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Who even gives a fuck about sex?! People act like it’s the most important thing humans do, but come on. How can our sentient fucking lives revolve around something slugs can do. You know what’s important? Who would you die for? Who do you wake up at five forty-five in the morning for even though you don’t even know why he needs you? Whose drunken nose would you pick?!
—  John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

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so like,,,, how tf is Piper a mary sue i don't understand how one reaches that conclusion??????????????????

It’s just that there’s no reason. People don’t like Piper and they insult her saying ‘Mary Sue’ because they have no other arguments.

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So out of curiosity who do you think they would've paired Firestar with if he had been a Molly instead of a tom (since it would be unlikely they'd still make it Sandstorm since they want Fire kits)? The only choices I think they'd go would be Dustpelt, Longtail, or Graystripe unless they would go down the forbidden love route with Onewhisker.

i could def see longtail bc of the enemies to friends to lovers thing (longtail would still fight firepaw at the beginning) and have graystripe be her best friend but graystripe is also in love w fireheart 

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What are some things I can do if I'm bored of what I'm writing currently? Not giving up my story, but rather I need something else to do for awhile.

//Let’s see;

  • Check out these posts. Here, here, here, and here

  • Think up new characters in your universe. They don’t have to play a part in your universe at all, but it’s all in good fun.

  • Create small snippets of other characters that are thinking about your main characters. I.E, how would an npc be thinking about the shenanigans of your main characters? What would any npc be thinking about your main characters?

  • What would you do if you were in your story? Who would you be? What role you play? 

  • Think about how different the story would be if the main character was traded out for someone else, be it a side character, or even just a simple janitor/npc.

  • You know those tumblr about or character pages? Make one for your characters. Here’s how.

  • Make your characters an aesthetic moodboard- but make sure you use pictures that are a) free for use or b) you’ve gotten permission to use. 

  • Sort out character relationships.

  • If you’re the sort who has many stories and separate characters for them, thinking about how those characters would act if they met.

  • Think about the roles your characters would play if they were implemented into a different universe.

  • Create your characters’ wardrobes. What do they tend to wear and what style do they favor? Some writers don’t think appearances matter all that much, but I think it actually says quite a bit. A gloomy character that wears a lot of bright colors tells me something quite interesting about them, you know?

  • Think about your character’s embarrassing memories. Even if your character is a big tough warrior, there’s bound to be something they regret doing or something that makes them cringe when they’re thinking about it ten years later.

I hope this helps!

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what do you think Jack's favorite HGTV show would be? who do you think would be most excited to join him for a home renovation marathon?

okay so after they start dating jack and bitty watch hgtv ALL the time. bitty’s favorite is house hunters (and tiny house hunters, but the people on tiny house hunters always drive him crazy- “of COURSE you don’t know if there’ll be enough space for your couch, barbara! you’re on TINY HOUSE HUNTERS!”), but jack likes flip or flop because he likes seeing the renovation aspect of it. they compromise by watching love it or list it. before, though, when they’re all in the haus, i think holster and ransom would totally watch it with them, and THEY always want to watch property brothers so really it’s a mess

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Honestly, who do you think would win a fight? Percy or Jason? And who would win, Piper or Annabeth?

i think that percy would beat jason purely because he’d do something that jason, whose training has been quite rigid, wouldn’t expect and so would gain the upper hand

and as for piper v annabeth… annabeth would definitely win in a physical fight because she’s been training for so much longer, but she is susceptible to piper’s charmspeak so piper could beat her if she used that

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Matthew Crawley, David Haller, David Collins, Nick Guest, Lancelot, and the Beast

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would:


  • do the sexy love™ with Matthew Crawley…always and forever my one true love

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  • sacrifice myself for: Nick Guest. He’s too innocent for this bad old world. He needs protection

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  • kick (some sense into…): Lancelot. I mean really…haha

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  • take to prom: the Beast. He can dance

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  • abandon in jurassic park: David Collins… that’s an adventure I’d watch

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  • push off a bridge David Haller…he’s an omega level mutant. Pretty sure he’d be ok…lol

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Also completely gratuitous use of my favorite DS gif…. possibly ever. 😊💕💕

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So how do you respond to a client who blames "political correctness"? Do your views effect it? Would you try to work together and see why these social filters interfere so much with thier lives? If you do- how do u make sure they don't feel invalidated. I can't believe therapy can be completely disconnected from beliefs as you give a person tools to live better based on your belief of how to do so. What about clients with self doubts that needs validation abt things u don't think are valid?

