtone.” 

He was calling again. You were laying on your phone to muffle the vibrations. 

“No it was Zubin’s phone. You are really missing her aren’t you.” 

“I just haven’t spoken to her today, I just wanna talk to her.” He says, you can hear his footsteps going away.

“Soon Baby.” You whisper.


You were in the halls, wanted to get some food. He was supposed to be in Meet and Greet. But guess who wasn’t in Meet and Greet.

You saw him before he saw you. You jumped under the table of the merch booth next to you in an attempt to hide yourself.

“Jesus.” He sighs. 

“What?” Andrew asks.

“I swear something is up. I thought I just saw Y/n down the hall.” He says coming closer.

“What? That’s not possible, she’s at home.”

“I know, but I heard her laugh then her ringtone and now I saw her. I just miss her so much my imagination must be creating her around me.” 

You just about let the surprise out early because he just sounded to sad, but you didn’t.


Finally it was time to have this happen. It was the last question of the Q&A and everyone knew that if they were picked on for last question that they had to ask the question to prompt the surprise. 

“In the back, pink phone case.” He says pointing at the girl.

“What would you give to see your girlfriend right now?” She asks, looking over to your hiding spot quickly and back to him.

“Literally anything, I’d give like a liver or something.” He chuckles. “I miss her.” 

You nod at the girl.

“Can I just have hug instead?” She asks.

“Yeah sure, I will give you a hug if you give me my girlfriend.”

“Well then hug her and then come hug me.” You say walking out of your hiding spot. 

“Holy shit.” He says standing up, coming towards you.

“No, go hug her. You promised a hug.” You cross your arms. He looks at you with an annoyed glance.


“Go.” You point at the girl. He chuckles and walks to her. Giving her a hug.

“I don’t know how you did it, but thank you.” He tells the girl, then returning back to you. “Can I hug you yet?”

“Get over here.” 

He swoops you into his arms and holds you tight.

“I’ve been having these like moments where I hear you or see you all day.”

“Yeah that’s because I was actually here.” You says into his ear.

“It was you the whole time, I knew it.” 

“Yep it was me.”

“Andrew!” Shawn says pointing at Andrew. “I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I’d know her laugh from anywhere. Or when I ‘thought’ I saw her in the hall. I knew it.” 

“Had to cover for her.” Andrew shrugs.

“God I am so glad you are here right now.” He sighs hugging you again.

Secret Santa — Jeon Jungkook

Words: 4,000+

Warnings: secret Santa au + high school au + fluff + angst + jungkook being adorable in the end ♥️

Description: The one thing you hate about secret Santa is that the person who gives you the gift stays anonymous, that’s why Jeon Jungkook made sure to give you a special gift.

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“Okay, everyone. Listen up.” Your best friend, Eun-ji called out. You were currently in an empty classroom, along with a few other people.

“Christmas is soon, so it’s time for us, the student council to do something exciting!” She smiles. Eun-ji is always excited about everything, especially Christmas.

“Since we have to plan the dance and talent show and other things for the other students in our school, I️’ve decided that we, as a group, should do secret Santa!” She smiles even wider.

Some of the people cheered, most of them sighed. You just giggled at how happy Eun-ji was about this.

“Aw, come on, people! Secret Santa is fun! Think about how exciting it’s going to be when you get a gift from someone!” She says, trying to cheer everyone up.

“How about everyone just buy me a gift, and I’ll give them nothing in return?” You heard the voice beside you say. “Shut up, Taehyung.” You laughed, playfully hitting his arm.

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For A Star

Part 1 : The Mission

This is my first series for Poe Dameron!!! Yes, Star Wars VIII finished to make me fall for him, so here we go!

I am trying to be coherent with what is canon (more or less). Although this is set before episode VII, so there are NO SPOILERS FOR THE LAST JEDI. Only the presence of a Porg, but really, I don’t call that spoiler, the cute little things have already spread through the internet I reckon. No spoiler concerning the plot of this masterpiece is in here though. So have no fear.

