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Let’s call this fic…. “I can do this.”

Was there ever a time Mikleo and Sorey were apart? Not that Sorey could recall. Even if they were, they were never far from each other. That also includes bath time. Bath time, was a wonderful time because Mikleo loved the water. He was a water seraph after all.

The first time Sorey felt something change inside him towards Mikleo was when they were roughly about 12 years old. It was when Mikleo was completely naked in the middle of a calm river with his back to Sorey. The moment Mikleo looked to him by just turning his head, Sorey knew his feelings for Mikleo had evolved. 

He tried talking with gramps and the other seraphims about his little issue with Mikleo. He learned at a young age that seraphims did not have the same sexual desires with humans but they could still engage if their feelings were strong enough. Still, Sorey’s human desires were almost foreign to seraphims. 

Not wanting to scare Mikleo or do anything rash, Sorey held himself back and said “I can do this.”

It wasn’t easy getting through the next few years with Mikleo growing more and more attractive. But Sorey constantly reminded himself that Mikleo would not necessarily feel the same way he did. 

Even after leaving Izuchi, Sorey thought he would be able to distract himself from Mikleo but Mikleo proved, time and time again, that it was impossible to escape his charm.

The sauna was a great place to be. Mikleo had no boundaries with Sorey but it’d been awhile since they saw each other naked. In their late teen years, Mikleo gave Sorey sufficient privacy as recommended by gramps, no doubt.

Sorey was a little confused when Zaveid denied Mikleo the category of being a ‘babe’. What being could be as beautiful as Mikleo?

Later, after having to see Mikleo’s body again, Sorey forced to start telling himself again, “I can do this.”  

He got through the night, of course.

Many years have passed since then but the memory was fresh as day in Sorey’s head. He was excited to go for his first bath. Mikleo was excited to show him the bath house too. 

Again, boundaries didn’t matter between them. So, of course, it was only natural that they entered the bath house with nothing but a towel around their hips. 

They sat on separate stools as they doused water on themselves. The water felt good. Sorey closed his eyes and let the fluid flow down his face.

Mikleo’s voice was sultry as he explained, “The water is from deep under the earth. And then it is mixed with our water artes for healing purposes.”

Sorey hummed in agreement. He could definitely feel the ache in his muscles easing up. When he opened his eyes, he felt something else. It was a mistake to look at Mikleo.

Mikleo was a sight to behold. He always was but… the current Mikleo was more alluring. His fingers remained slender albeit a bit longer. His chest was more toned, pelvic muscles protruding nicely, and pale skin smooth as ever. Mikleo then lifted his hand over his head, sliding his fingers through the left side of his long wet hair, pulling and tucking it all to his right side. The action made him reveal his neck, collarbone and shoulder for Sorey to see.

The final touch, was Mikleo turning his head slightly towards Sorey, with his mesmerizing eyes and gentle smile, asking, “What’s wrong, Sorey?” 

Sorey had an unreadable expression and the only response Mikleo got was, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Eh?” Mikleo looked down in between Sorey’s legs, “What’s wrong with your towel?”

Sorey didn’t answer but he got up and then proceeded to carry Mikleo in his arms, much to Mikleo’s surprise.

“Sorey?! Where are you-!” Mikleo felt his towel slipping so he quickly grabbed it, “Wait!” 

It was Sorey’s turn to look down at Mikleo’s towel. That was when he realized, maybe all these years, Mikleo had always consented Sorey’s feelings towards him. He may have even responded without Sorey knowing. Seraphs saw through the hearts of humans. And each other.

Sorey looked into Mikleo’s eyes and caught the rising blush on his face and the heat in his eyes, “Our towels are malfunctioning today. We should take them off.”

Mikleo’s annoyed face and the strong hit Sorey got was worth it because then Sorey was laughing. He’d need to tease Mikleo a lot more though to calm his nerves for what he was about to do with his one and only.