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i relate to grunt because I, too, would accidentally catch a car on fire and crash it in my hurry to get some noodles and I, too, love Shep and would want her to be my badass adoptive mom who helps me make friends and brings me on cool thresher maw field trips and teaches me useful social skills


i’m throwing shade like it’s sunny! (vs memoriestomelodies)

***Since she’s a teenager, I focused it more on the internal side of things and the whole stream of consciousness thoughts that shift between all the different emotions and guilt. ***

“There you are lass.”

You didn’t bother to look over, just kept your swollen eyes on the traffic across the street from your place on the roof. It was late, how late you weren’t sure, and you weren’t sure how long you’d been up there either. You’d taken off and climbed up to the roof as soon you’d found out.

Your mom was dead.

They didn’t have any leads, any clues. Everyone was still too in shock to do much and all you had been able to do was cry. You were past that point now. You had no tears left. There was only this dull ache left in your chest and every now and then you’d give a shaky breath. You couldn’t understand who would want your mom dead. She had nothing to do with the club really, she always stayed as far away from them as possible. She knew the club was trouble, always made sure you knew that. She also always tried to keep you away but you never listened. She tried to warm you how only bad things happened when you associated with the club. How only negativity and heartache came from it but you never saw that. All you saw was a loving family that took care of their own. It would seem that you’d been naive though and your mom had been right. Even with as safe as the club made you feel, it was clear that no one was untouchable. That only made the guilt you felt even worse.

Donna always tried to stay as far away as possible. You’d had no interaction with the club while your dad was locked up. Five years and you hadn’t seen any of them except for Jax and Gemma when they’d swing by the house. When your dad had finally gotten released, Donna still tried to keep you away. All it took was a pout though and your dad would bring you with him. In that time, you’d fallen in love with the club and had even gotten into arguments with your mom about how she treated them. Now you saw what she meant though.

Chibs walked across the roof and sat down beside you, not saying anything for a couple minutes. He didn’t really know what to say. He didn’t know what you would want to hear.

“Is there anything I can do?”

You shook your head, still looking forward.

“Not really.”

He nodded and let out a deep sigh. He couldn’t imagine how you were feeling right now. No one wants to have to bury their mother but especially not before the age of 17. Opie had already taken off to the cabin and no one knew when he would be back. With nothing else left to say really, Chibs stood up and placed a hand on the top of your head, smoothing his hand gently over your hair.

“I know you’re hurting right now sweet girl. I know you’re heart is in pieces. You take all the time you need. We’re here for you, all of us. If you need anything you come to us.”

His words got your tears working again and you nodded, looking up and giving him a weak smile.

“Thank you Filip.”

He returned the smile and gently patted your cheek.

“Any time sweetheart. We’re family.”

Here I am, too lazy to make an ace day card, yet drawing a picture about it. What do you know.

But my icon is a flag with a little ornament on my head and you expect me NOT to draw my ace of spades as a cute flag, too?

I needed this definition years ago. Growing up, I just figured I was a late bloomer or just different with no legit way to describe it. Now I can finally explain to myself how I feel as someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I’m a proud aromantic asexual. An aro ace ;)

A baby for Jamie Benn (Requested)

“I can’t wait to meet him.” Jamie smiled, leaning down to kiss your stomach delicately. 

“Or her.” You giggled, winking as he stood up.

“Yes, or her.” He flashed you his shy grin and chuckled, “How should we tell everyone that we’re gonna have a little person?” 

“Oh god, I have no idea.” You mumbled, you made your way over to the couch. “We could just call, but that doesn’t really seem personal.”

Jamie followed, taking a seat beside you, “Yeah, who do you want to tell first? I know my mom would be crazy excited.” His cheeks blushed, “We could tell your family first if you wanted to, I don’t care, I just know my mom has been wanting a grandkid forever.” He laughed nervously. 

You kissed his shoulder and smiled, “We can tell your family first, I don’t mind.” You looked up into his soft puppy eyes and smiled. You still couldn’t fully grasp that you were pregnant, that you were actually having a baby with the man of your dreams. You and Jamie had only been married for 2 months, you hadn’t even meant to get pregnant. 

“Maybe we could fly out there?” He said timidly, uncertainty in his voice. 

Your brushed up against him, “You don’t have to be so nervous to talk about it, Jame.” He smiled as you grabbed his hand, “I think it’d be a cute idea to fly out to your mom, we could totally surprise her if you wanted.” The thought of it started to make you excited. “Maybe we could like make a special breakfast and somehow incorporate something baby related? Like, we’d do pancakes and spell out baby?” 