In an ideal world, a therapist’s views and beliefs would not impact therapy at all (except for valuing evidence-based, ethical treatment). This is not an ideal world, and everyone is constantly affected by their views and beliefs, so it’s my job to be aware of what those views and beliefs are and limit their impact on treatment. It is not my job to impose my beliefs onto a client, but to help them identify their values and how to live more congruently with those values. So, when I give a person tools, those tools should be based on what they’ve identified as their treatment goals and their values, rather than what I think they should do. 

So, yeah, I do work with people who have beliefs I disagree with. That’s not a big deal- I don’t need to agree with them to help them. I also don’t need to agree with them to validate them, because validation is about acknowledging and honoring a person’s experience, not agreeing with them. So I can acknowledge and honor a person’s feeling of being persecuted without saying “yes, you are being persecuted.” I can also help them figure out how to feel less persecuted, whether that’s by helping them see the cognitive errors they are making, or by working with them to identify ways to feel more empowered, or something else. 

There’s really a lack of Astrid/Stormfly interaction and it kinda bothers me...

I mean, come on, it’s no secret that Astrid and Stormfly share a bond just as strong as Hiccup and Toothless’. But when Astrid is in trouble, Hiccup is the first one to save her. Like whenever Astrid falls off Stormfly – how come Stormfly can’t save her rider? Granted, the first one or two times Hiccup catches her gets a few “aww how cute” reactions, but this is EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Take Hiccup in “Dire Straits”, for example. When the diving bell was detached from the boat and taking on water, Toothless didn’t hesitate to dive down there to save Hiccup, right? Okay, now imagine that was ASTRID about to drown. Who do you think would’ve saved her? Hiccup and Toothless, or Stormfly? Or what about in “Blindsided” when Astrid ran back inside the stables to save the Night Terror? When the lightning struck and knocked Astrid back, Stormfly and the other dragons flew off. Then Hiccup and Toothless came to save Astrid. If Hiccup was in that situation, Toothless would’ve risked his life to get Hiccup out of there.

Now this is the one I have the biggest problem with: in “Shell Shocked Part 2” Viggo and Astrid are both sitting atop Stormfly, and he has an axe to her neck. And Stormfly doesn’t even FLINCH. I mean, come on, she couldn’t have thrown Viggo off? Or at least LOOK concerned for Astrid? If this was Hiccup, Toothless would have already KILLED Viggo.

And I totally understand the point of that – Hiccstrid development. But what about dragon/rider development too? You know what I’d like to see? An episode with centered around Astrid and Stormfly. All the other riders have their own little episodes. And I get that there was “Night of the Hunters Part 1”, but I want something that doesn’t develop into something involving Hiccstrid. And who knows? Maybe that now Hiccstrid is official we can see some of that in season 5.

Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said before, I’m not hating on the entire series. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It’s healthy to critique some things, and share your opinion on what you disagree with. To me, this is just one of those things.

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*may or may not be shamelessly working on a let's play au idea on the side* So... In order to round out the team... Who do you think Chloe and Nathanael/Sabrina would main? (In my idea Nath and Sabrina aren't as full time as the other five are so they tend to switch out.)

(!!!lets play au would be great!!!)

I headcanon Chloe as a hardcore sniper. 95% of the time you can find her on Widowmaker, and she only switches to Hanzo or Ana when forced. Like most Widow mains, she usually holds the backlines and spams the “Heal me” voice line. Unlike most widow mains, she actually hits headshots.

As for Nath/Sabrina… I could see Sabrina going for heroes with immobilization Ults like Zarya or Mei so Chloe can pick off the enemy team and Nath seems like he’d be into builder characters like Torbjorn or Symmetra.

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Oh also who do you think would top with the Natsu x Gray x Jellal threesome?