It’s the first time that I write for Star Wars, and I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous (read : completely terrified). So tell me what you think about it.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to tell me if you want to be tagged for this series. I also take requests for Poe from now on, so tell me if you want anything :)

Hope you all like it.

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Word Count : 5884

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Blackpink’s Reaction to you coming out to them (Their Crush)


When you first meet Jisoo, you already knew that you were gay. You also almost instantly fell in love. You hadn’t yet come out yet but Jisoo being there for you  made you realize that it was time. 

“Hey Jisoo. I have something important to tell you.”

A huge smile appeared on her face once you told her that you also had a crush on her and you hid your face behind your hands.

“Don’t be shy Y/N. I like you too.”

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Jennie thought that you were coming out to her cause you guys were just bestfriends. She didn’t realize that you wanted to be more.

“There is this girl that i really like Jennie. I was wondering if you would help me ask her out.”

“Who is it?” She asked sadly. 

You giggled, its you silly. 

“Y/N! Don’t do that! I thought you didn’t like me! Jennie wrapped you in a tight hug before placing a gentle kiss on your lips.

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(In this you are another idol)

You and Rosé were conjoined at the hip. Everyone already thouhgt that you were dating so when you were on V live, someone had asked if you and Rosé were dating. You were shocked because you had planned on coming out later on in the live stream, but you decided to do it then. What you didn’t know was that Rosé was watching. 

“”Am I gay’ Now is probably the best time to tell you guys but yes, I am.” You gigged and watched as everyone exploded in the comments. You saw one about you and Rosé and thought it would be funny to torture them some more.

“‘Are you dating Rosé?’ I am not, but you never know. I’ve got my eye on her.” You winked at the camera. You then hear crashing coming from the other room. You gave a confused look and the camera before you saw the door open with Rosé behind it. “Hello there Rosé.” You giggled and waved at her. She didn’t waste anytime and tackled you to the bed. She placed small light kisses to your face. 

““No, we’re dating.” You giggled before you ended the livestream.

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Lisa already knew that you were gay when you came out to her. She had secretly followed you on pinterest and saw you “’lgbt’ board. She thought it would be funny to fuck with you though. 

“Oooo, Y/N! Do you like Jennie. “ She teased, hoping that you didn’t cause of her crush on you. 

“I actually have a crush on you.” You admitted. 

“Wait hold the fuck up?”

“I knew you were stalking me on Pinterest Lisa, it sends me a notification when you like something.”

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Lisp - Pack Mom (Part Two)

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Dinner was set and the pack gathered around the dining table to dig in to the food.

“Oh my god, this is great, Y/N!” Stiles replied with a mouthful of lasagne.

“Yeah yeah, so good!” Everyone else responded.

“I’m glad you guys like it.” Y/N smiled.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for more ok, sweetie? Just help yourself to whatever you like ok?” Y/N told Liam who nodded at her response. She smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“That’s a good boy.” She cooed happily making Liam blush deeply. He couldn’t help but smile at her comment. She made him feel happy and loved. Much more than his real mom did.

“Thanks mom.” Liam absent-mindedly.

Suddenly the table froze and everyone grew silent at his response. Liam froze realising what he said.

“Seriously, Liam?” Stiles commented.

“I’m sowwy” Liam replied looking away.

“Stop picking on him, Stiles.” Y/N scolded him.

“Hey, you don’t have to apologise, sweetheart. You’re a part of the pack now. It’s perfectly ok, honey.” Y/N reassured him bending down to his height. She smiled and ran her fingers through his soft brown hair gently brushing it to one side.

“You don’t f'ink it’s weird?” Liam asked her quietly.

“No sweetie, it’s natural for you to feel like that. If you want to call me mom, momma, mommy…whatever you like. It’s absolutely fine, I promise ok?” She reassured him pressing a kiss to his forehead. Liam smiled and gave her a small nod. He wrapped his arms around her neck giving her a small hug. She couldn’t believe how much the sweet little beta has warmed up to her in just a few hours that he was already attaching himself to her.

