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If Mayuri set off some experiment that caught Hisana in the backlash & turned her into a child (or something cute&fluffy or representative of her zanpakuto spirit) , who would be the first to attempt to kill him? Kisuke (being first on scene)? [How long would this problem last & who would be the top 3 offenders of kidnapping Hisana to cuddle with her?] xD Sorry, random bunnies from reading chaps 23&28!

Representative of her zanpakuto spirit? So like, a tiny, adorable, ball-of-green-fluff phoenix chick? Dude forget killing him, people would be lining up at the doors to /thank/ him.

(The exception to this is, of course, Hisana. She tries to peck Kurotsuchi’s foot to death (bc that’s the highest part of him she can reach) and promptly loses her balance and tumbles over onto her face with an alarmed chirp. Kisuke feels his heart squeeze inside his chest and makes a strangled noise. Akon looks over at where his captain is clutching his chest and makes a note that apparently the phrase “lethal amounts of cuteness” is not entirely metaphorical.)

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who would you say your top 5 blogs were?

ughhh this is a hard one but i will try !

@glowinghowell – i have been a fan of emily’s blog as long as i can remember. she makes the most amazing gifs and honestly like everything about her is just so great. she’s an actual angel, so kind and pretty. if you haven’t please go follow, she has a stunning blog.

@phanz – ann has an amazing blog okay? it’s so unique and i love the color coding so much, ever since the black and white one i have been stanning so hard and it inspired me to have some type of color scheme as well. (i’m also a huge fan of ann’s face like wow) 

@amazedphill – sara, what can i tell you about sara. first of all her art is ethereal af and she’s so talented wth. i love her blog and her vlogs are the best thing ever (i stan his brother honestly these two make me laugh so hard) sara is a sweetheart with a beautiful smile and stunning eyes.

@fuckinlester – where can i even start. sofía is so beautiful okay? her blog is so nice and i love her posts so much (also she’s so funny ??) her moodboards are always so pretty and i love the filters in her posts ahh. one of the kindest people you can find from this site. 

@pyrrhicphil – if i could i would reblog everything from this blog. blaise’s blog is full of quality content and aaaaa i seriously can’t get over how can a blog be so perfect. i always get so excited when i see blaise reblogging something from me it makes me feel so special.

and bc i’m an awkward child who’s too scared to tag some amazing ppl, here are some of my favourites who are not my mutuals/phan blogs but have beautiful blogs and i adore them so much
xx, x, x, x, x


noorhelm appreciation week day onewhy you love them
Do you understand? It’s just because my heart is jumping out of my chest. No, but I can’t breathe. It feels as if I’m going to die.

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Hey im super new to the fandom but I rly love your blog and I was wondering if you could rec some others?

ahhh, thank you so much ;u; and welcome to the club new friend! i’m assuming, since you came to me, that you’re looking for more fbawtft and/or gradence-friendly blogs to follow then? I don’t know a whole lot but here’s a few i’ve spotted around:

@ladynorthstar / @greisheb / @crazytom666 / @dakotaliar / @thedesertviking / @mto-art / @winterofherdiscontent / @aukives / @88muneo / @cyy-dark / @livesinsinandmisery / @mamaluciscaelum

@newtsobscuro@elisebazinga / @elvishflower / @rxven-clxw / @graveboner / @petricoloer / @credencesbarebone / @johnwatsonfalls / @greyjoyvs / @percivxlgrxves

@percegraves / @yayuijun / @seasons-gredence / @drawsaurus / @imochan / @percivalgravesaurorsquad / @pcrcivalgrvs / @gravebcnes / @lonely-little-credence / @gradenceisreal / @gradence / @fantastic-gays / @2longinshadows / @spygore

there are plentyyyyy more, but those are just the first few that came to my mind. i hope it helps!

If you think Philip Shea wouldn’t rock the hell out of a crop top, you’re wrong.

