who wouldn't like to be abused by her like that

even though lana did such a good job as young regina, i feel like not casting a 16-18 year old for the part really did a lot to downplay just how horrifying the situation regina was put in really was. imagine someone of the accurate age being cast and playing out those flashbacks in 1x18, and how much more in perspective things would’ve been. the actual closeness in age to snow. the grossness of her getting proposed to by king leo. i feel like a lot of those ppl who deny any abuse by king leo would benefit from seeing what those scenes were actually supposed to look like

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Im not one to defend men but if a man had kept a women captive like that dragon heaux did to the fuckboy in the north people would be screaming bloody murder&probably some shit about stockholm syndrome. Yet because its some random white woman who thinks she's the shit&Jon apparently likes to stare at her while being held captive people think this is some kind of epic romance story. Like what were d&d thinking? Then again some people romanticize drogo/dany so who actually knows what people think?

had dany been a man and jon was a woman, those white feminist would lose their minds and holla “miSOgNY”. but they think feminism is about white girls being above men anyways so ofc they think her keeping him as her captive for refusing to bend the knee is romantic lol

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Oh and what sorta extra kinky shit is Harley into that Bruce wouldn't let her talk about

Batman is not clear on what specific weird shit Harley is into, but he knows that he definitely does not want to imagine her doing it with the Joker.

(i will never reveal my Problematic Headcanons regarding harley’s Problematic Fetishes)

(as a lady who is into doing weird shit with men there is nothing more terrifying to me than abusive doms, there is very little that can make a woman more vulnerable than admitting she likes fucked up shit and honestly harley’s arc makes the most sense to me in that context)

(like if anyone is reading unprofessional behavior, imagine how quickly things can go sideways for victoria with men who are not like jeremy)

[ ;;&. open to f/nb; ]

zach had a feeling that she’d been doing what she had to piss him off, get some sort of reaction out of him and it had worked like a fucking charm. it had started with her going out in the skimpiest clothes possible, making sure that all eyes were on her in the club and there was no denying that was the case. the good thing was that zach knew there were eyes on him too, being an nfl quarterback got you that kind of attention. any other night and he would have been using that to his advantage, fucking a stranger in the bathroom while his girlfriend was dancing, but that wasn’t gonna be happening, at least not anymore. it was obvious the two of them were together with the way they danced, zach grinding his crotch against her ass as they were surrounded by bodyguards, but that didn’t stop one punk coming over and dancing in front of her, hands on her hips as she was pressed between the two of them. one of zach’s biggest problems was how jealous and paranoid he got so when she didn’t push his hands away, zach lost it, sending the guy flying to the floor with one punch. there would be articles written about him in the morning but he didn’t give a fuck, all he cared about was having a good night and guys knowing where they stood, which the guy on the floor didn’t. wrapping his hand around his girlfriend’s wrist, zach dragged her through the crowd, not stopping until they were outside where he led her down an alley. with bodyguards blocking the view for other people, zach slammed her against the wall, hand wrapping around her throat as he held her there. “you think it’s okay to dance with other guys like a fucking whore, huh? who the fuck do you think you are?” it came out as an almost snarl as he looked into her eyes, hand tightening. “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?”

LOL I just got blocked by a TSwift fan for pointing out how hypocritical and downright abusive she is towards anyone who doesn’t like her shitty ass bland music and her calculated avoidance to express herself about issues she previously supported in public only when it best suited her

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You do realize Kylo carrying Rey to his ship is very sexual. The writers aren't stupid, they know what they are doing. If they weren't planning any sexual tension or romance between the two they wouldn't have him carrying her bridal style. Like, name 1 movie where the man carrying the woman like that didn't mean romance

fathers carry daughters in bridal style all of the time; it’s a pretty common style for carrying people, because it’s easier than throwing them over your shoulder if you’re injured. i don’t think anyone can say that r/eylo is a romance because of how he’s carrying her, considering that he also tortures her and abuses her. there’s more going against it than for it!

also you know who else carried someone bridal style? chewbacca. he carried finn bridal style. does that make chewbacca/finn the next romance of star wars? @lucasfilm explain

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It's honestly so sad that people like Christi and Kelly who stood up to Abby against her abuse left the show scorned and Melissa who allowed the abuse to happen, especially to Kenzie and other kids leaves with cake and flowers and goodbye speech. So many children watch this show, like what are you advertising? That watching abuse and not standing up for others it's a good thing?I don't know how you felt about it but I wouldn't want anyone to follow that example.


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Laure literally manipulated Thea into going to Nanda Parbat... You know, to go meet up with her abusive Daddy who took away her agency and the place where she was the most vulnerable and scared. You can comfort yourself and say it's to help Thea but it's isn't. She wants Sara back and she doesn't give a fuck if this will hurt Thea or Sara or Nyssa. There's a reason Nyssa didn't dip Sara in. She knew the person who'd be coming out wouldn't be Sara and she'd suffer. I'll stay being disturbed.

the best thing about this is like, i feel like this person really feels like this is a good argument and just like, i honestly don’t think they know what manipulated means? thea agreed to help laurel of her own free will, probably because oliver did the same thing to her own body last season.

and if they wanted to talk about abusers, they should’ve probably mention how terrified nyssa was of ra’s for her entire life and would never go against him, even at the cost of her own body and sexual orientation, but like, again, i think ‘abuse’ is like ‘manipulated’ here, it’s a sentence enhancer, since we all know manipulation and abuse aren’t real life things and can just be sort of thrown around all casual-like to support false arguments.

anyway, they can comfort themselves in telling themselves they’re NOT ABLEIST, they’re a GOOD FEMINIST, and they HATE LAUREL FOR LEGITIMATE REASONS.

I’ll stay with taking DC’s apology for killing a queer woman.