I haven’t done enough pose research of m/m/m threesomes yet, but the idea of a ‘sandwich’ sounds good. Like, one is in the middle. He gets to have a cock in his ass while also fucking the third person. A chain 😅 (lol I don’t know how that position is called, don’t hit me)

Let’s see… I think Jellal would probably like to fuck both of them (punish them a bit for making him watch while leaving him out of the fun at first). And if I let my imagination run wild, this post will be hella long.

Like, he could handcuff both Natsu and Gray and render them unable to touch themselves and each other. Then he could strip slowly and touch his own dick until the two beg him to touch them. He could make a game out of it. Since they’re both so vocal, he could say 'the one of you who can stay quiet for longer will get my mouth on him first’ and then he continues to slowly stroke himself.

He would prepare both Natsu and Gray while they’re still handcuffed, then fuck each of them while making the other watch, but always stops before anyone comes.

Then he could make Gray fuck Natsu (slowly) or the other way round. He’d watch and give instructions until he can’t take it anymore and takes the ass of the one who’s on top.

That’s just a rough idea though. Feel free to send in suggestions of you have some :)

#nsfw #threesome #OT3 #Jellal/Gray/Natsu #Jegratsu #or however this ship is called 😂 #chiyalask #Anonymous #thank you so much for the ask ^_^

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i just want your opinion bc i really respect your opinion, but ive been really thinking about waiting a year after high school to go to college bc of my depression/anxiety has been bad lately but i also feel like i shouldnt ruin the flow of years from doing school. what would you do?

Most people in UK who go to uni after school have a gap year. It is normal and healthy to have a year off to relax for ONCE! And maybe make some money, travel a bit, see life from a new perspective. College should be different from school so it wont interrupt a flow of things. Also you will gain more life experience in the year off and go to college feeling fuller in yourself and calmer from the rest. You need to take care of yourself mentally. I see no reason why not to take a year off. This is your life see it in terms of soul and health and not all about working through something like the education system - give yourself a well deserved break and then you are going to be more ready to study and do well. It will help in more ways than one

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I know you love and have reblogged the 'head and heart' edits and I love all those couples and agree with the roles. Who would you say the 'head and heart' of memori is? or do you ship it at all?

I’ve self-reblogged that gif set I’ve made so many times lol whoops. (If anyone is curious about what this anon is talking about it’s right here [x])

I absolutely love Memori, they’re one of my lowkey ships that I really want to have more screentime!

As for the question about head of heart here’s my take on it. Neither of them fit either role. And this works fine with their relationship because the head heart dynamic is most effective with couples that also are leaders (for example Bellamy and Clarke and Abby and Kane.) In leadership, the heads and hearts balance each other out with decision making, making sure leadership decisions are neither too rash and impulsive or too unfeeling and cold.

In our present story, neither Murphy or Emori have been forced to step up as leaders. At present, they both care about themselves and each other. This sounds a little like the heart dynamic where they care and a select group of people and will make decisions for their benefit. However, I don’t think either are hearts because none of Murphy and Emori’s decisions for themselves or each other are rash and impulsive. Both of them always think before they act (something incredibly different than both Bellamy and Abby who will immediately act if they can do something to protect or help their small circle of people (for Bellamy this was Octavia and Abby this was Clarke back in season 1, however, both them have widened their sort of spear of protectiveness.)) 

So while Murphy and Emori do have the heart mentality of “we save who we can save today” and are both more focused on protecting a small select chosen group of people they both have the head mentality of actually planning out what the best option for that small group of people is. Rather than acting before thinking in the way Bellamy and Abby have been shown to. 

And if we circle this at all back to the hydro generator debate (which is how I characterized Miller and Bryan and Monty and Harper and head and heart respectively.) I think Murphy and Emori would be way more likely to be on the bring the machine home side of the debate.

In short, hopefully this mess of meta made some sense to you, nonnie and I have explained why I think Murphy and Emori fit neither the head or the heart mentality but also why it is necessary for their position (considering they are not leaders and head heart is shown to be most effective with leadership couples.)

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 



Why did I even draw this

I am So Done with these criticisms I keep seeing like “It was good and all but Diego Luna didn’t work for me casting-wise, he was too wiry and soft-spoken, not action-movie enough” and I’m like??? SPY???? That’s the point???? Honestly people need to stop forcing the Hypermasculine Jason Statham Aesthetic bullshit irrelevantly onto characters that bear literally no comparison.

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