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I better not see any DCEU fans pulling the ‘critics just don’t get it/ask too much/are bias towards Marvel‘ card for Justice League when just a few months ago, Wonder Woman was released to box office success, critical acclaim, acclaim from fans & everyday audiences and the worst thing the ‘MCU fanboys‘ had to say was ‘it’s Thor + Captain America with a chick.’

Seriously, you can’t argue that critics are ‘bias’ against DC when Wonder Woman was extremely well received alongside 3 well received MCU movies & the most critically acclaimed Fox/Marvel movie ever made.

that hogwarts au where

Jason Scott is Griffyndor

Trini Kwan is Hufflepuff

Billy Cranstton is Ravenclaw

Zack Taylor is Hufflepuff

Kimberly Hart is Slytherin

  • Trini and Zack are best buddies (HUFFLEPUFF RULES)
  • Jason Scott is the seeker of the griffyndor’s team
  • Kimberly is “There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his her name” badass chaser of the slytherin’s team
  • Billy had the biggest grade on NOM’S
  • Trini likes to meditate on the astronomy tower
  • Zack BROKE the Globet of Fire

When and Where they met

  • Trini and Kimberly met at the quiddtich pitch when Trini was reading a book about magical creatures and didnt realize the slytherin’s team was going to training
  • Zack met Kimberly at the Great Hall when she stops to say hi to Trini
  • Billy met Zack at Potion’s class
  • Jason and Kim know each other from the quiddtich
  • Jason met Billy when he saved his ass on a bully from sly
  • Trini met Jason at the tract of magical creatures class
  • Zack and Jason’s family are friends, but they really get to know each other when they both cries to Billy on the library for help on the NOMS
  • Trini met Billy when Zack told her who helpd him with potions
  • Trini and Zack met each other at their first year
  • Kim met Billy at the hospital wing when kim broke her arm at one game and billy had one bad ear bc he exploded a wall
  • They 5 were together in a room for the first time when Kim and Billy were at the hospital wing

ps: Jason, Kim and Zack are pure-blood; Trini and Bily are muggle-borns - Trini’s father is a wizard, Billy father is a wizard who died at the war

ps: i’ll write down this shit bc omg i was thinking a bout a plot for a trimberly fanfic and then i started write a little notes and the THIS. Hogwarts AU shall rise everyone!

ps3: feel free to do fanarts with this, GUYS IM BEGGIN YOU!!!!!!! you can come to ask me if you want to talk about it and stuff, but plssss

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This all seems like one of those tv shows which had to end at season 4 but the creators didn't want to so they kept writing shit after shit and they called characters who died in the past for the shocking plot twist but all they get is people tired of this shit show who just want for it to end.

louis’ team are PLAGIARISING the vampire diaries