Jamie laughed at your idea, kissing the top of your head. “That’s a cute idea, baby. We could also buy something too, that like says “you’re going to be a grandma!” or something along those lines.” He smiled. You could see the excitement start to build in him, the way his cheeks blushed, his smile grew larger, his voice moved faster. It gave you a sense of relief, you were glad to see that having a baby wasn’t scaring Jamie at all, in reality it was bringing you closer to him. 

“Okay, mister, we need to buy plane tickets right now.” You said, excitement in your voice. You leaped off the couch, grabbed your laptop, and ran back to him. You plopped down back on the couch and flipped open your computer. “Do you think we could fly out early tomorrow? Or maybe even the last flight today.” 

“Tonight so we can actually make her breakfast tomorrow. We should probably also pick something about, I have no idea what it’d be but I mean, something that says “hey, we’re pregnant” or something.” He smiled sweetly. 

“Oh babe.” You said as you scrolled through airline tickets, “I saw this adorable way to tell someone we’re pregnant on pinterest.”

“Oh yeah, what is it?” 

You pushed your laptop to the side, “Okay so they made this little like oven box thingy and made little bite sized cinnamon rolls that had a little sign that said “we’re pregnant” on it, so it’s like a play on the whole bun in the oven. I don’t know if that’s something you want to do but it seemed really cute and your family would totally get a kick out of it.” 

Jamie laughed quietly, “Y/N, that sounds great and I love it. It’s sort of weird but original, I think they’d enjoy it. Who all are we going to give it to? Just my mom?”

“Yeah, your dad and siblings will be around, yeah?” 

“I can tell them to fly out next week, we can make it a huge family gathering.” He laughed, kissing you softly. “I’m so excited for everyone to meet our little baby.”

“So am I.” You giggled, returning his kiss. “We’re also going to have to tell my family, your team and all of the fans.” You laughed. 

“Do you think your family could fly out to us next week?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Probably not, no. We’ll just tell your family next week, mine next, our close friends and then fans. Does that sound okay?”

He smiled, “It sounds great.” 

“Perfect.” You winked, placing your laptop back on your legs, “Okay, I’m going to book plane ride for Friday at 11 a.m., that okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll text Jordie right now.” He got up off the couch to retrieve his phone. 

That whole week you could barely hold in your excitement, you wanted to tell everyone. “I’m so excited to see people’s reactions when we tell them.” You giggled as you got off the plane in Victoria. 

“I know, babe, I’m sort of getting nervous.”

“Don’t, Jame, you know that they’ll be crazy excited.” You laughed, grabbing his hand to comfort him. “Are Jordie and Jenny already here?” 

“Yeah, they got in yesterday, Jordie is actually picking us up.” 

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” You squeezed his hand as you made your way over to baggage claim. 

“Of course, I’m excited to see his reaction when we tell him.”

“Me too!” Jamie grabbed the large suitcases for you, you kissed him in return. As you waited for Jordie to arrive the nerves started to kick in, you were still excited, but reality was starting to hit. You were going to be a mom, Jamie was going to be a dad. You laughed quietly, Jamie gave you a skeptical look.

“Don’t be going crazy on me, dear.” 

You laughed again, leaning your head against his arm, “I’m not, I’m just thinknig about how crazy all this is. It’s really hitting me again, y’know, like we’re going to be parents.”

“We’ll be damn good ones.” He smiled, kissing the top of your head gently, “Everything will be okay, y/n. I promise.” 

The car ride home with Jordie was filled with laughter and memories, it made you excited to tell Jordie he was going to be an uncle. 

“You two seem way too giddy.” Jordie laughed as he pulled into his parent’s home. You smiled as he pulled in, it was such a beautiful house, you couldn’t wait for your daughter or son to spend their long summer days playing in the yard.

You laughed, “We’re allowed to be giddy.” Jamie looked behind at you and winked, you smiled back. As the boys unloaded you greeted his family, and in a sense, your family now that you were married. 

“I’m so happy you could come out!” Heather smiled, pulling you in for a hug, “You look so beautiful.” She smiled. 

“It’s great to see you.” You smiled, “We’ve been wanting to come out here for a while, I’m sure Jamie has missed it here.”

“He seems pretty happy with you.” She laughed, “Are you hungry, dear, we were right about to make some dinner.” 

“Dinner would be great.” You confessed, “Do you need any help?”

“Oh no, just come in the kitchen and keep me company.” She smiled, you followed as she made her way back, “So tell me, how have you two been?”

“We’ve been really great, married life is treating us well.” You laughed, “Everything is honestly really perfect.”

Heather smiled as she started chopping vegetables, “Well just wait till you have kids, dear, your life will have more meaning than you ever thought imaginable.”

You smiled down at the floor, you wanted so bad to just tell her now, but you knew you had to wait for Jamie. 