🙏🏻 Holy hands, oh, they make me a sinner 🙏🏻

YO fun question, who would top, Cas or Dean?

Me personally, I feel like it depends on which season Castiel we’re talking about.

Imprinted (v x mc/reader)

summary: there are some people that we continue to carry in a small corner of our hearts.

rating: none (maybe slight spoilers about V)

notes: i’m supposed to be writing oodles of seven, but decided to take a sec to celebrate V’s birthday, lol. i suppose this is more like an implied V x MC fic since there’s more implications than anything, tho i suppose you can take it as you will. thanks goes to @lingering-sound​ for looking over this for me! it’s my first time writing V so i’m a bit worried that he’s OOC but when am I not worried aobut ooc? anyway, i hope you all enjoy. <(_ _)>

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Top or Bottom?
  • Aomine: I'd top Akashi for sure.
  • Kuroko & Kagami: What?
  • Aomine: You know, when two people with the same gender. You have to choose which one is the top and which one is the bottom.
  • Kise: ... Aominecchi, we're talking about the exam coming up. Not this one.
  • Aomine: I bet in your relationship, Tetsu, you are the bottom.
  • Kuroko: Just hold on a second, Aomine-kun. Why am I the bottom? I'd like to stick it on Kagami-kun too, you know.
  • Kagami: ... I'm crying right now.
  • Aomine: Well, you have a small built body than Kagami. Taller guys are usually the seme.
  • Kuroko: I'll change that.
  • Aomine: You can't. You can't, Tetsu.
  • Akashi: What's with the conversation?
  • Aomine: Oh, we're talking about who would top you. I mean, if we were to date.
  • Akashi: Hm?
  • Kise: And Aominecchi said he'll top you.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: Right? Told you, Aominecchi. You won't-
  • Akashi: I bet I'm more qualify to be the top.
  • Aomine: Huh? No. I am.
  • Akashi: Daiki, you can't get me to be the bottom. Therefore, I am the top.
  • Aomine: Shut it, Akashi! I'm the top!
  • Akashi: No, I am.
  • Aomine: 'ch, fine. Let's test it out. Come with me.
  • Akashi: I prefer to do it in my house.
  • Aomine: ... You always want to do it in your way. Fine!
  • Kagami: Can we stop talking about this? And where the heck are you two going? Are you seriously going to test it out?!
  • Akashi & Aomine: Of course.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, please come with me. I have to prove Aomine-kun that I can be a seme as well.
  • Kise: Wait, are you implying that you were an uke to Kagamicchi?! Kurokocchi, you'll be the seme if you date me instead!
  • Kuroko: No, I belong to Kagami-kun. Let's go, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ... I'm seriously crying right now.
my thoughts at 2am
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "why there's no new smuts here"<p/><b></b> "taoris is dead I'm crying"<p/><b></b> "I love yifan's palms"<p/><b></b> "He can do a lot of things with those long fingers"<p/><b></b> "WAT THE FUCX STOP"<p/><b>"But there's no new smuts :</b> ("<p/><b></b> "I'm too lazy to go on asianfanfics.com"<p/><b></b> "I'm trash"<p/><b></b> "Baekhyun must be so loud in bed"<p/><b></b> "Why do I think about this??"<p/><b></b> "I'm so stupid ffs"<p/><b></b> "WAIT who would top - Tao or Sehun???"<p/><b></b> "Tao is definitely a screamer and he bottoms when he has sex with Yifan"<p/><b></b> "BUT HE DOESN'T HAVE SEX WITH YIFAN"<p/><b></b> "aaaanyway;-)"<p/><b></b> "Sehun tops if it comes to hunhan but he would bottom here I think??"<p/><b></b> "Would Tao be able to top????"<p/><b></b> "I think he would"<p/><b>"Yay problem solved :</b> ) Now I can sleep well"<p/><b></b> "But waaaait!! who would top - Xiumin or Luhan?"<p/></p><p/></p>