who wouldnt fall


the other day i was working on my bill dating sim and i was brainstorming on how he’d act if he actually wanted to get into a relationship with someone. And to be honest, it kinda sounds scary. Cause in order to date someone and continue with his goals, that other person would have to give up literally everything to be with him- maybe even one’s humanity. And even then Bill would probably not trust the other enough and be very on edge in the relationship.

i bet bill potts
  • has hair so soft and curly that the real stars could hide in it
  • has shiny kind eyes so if you look closer you might notice the love itself hanging out there
  • has the soft warm heart and skin and gives the most loving huggs
  • has the amazing smile that makes you smile too
  • supports random girls and sometimes buys them a cupcake
  • cries over wierd geek tv shows
  • maybe has  a hugger mugger fanblog
  • wears the most bizzare socks that she could find
  • likes girls penguins and bright colors
  • is overprotective but thats cute as hell
  • sometimes has dreams about the future
  • rants about wars and protests always ready to help anyone out there
  • is there for her friends
  • is the ‘gender rolls are the worst kind of rolls’ person
  • maybe secretly listens to the old jazz music while dreaming about someone special
  • is an awkward cutie-nerd
  • speaks odd metaphors
  • is worried about the every single human being
  • is very nice but can punch someones racist/homophobic/sexist etc etc arse
  • maybe still puts out tounge
  • is the impossible ray of sunshine and cinnamon roll
  • saved the 2017 indeed

Real love ft. @echoarts‘s Bill design.