Derek had already warned her that this could happen. The new beta being the youngest in the pack would be most likely to develop an attachment to the pack mother wanting to be cared, nurtured, protected and loved which Y/N was seeing already. 

During dinner, everything went smoothly. Everyone was digging into the hearty dinner Y/N had prepared as they all talked amongst themselves. Y/N asked Lydia to swap seats with her so she could sit next to Liam keeping an eye on him since Stiles had already tried to make a few digs at him.

Once dinner was finished, the girls helped Y/N in the kitchen as they cleared the table for her as the guys were still sat together talking.

“Come on Liam, just say it once.” Stiles provoked Liam with a smirk on his face. Liam shook his head looking down into his lap.

“Come on, just once? Then I’ll stop asking.” Stiles pestered him.

“Stiles, stop.” Derek warned him.

“Seriously Stiles, just stop.” Scott told him. But the human ignored them and continued to pester the young  wolf.

“Come on, Liam!” Stiles asked again this time getting his camera ready to record the new beta’s response knowing that he’d break soon. Liam sighed and nodded.

“So what is it, Liam?” Stiles asked him with a smirk on his face as he pointed to the almost empty tray of Lasagne.

“It’s Wasagne.” Liam responded as he blushed. Stiles burst out laughing almost falling off his chair.

“Got it!” He replied replaying the video of Liam. Liam blushed deeply and sat in his seat almost balled up.

The girls entered the kitchen to hear the video playing.

“What’s that?” Lydia asked looking over Stiles’ shoulder followed by the others.

“I’ll show you. It’s hilarious!” he began as he replayed it.

“Stiles…” Scott sighed shaking his head, disappointed.

“Why does he talk like a baby?” Malia asked as if the new beta wasn’t in the room.

“Stiles, delete it!” Derek shouted at him.

“No way, man. This is pure gold!” Stiles chuckled.

Liam’s eyes shifted from baby blue to a fierce amber and his fangs grew as he looked towards the human ready to pounce as a growl escaped his lips.

“Liam?” Lydia asked slightly scared.

“Erm…guys?” Stiles questioned slightly panicked.

“Now you’ve done it” Derek sighed and rolled his eyes as Scott leapt in front of his friend to stare down his beta.

“Liam, stop. This isn’t you and you know it. Come on, bud. Calm down, it’s ok. Stiles didn’t mean any harm.” Scott tried to help Liam calm down as he flashed his fiery red eyes at him.

Liam growled at his alpha, his chest still huffing and puffing as he took a step closer ready to claw at anyone in sight. It was no secret that Liam had IED - Intermittent Explosive Disorder and even though it didn’t take much for him to explode, he couldn’t help it. He didn’t like it.

Y/N walked in from the kitchen carrying a tray of the chocolate caramel desserts she had prepared ready for everyone to dig in until she saw the scene before her.

“Oh my god, what the hell is going on?!” she asked slightly panicked seeing how Liam has tears running down his cheeks and had shifted into his wolf form.

“Stiles made him shift.” Malia replied abruptly. Y/N put down the tray of hot drinks and stood silently in front of the new werewolf. 

“Scott get everyone into the living room now. Derek, I need you by my side” Y/N began instructing them.

“You heard her. Do as she says.” Derek replied giving the others a nod. The girls made a hasty exit. Stiles got up but so did Liam ready to lunge at him.

“Liam, no!” Scott called. Stiles quickly followed the others leaving Y/N, Derek and his best friend to calm down the new beta.

“Don’t say or do anything. Let me calm him down.” She instructed them. Derek and Scott looked at each other and then gave her a reluctant nod.

Y/N approached the shifted beta and crouched down so she didn’t pose as a threat.

“Liam, that wasn’t very nice was it? I know you’re upset honey but you could have come to me instead of shifting huh?” Y/N asked him. Liam’s growl was replaced by a whine hearing the disappointment in her tone.

“I know, I know.” She cooed in response.

“I’m not a baby!” Liam roared upset as tears streamed down his face.