“What are you two to talking about in here.” Jamie appeared in the doorway, a huge smile on his face, the small oven box in his hands. “Mom, I’ve missed you.” He handed you the box and went to hug his mom. “Where is Jen and dad?”

“They’re in the garage trying to fix something, you can call them in if you want.”

“I’ll go get them right now.” He smiled, kissing you as he left. 

You saw Heather smiling as he kissed you and walked off, “You two are so in love, it’s written all over your faces.” 

Your cheeks turned a bright red, “Yeah, it’s something pretty great.” You laughed nervously. 

You heard voices come from the garage, “Okay, guys, sit here. Mom, come here, here, sit over there. Yeah, right here.” He pointed to seat in the center oft the table, everyone was surrounding here. You giggled as Jamie took charge, you could see how bad he just wanted to tell them. “Y/N, you can give it to her.” He whispered quietly, kissing your lips softly, his felt his mouth curl into a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“What is all this about?” Heather asked, confused by what was happening. 

“This may explain it.” You handed her the small paper oven, you leaned against Jamie, he wrapped his arms around you, kissing your ear softly. 

“Holy shit.” You heard Jordie laughed as Heather opened the box to expose the little cinnamon roll with the words. “We’re having a baby!” 

A tear rolled down Heather’s eyes as she leaped up and pulled the two of you into a hug, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I am so happy for you!” She squeezed the two of you, “I am so happy right now, my god.” She laughed. 

“Surprise.” Jamie laughed, hugging his mom back. 

“Damn man, good luck.” Jordie laughed as he hugged the both of you. 

You giggled, “Good luck to you too, babysitter.” 

Jordie rolled his eyes and laughed, “I’m going to be the best uncle this kid will ever have.”

Jamie laughed as he kissed the top of your head and smiled, “We’ll believe it when we see it.” 

“I’m glad we told them finally.” You whispered once everything got back to normal, you still heard Heather talking about all her future plans with the baby, your face was starting to hurt by how much you were smiling. 

“I know, I am too.” He bent over and kissed you. “I love you y/n and I love you baby Benn.” He laughed.

fic: something suspiciously close to hope

a clexa/stranger things au, bc i’m having a lot of feelings about eleven

When the social worker’s car pulls to a stop outside of a small blue house, Eleven’s heart picks up a little bit. 

She runs her hand over her hair, still short and bristly from the buzz cut her last foster father gave her when he wrongly thought she caught lice from someone at school. The hand-me-down dress she’s wearing is dingy and stiff, and no matter how much she tugs on it the tag scratches the back of her neck.

The social worker opens the car door and Eleven climbs out, hauling the backpack filled with her meager belongings along with her. They’re halfway up the front walkway when the front door opens and a blonde woman steps onto the front porch. She’s pretty and has a bright, nervous smile, but Eleven knows better than to get her hopes up. 

The walkie-talkie that she’s clutched in her hands since she left the group home is getting clammy in her grip, so she fiddles with it, expecting to be ignored while her new foster parent and the social worker go over paperwork and finances – that’s what they usually care about, how much they’ll get to clothe and feed her, how much they’ll ultimately get to keep for themselves. 

She wonders if Mike – her best friend back at the group home – is still holding the walkie-talkie’s twin, waiting for her to call, knowing full well the reception doesn’t reach this far.

But she’s pulled from her thoughts when the blonde woman ignores the social worker completely. Instead she sits back on her haunches until she’s eye-level with Eleven, and stretches out her hand. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Eleven,” she says. “I’m Clarke.”

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TG: hey
TG: how are you doing the ass feeling any better

Had an rp with this guy about a catholic schoolstuck kinda thing so i drew a shit
they get in trouble a lot


SouRin Week: [ ᴅ ᴀ y - ѕ ɪ x ]

R o c k: Meeting the family

–I’ve read a lot of stuff about how Sousuke’s parents are mean, and sad stuff about Rin’s dad so… i like to think that, if Rin’s dad were alive, he would be a little shit competitive parent, and i’m pretty sure Sousuke’s dad is, well, maybe a little serious, but not mean, and also competitive. Both families get along pretty well, to the point they knew Sousuke would choose one of the Matsuoka siblings as his bride/groom.

The point is, the Muppets have always had bits of adult humor sprinkled in among the kid-friendly laughs. So when the Moms claim that The Muppets “is not what Jim Henson created or imagined,” they’re completely off-base. The Muppets co-creator Bill Prady actually worked with Henson on a number of Muppet projects before Henson’s death. Who would know better what Jim would’ve wanted: Prady, or these moms?
—  One Million Moms Are Completely Wrong About ‘The Muppets,’ And Here’s Why.