“I know sweetie, I know. What Stiles did was wrong and he will be punished ok? I won’t let anyone make fun of you ever again. I promise.” Y/N told him. Liam stood there listening to her words.

“It’ll be ok, I promise sweetheart. I need you to close your eyes and concentrate on your heartbeat. Can you do that for me, honey?” she asked him.

Liam obeyed her commands and did as she said.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Good boy. It’ll be ok, I promise. I’m right here, momma’s right here.” she cooed. Liam’s eyes shot open hearing those words and he looked at her. His eyes faded to their usual baby blue and his werewolf features were replaced by those of an innocent yet broken young boy.

“Momma?” Liam’s voice trembled and more tears ran down his cheeks.

“I’m right here, baby. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” She gave him a reassuring nod and held her arms out to engulf him in a big hug and that’s exactly what she did. Liam ran into her arms and sobbed against her shoulder.

“Sssshhh it’s ok, it’s ok. I’m here. I promise I’ll make everything right. Sssshhh momma’s here.” she cooed gently rubbing circles on his back.

Liam sobbed against her shoulder finally the love and comfort of a mother he had wanted for so long. Someone to hold him, love him and care for him as their own.

Derek and Scott smiled at the sweet scene before them and as soon as they were sure there was no danger, they exited the dining room giving the pack mother and her baby beta some space.

“Great job, babe.” Derek smiled proudly as he leaned down and placed a kiss to his mate’s forehead as he held the upset young beta in her arms. Y/N smiled up at him.

Once they were alone, Y/N sat on the floor with her legs crossed and pulled Liam onto her lap. She brushed his hair away from his face and pressed a kiss to his forehead as she wiped away his tears.

“There he is. There’s my good boy.” She cooed holding him in her arms.

“I know this is scary and you don’t understand what’s going on at the moment but regardless of that I promise I’m going to do everything I can to take care of you and protect you.” She told him looking into his adorable baby blue eyes.

“Me too.” Derek replied as he entered and took a seat next to his mate.

“And me.” Scott added following behind. Liam turned away from his alpha.

“What is it?” Scott asked crouching down to Liam’s level.

“You w'et him pick on me.” Liam replied sadly playing with the curls of Y/N’s long soft black hair.

“You did what?!” Y/N asked slightly annoyed looking at the true alpha.

“I’m sorry buddy, I should have done more. I’ll talk to Stiles.” Scott told him. Liam shrugged his shoulders.

“K” he replied blandly.

Scott sighed at his response.

This was going to be hard work.

“Why don’t you come with me and we can talk it out between you?” Scott suggested. Liam shook his head and held onto to Y/N tight.

“Staying with momma.” Liam told him.

“Scott, just give him time. Let me talk to him.” Y/N told him. He didn’t have a choice but to nod. Derek smiled and ruffled Liam’s hair affectionately.

“We’ve got you, pup. You’ll be ok.” Derek reassured him. Liam nodded at him. Scott couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that he was Liam’s alpha and after that small fiasco, the kid was starting to trust him less. He left the dining room and headed back to the others.

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Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.


shinee + space-y things for the birthday girl, @leejinklies. ♡

rhys: i have a high lady 

thesan: i have a high lord 

helion: well i have a high lady AND a high lord. who’s laughing now, losers

i never thought it would be necessary to post this, but it’s time for some fans to let Millie and Finn get on with their lives, all this crap about shipp them in real life is becoming a toxic thing, theres rumors about Millie would be dating her friend Jacob and some fans would be bothered to the point of making Millie and Jacob erase photos and comments from their own medias, y'all need to learn to separate fiction/reality if Mike and Eleven like each other on a TV show it doesn’t mean that Millie and Finn like each other in real life to the point of starting a relationship, and that’s the thing, you guys push so hard that both Finn and Millie are clearly feeling annoyed by this, Hollywood is already toxic enough, you do not need to be toxic with this shipp nonsense, invading their privacy, i hate to be that person who post this, but y'all need to stop with this, you can enjoy things but please DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE